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Jacqueline Early evening in El Dorado. The sky is still light, but the ruddy hues of sunset are beginning to paint the sky and everything beneath. In the shantytown market, business goes on as always, noisy and hectically, but somehow not unwelcoming.
Jackie Wayne is here fairly often, just keeping her finger on the pulse of the shabby outskirts of her town. Tonight she's examining the wares of a clothing seller, frowning thoughtfully at a few well-used but clean tees, and seriously considering picking up something from a food-seller nearby. That aroma has been tempting her since she got into this part of the market.
Saeko      Saeko wasn't actually a Resident of El Dorado. But she might as well be for the time being. She had business in the town that wasn't going away anytime soon and thus she had to find work for it in the meantime. Even for her, food and a place to sleep wasn't free. Wrapped in her cloak, the asian woman walked a slow and casual pace through the markets of the Shanty Town, her mixed-race blue eyes sweeping over the crowd of sellers and would-be customers alike.
Jacqueline Jackie straightens, glancing around the market as she offers a polite apology to the clothes-seller for not buying just now. All the same, she's still looking. There wouldn't be much pointin being here otherwise.
Her gaze sweeps across a lithe figure in dark colors, blinking as she recognizes the blue-eyed woman. Waving overhead, she hurries to join her. "Saeko? Hey!"
Saeko      Saeko blinks as a voice calls out, turning on her feet and cocking her head to the side before she recognizes the source and smiles, bowing her head. "Jacqueline, good to see you." For the moment, the woman reshoulders her backpack lightly, todays purchases nestled inside for the moment. "You are out shopping for clothing?" Seems she'd tracked where the woman had come from. "They do have a rather large collection of...assorted good here."
Jacqueline Jackie grins and bows her head when she gets close; speaking distance in this noisy environment is closer than in most places. But she gives the woman a quick hug as well. "Always! What with doing so much scavving, I end up damaging what I wear pretty often," she replies. "How are you, Saeko? Staying out of trouble and out of the rain?" She's gotten the impression that this warrior is the free-footed kind.
Saeko "One perhaps, occasionally the other." Saeko says with a little chuckle. She takes a moment to return the hug, but she does in the end. Perhaps she was worried that the girl might poke herself on the weapons hidden beneath that cloak. Her own gear actually looks to be rather intact and she herself undamaged. Perhaps she'd truely stayed out of trouble, or perhaps she'd just managed to stay a move or two ahead of it.
Jacqueline "That's good. Looking for anything here? I was about to get a snack, myself," Jackie says, gesturing lightly in the direction of the food-seller. "Smells like fowl of some kind. Want one? My treat."
Saeko Even if Saeko was known for being on the slightly stoic side, the woman is hardly going to refuse a free meal. Instead she shrugs for a moment before nodding. "I was looking for a 'book' actually," she speaks as she starts to move towards the food seller. "There are some things I hadn't learned in the past that appear to be useful. I have been looking into them."
Jacqueline "Hmm... they have a whole lot of everything here," Jackie muses. "If there are books, I'm sure there's something worth having. There's always someone here with a lot of paper. Sometimes it's even between covers."
She turns for the food-seller with Saeko, lifting a hand to get his attention. "Two, please," she says, digging into her pocket for the necessary caps.
Saeko A nod from Saeko once more and she chuckles softly. "I was suprised to learn how many people in the wasteland cannot always read. I should not have been, but my home was...different to most." Awaiting her share, the woman takes the offered food gladly and heartily bites into it. Just because she was good at going without, doesn't mean she didn't get hungry. "What is it you do Jacqueline? In the town I mean. I feel as if I did not ask you the first time we met."
Jacqueline "What was your home like, Saeko?" Jackie asks, taking the two skewered birds and offering one to the wasteland ninja. She lowers her voice a little, just in case it's a private matter.
As for herself? "I fix things, mostly," the Chinese-American girl admits, shrugging. "It's a living. Plus, sometimes I run across some really amazing stuff. I'm working on an old motorcycle now."
Saeko Saeko seems to be given pause by that question, soft words in her ears making her frown with consideration for the right words. She couldn't share all the details, not until she'd achieved her goal. It would be too easy for an errant word to reach the wrong ears. "Quiet," she says after a moment with a sad smile. "It was quiet, even when life wasn't what you'd call easy."
Jacqueline "I'd call that a good thing. Quiet usually means you're not getting attacked," Jackie observes, her eyebrows lifting a little at the sad little smile that accompanies the words. "That's never a bad thing."
She pauses for a bite of flame-grilled bird, looking around. "Bookseller, bookseller... I don't see anyone selling /just/ books, but there's a stand with a box of them over there," she says, pointing out a shabby stall next to the clothing tent.