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Vault Girl The battle of Roswell that had taken place several days ago between the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel was no secret, there had been individuals present for the tail end of it; individuals who had returned on this very day.

For many it was a promise of possible fortune, they say a Vertibird had been seen crashing and there was not a single survivor except for Ashur and the Brotherhood Scribe who had been recovered and brought back to town by Joe Caine.

Nobody who had returned to the area had returned back to El Dorado though since then.

Who knows what a crashed Vertibird had on it though..

As you enter the outskirts of Roswell individually or on your own you can see a group of 9 Raiders, all of them well-equipped and clearly working together presently stripping apart a suit of POWER ARMOR they had removed from the Vertibird.
Rose % Rose hadn't been present for the first battle, but she had been told about it. She'd been busy getting patched up, but sometimes opportunity doesn't wait for all your wounds to heal. With her weapons loaded the NCR Ranger moves swiftly and silently towards the site of the crash, her revolvers eased out of her gun belt. 9 raiders, 10 bullets before she'd have to reload. Doing this alone would be messy...but thankfully she wasn't alone. A sidelong glance to Stockton, then the 'Desert Rose' moved closer, remaining hidden as she prepared to act.
Arnold Arnold curses when he sees the raiders "hey get the hell away from that" Arnold wasnt going to have any of it he reved up his mini gun preparing for the worst
Blank Blank came on his own, drawn by the lure of possible loot. The scavver is keeping low as he nears the site of the vertibird crash. Then he sees....a lot of Raiders, stripping apart some power armor. He finds something to duck behind and peer out at them thoughtfully. Hmmm. He unslings his rifle, checking that it's fully loaded. That would be a lot to try and take out on his own....but there's bound to be others interested in a prize like this. He peers around, trying to see if he can spot anybody else. Then....Arnold comes right out inot the open and starts talking, and readying a minigun. Okay. Guy in power armor would be a good distraction.
Rose Rose hadn't been present for the first battle, but she had been told about it. She'd been busy getting patched up, but sometimes opportunity doesn't wait for all your wounds to heal. With her weapons loaded the NCR Ranger moves swiftly and silently towards the site of the crash, her revolvers eased out of her gun belt. 9 raiders, 10 bullets before she'd have to reload. Doing this alone would be messy...but thankfully she wasn't alone. A sidelong glance to Stockton, then the 'Desert Rose' moved closer, remaining hidden as she prepared to act.

Behind her mask her eyes go wide at the armored man with the Minigun. Well...holy crap.
Ruane Roman Raune stepped along with the rest of the caravan of scavvers that might be going along with the ride. His large scorpion freind.. or robot really waddling and moving along beside him. "Size of Gyroscope in Vertbird? Possibly Two feet in diameter? Interesting." Roman mutters as he moves along, shifting his stuff on his shoulder as he moves.

Once they get closer to the vertibird crash sight though, Roman takes the time to not announce his presence but to slowly move away from the crashed vertibird sight and try and sneak his way around, checking the saftey on his firearm and looking aside at his robot, "Stay back." He'll whisper, run in on sounds of gunfire." A glance cast then to Blank perhaps.. and maybe Rose.
Stockton Stockton arrives on foot with a Cowgirl and the Ranger, Rose was trusted so it was easy to show up to this salvage op with her and his trusted friend. Recognizing a few other faces in the darkness, he flicks over the NV in his helmet so he won't be caught unaware in the growing darkness. "Stick close, 'n don't let anyone get our six," he mutters to the blonde when someone with a minigun announces themselves to the Raiders. "Shit, take cover, stay low," he hisses and moves to try and find some vantage point to join the coming firefight.
Clara Caine Cowboy boots mark the path of Clara Caine. Her long leather jacket is worn, whipping around her as she too makes her way here. The stride is determined, forcused, like her blue eyes. A gloved hand rests on her gun, that ever trusted weapon. Despite the stern expression her hat is askew, and a fishtail braid hangs over her shoulder. One one hand are her spiked knuckes. At spotting the Raiders the frown deepens.

"Well fuck. Looks like well be busting balls." The gun is pulled from her holster.
Decius Decius has been present for the first battle, but escaped when things took a turn for the worse when the BOS showed up and did their best of proving that they have become high-tech raiders with a superiority complex. Of course, the fact that there was a crashed Vertibird and the utter lack fo survivors was enough to draw him back here and the sight of a whole bunch of raiders even more so, considering his constant urge to remove the later of the face of the Earth. The result being that he approaches them in all his intimidating Legion glory and with his super Sledge in hand. "Salve, degenerates. A fine day to die, isn't it?"
Amos Amos was on the scene because of a rumor he'd heard at the saloon, he hadn't put much stock in it, but as he comes into view of the crash site he let's out a quiet curse, "Shit." A hand next to his holster as he drops down, thankful he didn't arrive with the power armored group. They'd make a damn good distraction though.
Sparrow Sparrow is behind Stockton, the cowgirl left Bluebelle way back in a safe out of the way spot she knew the Horse could defend herself from. Then walked the rest of the way with Stockton and Rose. She's behind them a bit; only here to watch their backs and stitch someone up in a jiff if needed. But instead of continuing her slog through the dust when she spots Raiders she straightens and her eyes narrow and the Cowgirl gets a murderous look in her eye, cocking Reason almost unconsciously. She's careful to stay far enough behind that she can sneak easier and look for something to hide behind.
Vault Girl Decius and Arnold boldly announcing themselves eliminates any chance of stealth assault by the group, the raider gang were all on alert lead by their leader known among raider circles as The Terminator.

Him and the other eight raiders turned their attention towards the newcomers and the Terminator said with a grin beneath his power armored helmet, "You won't be back." He began to spin up the minigun intending to wipe the floor with these chumps!

The other eight members of the gang got in position to attack, it was going to be a hell of a fight.

Combat Distance: MEDIUM RANGE
Amos When the raiders go on high alert, Amos looks down at the revolver at his side and purses his lips, an action unseen thanks to his helmet. But sometimes small miracles do happen, and the ranger spots an assault carbine laid up out of the way. With a burst of speed the man makes a break for it, dashing away from the group and rolling to snatch the weapon up. Good news is he's gotten himself a new gun, bad news is he made himself an obvious target.
Ruane Roman Raune for some reason sneaks up to a pistol.. and doesn't pick it up. The illogic of this entire action apparently doesn't bear much on the man as he clearly is so focused on getting to that Vertibird even as a firefight begins to break out nearby! He wants that damn scrap!
Vault Girl Roman Polanski rushes forward firing his pistols off like a maniac. Much like his heroic counterpart he does something illogical and decides to CHARGE Amos... he doesn't do much.

Jon Stamos also moves forward and begins to unleash hell with his revolver on Decius scoring a hit but not much else.
Arnold Arnold lets lead fly at stamos hurting him badly but recived a pounding but his armor holding true
Sparrow Sparrow's trying to keep under cover, coming out to aim a shot at the guy who really sorta reminds her of Stockton, at least in fighting style. The first shot goes wide but the second sets off a ping and a zip as it ricochets off the man's armor and off into the wasteland. She swears under her breath prepping to duck again.
Vault Girl Legionman 5000 and Stock Zombie approach shoulder to shoulder, the two brothers laughing maniacally as they unleash hell on everyone with their weapons; in this case it's mostly Arnold who suffers it.

The Terminator on the other hand lets out another one liner, "Your jacket, I will be taking it." As he fires on Decius.
Vault Girl Blank Space takes aim with his marksman rifle at Stockton and cries out, "Hey Bitch! Take this!" BAM! The shot hits Stockton right in the chest and Blank Space hollers out, "I FEEL LIKE I COULD TAKE ON THE WHOLE ENCLAVE!"
Vault Girl Rose Red spies the Pistol out on the battlefield and the greedy woman rushes towards it, screaming, "Mah precious!" She dives forward and grabs it. She sees Roman who is very stealthilly hiding there and says, "Hey Honey, wanna take a walk on the wild side?"
Vault Girl Clora Form puts the rag she was huffing from down and says, "I got the rifle! Dat's mine yall! Nobody touch it!" She ran over to the rifle and tried to recover it.
Vault Girl Sparrow Hawk yells out, "Yippe Kippe Kiyae Mother Fuckers!" She takes aim at SPARROW! Of all people but in the battle of Sparrows, there can only be one and so far? The Real Sparrow is winning.
Clara Caine "This shit is messed up." Clara declares. Because it is! So she grabs her gun, aiming at Clora Form, ansd let's off two shots. That. Miss. "Maybe I need to manually go up and rip the horse shoes out of their fucking asses without mercy!" Yeah, the cowgirl is angry.    
Rose      Well, the fight is on. Rose's eyes had been drawn to that Carbine, but someone wanted it more than her. Enough to run into Minigun fire zones to get it! Instead the Ranger exhales and leans out of her cover just enough, opening fire with her two revolvers in a savage blast of heavy bullets that pummel the power armor of the raider.
Blank      Well, damn. He wanted that gun. Ah well. Since he seems the biggest and most obvious threat, Blank aims at the guy with the minigun, snapping off a pair of shots that hopefully damage him somewhat. Then he ducks back down behind whatever he's hiding behind, and hopes no enemy focuses on him. Because he really doesn't want to be shot again.
Vault Girl The combined firepower arrayed against 'The Terminator' causes the man to drop to his knees and as Blank's final bullet hits along with Rose's devastating display of firepower the machine screams, "NOOOOOOOOO!"

A massive explosion erupts from the things fusion core and shrapnel showers the area! The resolve of the raiders is not deterred and they continue to fight on!
Vault Girl Roman Polanski rushes forward with pistol blazing in a rapid fire display as his spider-mech attacks the RoboScorp.
Ruane Roman Raune lifts up his fire arm then, looking down as Rose Red is ineivitably tackled or shot, with that large little robot of his eventually scurrying its way into combat to try and take down whatever might be nearest or engaged in combat. Roman of course unloads a couple, or really four shots on one of the nearby bandits before exhaling.
Amos "Eyes on me!" Amos shouts, his voice booming from the amplification of his helmet. The revolver at his side is brought up and fired, the bullet going wide. His hand comes up to the fan the hammer, firind an additional four rounds at the man, two missing by an ass hair. It was almost like the heavens weren't ready for the man, but that doesn't deter Amos.

"Gimme some sugar, bitch. Make it sweet."
Decius As things progress in the typical manner of bullets flying everywhere and Decius himself being perforated since even his armor can't really stop that much, Decius casually walks up to the one scavenger doing a terrible imitation of a certain movies famous line and... breaks her in half with a few swings of his super sledge. BOS engineering at its finest. "Its 'Yippee Ki Yay, Motherfucker' you degenerate."
Sparrow Sparrow waits a moment, shoves Reason into it's Holster and then mutters, "Cover me." To Stock as she bolts out from behind her cover and dashes over towards where Arnold is pulling her medkit out. Working in combat? This is Sparrow's bread and butter and the thin blonde cowgirl pulls her helmet to shield her eyes and gets to work on Arnold while he opens up on the group of Raiders.
Arnold Arnold lets off a one liner "i aint got time to bleed" as he get back into the fra and turns blank space into chunky salsa bfore severly wounding clora form
Blank In a good/evil mirror, Blank pops out from behind cover again, rapid firing at the zombie before hiding again. Then he notices an oddly handsome member of the opposing Raiders get hit by the minigun and winces. For some reason, that almost hurt just looking at it.
Stockton Stockton covers Sparrow plenty, by spying the other Gunslinger in the other group's midst and letting off a volley of fire at him, catching him in the arm, the chest and finally the head to drop the ruggedly handsome fellow. The slide catches open on the Desert Eagle and he mutters to himself. "Hurry up!" he calls after Sparrow especially considering that Rose is over there wrastling herself.
Vault Girl Clora Form is bleeding and she cries out, "Honey! How could you do that to me! I love you! Please, can you help me get away from these bad people so we can be together?"
Vault Girl Most of the raiders go down, making it a tough fight for those remaining. It's just Legion Man 5000 and Roman Polanski left and they are NOT Happy to lose all of their friends.
Clara Caine "Damn woman your legs arent to spread to get attention have some fucking class!" Clara yells out to her evil self who is trying to seduce. It's sort of strange, to see yourself do that. Still, evil bitch needs to die. So that trusted gun comes up, a shot comes our and right at a..unpleasant spot. "Well bye bye fun spot!" The woman is evil right? Who cares? Firing off her gun again, this time the shot hits true. Right in the things head.
Vault Girl Legionman 5000 and Roman Polanski both turn their attentions on Roman Ruane, "Hey dude! That's our loot! Relax! Nevermind, just die instead!" They both do some devastating damage to the poor shopkeeper.

Greed. Greed never changes.
Ruane Roman Raune winces as he picks up the lazer rifle after making a dead sprint for the weapon, lifting it up then before giving a slight grunt. "Fucki-FUck. Pain. Likley broken. Dangerous. Possibly lasting damage. Doctor." He'll mutter before glancing about to look as more bullets and hostility come his way
Amos "Sum bitch, I said eyes on me!" Amos growls out, flipping his chamber open and reloading. The magnum is brought up and he slaps the hammer, sending two bullets into Polanski's chest.
Arnold Arnold walks over to roman to hold the rifle for him
Clara Caine Well one down another to go. Making it look all good and easy, Clara shifts her weight to one leg, half turns and lets two shots fly at Legion. Boom boom. He's a gonner, the shots hit true.
Ruane "Fuck just take it whaever!" Roman groans out as he moves to slide away and shifts his position to try and just flop behind a bit of vertibird wreckage and just pop a shot at Polanski, hiding behind cover.
Vault Girl Roman Polanski is absolutely pissed at this point, "YOU ASSHOLES! You killed all my friends, what the hell did we ever do to any of you? We were just trying to scav some stuff to make a living and you jerks! You jerks came in and attacked us for nothing! IF you had asked us to share, we would have! Fuck the Legion, Fuck the Brotherhood! Fuck you all, I hope you all die. You can kill me but one day, somewhere, someone better is going to come along and take you all down. Karma's a bitch assholes." He opens fire even as his robot tries to fight for its life, "AHHHH!!!!"
Amos "That'd be that asshole's fault." Amos says with a slight shrug, walking forward through the gunfire. The bullets explode from his magnum, one finding purchase in the man's right kneecap. "I am the Devil, and I am here to do the Devil's work."
Sparrow Sparrow tucks her gun away after the last falls and scoots from Arnold over towards Roman, "Hey, can someone help Ms. Caine over here. Let me have a look at everyone who's hurt before you all go messin' with stuff that could explode on you." She calls above the echoes of gunfire.
Stockton Stockton growls at the speach and puts the man out of his misery with a loud clap from the handcannon in his hand. The smoke rises from the barrel, and the man keeps his eyes on the rest of the group there. His guns aren't lowering yet as he calls out on the rest of the faces he knows from El Dorado, "We're all gonna split this up nicey-nice and I don't need tah keep these trained on yer silly asses, right?" he's glowering at the lot of them through that dark T-visor.
Blank After the silence, Blank pops up and glances around the area. Everybody seems dead on the other side. Good, good. He reslings his rifle, then sighs. "That wasn't too bad. I didn't get shot." He looks over towards the other. "Sure. Plenty of loot to go around. I couldn't carry all this stuff even if I did manage to somehow win a battle royale."
Ruane "Unable to protest." Roman responds as he moves to grab ath is leg then, even as his robotic companion limps its way over to the man, and he looks him over. "Likley doing repairs for months. Will.. have to work.. ahrd.." He'll mutter under his breath before moving to unshoulder his toolkit and flop it onto the robot
Amos "Long as you don't point either of those guns at me." Amos allows, stepping forward and reloading his magnum once more before holstering it. The man in the black armor reaches up to put a hand on his right shoulder and give it a roll. "Everyone on this side still breathing?"
Clara Caine Ow. Clara had been knocked on her ass, and it hurts. After a second she slowly sits up, as much as she can manage, and mutters a few curses under her breath. "I'm fine!" The Caine says to Sparrow, but clearly she isn't. "Just need a cloth to stop the bleeding and some whiskey to sleep!" Yup, that's her medicine. Even if she is bleeding pretty good.
Decius Having nothing else to smash and bleeding a fair bit, although without anything being broken or anything hit bad enough to cause severe bleeding Decius looks around at the corpses and loot before glancing over to whoever else he was fighting with. There wasn't exactly much time to keep track of it. "Well, that wraps things up. Now, I'll agree that we all should be civilised gentlemen and just split the loot. Patricians agreement, anyone?" With that said he slowly walks over to Clara and hands her a clean piece of cloth. "Here, don't bleed out before getting back to El Dorado. Whiskey will be on me."
Ruane Roman spends the time, trying to design a splint.. or something to make walking on his leg more palatable then as he grunts and groans.
Sparrow Sparrow blinks at Decius and Clara but the young womans weathered features don't move from theit studious stoic expression, "Suit yourself." She says simply before trying to get Roman to hold still long enough that she can look over his wounds and bind them if needed. She nods to Stockton, "Yes. When you have some time I'll fix you up but Roman first."
Stockton Stockton nods to all and sundry and shoves his guns back away for now. Those hawk-like eyes now scanning the battle field for useable tech or pieces that he can stuff into pockets and belt. In particular he goes to Stock Zombie and Sparrow Hawk's bodies.
Vault Girl There is some weaponry and gear to be found, most of what the raider team had is little more than vendor trash with the heavy usage and damage it has sustained; still there are some true gems among the battlefield.

The Power Armor has been already half-scrapped for you by the Raiders and it takes no time at all to disassemble it, the military grade metal worth quite a bit.

The Vertibird itself is totaled, there was no way anyone even with all the spare parts in the world could repair the half-flattened aircraft that is spread out over two floors of a building.

In the distance you can hear mutant wolves howling as the moon hangs heavy in the sky.