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Stockton Stockton doesn't so much as push the door in as shove it with his shoulder. Things still hurt, but not as much as they did out on the field. He has a rifle slung over his shoulder to add to the pistols on his hips. "You ask me, they woulda killed us if they had the chance. But I didn't shoot til I was shot at," he makes his case and moves to the table to drop down with a huff. The chair complains loudly and he shifts to get it to shut up while waving at the Mr. Handy floating their way, "Two beers," he growls at it before setting the rifle on the table to get a better look at it.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya sits at a table by herself, quietly eating a purchased bowl of Iguana and Tato Stew. A glass of water sits before her and she looks up as someone who looks dangerous enters.
Amos "It was that fuckin' Brotherhood asshole. I was plannin' on sneaking up." Amos says, entering behind shortly after Stockton and Sparrow. Somehow, the man wasn't injured any worse than he already was during the scuffle. He moves to take a seat at the bar itself, taking his helmet off for the first time. And the guy's completely average, with a head of curly hair and a full beard. After thinking for a moment, he orders, "Old Royale."
Sparrow Sparrow shrugs, "I don't care, they were raiders. But there's a principle of a thing, them folks have loved ones at home. I can't figure out this damned thing but as soon as I find Jude I'm gonna ask him to see if he can find any info on it. Send a courier to the crazy Sonsabitches family. Aint right to jut let someone's family die and make no effort to let know. And I know you didn't shoot first, but this is the same damned thing as Wile E. We can't get information out of them if they're dead, yanno?" The Doc takes off her duster and her helmet to drop into a chair to wearily order herself the hardest thing in the house that isn't on of Ms. Kitty's boys. She'll drink it on top of the beer.
Katherine Caine "The definition of Raider depends which side of the gunbarrel you're on. Lots of folks out there we like to call Raiders? They're just people we don't know, with guns and armor." Katherine added her own two cents into the conversation as she poured some drinks, "Don't feel too bad though, odds are fifty-fifty they would have killed you first if given the chance."
Abe     Abreham McDonald sits at the bar of Miss Kitty's lovely little brothel and saloon. He's meant to suggested Broloon or Salothel to her after a good few servings but he can never quite get the timing down right. It's a pitch he's held in his back pocket for a while but this is all there and not here.

When Stockton moseys... no, that didn't look like a mosey, that looked a bit more aggressive and tired than a mosey. When Stockton meanders in and claims his table. More are added to the troop and Abe just can't help it. He takes his beer and joins them, crowding the table further as he claims a seat.

"Yeah, you've got to watch those Brotherhood bastards. They can get awful mean if things start to rust in a bad spot." he intrudes onm the conversation.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks up with some curiousity. "Raiders you say? And all dead? A very astute observation. At the base, all who do not follow Atom are raiders with varying levels of morality. Show me any society I will show you unjust murders."
Stockton Stockton snorts softly and gives the Zealot an eye for a moment, quiet, contemplative. He regards her for only a second more before attention snaps to his table companion. "Yeah I get that, I do," he's fiddling with the rifle for a moment, dropping the magazine and ejecting the loaded bullet to test the action and trigger. This, of course, will end in the barrel leveled at Good Ol' Abe as he just mozies on up and takes a seat. Click. "Kitty's got a point," he gives the old girl a nod and flashes that toothsome smile at her. But then the serious face is back on Abraham. "'Tween the former Legionairre, the NCR Ranger, and the Brotherhood zealot, we were jus' as likely to end up havin' to shoot our own at some point." Shreya makes him look at her again and he shrugs, "Their families still deserve to know the truth. Even if they made their decisions."
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head as she takes the drink, "Oh I don't doubt it. that's the life Raiders and Scavvers alike sign up for. She rolls a shoulder, "But that's them. Aint their families. I'll find somethin' on his thing I'm sure. Send word back." When Abe joins the table she lifts a shoulder and reaches into her pocket to pull out an ancient deck of playing cards, half worn and slips the band off of them and starts to shuffle a few times. While they're meeting folks and chatting she does so carefully before offering them to Stockton to cut. But Sparrow doesn't gamble in the Saloon, nope, she plays 'War'. "Well to be fair it wasn't just the Knight, there was that Ex-Legionnaire too. Havin' seen our local gold braided bad-ass go into several fights I'm entirely not shocked that he just stalked in."

A glance towards Shreya beings a lofted bro to the young weathered Cowgirl's face before she looks back to the Madame. "How is ya doing, Kitty?" She wonders as she reachesd into her duster to pull out a tightly hand-rolled cigarillo which she pops between her teeth and lights taking her liquor with a pleased sound and tossing it back.

"Anyone else wants in?" She asks of the game of war.
Sammy     From the second story balcony, Sammy lets the door close, looking down on the bar with a curiosity at this evening's crowd. His fatigues are washed, his armor cleaned but not repainted, his helmet over one elbow, and his arm cradles his rifle over his shoulder as he starts to investigate the conversations being tossed back and forth. "I'm really giong to have to spend a lot of caps ..." he murmurs aloud, descending and leanding over near Kitty by the bar, asking quietly, "Do you have ... a small funnel in the bartending supplies I might borrow for an little bit?" he has a few large bulges in some of his jacket pockets, that jingle like brass wind chimes. He looks from person to person about the discussion catching up, "I can state for the record, I've not had any friendly fire incidents on my record, thank you very much." he leans back at the bar just a little bit, smirking.
Amos "'s just how life is in the wasteland." Amos reaches up to rub at the old scar on his neck, a nervous habit of his when his helmet's off. "Once the shootin' starts, it don't matter if it was a misunderstanding or not. One of the wasteland's many dangers. 'least we weren't dealing with slavers."
Abe     Never a fan of having a rifle pointed in his direction, Abe grips the bottom of his chair and scootches his char three or four inches to the side, just slightly out of line of rifle's muzzle. A small thing but comforting. "Slavers sound like they might have been easier to deal with." he muses, a interested eye pointed at the cards as they are brought forth, "Nice." he appraises, "Most right-thinking folks'll run them off, those that won't are folks you really aughta think twice on." This is not sage wisdom, this is common sense, you are not wise when you say these things, Abe!

"anybody not make it back?" the Scribe wondered. El Dorado had a healthy population of drifters, he was getting to know a few folks by now.
Stockton Stockton glances up at another Ranger appearing above thim and snorts, "Sammy," he greets the man before going back to fondling his new rifle for a moment. Satisfied, he reloads the beast and slings it over the back of his chair for now. Sparrow's cards have him grunting and chinning at her as he digs into his coat, under his armor and comes up with two handrolled cigarillos. Lighting them both, one is given over to the shuffling Cowgirl. A glance to Amos and he nods, "Fair point." Abe still has a wary eye from the Merc turned Cowboy, "Nah, we managed to get everyone home. Feller in power armor got hit mostly, but thems is bullet magnets the moment they step on a battlefield."
Katherine Caine "Not bad Sparrow, been a bit better. Mayor Solomon is trying to raise taxes which is bad news for everyone. Don't think anything in the laws can stop him either, my grandfather didn't exactly set this city up with corruption in mind.." Katherine replied to Sparrow before pouring her another drink along with one for herself.
Katherine Caine Kitty reached down under the counter and handed a funnel over to Sammy, "Here you go Ranger. Should I even ask what you plan to do with this?"
Sparrow "We've had our fair share of Legion lately." She says as she starts dealing out the cards, tucking the rolled cigarillo in her teeth as she does so. Sparrows jaw tightens and she mutters, "'Course he is." She replies coldly. "Gotta pay for his militia to head to Vault thirty with the help of your Granddad's map. And now that they've cleared the ghouls of the cap mine... he can't scalp them no more." She switches the cigarillo from one side of her mouth to the other clenching it hard in her teeth throwing down the bottom card with a little sneer. She looks towards Abe, "No we're all all right. Made sure to heal the Knight, took care of Stock and Roman too. The Sheriff and the Legion-rescue dude wanted to walk it off though."

The griff cowgirl throws down a card: a four of hearts, which she puts a ten of spades on top of and glances to Stockton to see what he'll throw.
Amos "Oh, by tha way. I found one of those Tesla books, ifin any of y'all could use one." Amos offers, patting the satchel on his side that it's tucked away in. His attention moves over to Katherine, "How long ago was it your granddaddy helped set the place up?"
Abe     "That they are sir, that they are." the Scribe uttered, his voice distant as memory took it for a moment. "Those poor souls back home, putting those rotten bastards beck together, hosing them out and getting them working again." even if nostalgia took him, he was happy to hear that folks at least managed to walk away this time.

His attention drifts to Katherine, a mildly troubled, sympathetic look on his face. Trouble fore her would eventually be trouble for him.

Sparrow brought him back, further affirmation of the facts, "Good, good. That Roman's a weird guy but a decent one from what I can tell." Some mild gossip aside, he swiveled his but in his stationary chair, "Miss Kitty! A drink for far off Brothers and Sisters that work day and night so that loud assholes can walk around with steel-plated skin! In their absence, I'll drink for them."
Sammy     Sammy's not really amused, he leans over and thanks Kitty for the small funnel, blows some dust off it, and moves over a little bit, the jangling wind chimes in his pocket appear to be ... 50 caliber rifle shells, gleaming with a 'fresh' polish, amazing what 8 miles of walking in a nutshell filled pocket will do. . . He sets them on the counter, one at a time lining them up. He sets the funnel into the first one, and sits down, pulling a multi tool that looks like it's been around 200 years of service, hardly any of the original blacking on it, and with a bit of a grunt, starts dismantling some other bullets from his miscelaneous pockets, and emptying the powder into the massive rifle shell. "I figure if you look closely you'll see me being a little crazy about seeking a bit of retribution." he rumbles.
Stockton Stockton grits his teeth as talk switches to Solomon and the mayoral duties he "provides". A nod verifies Sparrow's assessment. "'Course he is," he affirms to Sparrow and then grimaces at Kitty a bit. The rest of the buzz around him is ignored as thick fingers take hold of the cards to cut. It's a very ritualistic way he approaches it. When Sparrow turns over a Ten, he's replying with the Jack of Spades and a wry grin as he scoops up the cards and sets them neatly, gingerly in a pile beside his beer. Taking a few puffs off his cigarillo he waits the next deal while looking at Amos. "You don' want it?"
Amos "Ain't got no use for it. Figure somebody might wanna trade somethin' for it. Or buy it. Either or." Amos explains, gesturing a bit with his hand. He takes the glass in front of himself and brings it up to his lips, taking a sip. "Need caps and gear right now, ain't really got the time to study it anyway."
Sparrow Sparrow blinks at Amos, "I know someone who would probably love to have it. What's your price?" She wonders making a face at Stockton and puts down another setting a King down and smirking at Stockton and taking his seven. She chews thoughtfully for a moment on her cigar while sipping her beer. "Retribution?" She echoes after Sammy curiously while glancing to Kitty and then very shortly thereafter Abe. The blonde with the muted expression and pre-aged features wrinkles her nose a bit, "Against Solomon? I figure there's a lot of folks who might think as much. Seein' as he's been suspiciously close to the death of important folks spannin what, almost two decades now?" She growls low not even really looking away from her cards. Solomon, if no one here can guess, is not a particular favorite of the rogue Doctor.
Abe     "Thank you." uttered Abe to the server, 'bot or not, trading two caps for their trouble and the service. "Thank you!" he repeated to Miss Kitty, drink hefted between forefinger and thumb before it was knocked back. They got smoother the longer he stayed... or maybe the nerves were just being killed in his throat. Who knew?! Not him!

The shot glass thunked the bar and Abe loosed a slight sigh before spouting a offer.

"150 caps, right now, your hand to mine." he offered to Amos.
Katherine Caine "Seventy or so years ago he led the survivors of Vault 30 to El Dorado and reached an agreement with the Cowboy Tribe, so the stories go, even the ones he told me as a kid so they must be true." Katherine replied with a smile before pouring Abe a drink, "There's been some trouble with the Brotherhood and NCR down near Roswell, just thought I'd give you a heads-up. Joe found a pair of survivors, from the sounds of it a whole NCR Patrol and Brotherhood Fireteam wiped each other out. Word is, the NCR Ambassador is among the dead to." A nod was given in the direction of Sparrow and Stockton, "As for Vault 30, probably a place nobody should return to. It's the one thing my Grandfather never spoke of, along with anyone else whose ever been."
Amos "I was leaning more towards two, and even that feels low." Amos admits towards Abe with an apologetic smile. "This is knowledge of how to operate the machines of the old world. So it's gotta be worth at least that, right?" Truth be told, the ranger was just looking to get a room, and that'd be enough to ensure he had a few caps left over.
Stockton Stockton never liked War, it was always Sparrow's game. There's a grunt and eventually he speaks up, "Still worth goin back if it keeps Solomon from raiding it," just the way he sees it. Puffing on his cigar he pulls it from his lips as he watches the cards flip over again, this time he shows a 3 of Clubs and just winces. Still, she might draw a 2 right? He can hope. "Sounds like somethin' a friend of ours would be into, if nothin' else," he says to Amos, but is watching Sparrow and the cards.
Sammy     Sammy glances over at Abe, and remebers his first night after the drop into town, right here in this very bar, how John had called Abe a traitor, and how very nearly he'd avoided actually drawing steel, as there were just plain too many Civilians in and around the good lines of fire. "Funny thing about the little conflict in Roswell. It started, when a former Paladin Grant decided to basically turn raider and start raiding the evacuating Lone Star Caravan." he looks at the shell, taps it a few times to check how much powder he's reclaimed into the one, and moves the funnel to the next, from his chest pocket he pulls a corner-worn box, of the business end of the round, .50 caliber black tipped ruin-your-day bullets nearly as long as a man's pinky finger. He seats one carefully in the first bullet, rubbing a little wax of the bullet-box's cardboard on it to make a bit better seal till he can crimp it, and moves to the next, emptying smaller caliber rounds, soon there's a pile of wasteland brass, and a line of 50 caliber ammo all pretty and shiny death.
    "Then, of course, it went pear shaped, as conflicts of interests are wont to, a rescue party not happy their rescuee is about to get un-rescued. And a mountain of a Rebel Legionnaire...." he gestures to the barstool Arshur sat on previously, as if to draw the outline of the big man, "Decided that the Paladin needed a beard trim... With an Axe."
Sparrow Sparrow chuckles, "Somehow I don't suspect the lazy ass is going to go himself, he's gonna arm his folks to the teeth and sends'm. It's what the Mercs and Militia are good for. He's never been the man to do the job himself, ever. Just uses the town's money to pay off his hired help." Sparrow says all this terribly blandly. Like it's facts, at least she believes it is, and there's nothing she can do about it. She glances to Abe and Amos and lets them make their deals while she throws down another card. "Well, hopefully anyway" She looks back towards Stockton then Kitty and lifts a shoulder with a flat expression. "Yeah, we know about Ashur. Think ripping the twig 'n berries off that bear did things to his head. Decided he was invincible."
Abe     Amos didn't have to up-sell Abe on that lovely little document. He knew well enough that those old-world tomes held small treasures even for the most well trained. Two, two sounded like a steal. "Two, huh..." he made a poor showing of considering the offer, leaning back in his chair, eyes drifting skywards, or, well, cieling-wards. He waited to hear if Stockton or Sparrow had any counter offers... Sammy catches his attention. Word of a Paladin that went rogue... It wasn't unheard of but it was still a bitter thing. His jaw shifted. Tightend. The taste was mellowed by knowledge that he'd already been put down, "So unto all that would abandon the cause." he recited and seemed to deflate.

"Two-Hundred." he repeated to Amos and offered a hand to cement it in place, "I'll start stacking."
Amos "Excellent." Amos reaches out and gives Abe's hand a firm shake. "Next'n I find I'll probably sell closer to retail. Reckon they'd sell in shops for six or seven. But, caps in hand is a lot better than a book sitting arround." He reaches into the satchel and produces the book as promised, passing it over to the scribe.
Katherine Caine "Think it may have had more to do with the fact that little Timmy Muton from the Lone Star Caravans is a defector from the Brotherhood who went AWOL a couple weeks back." Katherine said to Sammy, clearing the air on that fact a bit, "Either way, yall have a good night, I've got some business to attend to."
Stockton Stockton snorts as Ashur is brought up, "The man is attached to his cloak like a security blanket, but he's a generally decent feller," he says around the cigarillo and turns over another card only to just roll his eyes at her dumb luck. Taking another long drag he exhales through his nostrils while the deal goes down. When it's done he looks at Sparrow and shakes his head, "I told you, I hate this game more often'n not." Not just cuz he loses more often than not.
Sammy     Sammy finishes the 10th round and lines them up, pulling a box magazine the size of a dictionary, and lining the first round up against it,with the pliers and a small piece of leather, he presses the bullets in till they line up perfectly with measured marks on the side of the magazine, then crimps each one and loads it into the box with a solid "*SHUCK*" noise as each one seats atop the stack.
    "I didn't say that Grant went Rogue... He was on some witch hunt for the ... " Kitty fills in the blanks on the kid's name for him. And decided to hold the civilians hostage to prove a point. He's a former Paladin because there ain't no stimpacking that much cranial destruction." he taps the magazine on the bar, "And each of these rounds will find it's way through another Paladin or Knight's forehead, in short order. I lost a lot of friends and an Ambassador. The good one, not Gordon..." he grumbles, "But hey, we brought down the Vertibird..."
Abe     "And 200... Right, looks it? Sometimes I think paper cash wasn't a bad idea." prattled Abe as he laid the last cap out on the stack of ten and added it to the lot before amos.

"Alright folks, looks like I've got some reading to do. Think I'll go on and get to it." he proclaims, lifting himself from his seat, excusing himself before he heads on up the stairs.
Amos Amos finishes off his liquor then pushes up onto his feet. "Alrighty, I've got some stuff to take care of. Y'all have a good'n." the ranger offers with a slight nod. Setting down the caps he owes he takes his helmet and pulls it back onto his head. Just like that he walks out the door.
Sparrow Sparrow waves after Katherine and then looks back down at her cards as she smokes off the stogie and shakes her head a little. "Oh hush." She says laying a Queen. Every time she plays War it's generally her game. But she doesn't say anything about it at all. "It keeps us busy and unless you're goin' to tag along with Kitty Caine you just suck it up. You're the one who wanted some beer before checkin' ta see if anyone needs my services." She nods to Amos and glances to Abe curiously. "Speakin of the Vertibird. Place got stripped today, Raiders got there before we did." She explains to Sammy.
Stockton Stockton hat-tips with his not-there hat after Amos as he takes his leave, Kitty too when she does. Truth be told, the wildman is lost in thought as the words fly around him. Then Sparrow's dragging him back in with her words and he smacks the table with a grunt, "Damn queens," he says as she scoops once more. Of course Sammy gets an explanation which leads him to just nod with a grunt, "Weren't to kind on our arrival. Then again, we weren't too kind on arrival," he ponders and shrugs.
Sammy     Sammy sets teh funnel back down, looking at it, "I have got to get me one of those." and he disentagles from the bar, the ammo magazine capped with ... well it looks like a stretched latex glove to keep the trail dust out of it, and disappeared into his pocket once more, he ambles over and pulls a chair out, spinning it around, his back to the bar, and straddles it, "I'm sorry to hear that, everyone got back in one piece though? I'm in a much more Shoot first and negotiate the details later kind of mood right now. Ten graves to dig and a funeral will do that to ya." he's gonna feel that later, already the soreness is setting into his shoulders. "But I've got a nasty surprise up my sleeve."
Sparrow Sparrow tosses down a six and then looks towards Sammy. "I hear ya. Kinda thing can be rough on a person. I didn't get to help cury my folks after Solomon had the raiders kill 'm. Can't say as I blame you for the attitude and most times, I'd agree, but these Raiders weren't part of any faction that I've seen. Thankfully I tend to miss the heavy and deadlies that happen between the NCR and folks. Likely best as I'm really only about healin' and helpin' animals." She smirks and takes Stockton's two with a twitch of a smile before looking back towards Sammy.
Stockton Stockton chuffs softly as he's taken again. Looking at Sammy he nods, "Everyone walked home. Not to say there weren't casualties though," a grim face of determination comes and he reaches for a card quickly this time, trying to snatch up the first card for once. Flopping the Ace apparently his tactic worked! He's back to grinnin' at Sparrow.
Sammy     "Please don't take this the wrong way but I would prefer having people who aren't by nature, professional soldiers, stay in the rear, with the beer." he looks to Sparrow, apologetically, "I had this conversation with Lilly, about not followin me into the field when I get pulled into the nasty shit that goes down. And the fact that there really is an escalation of war happening. The wasteland is getting weirder. The rainbow ghouls, red, green, blue glowing ones.... And something like a Super Mutant Behemoth made love to a Glowing One..." he shakes his head. "The long view, I think if you do enough patrols and keep triming the hedges on the wasteland, people stand a chance at having somwhat normal lives. They don't deserve the bullshit that's out there."
Sparrow Sparrow leans in and lifts a brow at Sammy. "Aint offended, everyone's entitled to their opinions. Most folk think the same thing you do til I blow the top off a Ghoul who's chewin' on 'em. I keep people alive best I can, but aint gonna argue if folks think I need to stay near the back." She lifts her beer and ashes her cigarillo before tossing down another card. "I got thrown into this bullshit, born into it, and I ain't keen on lettin' people do my fightin' for me."
Stockton Stockton scoops this time and he blinks slowly at Sammy. "She don't go runnin' headlong into shit. She just ends up in the trouble. S'why I taught 'er how to use a pistol," he lifts a brow though, "Behemoth and a Glowing One? Eh. I've heard worse is comin'. Somethin' about a horde. People ran into me in the Wastes said they were headed fer California before it was too late, said I should head that way too if I wanted to live." A roll of his shoulders, "Shit's gonna get worse b'fore it gets better, but that's the life in the Wasteland. We do what we can to git by," another chew of his cigar and he flips a new card over, taking the lead seemed to be working.
Sammy Sammy looks at the card play and chuckles, "I'm totally for self rescuing damsels." he considers Stockton's commentary, "I used to live by that line, really, it's how I roll most often; Do unto Others and then Cut the Cards." he looks a little more visibly fatigued as he sets the helmet down at the edge of the table and lets his rifle slip down to where he swings his leg through the sling, "I used to do all the dirty tricks in the book. Like, the claymore under the mattress when you leave your camp for the day." he looks up as if through the floorboards to his room, "Kitty'd kill me if I did that here..."
Sparrow Sparrow smirks at Sammy. "Oh I aint self rescusin'. Just savin' myself for the right Distress yanno. I figure Solomon's a good start." She looks up towards the rooms then back towards Sammy, "Probably. But you never know. Could ask her real nice like. Kitty's pretty reasonable as long as it's not something that's gonna hurt her girls." She says as she scoops up the cards and lays down another. She tosses down a three and shakes her head before glancing to Sammy. "Most times I stay out of business, travel about give people healin', help the Tribals and the other folk who are in greater El Dorado. But if you ever do need backup don't hesittate to ask. Generally speakin' I'm pretty helpful to have around. S'long as you don't pretend to be tough when you don't need too."
Stockton Stockton chuckles as Sammy calls Sparrow a damsel. Shaking his head he just shoves a chair out for the Ranger and plucks his cigarillo from his mouth to tap out the ash. He's gone through his beer so orders another. "Sparrow, not sure if I'm buyin' a horse from yer cousin 'er the stables, but I want you there, y'know yer stallions better'n I do," he admits with a grin. Back to Sammy he shrugs, "Nothin' I ain't checkin' fer when I find someone's camp in the wilds. Always assume it's a trap, s'how I'm still alive."
Sammy     He chuckles and leans on the back of the chair a little bit, "I stay at range if I can, it irritates some folks, but I do my best work as a ..." he glances to the rifle, "'Long distance service provider', and usually that involves a lot more patience than people are made of these days and a lot of weighing of options, I'm just lucky I am within earshot sometimes to see which person I need to shoot first." he chuckles, and glances up again, "Nah, If I set a trap here, that's break the rules of engagement and stuff..." okay sohe's worried Lilly might trip it visiting him, and take out half the upper story. He nods to Stockton, "Evil tricks like stringing garrot wire at neck eight in a dim alley and just goading that raider gang to run after you." he grins. "And the ever popular, grenade-trap-on-the-body-with-the-loot."
Sparrow "You don't want a Stallion, Stock, ya want a Gelding or a Mare. A stallion's more liable than not to get you into trouble than a mare or Gleding; even Aidan doesn't take Elmer out and Elmers a frikkin ancient old beast." She shakes her head with some amusement. She looks towards Sammy, "I'm no good hand to hand so I don't blame ya none." She takes Stock's nine and smirks throwing down yet ANOTHER Jack. She tils her head to look towards Sammy and Stockton and shakes her head. Letting the boys talk 'shop' as it were and falling back to quiet, where the Cowgirl prefers to be.
Stockton Stockton shakes his head, "I only get in the thick of it, cuz it ends up on me most times," he confides with a smirk before reaching for another card and then muttering as she pulls the Jack again, "Yer cheatin' I swear," he mutters before looking at the Cowgirl, "Fine, whatever, like I said, I trust ya," he shrugs and reaches, turning over yet another 3 only to growl, "At least there're only fuckin' four of 'em in the damn deck." Picking up his second beer, he starts gulping at it like it owed him money. Giving Sammy a nod, "Evil tricks, tricks ya learn cuz they nearly kill ya once most times. Doesn't matter though, eh? We're still 'ere."
Sammy     It's the time, and the talk of horses that has Sammy's mind drifting off, he smiles a little bit wryly. He pushes hmself back fom the chair and scoop up his helmet and rifle in one motion, "Well, I be best heading up and getting some rest, real rest... Or I'm gonna feel all the shovel work I did for even longer." he nods, and turns, with a wave over his shoulder to the two. He's drifted up the stairs and out of sight.
Sparrow Sparrow smiles after Sammy and tosses down a thir jack. The deck is out to make people believe she's a card shark. She blinks at Stockton, "Finish your beer, let's head home." She sighs a bit and starts pulling on her clothing. She didnt quite win the game, but close..
Stockton Stockton grunts as he flops another 9 only to be beaten by the Jack. A roll of his eyes and he happily complies with Sparrow's wishes. That beer gets knocked back and he belches once before standing up. Shouldering the rifle and slapping his brain bucket back over his head. He waits on the Cowgirl and gives Sammy a courteous nod, "Was good to see you, sir, glad you're still kicking. Keep it that way," and then he's at the door, working on another cigarillo for the road.