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Augustus Nielson The sky is darker than usual over the wasteland on this particular night. The clouds loom in front of the stars blocking all terrestrial light from the moon and stars. Just five miles out of El Dorado lies a small bar standing lonely on its own in the middle of the wasteland scrub. The lights and sounds from within pierce through the night making the small sheet metal structure hard to miss.

You all knew why you were here, this bar is a safehouse for raiders and outlaws alike, and if El Dorados horses thieves were anywhere, you all assumed theyd be here. The bar sits on a flat-topped hill, and even from its base the secondary stable building could easily been seen partially illuminated by the light leaking out from the bars many windows. With El Dorado facing your backs, you prepare to take back what was stolen.

With one ear to the sheet metal roof, and eyes watching what he could see of the back entrance, The Specter lie on top of the bars roof. He had been here since the sun was at the skys peak, waiting for the right moment to go in. His trigger fingers itched slightly as he resisted the urge to barge in recklessly. Though, their offence may have only been petty thievery, but they were far out of the El Dorados jurisdiction now, and he was free to deal with them any way he saw fit.
Alice Alice really didn't mean to be out so late, but the chance to have some real help to find the lost Vaultmeat who was totally going to be her best friend was hard to turn down. Turning to Knight Caldwell and the Wasteland Samurai Hanzhou she asked, "Think the people in there will know anything?" She had no clue what kind of establishment it was.

O.V.E.R. 9000 didn't respond in any meaningful way, instead? The robot rolled forward towards the building, issuing forth a, "*BZT!*"
Rose      One of the perks and flaws both of walking the Lone Ranger's path? You were expected to fend for yourself more often than not. While that ment Rose didn't have to worry about anyone else dying at her side, it also ment that occasionally she had to do a job or two for more than simply helping out others in the Wasteland. Food and bullets cost money after all. She'd spent enough time in El Dorado to be rested up from the road and be reloaded, now the woman in the slightly battered duster and underarmor walks, her coat hanging open to reveal the revolver holstered at her hip and a large service rifle slung over her back.

     So far she hadn't been seen, but she was making her approach cautiously up the hill, intending to not draw the eyes of the bar's patrons until she'd located those responcible. The blonde woman's helmet remained clipped to her belt for the moment, affording her a little more annonymity while she went about her quick recon. She doubted the thieves would come peacefully, but at the very least she wanted time to locate the horses before this ended with bullets in skulls.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell rumbles around in his Power Armored suit, looking over to Alice through his night visioned power armor hud visor. "Up to you. I think O.V.E.R. 9000 is already on his way though so we might as well check it out." he begins to stomp and plod along towards the building, keeping his laser pistol ready in case things go to shit.
Iris Lark Iris peeks out from behind the group gathered, trying to figure out what they're doing here. After hearing some mumbling about horse thieves she walks forward to offer her assistance, keeping her pistol tucked in the skirts of her dress.
Hanzhou Hanzhou had was travelling with Alice, OVER 9000! and Brotherhood of Steel, Knight Caldwell. He's the most oddly dressed of the three, well Robots don't really dress but he's a strange sight to most nonetheless, wearing a cowboy outfit mixed with an Asian sword wielding warrior. His Katana blade is sheathed in a scabbard on his back and he has a shamisen guitar slung over one shoulder.

He glances up the hill, taking a careful look to see the best path up there then glances towards Alice as well as the Knight. "Hmm...looks like some sort of building up there. And you still haven't told me what is vaultmeat?" He asks Alice in a soft yet polite voice.

Looking towards Knight Caldwell, "Alright then. I guess we will go check this place out." He then adjusts the cowboy hat on his head and follows along.
Ironface Jones One of the people here to do the job of retrieving stolen horses is Ironface Jones, mighty hunter. Standing at the base of the hill leading up to the bar, his spear held loosely in his hand, he surveys the building and it's surroundings, keeping his eyes open for potential trouble to appear. There's a group headed that way now, including a robot he doesn't know and a Tinman he does. Knowing how skilled Caldwell is at drawing fire he heads in their direction when he hears Iris approach. Turning towards her he nods, then calls out to the group that includes the robot, "Greetings."
Augustus Nielson As Rose makes her way towards the entrance of the bar, a large man leaning on the wall next to the front door calls out to her. "Stop right there girly!" He approaches her slowly with his resting on the handle of his gun ready to pull it from the holster at any minute. "No Rangers, No Brotherhood, and No Legionnares. Keep moving along before we have a problem." he says in a gravely monotoned voice. So preoccupied with Rose that he hasn't noticed the small party of people approaching upwards towards the bar.

The Specter's head shifted at the sound of conversation from outside the bar. 'There must be a Ranger here.' he thought to himself. 'I don't imagine the Legion or the Brotherhood give two shits about this place. They must be here on behalf of El Dorado.'
"Shit." he whispered as he rolled on his back and began to load his revolvers as quick as possible.
Guardian Caldwell Knight Caldwell continues walking up the hill, keeping his laser pistol at his side. He speaks over to Hanzhou "Vaultmeat is a dog that Alice likes for some reason. We're going to retrieve it so Alice can have a pupper friend." Caldwell gives a brief wave to IRONFACE "Hey there Jones. How ya' doin?" he asks, offering a nod to the man.
Iris Lark Iris sneaks over to the other group and ducks in with them, recognizing Alice and the Knight. She tries to look like she's been there all along, giving each of them a sheepish smile and a wilted wave hello. Then the man at the bar starts issuing orders, and she turns her head as she hears him issue orders. "What kind of bar turns away willing customers?" She asks quietly. She glances back towards her recent patient and waves him in quickly. "Ironface, get *over* here." She hisses, pointing towards Alice and Caldwell.
Rose      As far as the list goes, Rose was certainly one of those things, but she certainly couldn't claim to be others. A tilt of her head, she glances over her shoulder at the group approaching closer, the face of 'Ironface' leading her to much the same conclusion as the hidden Specter. El Dorado folk, probably here on the same job she was. Tilting her head to the side, the young woman looks the large man over, hand away from her gun seemingly harmless, but only because the mook hadn't seen her draw. "My money is as good as anyone elses. We won't have a problem here unless you make it one." She'd say more, but the others have reached and spoken up, so she takes a little step to oneside. Maybe the doorman will see eye to eye with their words, or at the very least when this went to hell she wouldn't be the only one shooting back.
Hanzhou Hanzhou gives both Iris and Ironface Jones a small bow, "Konichiwa. I am Hanzhou. It is an honor to meet you." But then he turns his head slightly as if he's heard something and then quickly blurts out to the group, "I think someone is in trouble and this place has bad chi. Prepare yourselves." Hanzhou says as he puts his hand on the hilt of his Katana, as he rushes up the hill to see what is going on and defend a lady if she is in trouble.

The Wasteland Samurai dashes up the hill as fast as he can to assist Rose if she requires it.

As he rushes up the hill and passes Knight Caldwell, he nods. "Oohh." When Caldwell tells him that Vaultmeat is a dog and then focuses on making it up the hill so that he doesn't accidentally trip cause that would be bad rollling down the hill.
Alice Alice nodded to the words of Knight Caldwell, "That, sorry Hanzhou. I get distracted easy and so does O.V.E.R. 9000 apparently, crap!" Looking between the large Tribal and Medic that have joined them she nods, "I'm Alice, I work in Vault Town Maintenance." She said to Ironface before reaching out a hand to high-five Iris, "What's up Doc?" She seems to have already lost track of what they were here for.
Ironface Jones The sound of talking up ahead catches Ironface's ear and he looks up to see what is happening, trying to catch sight of whoever the guard is talking to. When Caldwell addresses him Ironface turns and says, "It is a fine night. Are you also here to..." Of course he's stopped when he hears Iris tell him to move and so he does. He has heard the term 'doctor's orders' in the past, after all. When Alice introduces herself the big tribal replies to her, "Ironface Jones, hunter and explorer of the El Dorado tribe. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard clan." And a deep nod, "Good to know you, Alive of Vault Town."
Bane      Bane approaches the bar atop the hill on horseback his trained eyes scanning over the area as he dismounts. He walks his mount over quietly behind a few loose bits of shrubbery and some large rocks, tying it off before he moves up behind some of the others. A couple of which he had already worked with so he was pretty sure they were not with the horse thieves. He jogs up to the others quickly, the effort of running under all his gear not seeming to tire him in the least. The old boy clearly has some stamina. "So you guys here for the horses as well? Or just approaching a known outlaw bar for a quiet drink?" One corner of his lips turns up as he speaks, looking over the bouncer at the bar as he confronts an apparent ranger that is facing away from him.
Alice O.V.E.R. 9000 had separated itself from the group of humans. Little did they know its original directive to work as a sentry-bot had long been subverted. Seemingly acting of its own accord the large bot rolled up towards the man who was talking to Rose.


Its arm raised and a small laser was fired at the man as the robot continued to roll forward like an engine of death. For such a large robot, it was an awfully small laser!
Augustus Nielson "My money's just as good as anyones!" The man mocks rose in a high pitched tone before laughing. "Tell you what girly, I'll let you in this time b-" The man is cut off my a sudden flash of light as he is thrown against the wall. "Aaaaarrrrghh! Shit!" he cries as the laser burns into his torso. "You tricky bitch!" the man cries holding is wound in one hand while pulling a gun with the other.

'Gunfire? No, lasers.' The Specter thought as the sound of O.V.E.R 9000's laser discharge met his eardrums. "I guess it's time!" he says out loud to himself as he stands up on the roof of the building, revolvers ready in each hand."
Augustus Nielson With a step forward The Specter goes to drop off the roof, however he manages to miscalculate his balanced and falls face first into the dirt.
Iris Lark Iris chokes out a laugh as the robot rolls forward and fires at the man but then chaos ensues and she stops laughing, pulling her pistol from its hiding spot. She bites down on her bottom lip, about to yell out "CHARGE!" but then she realizes that she's not an armored hulk of an anything and she simply points to the bar. "Let's get em!"
Hanzhou Hanzhou quickly draws his Katana, when OVER 9000! starts firing his laser at the rude Radier who was speaking to Rose. As the raider starts to draw his gun, Hanzhou rushes at him, slashing his Katana in a downward arc and slicing the raider's chest right down the middle killing him instantly, as he quickly side steps before the blood splurts onto his clothing. "You have no honor." The Wasteland Samurai says in a calm voice and then glances towards Rose, "Apologizies, if parlay was your intention. OVER 9000! is not much for words...well except for bzt." He shrugs and then readies himself for more attackers, holding his Katana in an upright position as he faces the front door.

He quirks an eyebrow at the Spectter who jumped off the roof but then promptly fell on his face. "Oohh, that is most unfortunate and you should train more before attempting such a leap." He then narrows his eyes in a true Kungfu fashion.
Rose      Well that went smoother than...shit nevermind. A moment later, a blast of laser and a sword-wielding Samurai cut down the very same thug she'd just talked her way past. Well shit. Bane's arrival is noted, but the Ranger has more important things to worry about, like a bar of people she could no longer ask nicely about the horses. Well, these were her cards, time to go all in! Putting her armored boot to the door, Rose's revolver comes to her hand while she calls out, a swish of her duster cutting a distinct silhouette before she takes cover in the doorframe. "We have a lot of guns and only a few questions. We're here for the horses and the thieves. Any man who doesn't want to die today should hand them over and go about their day. The thieves should surrender. Otherwise this day ends in killin' and our guns are bigger than yours!"

     At least, she hopes they are.
Alice O.V.E.R. 900 looked at Rose for a moment, issuing forth a single, "*BZT*" Signalling that it wasn't going to kill her or do anything to her or maybe just that it was going to help her? You never knew with that robot.

When Rose makes her move, so does O.V.E.R. 9000 crashing through the kicked down doors and smashing the side of the wall in, "*BZT!*" It declares menacingly at the horse thieves before firing at one with its laser and killing another through death by laser to the groin. Ouch, that must have hurt.

Alice rushes forward to stand beside the robot and crosses her arms, "Tell us where the horses are or we'll make you wish you weren't born! AND WHERE IS VAULTMEAT!?"

O.V.E.R. 9000, "*BZT*"
Bane      Bane moves in through the shattered doorframe, his heavy armoured duster swirling around his legs slightly as he moves in quickly. His rifle raised to his shoulder her sweeps it over the room, waiting for someone to go for a weapon. "Everyone down on the ground! Don't reach for a weapon! Answer the ladies questions, and no one else gets melted or shot." He turns slightly looking at Alice and the robot from under the brim of his cowboy hat he keeps his voice low. "Tell your robot to stand down. We don't need any more bodies dropped here. Don't even know who most of these people are." He shakes his head as he takes a couple of strides foward moving to stand on one of the tables so he can keep his eye on everyone. And then he finally notices the Rangers face and offers her a single nod "Rose."
Ironface Jones While everyone else makes big, loud noises at the front of the bar, Ironface takes a less aggressive approach. For now, at least. Ducking low and attempting to move quietly he hustles to get himself around the back of the building in an effort to make sure that none of the baddies runs out that way. When he gets around back he finds a strange, masked figure pulling himself off of the dirt. Rather calmly, Ironface asks, "Are you also here to bring back the horses? You do not look much like any raider or bandit I've ever seen."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell stomps up to the raider bar and walks in, raising his laser pistol and watching them all. He looks down at one of the raiders and says calmly "The horses and Vaultmeat, where are they?" he cracks his power armored knuckles and prepares for a good old fashioned fisticuffs with one of the raiders if it comes to that. He's more concerned with helping Alice get her doggy first though.
Augustus Nielson The Specter turns one of his dual revolvers quickly towards Ironface. Hearing his words he lowers the revolver and points it back towards the window. He knew Ironface was not his enemy, though he had never met him, The Specter had heard of him. He /knew of/ most people in El Dorado as he obsessivley kept tabs on as many people and as many things as possible. "I'm here to kill the outlaws." The Specters voice is muffled through his mask. "I figured someone would show up to find the horses eventually, and here you are." He turns his head quickly towards the window and begins to fire.
The sound of shattering glass pierces through the air like a rider in the night as his bullets tear through the glass.

The men are all quiet in their seats, seeming generally terrified at the events taking place one of the men breaks the silence and begins to speak, "Y-Ya'll is from El Dorado, yeah? W-w-we go the horses just please d-" his words are cut off as the sound of shattering glass fills the room accompanied by a spray of blood from the speaking outlaw skull as his head drops to the table. Another outlaw cries out in pain as a bullet tears through his neck and he flies over the bar making a loud crash as he breaks various bottles of liquor on the way down.

All hell breaks loose as the Barkeep pulls out a shotgun aimed at our party, and the man sitting in the back corner reaches for his gun.
Iris Lark Iris follows the others as they move into the fight/discussion and she sees Hanzhou slash at a guy with his weapon. The guy doesn't go down though so Iris helpfully shoots at him, and ...misses. It's a good thing that's not her only skill!
Hanzhou The battle continues inside the bar! OVER 9000!, the NCR Ranger and Ironface Jones all bravely entered to face possibly overwhelming odds. Hanzhou is inspired by their courage and the code of Bushido must be followed!

The Wasterland Samurai, follows in after the stalwart companions and doesn't expect gunfire from dual revolvers to spray in, killing some of those seated in the bar after the other's had successfully gotten their attention. Seeing, both the bartender and the man in the corner reaching for guns, Hanzhou reacts without though moving to the closest threat which was the man pulling out his gun at his table.

His Katana is like a blur, as he slashes the man's arm which was holding the gun. The man cries out in pain, his arm now disabled from the precise cut and in shock, while blood sprays on his own face from the wound he falls over in his chair as he faints.

Hanzhou then narrows his eyes as he looks at the bartender. "Lower your weapon barkeep, unless you want to end up like this man. We do not wish to cause any more harm, we just wish to talk." The light inside the room seems to sparkle off his very clean Katana blade, almost as if light itself was cut by it's deadly sharpness.
Alice Alice gave Hanzhou a thumbs up and a sparkling toothy white grin, "That was awesome, maybe one day you can teach me how to use your sword." She blushed her pale cheeks turning pink, "The katana, not the other sword, oh my gosh! Stop looking at me, seriously!" Wandering off in the establishment she began looking around for Vaultmeat, calling out, "Vaultmeat! Are you in here?" Sighing loudly and forgetting all about the horses she looked to O.V.E.R. 9000 and said, "I don't think he's here. Way to go, you led us to the wrong spot."

O.V.E.R. 9000s receptor colors changed from an angry red to a very sad blue and the big robot let out a sad sounding, "*BZT*" or maybe it just sounded like every other sound the robot made.

Suddenly O.V.E.R. 9000 just began to roll out of the building, smashing through another part of the wall and roaming off into the wasteland by himself due to his hurt feelings.

"Damnit, that robot is so moody..." Alice sighed and began to fiddle with her pip-boy 3000 despite the fact that there was a fight going on.
Rose      Well, hell has officially broke loose. Maybe this was why Rose had gotten so used to working alone. Things were beyond questioning now, at the very least she'd have to hope they could claim the bounty while the others look for their dog. "Bane!" she calls as she leans down, scooping the fallen doorman's handgun and tucking it into her coat. "Stables! It's got to be!" Either that, or all of this was for nothing and the knowledge was left in the brain of some smoking/sliced corpse. Whomever the mystery shooter was? They hadn't really helped with the peaceful option, but at least things are mostly under control now. Sparing a look to the rather odd mix that was the part, the Blonde ranger turns towards the stables she'd passed on the way up, revolver remaining drawn by her side without a single shot fired.
Bane      "My thoughts exactly." Bane is not the type to participate in a massacre, not when he doesn't know they are all guilty of anything at all. Just because it is an outlaw bar doesn't mean it is only filled with outlaws. He jumps down from the table, keeping his eyes on the bar just in case anyone does pull iron on him as he makes to leave. He can't even blame them at this point, they have surrendered twice only to be killed anyway. His eyes drift over the window that shattered, someone he didn't know firing in. WHat an absolute clusterfuck this had turned into.He moves quickly after that heading for the stables to hopefully secure the Mares they are there for.
Ironface Jones About to leap into action, Ironface is a bit too slow to get into the melee and start killing people. Things have seemed to wrap up before he can utilize his spear so he simply sticks the butt end of it into the dirt and looks over at the Spectre again, "You seem skilled at killing them, but now that it is over we need to find the horses. Are there any here that are not in the stables?"
Guardian Caldwell The BoS Knight Caldwell sighs as Alice goes looking for Vaultmeat, apparently there had been a job here and since he was a part of it he wanted a reward for being in a firefight and a clusterfuck of one at that. "So uhh..yeah..guess we'll be taking those horses back and getting that reward, eh? Sounds good." he walks over to the stables and begins to look for anything UNUSUAL in there.
Hanzhou Hanzhou flicks the blood from his blade with a practiced ease, then sheathes his Katana in one smooth motion back into the scabbard on his back. He glances at the fainted man on the ground who's arm is bleeding, then turns to the group asking in a calm voice. "Is there a medic who could attend to him? I'm not very good bandaging." The Wasteland Samurai, then blinks as OVER 9000! smashes through the wall and then shakes his head a little, "I really should have a chat with that metal-pet, erm friend of your's Alice. His manners are indeed...lacking."

Walking up to the barkeep now, making sure not to step in any puddles of blood or on any of the dead bandit bodies, he inclines his head to the man who lowered his shotgun after his rather stern warning.

"Thank you for allowing me and my comrades to chat with you. It is unfortunate that violence could not be avoided but at least you did not succumb to it." He pauses and then adds, "I am a little thirsty and rather hungry. May I have a glass of clean water and what do you recommend from your menu?" Even after the chaos of battle, he seems calm and at peace, not to mention hungry.
Augustus Nielson spinning both revolvers on his fingers like a fancy gunshow trick The Specter holsters both weapons to end the fancy display. "The stolen horses are in the stable building along with the now former horses of those outlaws. Go ahead and take them too, these men don't need them anymore." The masked man then turns and begins to make his way down the hill, away from the bar.

"I-I-I ain't got nothin' to sell a man who butchers m-my patrons!" the man yells at Hanzhou, clearly terrified. "And I don't know what a Vaultmeat is! J-just take what you want and leave! Please!" the man screams as he runs into a doorway behind the bar.

The stable is dark, musty, and smells of horse shit. There they were, sure as day, the stolen horses, among the other various horses that presumably once belonged to the now dead group of outlaws.
Iris Lark Iris watches as people go to find the horses and she raises her hand with a little hesitation. "I can tend to wounded if you'd like." She says, stepping forward and opening her medical kit. She walks over and kneels beside the man who fainted while she keeps eyes on the others in case of more trouble.
Rose      It doesn't take long for the Ranger to emerge from the stables, less time infact with the help of Bane. If ever there was someone she was certain could help her wrangle some spooked horses. Helmet still bouncing where it rested clipped at her waist, the Ranger rides one horse while leading another, looking down at the Samurai, robot, spearman and Knight in turn. "I'll get these back to town. See if there's anymore around and...perhaps set your metal friend there to a less sensitive trigger. More people died today than needed to." Well, at least that's what the Desert Rose is trying to believe anyway.

     Had she tied an extra horse for herself? Of course she had. Why not? She'd walked her way to El Dorado when she arrived, but the dead outlaws weren't going to be making much use of the critter and it was better than leaving it to starve. "Make sure you bring back proof for the bounty!" she calls back as she spurs the horses to start moving.
Alice "Don't worry Han, I've got this." Alice said as she hopped around the counter and grabbed some of the crusty old bread and a can of pre-war canned meat and made a pair of sandwiches. Then she looked to armored Caldwell and wondered out-loud, "DO you think he can eat through his helmet? Should I? I guess." She handed the sandwich to Han before stacking the rest up and offering them to anyone who wanted one on the way back.
Ironface Jones The words 'take what you want and leave' hit Ironface's ears and he seems to perk up ever so slightly. He goes to move around to the front of the bar to start searching the corpses of the dead men, not at all squeamish about it. They're not going to be using their gear anymore, anyway. With an economy of motion that shows practice looting the dead he begins to toss things of value into a pile in the center of the room for everyone to pick through together.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell begins to walk back to town before calling out to Ironface "Bring me some loot too, yeah? Gonna take me awhile to get back to town so ima get walking now." and with that he's off back to town to tell the horse man the good news. HALF HORSE HALF MAN. IT'S HORSE MAN.
Bane      Bane moves with Rose and helps her quickly clear out the stables of the deceased horses, this may not have been how he wanted it to go but they will not be needing them anymore. He moves with thr group until he reaches the place where he has tethered his horse, quickly swapping mounts back to his own. He is clearly clearly seething over how this went, as he looks towards Rose in a moment of silent conversation. He lowers his rifle into the leather sling attached to his sadle as he attaches the horses to his own, used to this kind of work. When he speaks his voice is gravelly and dripping with contained anger. "Lets get these horses back to town."
Hanzhou Hanzhou gives Rose a slight bow and quirks an eyebrow as he gets a closer look at her now that she's in front of him, "Sorry for any inconviences and it was an honor to assist with this, although unknowingly at the time a crime had been committed." Before he can ask her what her name is though, she's spured her horse and left.

He nods to Iris, "Thank you for helping. Saving a life is better karma than taking." He then turns to Alice as she gives him a samwich, his eyes widen and he smiles softly. "I...uh...thank you. You are too kind, Alice." He accepts the sandwich in both hands as a gesture of respect from his village. Taking a bite, he closes his eyes and savors the taste, even though it is crusty bread and pre-warn canned spam meat, it still tastes like a prime rib to him.

He then grabs a horse and will lead it back to town if that is what the group wishes to do.
Vault Girl When the group returns to town, the Militia is quick to confiscate the extra horses for the Militia and well, because they were the Militia they could do that. The owner of the El Dorado stables is however quite grateful with the return of the stolen horses and provides a great deal of rewards that he's found lying in various saddlebags over the years and also decides to let the group have one of the horses for themselves. Good work! Soon the Stable swill have an expanded inventory!