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Iris Lark The clinic was driving Iris crazy, and she needed a break. When one needs a break and needs to have fun, who do they call? Alice. Iris arranged to meet with the red-headed Vault Dweller outside of town for some digging and searching. The kind hearted doctor brought a spade and a piglet, not really remembering the kind of craziness that sometimes happens around Alice. She's arrived early and is currently on her knees, looking for all the world like she is about to plant a flower garden along the road.
Alice Iris would be able to hear Alice long before she saw her, the vault-dweller basically cranking Radio Roswell as she walked down the highway alongside O.V.E.R. 9000 who was sporting some much heavier weaponry than he had been seen with prior.

As the Rock Music faded, David Ghoulie's voice could be heard broadcasting over the radio, "Ya! This is David Ghoulie Live in Rockwell! Remember if you're looking to rock-off, not jerk-off, I'm the man to come see. I've got some more sweet tunes coming at you in a moment after a word from one of our sponsors. FUCK! We don't have sponsors, anyone want to be our sponsor?"

Alice laughed at the commentary almost missing Iris who she waved to and called out, "What's up Doc?"
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and starts to laugh as she listens to Deathbot's radio. "Hi Alice!" She chirps, waving an arm over her head as she stands on her tip toes. "It's such a nice night out, so I wanted to see if you wanted to scavenge some junk or treasure." She approaches Alice and the sentry bot, her eyes a bit wide. "My goodness, he's all grown up now!" She jerks a thumb towards the robot. "What have you been working on?"
Alice Alice turned the radio on her pip-boy down before giving Iris a hug. O.V.E.R. 9000 swiveled around the area looking downright menacing before his sensor light turned a cheerful green and he said to Iris, "*BZT*"

"I'm Down." Alice said before patting the Robot on the side, "He's just been getting some upgrades, now he finally has a gun worthy of a robot his size and his little laser for if it runs out of ammo." She knocked her fist on O.V.E.R. 9000 a few times before reminding him, "You better figure out where to find ammo, I totally can't afford it."

Squinting and aiming the weird laser pistol she was holding she announced, "I think I finally know how to use this thing but it's got weird power cells, we may need to get abducted again if I run out of ammo. Seriously."
Iris Lark "Get abducted again? Gosh, I hope not." Iris says, her brow furrowed slightly as her arms cross over her chest. "I've found a few things out here, random ammunition, some gunsmith tools, I suck at selling things so I just hold on to them" She murmurs, pitching her voice low as her cheeks get pink. "So if you ever need anything, just ask, I'd rather give it to someone who can use it than sell it." She points her spade towards the ground. "I'd rather give you things than get abducted again, those aliens were scary."
Alice "I don't know, they were kinda funny when you think about it." Alice replied with a grin, "I think they were more afraid of Achilles than anything they've ever seen. I guess they might not try to abduct us again" She seemed almost disappointed.

"Well, I'll let you know. Right now I've got lots of stuff, even a shotgun I found if you want it." Looking at the spade she asked, "Do you think pirates buried treasure in the desert? That would be pretty cool like maybe they just said desert island but they meant the desert. Hmmm."

Pointing to a spot on the ground she said, "There! I bet something is buried there." It was just ordinary dirt.
Iris Lark "They were afraid because he was big, naked and roaring like an injured bear!" Iris says, laughing as she speaks, she props her hands on her hips and gazes around. "I mean, we could paint ourselves green, maybe they would abduct us then?" She walks closer to Alice and furrows her brow slightly. "You mean like gold treasure?" She glances at the spot of ground indicated and walks over, digging her spade into the dirt.
Alice "I think you just want to run around in green paint.", Alice smirked and watched Iris do the digging curiously even as O.V.E.R. 9000 stood on guard like a machine-gun armed sentinel making sure nothing approached, "Yeah! Like gold, it's still pretty valuable especially for making electronics, you need it. They keep a bunch in Vault Town in a safe in the Overseer's Office." Picking up a rock she threw it into the air assisted by the power fist, but it hit nothing at all!
Iris Lark "I wouldn't mind being green for a while." Iris agrees, getting to her feet after finding absolutely nothing. "I'd also like to see some gold, just once." She frowns a glances around. "Without having to take apart my Pip-Boy." She pokes at it a few times and it beeps at her. "I don't know what I'd even do with some gold." She takes a few steps, scuffs at a spot with her boot and then kneels to dig some more. "I want to find more discs."
Alice Alice shrugged her shoulders and sat down beside Iris as she began to dig, "I don't have any yet, maybe I'll find some cool ones to." She wasn't exactly doing much looking though so it was going to be kind of hard to find anything.

O.V.E.R. 9000 seemed to be focussed on something or someone in the distance (ACHILLES!), weapons raising just in case it wasn't a friendly, he warned Iris and Alice with an alert sounding, "*BZT*"
Iris Lark Iris glances over her shoulder and hears Achilles and Terrance approaching before she fully sees them. She gets to her feet and walks closer, standing near O.V.E.R 9000. "We're over here!" She calls out, lifting onto her tiptoes.
Achilles Speaking of scary, an absolutely massive grey musclebound mutated hound appears, running towards Alice and Iris. Is that what O.V.E.R. 9000 was warning the pair about? Before it could get too close, however, a familiar voice booms out "Terrance, sit!"

The hound drops, sliding a bit before coming to a stop in a cloud of dust. Soon enough Achilles is caught up and he offers a wave to the women, "Hello! Sorry I couldn't of made it sooner."
Alice O.V.E.R. 9000 lowers his weapons and goes back to scanning the horizon. Alice pats the hound on the head and smiles at Achilles, "It's fine, now you can start digging holes for Iris."
Iris Lark "Oh yes, come help us!" Iris chirps, pointing to the ground and handing Achilles a laughibly small spade. "Right there?" She points again, hopping from foot to foot.
Achilles Achilles taps out a salute, leans over to give Iris a kiss, and heads over to start digging. Thankfully Terrance is with him, so the hound trots over and starts helping out. Sometimes it pays to be a Beastlord. "So, what're we looking for?"
Alice "Buried Pirate's Gold." Alice replied matter of factly, "We think they might have buried it out in the desert instead of a desert island. Pretty clever, right?" Reaching into her pocket she removed a dog treat and tossed it to Terrance.
Achilles Terrance looks up, opening his massive maw to chomp on the dog treat. "There's plenty of buried treasure out in the wasteland. But.. do you have anything leading you out here?" Achilles asks, metal clad hand pushing the spade into the ground before moving earth out of the way.
Alice "I don't know, Iris asked me out here and then we figured we might.. you know what Achilles? I don't have to explain myself to you. Just dig. We're going to find something.." Alice rested her hands on her hips supervising Achilles while Iris took a break.
Achilles "Normally I'd doubt you, but I'm sure we'll find something. Hopefully it won't be anything too.. odd." Achilles reaches up to scratch at his beard, remembering the Aliens. And the story about David Ghoulie. The giant then shrugs and goes back to digging. "Nothing I can't kill, I'm sure."
Alice "I bet you can't kill a Deathclaw." Alice shot back at Achilles, "I hope a Deathclaw shows up just so you can be proved wrong." Wait a minute, maybe, "I take it back. I don't want want a Deathclaw to show up. Maybe Hanzhou though, you guys could duel."
Iris Lark "A duel?" Iris pipes up, her brow furrowed. "No serious duels, I don't want anyone to get hurt." She winces as she gets to her feet and shrugs. "I got hurt the other day when I was out looking for scrap." She peeks over Achilles' shoulder. "Find any gold yet?"
Achilles "I'm still a little banged up from all the ghouls, but I could hold my own." Achilles decides, nodding slightly. "Have to use my axe, wouldn't want to hit him with this power fist." When Iris speaks up, he looks over and shakes his head. "Nothing just yet. But it'd be a little deeper if there was anything."
Alice "I haven't done anything lately, I keep having to work extra shifts because Vault Town sucks.." Alice sighed and began throwing rocks at O.V.E.R. 9000 who zapped them out of the air with his laser with precision robo-targetting, "Maybe the aliens took the gold. I mean, it could be why they're here. They ran out of gold on their planet, so they came to ours to steal it all so they can make electronics."
Achilles "Maybe they're here because of all the radiation. It does strange things." Achilles suggests, jerking a thumb over at Terrance. "Normally they are only friendly with the super mutants, but when we went to Roswell I managed to dominate him. It was like the stories of my ancestors that my father told me when I was small, of how they had an army of animals at their disposal that they could communicate with." The man shrugs, wiping some of the sweat from his brow before he goes back to digging. "They seem frail, they could be looking for a way to become stronger."
Iris Lark Iris frowns and glances around, a slightly sick look on her face. "I heard a few things about super mutants, are they really here?" She asks, her hands fidgeting with her cloak as she continues to look over Achilles' shoulder. "I'd rather not see that happen to El Dorado."
Alice "Cool." Alice replied as she looked between Achilles and Terrance before asking Iris, "You should get him tested, see if he's a supermutant maybe? Like they're already here.." Alice laughed before pointing at Achilles, "Yo mama's so ugly, they think she's a supermutant!" She was teasing Achilles, not always the best move!
Achilles "If only I were as big as a super mutant. Wouldn't have had to walk away from those Brotherhood bastards." Achilles is /clearly/ not happy about that. "But no, at least they aren't now. They're further south, I believe. Gonna have to go kill 'em at some point." He seems confident as ever about killing them. Though truth be told more than one would probably skin him.
Iris Lark "Achilles isn't a mutant. I saw some guy with yucky skin, I'd never let him get in that condition." Iris says, patting Achilles on the shoulder as he continues to dig. "I don't know if we're really going to find treasure here." She says, leaning over into the hole in the ground. "Maybe we should choose another spot?"
Alice "Mexican Mutants. That's got a ring to it." Alice looked between Iris and Achilles before tossing more rocks towards O.V.E.R. 9000, "Yeah, I don't think there's anything out here either. It was fun making Achilles dig though at least, maybe we could go hunt supermutants..?"
Achilles "Pretty sure that'd be a long walk. Though there /were/ centaurs near here. Don't think we should pick fights with them though." Achilles stops digging, finally. He did make a nice hole for later though. "I'm always up for a fight though."
Iris Lark Iris shades her eyes as she looks off into the distance, though there isn't much to shade from. She points out at the terrain and shrugs a shoulder. "We can go looking for some, but if I get hurt again I'm climbing into the bed and staying there until I'm better." She rubs her abdomen and grimaces. "After someone from the Brotherhood shot me, I'm starting to think my tummy is a bullet magnet." She glances at Achilles and her nose wrinkles. "You are very fighty."
Alice "Well, I should be getting back to Vault Town. My shift starts soon and then another shift starts right after..." Alice frowned, "Of course you're always up for a fight, you're a Barbarian." Hugging Iris she threw a rock at Achilles playfully when she hugged the other girl and said, "You two have fun!"
Iris Lark Iris hugs Alice back and pats her gently as she hugs her. "Take care Alice, it was nice to spend some time with you. Don't work too hard at Vault Town."
Achilles "What?" Achilles asks, turning to look at Iris, anger very clear on his face. "They call in vertibirds on the people that they said would be safe if they ran, and they shoot my Iris? I made a mistake in walking away, never again."

With the distraction, the giant takes a rock to the face. Thanks Alice. "Alright, stay safe out there."
Iris Lark Iris taps Achilles on the shoulder, a slight grimace on her face. "It was my fault for going alone into the wasteland, I'll be fine, it's tended." She takes a breath and then adds. "Would you like to go visit Acme?"
Achilles "If it wasn't you, it'd have been somebody else. They'll pay, that's for certain." Achilles climbs out of the hole and nods slightly. "Sure, we aren't too far from it."