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Stockton Ma Volkner's farm had shrunk a great deal since the trio had journeyed there. For once Stockton was late getting up and onto his daily tasks, including bringing Sparrow out to her Doc duties. For that matter Tobias hasn't been pushed, shoved or generally barked at in quite some time either. Further investigation finds the big Merc down for the count with some kind of crud. He look piqued, flushed and sweating in his pile of blankets while Ma' Volkner does what she always does; she takes care of her boy.

The four of them are in the living room talking about tea and how Tobias really should come for Sunday tea because Miss Volkner will absolutely rope other people into forcing her son to Sunday tea. The old wild woman is hunched over the counter watching out the window when her breath intakes sharply. The cause for her startlement is made woefully obvious when the crack of a gun goes off along with the yips of Raiders. The Volkner's set up camp just outside of town proper, there wouldn't be a Deputy for far too long. "They're headed fer mah damn well!" she's furious and even when Stock moves to get his gun belt, she's shoving his ass back down. So! A Cowgirl, a Techie and an ancient Tribal woman against untold numbers of Raiders. Sounds fun right?
Tobias Tobias was in the process of politely refusing the invitation to tea for the umpteenth time when the sound of gun fire cuts through the quiet conversation with Ma Volkner. "Rat bastards!" He shouts, jumping to attention and following the others as they move out of the farm house. Or to the windows, where the others go he drifts along in their shadow like a grubby little goblin with a hand gun. His goggles pushed up his forehead causing the dreadlocks near the front to stand on end and further add to the 'alarmed' wide-eyed appearance.
Sparrow Sparrow has also been contrinbuting to gentle nudges towards Tobias joining them. She doesnt' expect he will, given the Clearweather folks are not missing or dead. Tobi doesn't have the same draw to family as Sparrow and Stockton. She's quietly sipping her tea and listening to Ma Volkner occasionally making sure that Stockton's fever is not peaking at anything extreme. When the wild woman comments Sparrow looks up and then over towards the door. She glances to Tobi and murmurs, "The rifle's on Blue. Ya can fetch it."
Stockton Stockton groans and tries to fight up to standing but manages to get two steps before the hulking mass of former Merc just crashes back into the seat he had before. Ma Volkner looks unpleased that he's trying but she gives Sparrow and Tobias a firm nod while fetching the broom like it might be a weapon of some provenence. Better she have that then a gun honestly. The wheezing, hacking cheerleader makes some effort at a 'go git'um' but doesn't get too far.

Outside the cries are getting louder as the Raiders come upon the first storage shed outside, a crash of wood and sundry as someone busts into it.
Tobias Tobias shoots a long look at the state that Stockton is in and his attention gets pulled by Sparrow's words, "Wha-" He blinks, alerting some and saying sharply, "The rifle!" He then scurries out the door, ducking slightly at the sound of gun fire in the distance as he cut a zigzaggy path to Bluebelle.

"You be good now gluebag..." The techie hisses softly in a sweet cajoling tone as he snuck up on the horse and moved to retrieve the rifle from her saddle. A small squeal escapes him with the effort and Bluebelle brays at the Clearweather with a toss of the head. "You don't exactly smell like sunshine either." He snorts and then zips back toward the house as the gunfire gets closer.
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her hea listening to Tobi and Blue outside as she snorts and pulls Reason. She touches Ma Volkner's shoulder, "You stay here incase they come this way, together you and Stock can keep'm outta the house." She smiles at the Wild Woman and moves towards Tobi and nods towards him. "Let's do this." She has little tolerance for Raiders and especially none for Raiders on what is practicaly family land.

She moves out, unafraid and letting Tobi stand to the side; the gearhead is there for firepower and wth the rifle they have it. She aims up, into the shed and pops a LOUD shot off. The Revolver is not a quiet weapon; it'll get attention.
Stockton At the loud shot and the comotion coming from the house, the two Raiders outside immediately turn on Sparrow and Tobias. One lifts an assault rifle, the other hefts a heavy looking pistol. There is still someone clearly inside of the storage shack rummaging around in the Volkner's things.

"Looks like we got us some volunteers, boss!" the one with the pistol calls back. Grit in their eyes, they're not going to go down quietly.
Sparrow In response to 'Volunteers, Boss.' Sparrow lifts a brow and shoots him first in his leg and then aims at his chest. "We can talk, or you can listen to Reason." This? Is to the BIG one and to make her point she pulls the trigger dropping the loud mouthed Raider in an instant. And if they don't think the weathered features of the blue eyed cowgirl are something to balk at; there's the insane Wrench Goblin with that big ass Rifle.
Tobias Tobias isn't listening... he's in panic mode! He raises the rifle and snaps his chin so that the goggles fall into place over his eyes as he aimed Misfire at the Big Raider which Sparrow was attempting to speak Reason with, "Yeaaaah. Let's talk!" And then the pepper of automatic bullets pouring from the rifle tears apart the Big Raider at the hips. Tobias squeals with joy as he cries over the sound of gun fire, "Excu-uo-uo-uoose my tone!"

The hail of bullets causes the Big Raider to crumple, folding at the waist as he grabbed for his shattered junk and fell in a heap on the ground. Twitching.
Stockton Panic mode continues as the Leader goes down in a spatter of his manhood and a cry of utter abject terror and pain strangled through dying vocal cords. The last standing Raider very nearly wets himself before finding some spine and leveling his rifle at Tobias and letting off two rounds. The second smacking the scavving goblin square in the side for a clean in and out. Unfortunately, that probably hurts a lot!
Sparrow Sparrow takes aim at the raider, "Best run. Count of three... Three." She shoots him in the leg and her gun clicks. Sparrow looks at her gun and frowns and while Tobi is laughing maniacally Sparrow points at the shed and counts on her fingers, "One, plus one, plus two plus one..."
Tobias Tobias, holding the gun out one handed with his arm fully extended in the Raider's direction just shouts incoherently as he depresses the trigger and empties four bullets in a hail that makes contact with the Raiders head. The spray of bullets vaporizes the raider's cranium and the wrench goblin starts to run toward the shed with her in long loping side strides. The gun he keeps pointed in the distance with his gaze, only looking in the direction he was heading with fleeting glances.
Stockton The last man standing falls and leaves nothing but fine red mist in his wake as the last of his brain matter remembers it can be effected by gravity. Ma Volkner is the first and only to come out, she's got that broom handle in her tiny but mighty fist and she's white knuckled. By the time Tobi and Sparrow reach the shed, Ma is there and giving a wild cry of frustration being vented before smacking the ever loving shit out of the Leader's nutless corpse. When she's done with her tantrum, gee wonder where Stock gets it from, she fixes her dress and gives the two of them a smile and maternal nod of approval. "Thank yah children," and she spits on the headless wonder's corpse for good measure. "Stockton's gonna be another night before I let 'im walk around, don' s'pose you could put the bodies on th' other side o' da fence?" she asks hopefully, pointing to where scavengers and predators wouldn't be invading her Tato farm.
Sparrow Sparrow smiles to Ms. Volkner and inclines her head, "Of course, Ma Volkner. Anything else ya need done while the big lug's down?" She asks, moving over to touch Tobi's shoulder. "Lemme have a look at Tobi first then I'll get to handlin' the bodies." The Cowgirl turns to Tobi and smiles, "Nice shooting Tobi. How about you keep her?" She smiles and moves over to check the wound that Tobi'd sustained. Did she just give him Misfire? Seems so.
Tobias Tobias slings the rifle over his ruptured Torso and hobbles over to pick through the pockets, parcels and weapons on the dead bodies. He's huming softly, "Think nothing of it Ma!" Tobi hollars while holding one of the corpses by the ankles an running backwards toward the fence in the same process. When he gets to the fence he tugs the boots of the corpse before hauling it over with effort and grunts- stopping to hold the wound on his side.

Tobi hobbles back over and she touches him on a shoulder, he doesn't have his pack on his back at the moment. "Ugh. I need a patch. I'm leaking." Blood all down his right leg from a hole in his side. Tobi looks back up at her with a wide eyed expression when she says he can keep the gun. "I-" He blinks as if trying to hold back theatrical levels of tears, "I don't know what to say, thanks Row- I owe ya! An arm and most of a leg at this rate." Tobi (carefully) nuzzle the gun.
Sparrow Sparrow chuckles quietly, "Mmhmm. I just had to make sure you weren't going to murder yourself with it." She teases as she works with what she has to give the lanky gearhead some work on his side. She's very careful, "We'll get the bullet pieces out inside and I can get them out of you with the help of my medkit. But for now, pick up the body parts and I'll get these bodies back to a pile for burnin' all right?" She looks back to Ma Volkner and smiles at the older woman, a rare genuine thing, and then gets to work on dragging the bodies. No use for most raider equopment.. Most of it's junk or soiled beyond want anyway.
Stockton The Volkner farm remains safe, thanks to the stalwart efforts of Tobias and Sparrow. Reassured that the mess will be taken care of, Ma cups Sparrow's cheek briefly with a wild eyed stare before turning to tussle Tobias' hair, uncaring that her hand comes back greasy. "Thank you," are her last words before she hobbles back to the house just in time to catch Stockton trying to stand up for something. There's yelling. Growling. Smacking. And soon the Volkner house is quiet again.