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Owner Pose
Einarr It's the wasteland. Dangerous, open lawless territory. Well not exactly, but it is dangerous. People have to be careful out there where things can eat you. Einarr is out there, his tattered explorers outfit on, searching through this pile of junk and that, trying to find things. He moves carefully, as careful as a big mountain of a man can anyway. He's not the quietest, but he just tries to make up for that by staying alert.
Nikki The wastelands were the perfect place to find all the things! Nikki would be looking around, carrying her Box of Random with Dink the Eyebot floating just above and behind her. "Ooh! Lookit Dink! Nikki found something..." Running over to whatever shiny sticking out of the ground she saw. Then she looks around and carefully kneels to begin uncovering the piece of random junk she found, placing her treasure into her box.
Einarr A pile of junk! No, not entirely. Einarr pulls out a holodisk, and looks it over. It appears to be in decent shape. Tucking that into his pack, he looks about as he hears someone talking. Even weirder is the conversation appears to be one sided. Looking toward where he thinks it's coming from, he makes his way in that direction, slowing up as he sees the robot with said person whom he's going to assume was responsible for said voice. He keeps his rifle unslung, but low and not pointing at her. After all, no need to be hostile she doesn't seem ready to shoot or eat him. He'll wait until she spots him and offer a wave with his free hand.
Nikki "Oooh! Dink, lookit!" Well, -she- seemed to find nothing but random pieces of junk anyway. Never the less, she gives a laugh while moving to another shiny and places it in her box. Looking up and around, she sees a car chassis and begins to run towards it before something catches her attention and she stops. He wasn't Jones, or Aidan, or anyone else. New person. Stranger. Nikki would shy back a little and offers a small wave. "Nikki's jus' lookin' for stuffs! She's sorry if she's botherin' ya!" Yelling that, if necessary, between the distance of each other.
Einarr A shrug is given with one shoulder as she mentions looking for things, though as she mentions bothering he says, "Nah yer alright. Nikki is it?" Surely she didn't mean the bot's name was Nikki. Still he adds, "Just looking for stuff myself. No harm looking together if you don't mind." He eyes the bot next to her and then asks, "Yours? Where'd you find it?"
Nikki Nikki blinks a little, even as he approaches? she seems to shy back a little more, bringing Dink more around to in front of her. "N-Nikki doesn't mind..but...but Nikki doesn't know you..." She says this and then takes a breath. When he inquires about the eyebot she seems to puff up a little. "Nikki found Dink on the side of a road all busted up and she used parts to repair him with cause that's what Nikki does and now Dink is Nikki's friend!" As if knowing he's being spoken about, Dink makes a few beeps and boops before...did he just wink?
Einarr Einarr blinks at the robot. He blinks again. "Uh... okaaaay." He shrugs and replies, "It's alright, you don't know me, I don't know you. No worries. If we bump into each other in El Dorado how about we get a drink or somethin' then we can change that." He slings the rifle over his shoulder and adds, "Til then I don't want you feelin' all weird. I can head off this way to keep lookin."
Nikki Nikki smirks and then nods. "Kay! Bye!" It's all it takes for Nikki to begin exploring again, box in arms and she makes her way further over towards that car chassis. He was interesting, someone to look out for in El Dorado. He reminded her of Jones, but...something else about him. Still, she climbs into the car to begin scrapping what she could.