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Iris Lark Iris is working in the clinic today, folding bandages and keeping things as clean as possible. She sets aside her mop as she hears the door open and she turns to see who might be stopping by, a gentle smile on her face.
Arnold Arnold walks in with feild dressings on his chest and head "hey doc by any chance could ya fix me up"
Iris Lark "I can certainly try." Iris says, her eyes on Arnold's bandages as he walks into the clinic. She points at his head and eyes the bandage warily. "What happened there?" She asks, obviously curious.
Arnold Arnold shrugs "i was part of a group attempting to salvage what was left from a downed vertibird but ran into some trouble guy punched right threw my power armor with his handgun"
Iris Lark Iris purses her lips for a moment as she simply eyes Arnold. After a minute or two of silence she gestures at him to remove the armor. "I'm going to need to get at the wounds, so you're going to have to take some of that off." She sets up some things on her work table as she waits for him to comply.
Abe     Two knocks preceed his entry, the door opening a moment later before Scribe McDonald steps in, leaning in for a moment to check and make sure before he sidled into the room, shutting the door behind him.

"Hi, hey, sorry. Checked at the front and they sent me in." he explained. "I'll... wait here, yeah." he prattles quietly, stepping to the left of the door and waiting against the wall.
Arnold Arnold removes his armor so the doc can get a good look at the wounds wincing slightly as he takes it all off
Iris Lark Iris turns and offers Abe a smile. "Have a seat, I'll be right with you." She says before turning back to Arnold. She unwinds the bandages and begins to wash the wounds, taking care not to cause more pain. "I'll wash, salve and rebandage these for you." She says, moving to pull down a pot of salve. "Did any bullets get lodged in you, and if so did you have someone pull them out?"
Abe     "Thankya, Ma'am." he reports with a bob of his head before spotting said seat of which he is to take. Shifting his pack from his back, he lowers himself down and into the seat.
Iris Lark Iris wraps several new bandages around Arnolds torso and head, after she has coated them with salve and pats him on the shoulder. "Alright, you can get up and put your armor back on. Keep those clean and dry for a few days and you should be right as rain." She steps aside and gestures for Abe to take a seat on the exam bed. "So what has you ailing?"
Abe     His head bobs again, a gesture of thanks as he lifts himself up and trades places with Arnold. "It's... Kinda a..." he struggles, momentarily dumb before his eyes flash with a thought. "Ah, one moment!"

DHis attention shifts to the familier device on his arm. He twists a dial and works a nob, the little computer clicking and buzzing before he works his arm around awkwardly to show her the Vault-Boy diagram. "Kinda just.. all over bad. I had a trip or two around Roswell that didn't go well."
Iris Lark Iris steps over and gazes down at his Pip-Boy a small smile curving her lips. She holds up her own and shows him a slightly updated diagram before she taps on the device to shut it off, She starts to work on the man, quiet as she does until she's nearly finished. "So, you look a bit familiar, I think I've seen you around but I'm not sure I caught your name." She looks him full in the face then, a smile on hers. "I'm Iris Lark."
Abe     Soon as she gets her look.. and then goes about showing him that hers is prettier than his, Abe lets his arm drop, features working in a bit of a abashed smile. He's as compliant a patient as he can be, tensing here or there, offering just slight grunts of discomfort as things go along... and absolutely does not look at any required needlework, injection or sewing. His interest is keenly on a distant wall when she speaks up, a look of concentration breaking with a crooked smile, "I was just thinking something like that myself." His head turns to catch the full bore of hers, features working into a pleasant, personable smile. "Scribe Errant Abreham McDonald." he returned the favor of a name, offering his right hand to up the introductory ante. "Thankya for this, Ma'am. I appreciate it."
Iris Lark Iris takes the hand and shakes it, a grin on her face. "You are quite welcome. I enjoy my work." She says, checking him over after she deals with his wounds. "So, how has El Dorado been treating you since you've been here?" She asks quietly.
Abe     A firm grip, a pump or two and then he lets her loose. "So I'm seeing." he replies as his arms comes to rest at his side once more. His gaze wanders again, counting nails in the cieling or some such. "Better than I expected, to be honest with you considering the folks wandering about." he opines distantly, "Then again, I stay where most folks like to keep a friendly face on them anyway." he adds with a slight shrug of his shoulders. "What about you, Doctor Lark? I imagine you've had a bit more time here."
Iris Lark "I've only been here for a few months." Iris admits, smiling at Abe as she takes a step back her eyes giving him a once over to make sure he's okay. "I ..don't know many people yet myself, and please, call me Iris." She says, giving him a slow and firm nod. "Stand up and stretch for me, and tell me how you feel."
Abe     "That right?" conversational spackle as his attention shifts towards her, peering at her through the corner of his eye from beneath the heavy rims of those glasses. When it all looks to be wall and done, he dares to give her his full attention once more. His brows furrow slightly, lips weighted with concern, "No?" he inquires, resting his hands on the bed and pushing himself onto his feet, filling the void she left when she retreated from her completed treatment. "Then Abe'll work for me."

His head bobbed and he did as instructed, hands braced against his hips as he worked his spine into a arch. Shoulders came next, rolling them and then reaching across himself , twisting this way then that. In the end, he went for his toes... He couldn't reach them, fingertips reaching far short of their destination but when he straightend at last, he was smiling. "Feels great, M- Iris." he caught himself, correcting for a more familier encounter.

He offered his hand again, beaming a slightly fingy smile at her, brown eyes warm behind the glasses, "Thanks. How much do I owe you?"
Iris Lark Iris shifts on her feet, clearly uncomfortable with the subject of pay, but she forces herself to meet Abe's eyes and offers him a wry smile. "Fifty caps, please." She says, her teeth worrying her bottom lip. "So..where do you usually hang out?" She asks quietly, gazing away from the man for a moment.
Abe     "Fair deal." he answers, after a moment, the high-beams of his smile softening as he took a moment to study her features. Rocking back to rest on the table momentarily, he dips his fingers into one of many pockets and pouches, plucking out caps and stacking them on the side-table. He seems to be working in bunches of ten.

"If my fool-self isn't out hunting down a ghost story, I'm usually around Miss Kitty's place." He tops off the second stack, lifting his gaze to meet hers, finger resting on the top-cap, "What about you, Iris?"
Iris Lark "Here." Iris answers simply, her nose wrinkling as she lets out a rueful chuckle. "I get a bit caught up in my work. Sometimes Alice drags me out and about on an adventure, but..mostly I'm here." She clasps her hands behind her back and moves back a step or two to lean against the counter. "I've been to the saloon though, they tell really good stories there and have cola." She grins slowly.
Abe     He could have guessed, "Ah, gotchya." his lips quirked in a slightly crooked smile as he continued to count them out, each settling on top of the last with a faint click. "I can imagine plenty of people need your help. You do good work." he claimed, "Not just that you're good at your job, mind you but also that the work that you do is Good." he offered, possibly over explaining the matter. That's three stacks, two more to go. He closes one pouch and dips into another. "Yeah?" he wonders, "Never tried the cola. I'll have to." conversational spackle. "Used to be a thing in the old world, I read about it in a few books. Something about a Work Life balance. Good to keep it about even from what I recall." he opines distantly, "If there's anything to it, it's good to get out and about sometime. Blow off steam... "Course you might not need me telling you this but still." and so comes to rest the last cap. Five little towers. "I see you around sometime, I'll buy you a drink too. How's that, Iris?"
Iris Lark Iris nods as he speaks, her eyes subtly tracking his face as his attention is taken by counting. Her cheeks go pink when he speaks of skill and she opens her mouth to object but decides not to argue today. "You should try cola, it's nice and fizzy and sweet. Better than anything I've ever tasted." She shrugs a slender shoulder and moves slightly closer. "I do try to get out more, and I'll keep trying. Next time I'm at the Saloon I'll look for you and you can try a cola then?" She offers him a bright smile.
Abe     Close, his attention shifts and she surprises him. Just a mild start, a stiffening at his neck, a upwards lurch of his eyebrows. He recovers well enough to show her a smile. "Sounds like a plan." he agrees with a bob of his head, pushing himself to his feet from where he leaned against the table, the space between them withering away. "So... you likely get this all of the time." he uttered... unsure as to what to do with his hands, they still motioned at his sides, "But, you need a hand around the place, let me know, alright?" he offered, head tilting slightly to the side, "I'm not good with the softer bits... can't stitch worth much of anything and the like but I'm a fair hand with equipment. I can come in a bit handy when I try."
Iris Lark "Thank you." Iris chirps, her dimples showing now. "I'll keep you in mind when something breaks down here." She glances around and lets out a soft giggle. "We don't have a lot of technology here, but sometimes things break anyway." She holds up her Pip-Boy and grins. "For example, this thing, it breaks sometimes and I have no clue how to fix it." She does note the slight change when she moved closer and she tries to be subtle when she moves away, one hand brushing a lock of hair behind her ears. "Maybe in exchange for any help you give, I can teach you how to sew."
Abe     She backed away, his chest deflated, he tried to hide that breath he loosed and the stiffness that came with it. "Deal." he agreed with a lax smile. His attention turned to her arm once more, 3500 model. A-Series... He wasn't excessively knowledgable, he was just reading off the device, "I can give her a shot, I'm fairly handy with Rob-Co tech." he mused.

She made her counter offer, his head bobbed in acceptance and acknowledgment, "Never one to back away from broadening my horizons." he explained, his shoulders going slack. His eyes shifted, and with a "Pardon me." he stepped past her, retrieving his pack, bringing it up to rest across his shoulder with a single strap. "Again, Thankya Iris."
Iris Lark Iris raises one hand and waves slowly. "Good morrow Abe, be safe out there in the wasteland." She moves to clean up the mess she's made and put away her tools, her back fully to him now. She quickly swipes the caps into her pouch, her cheeks red.
Abe     "You too." he piped a succinct return of her sentiment. He returned the wave and excused himself, offering a "See you around." as he pulled the door open and vanished beyond it, closing it behind himself.