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Rose Sometimes...everyone needs a little help. When the call had come to Rose about a caravan route continually beset by raiders killing people and looting needed supplies? The Ranger had to put pride aside and call for help from others whom could carry a gun. Injuries tended to add up, and while she hadn't exactly walked into the Vertibird skirmish in perfect health, detonating a suit of power armor on herself, fighting someone who seemed to be a ginger, sluttier double of herself, and then getting attacked by ghouls on her way back as others were looting? Rose didn't feel so great.

Having put the word out via the Saloon, the blonde woman had taken her time to slide back into her armor and duster, but she was still walking a little sore. Awaiting those that would arrive to help, she pushes her way out the door to wait out front.
Bane      Bane answers the call as he almost always tries to do, but he as always will be going in injured it just seems to be something that he can avoid. Really he should bbuy himself some better armour, but this town has been a bit short on caps for him lately so that is going to have to wait. He is leaning against the wall outside as Rose comes out of the saloon a bottle of nuka-cola in his hand slowly bought up to his lips. "So more people hitting caravans huh? Suprised this town can get anything in or out. Makes sense though, wherever they think they can make a quick buck."
Abe     Remeber that time Rose got you shot in the leg, Abreham?


Well, why not go get yourself shot up again.

The doors kept swinging in Rose's wake as the rounded form of Scribe McDonald hustled out after her, pulling a helmet out of his kit and bringing it down over his noggin. He was happy to have cleaned the interior of the mask since last time. He clicked a switch and the helmet's eyes went red.

"Quick bucks might just be their last ones." Abe added, ever the one to have a quip to add... or just talk too much in general.

"Think we'll manage another ambush?"
Stockton Stockton is up and moving around again, much to the consternation of his friends and family. The former Merc looks road weary, but alert, those bright eyes hidden behind the dark T-visor of his combat helmet. His guns, usually strapped to his hips are now nestled into a rather custom holster at the small of his back. Something in between mercenary and gunslinger in the details. He stalks along with the rest of them keeping quiet mostly until there are questions of tactics. "If we go low an' slow, or we bait 'em we could get an ambush." he checks his guns for load before reholstering them in a smooth action. "But this's Rose's show," he notes.
Tobias Tobias bops along with a new rifle strap cutting crisscross on his torso and a large steel frame backpack stooping his posture. He has no obvious injuries and the energy in his step suggests a certain vigor. He's weaving in and out of the others, moving from the front and then the rear of the procession with an idle obnoxious wander that never relents.
Rose "Whomever they are," Rose speaks as she crosses her arms over her chest, hugging her sniper rifle to her body where it rests on its sling. Doctor's orders were to stay home resting, she figured shooting from afar counted enough. "They're picking and choosing. Hitting enough to make profits, but only the smaller stuff, only enough so that the powers that be won't decided to suspend trading altogether and hunt them down. But it looks like they pissed someone off enough to get a response."

Looking between the gathered faces, she recognizes all but one, but she'll not turn down the help. "I'm open to ideas on how to get these guys, but I don' exactly have myself a horse, brahmin or otherwise to pull a wagon...or a wagon for that matter."
Bane      Bane shrugs his shoulders "Don't look at me Rose I have my horse and my guns as well as a few spare bullets and that is about it. Certainly don't have an wagons to draw these guys out with." He shakes his head slightly and rubs at his wirey chin "I mean we could always follow a caravan out and hope for the best. But if they are picking and choosing carefuly that might not cut it. Especially if they scout it out first and see us riding behind it."
Abe     "Doesn't have to be behind..." reasoned Abe, fingering the pistol tucked into his waistband lightly. "In it?" he offered with a shrug, "They'd have to ease off fully loading their wagon but... two wagons, few people in each, we spring the trap when they decide they're hungry enough to take the bait?"
Stockton Stockton wrinkles his nose some and looks to the horizon. "Well, if they're picky and lookin' fer unprotected, then we make it look as unprotected as possible," there's a broad shoulder rolling in a shrug as he considers it. "Might mean goin in a lil less heavily armed. Don' mean it can't happen. What say we find the next shipment out, tell 'em to ride an hour er two behind us while we take the cargo dressed as...I 'unno...nuns?" That'd be easy!
Katherine Caine Katherine adjusted the brim of her hat as she looked towards the horizon, her horse Apocalypse keeping a bit of distance from any other beasts around, "If we lack the supplies to use as bait for the raiders, we just let someone else do it. Wagons leave El Dorado almost every hour, just gotta figure out which one they're most likely to hit and tail it."
Rose Rose nods her head, although Stockton's comment earns a small note of laughter. "Clearly you haven't ment one or two of the nuns in town. They ride as heavily armed as the rest of us, maybe moreso."

Seemingly they had a plan between them, so Rose pushes off. "Best we set off at the same time if we don't have enough horses to go around. Otherwise? We give them a little headstart and hope we can arrive before the shooting starts."
Bane      Bane looks towards Stockton with a nod of his head "That could work, 'cept for the Nun part. We dress up like we are just hauling cargo." he looks down at himself for a moment "A couple of us aren't too far off it already, I have played guard more than my fair share of times to get around. We only keep our sidearms on us, longarms ride in the bback with the 'cargo'. And then we hope to get hit." He shrugs his broad shoulders with a small shake of his head "That being said we might want a couple of outriders. I would prefer to have a small heads up. Don't want to get killed before I even know where the bastards are, and it is going to be an ambush. Even if we are kinda expectin' it."
Abe "Alright, I'll see who's about to head out and see if we can't strike a deal." Pipes Abe, fingers cocking off the brow of his helmet before he makes a break towards the caravan hup in a... We'll call it a jog.
Stockton Stockton gives a quick bob of his helmeted head, "Sounds good, I'll sneak along behind, ain't a way I could look unthreatening," he just grins a little toothy behind the mask and fingers the straps of his holster behind his back. All the better to quickdraw later. "Shouldn' be too hard to convince a caravan we got their best interests at heart, yeah?" he asks a bit naively.
Katherine Caine "I'll serve as an outrider then, keep an eye from afar. Not really comfortable being the bait anyways, damsel in distress really isn't my style." Katherine responded before allowing the others to go ahead and sort out the details. She was just here to help out El Dorado, nothing more.
Rose      And so the group sets out, a trap set and plans sorted. It would take some talk and the caravan would be a little lighter than usual, but it ment that the owners were willing to lend it for the cause of potentially making their route a little safer. Such a fake-out required one to be a little less noticable, and so Rose had left her usual gear behind. Her coat, her armor, even her usual guns were stashed away as she took the role of one of the Caravan riders. She just had to hope that the others could help keep her safe, or she was never going to hear the end of it from the medic that had to keep patching her up.

Regardless of if they ride ahead, beside or atop the wagon loaded with crates, soon enough the group would find themselves headed out along the sandy trails, swiftly alone save each other and what critters wouldn't be spooked by their passing.
Abe     It was the plight of the wagon driver to have a numb ass. Eventually, no matter how padded you made the seat or how leathery your buttocks were, it sank in. Abe has taken up roll as Driver, reigns held firmly in his hands, pistol slipped into the back of his britches. He sat, hunched forward, peering out past the twin heads of the brahmin and occasionally sweeping his attention to the left or the right of the trail... Although he did seem to have set into a driving daze, his mind wandering here or there.
Bane      Bane generally doesn't look much different from your usual person aboard a caravan, all of his clothes more or less suit the path and the man doesn't wear armour. Albeit the man does look a little more battle weary and scarred. The only thing that really had to stay behind is his .50cal, so now he rides on one of the caravans his rifle perched up just behind him in the shadow cast by the caravan cover. He tilts his hat down low and peers into the blazing sunlight peering ahead trying to pick out any good ambush points, this is not exactly his first rodeo and he'll bbe damned if he is going to get caught unawares bbbby a couple of punks that scrapped together enough caps to buy a couple of pea shooters.
Stockton Stockton was behind the caravan already, keeping a wide eye on things from the flank and off the road. He was staying low and slow when he spotted something that makes him duck even lower. Disappearing against the horizon, the wild man crawls to a vantage point and carefully unslings the rifle on his shoulder while keeping his eyes on his prey.
Katherine Caine Katherine ranged away even farther from the caravan at the sight of something, unfortunately she didn't own a radio or something that would let her send a message so she wasn't able to send word to the bait. It only reinforced why she hated being bait as she rode away from the trail seemingly abandoning the group.
Rose It only takes a moment, but it seems that the bandits have taken the bait. As the Wagon starts to round the bend past a particular rocky outcropping, that's when they strike. Men armed with handguns and rifles burst out from under sand-covered tarp, raising their weapons on what they expect to be unaware and mostly unarmed merchants.

Boy are they in for a shock.
Stockton Stockton scooted his belly along the ridge until he was in position. Watching the others carefully he settles up the rifle in an easy position that he can sight down the barrel. With a squeeze of the trigger he rips off two quick shots that echo down the quiet trails as he sends a pair of bullets into the poor bastard's head, one through the jaw and out the cheek, the other ripping off an ear. Perhaps a lucky bastard all things considered.
Katherine Caine When the raiders made their move Katherine had already moved around behind them. Readying her assault carbine quickly she depressed the trigger and unleashed a volley of fire as the weapon was being brought to bear.

The trigger was not released and she continued to unload into the man she perceived to be the leader of the group with almost every bullet left in her gun before calling out to the man, "You fucked with the wrong city."
Bane      And so it all starts up. Bane reaches for his trusted weapon and pulls it to his shoulder in a quick practised motion. He breathes steadily as he aims down the sight he is only going to have one shot at this. He holds for a moment and lets the bbullet fly. And misses horrendously the shot meant for the bandits head slamming into his arm. Well at least he hit the target. He quickly racks another round into the chamber and prepares to fire again now without the time to aim though? He is well and truly out of his element.
Rose      Rose being without her dual revolvers is an odd sight, but she couldn't take the chance of being taken for a professional gunslinger, and a gun in a holster on each thigh might as well be as big a hint as her duster. Instead only a single black and gold-engraved weapon comes out from the small of her back and fires a trio of rounds into the man staggered by Bane. The first round hitting his head already finishes the man, but the next two slam into his body before he falls into the dirt properly.
Stockton Stockton takes stock of the situation and starts laying down suppressive fire. Unleashing a rapid pull of the trigger on McGee, smacking him square in the apparently well defended jibblies. The other hail of bullets smacks into the first ambusher's leg, leaving him limping and wounded as well.
Katherine Caine With only a single bullet left in her carbine, Katherine took aim on Ak Mcgee and grinned, "Looks like it's the end of the line darling, hope this life was worth it." She took aim and fired off a single round directly towards his head; killing him quickly and cleanly because it couldn't always be a nutshot!
Abe     "About damned time!" barks Abe over the crack of gunfire that rains down on these poor souls. Leaning forward in his seat, he pulls his pistol from the back of his pants and whips it around, finding some poor soul in his sights before pulling the trigger.
Bane      He fires again, the bullet thunking into one of the chests of the bandits, it is not enough to put him down not by a long shot. He racks his weapon again and chambers another round, trying to sight up again. He must be getting old, can't chamber bullets as fast as he used to and can't hit anything with any degree of accuracy that isn't within damn near spitting difference. Maybe it is time for him to get some glasses and retire, sadly for him he still has a mission and will have to keep forcing onwards.
Katherine Caine Katherine doesn't seem overly concerned with finishing off the final ambusher and instead begins to reload her carbine with an exagerrated slowness, "Last one's all yours boys and girls." Bullets were costly.
Abe     He shoulda kept his fat mouth shut.

He locks eyes with the 4th man just as the bastard fires. It's like a brick came hurtling into his chest. The armor softens it but the bullet still manages to punch through, grazing along his ribs for a nice bleeder.

Anger boils up and Abe looses the reins. The 4th man's dead so that leaves the 5th to absorb his ire. "You dirty rotten-" he begins as he stands up, skylining himself before he proceeds to unload every last vulgar word he knows into the poor bastard.. along with several lazer rounds.

His sharp tongue and the power of science soon reduce the bandit to cinders and ash.
Rose      And like that, the bloody and brief counter-ambush was over. Rose stands from her position on the Wagon, her engraved pistol given a slightly fanciful twirl before being holstered. Just because she was a Ranger, didn't mean there wasn't a little showoff somewhere in there. "We clear?" she asks, although one would hope she already seemed to think as much when she's putting her weapon away. Looking down, she checks herself over with a little chuckle. She hadn't been shot, how about that?
Abe     Abe presseda hand against his side, his grunt transfering past the masked helmet. He couldn't make out the blood on his hands through those red lenses but he felt the wetness, and the fire of pain. "Think so..." he uttered as he hopped down from the driver's perch and set his pistol aside. "Every time I go out with you, Rose..." he uttered as he pulled out a stimpak. Turning his head away, he focuses on a distant point... and Jabs himself in the forearm. Might as well use her up before he tracks down someone that can refill her.
Stockton The hail of bullets is over and Stockton stands up to dust himself off. Reloading the magazine in his rifle before slinging it over his shoulder once more. "Should teach dem assholes," he decides in his gruff tone through the helmet. "Figure'n the folk're free to come and go again, until the next band of idiots gets wild ideas." There's a snicker for Abe, "Every time I go out wit her, I do just fine, thinkin' she's good luck." There's a muffled chuckle and he moves to kick bodies over, root through pockets for caps. No shame.
Bane      Bane calmly reloads his rifle from his place on the wagon before he places it behind him again, he shakes his head slightly as he looks around making sure that it is all really over. Well neither he nor Rose got shot on a mission, the second apocalypse is clearly coming. Wonder what it will be this time tsunami, volcano or maybe some kind of freak event. He hops down from the caracvan and moves over to one of the bodies kicking it over and making sure he is really dead with a quick boot stomp to the throat before he starts to head over to the next.
Rose      "To bad for them they didn't realise they were hitting a group of heavily armed people for mostly empty boxes," Rose comments as she climbs off the wagon to join the others, checking over the gear the raiders might carry. Pay for this was likely to be light, but one never knew what they could sell to fund the roof over their head and the ammo in their gun. "No lessons for the dead, sad to say I'm certain some other idiot will try the same thing eventually."

A glance to Stockton and Abe's discussion, Rose gives a little chuckle and a whince at her wounds. She wasn't feeling like good luck right now. On to Bane she walks, watching him stomp any potential life out of the lifeless. Yep, the old man was fine. That left Ms. Kitty for her to glance over. It wouldn't do to have her landlord dead and the entire Caine family mad at her for getting the woman so.
Katherine Caine Katherine slung her rifle over her shoulder, not a scratch on her as usual at the end of these things, "Another group will try, some more people will die. Others will come and stop the raiders and the cycle continues. Like War, the wasteland we live in never seems to change."