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Hanzhou The Noodle Shop is now closed, Hanzhou has just finished cleaning and is sitting on the steps outside of restaurant, staring up at the evening sky and looks as though he is enjoying this moment. The reprieve after a hard days work, there is a slight wind that blows and the sun is just setting. He takes off his cowboy hat, wiping his brow with his sleeve and then plops it back on his head, adjusting it as he finds that comfortable spot.

His breathing is even, he always seems quite calm or relaxed and nothing really seems to rattle him. He's wandered the Wastelands for countless years, never really shared any of those stories and even though he's polite, he's not really forthcoming with sharing his personal life or his past. A rather taciturn man who has a fast blade and enjoys cooking as much as he does fighting for some personal code of honor.
Saeko      Saeko had been wandering, her own plans of violent retribution against a certain individual still burned deep, but there had been many more things that had crossed her path along the way. Lives saved, others cut down at the end of her blade. It did tend to give her something to think about when she camped out under the stars and looked up to the sky.

Such deep thoughts had to be pushed aside for the time being however, as the young woman stepped wordlessly into the noodle shop with a smile and then nods her head, holding out what appeared to be a cude but functional training blade to the man. "Shall we?" she speaks after a moment of silence. "Or has the day tired you to far?"
Hanzhou Hanzhou glances up as Saeko approaches, looking at the training blade she offers to him. "Evening, miss Saeko." He gives you a polite nod of his head but keeps his eyes on you. "I was not expecting to spar this evening but I was going to practice anyways so your timing is opportune." He stands, taking the blade from you with both hands and then holds it in one hand feeling the weight of it. "We can converse as we practice or save that for afterwards, whichever you like." He walks about five meters away from you, swinging the practice blade through the air a bit and then stops, giving you a slight bow. "Forgive me if I'm a bit rusty with sparring. I haven't really done it in a very long time, except for a little bit with Alice but that is more instruction than sparring."
Saeko      "Let us talk while we spar," Saeko gestures as she steps back, dropping her cloak to the floor and revealing her more light-weight 'Kunoichi' attire she prefers to fight in. Her training blade is twirled lightly before she holds it out in front of her, the young woman giving a nod of her head. "I am rusty in sparring too, especially against another with a blade. Most favour guns, or tooth and claw, but we will see what we can manage with each other. No?"
Hanzhou Hanzhou nods. Holding the training blade with both hands out in front of him in vertical position and stands with his feet shoulder width apart in a slightly bladed stance as he faces you. He isn't much for fancy twirls or showmanship and stands almost perfectly still as he watches you in a guarded position. "Ready when you are."
Hanzhou Hanzhou takes a step forward and swings the training blade in a horizontal arc, but it is neatly dodged by you and your counter attack is precise but he manages to step just out of range and then blocks your follow up counter attack as your blades both cross. "You are very skilled. I am honored to spar with you." He says in a soft voice and keeps his blade locked with your's knowing how fast you are now as he circles with his feet planted firmly so that he maintains a blanaced stance.
Saeko Saeko was quick, smooth and fast. Her attire already suggested someone whom prefered speed and movement over brute strength, but she still moved forward with a swift assault of her training sword, a smile on her face. "You're not so bad yourself," the Ninja grins. For all her stoic nature much of the time, Saeko truely came alive when she was fighting, even if it wasn't for real this time. Her stance was flowing, but there was almost no moments of vulverability in her steps.
Hanzhou "You are too kind." Hanzhou replies in a soft voice, then pushes you away and swings his sword in a cross patter his first strike hits your torso in a quick stirke before you can parry it and then second also hits your torso. He's fluid with his strikes, doesn't take a lot of time to wind up and keeps his feet moving, trying to force you backwards as he gets into close quarters with you. Trying to use his height and weight advantage to negate your speed.
Saeko      The strikes are felt against her padded leather that protects her chest, the formfitting protection there is where her limited armor is the thickest, but it's enough for her smile to waver a little bit at the hit that would otherwise have likely cut her hard. The movements are enough to push her back, but sometimes a lesser height can play to one's advantage and the woman makes use of it as one decending strike is deflected in a glide down the length of her blade before she twists and follows the motion to bring her weapon upwards in a sweep up along his inner thigh. She'd been taught to kill, that strike was made to sever a femoral artery and while the weapons were non-lethal...that probably would have hurt a little.
Saeko      After her strike, Saeko is already moving. A light sweeping of her leg comes with intent to trip the samurai whom probably still wanted to catch his breath after that groin shot. Even so, it seemed the man was able to avoid the motion, however the 'Ninja' put her acrobatic skill on display as her lithe form twists with the continued motion and her other leg snaps around in a roundhouse kick, slamming her foot into the side of the man's face.

Yep, she liked to go for the weakpoints.
Hanzhou Hanzhou winces a bit when he's hit in the groin by your practic sword but doesn't lose his focus as he blocks the quick sword swing from your follow up attack to try to trip him but he's not quick enough to duck when you throw the big head kick, which catches him across the side of his head. "Good!" he exclaims in a proud tone and actually cracks a smile.

But he doesn't slow down his own pace, as you kick him in the head he swings his sword downwards just as you finish your kick and lightly taps your head. But he doesn't stop there, lifting a knee quickly and hitting you in a rather...umm, private area. His cheeks blush red as he takes a step backwards, "I'm so /sorry/! I did not mean to hit you there..." The usually stoic faced Samurai seems out of sorts now and is genuinely embarrassed by what just happened. In a real combat situation this would be a fatal error and would have probably gotten him killed.
Saeko      The strike actually has Saeko slipping back a bit, sword raised defensively before she stops...and lowers her weapon. Stoic wasn't working for either of them as she outright giggles at the man before lowering her practice sword, shaking her head. "At best, you would be dead and I would be wounded, or the reverse would be true. Perhaps we should stop now before permanent damage is done to either of us?" She's still giggling between words, her free hand coming up to cover her mouth.
Hanzhou Hanzhou turns the sword blade over in his hands so that the pointy end is towards the ground, giving you a low bow. "It was an honor to spar with you." He says in almost a whisper, as if bowing would hide the shame on his face then offers the sword back to you. "You are very skilled and trained well in the art of combat."

Your giggling isn't lost on him but he seems too flustered to see the humor in the situation. "You should come by for noodles soon and we will discuss strategy rather than spar. It is probably safer." Is his response.
Saeko      "If we can still walk, perhaps that would be for the best." Saeko nods before nodding to Hanzhou and waving of his offer of the practice weapon. "Keep them both here, for both our use and your teaching of Alice. It would not do for her to gut herself trying to eat noodles once more." With that, the woman crosses her arms over her chest and turns towards the much safer alternative of noodles.