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Vault Girl It's been a week since Arnold and Caldwell had escaped the facility in Mexico with some of their fellow brothers in a Vertibird. Sadly, it had crashed in New Mexico. Believing everyone to be dead, Arnold had wandered away from the crash. Now he was back in radio contact with Caldwell who had also survived, the Battle-Brothers were reunited!
Arnold Arnold walks up to caldswell after not seeing him for so long "looks like theyve had you pushing to many pencils" arnold jokes as he brings caldwell into a bro hug "its good to see you again
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell looks over at his good friend Arnie "Not really, i've mainly been taking mercenary jobs since everyone I knew more person survived. Which is nice to see it was you Arnold!" he says and returns the bro hug. "I've been thinking of making a home here, setting up a Brotherhood chapter that could help the citizens of El Dorado, while also keeping in mind the Brotherhoods interests. We don't have to be the bad guys." he says with a smile as he eagerly awaits a response from his good pal Arnie
Arnold Arnold nods his head "id be more than happy to help a fellow brother" then he looks around at the shack "but first we need a better base and ammo"he states while looking at his arsinal hes opencarrying on him
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell smiles and releases the hug after a moment, before speaking again "The shack is only temporary. I've been converting Tribals to our cause as well as anyone else who wants a home with us. We'll be looking to get a bunker setup soon. Ammo is a priority as well, but power armor is expensive to maintain and i've got less and less caps to spend with each expedition I go on. I've been doing mercenary jobs to keep a steady flow of food and drink. Miss Katherine Caine has been a good employer in terms of work and loot selling. But for now...I can't afford ammo and I certainly can't afford a better base. The shack is all we can do for now."
Arnold Arnold arnold thinks for a moment "if you can cover the upkeep for our power armor ill cover ammo brother" looking out the door of the shack "now were can i buy ammo here?"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Arnold "I can cover upkeep for power armor, sure. Though I only have enough for a few runs. We'll need to secure some sort of source of income. Preferably jobs that help the town. Again, mercenary jobs pay extremly well here. As would scavenging i'd imagine." he scratches his head and shrugs "I haven't bought a single round of ammunition yet myself. I'd assume you can get it in some sort of general store."
Arnold Arnold walks back into the shack and lays out what hes managed to get for the two of them . two clips of automatic rifle ammo , 5 shots for a lazer pistol , 10 rounds for a 20 gauge shotgun and 4 clips for a 9mm pistol. "the fucking prices here are just plain stupid" arnie says as he looks back to caldwell
Skittles Skittles can be seen out in the distance trapsing around as if looking for something. She kicks over several clumps of bushes, but doesn't look to impressed. If one were to guess, it'd look like she's attempting to scavenge, but doing a piss poor job at it.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Arnold and frowns at him. "Sorry to hear that big guy. I'll make sure our power armor costs are covered for a bit at least. We need to work on getting more jobs." he hears the sounds of Skittles in the distance and slowly makes his way over to there, offering a wave to her. "Hello there! Doing a bit of recruiting for our little group of soon to be Brotherhood New Mexico. Would you be interested in tagging along with us? We plan on making El Dorado a better place!"
Skittles Skittles looks a little hesitant as Caldwell makes his way over, but doesn't make to run; she figures she can out run'em if anything goes wrong. At his words though she frowns and asks, "The brotherhood? What's the goal of this group?".
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell smiles at Skittles "We plan on making the wastelands a better place, while discarding with the old ways of the Brotherhood Of Steel and adding our own. Essentially we plan on aiding the community of El Dorado while also continuing to help procure technology and use it to better the wastes instead of hoarding it for ourselves. Our main goal of course is to, expand the community into a fighting force that will make Steel proud!"
Skittles Skittles blinks for a few mmoments, a little dumb struck, "Brotherhood of Steel? Like that airship three years ago was yours? The one that got shot down.".
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Lil Skittles. "Correct. That airship belonged to the Brotherhood. We of course intend to scavenge it for all it's worth when we gain a more powerful fighting force."
Skittles Skittles nods in understanding, "Oh, so that wasn't yours. I heard rumors of recent activity at that crash site. I was actually thinking about going down there and seeing what could be salvaged. Finding decent parts in this place is the hardest.".
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell smiles at Skittles "It wasn't technically ours. But the main Brotherhood Chapters have long abandoned us, while we still hold to most of their tennets we wish to forge our own path in the name of Steel, hoping it is the best course for the Brotherhood."
Skittles Skittles cants her head to the side, the shift of colors within her hair as it reorrients around her head is hypnotic, she looks a little uncertain. She looks down at the ground and rubs her hands up and down her arms. In a soft murmer, "Well, it's better than trying to find absolutely nothing out here.". In a louder voice she says, "Alright, I'll join, but I do all first examination of the tech we find. You two don't seem like you could tell the difference between a super computer and a TI86.". She giggles at her own nerd humor.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell laughs at the bit of nerd humor "If you really wanted to call me dumb you would've said I didn't know the difference between a Super Computer and a TI82. TI82's are SUPER old." he smiles back at Skittles and motions for her to follow as he walks into the shack and returns a moment later with a set of Brotherhood fatigues "These will be good for you until you can get some basic armor or hopefully power armor."
Arnold Arnold looks back at skittles and hands her a laser pistol welcom to the brother hood sister
Skittles Skittles's eyes go wide as the pistol is handed over, "Whoa! You're just giving me this? I mean. For joining, of course.", she tucks it away gingerly, careful to make sure it is deactivated first. "So what's the next step? If you need caps, there's a pretty easy sounding job for the mechanic. Wants me to head out to an old car shop to recover some old manuals.".
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Arnold "Thank you, Arnie. Your help is appreciated, dear friend." he smiles at Arnie before turning to Lil Skittles. "We need caps, a base, and more recruitment done. In that order. We don't have the shelter to keep everyone housed and we don't have the caps to keep everyone armed. Those are our main requirements to start off with. The last step would be to recruit more people into our cause. Which will be handled by me while you two focus on acquiring caps. I will also try to locate an appropriate base for us to set up our operations."
Skittles Skittles brushes her hair back and glances back towards the city, "I''ve a little workshop in the city, but there wouldn't be any room for you two. At least I won't be taking up any room here. She beams at them both and adds, "But, I think I can wrangle up some caps.".
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Lil Skittles "I'll worry about housing, you just worry about getting us a form of income, alright? I look forward to seeing you make the New Mexican Brotherhood proud!" he stands at attention and salutes Skittles "Ad Victorium, Sister Of Steel!"
Skittles Skittles atempts to copy the pose, seriousness and all, but it doesn't seem to work very well. It's still a worthy effort, and with luck it'll get better with time... hopefully. "I'll do just that Brother of Steel!".