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Jude It has been a spell since Jude was out and about and run into his favorite cowgirl. So it came time to remedy that problem and it just so happened that he had two different reasons to invite Sparrow out. So it is that they meet up at The Vault Restaurant. It occurred to Jude to see after see after a dress for Sparrow, given that the restaurant is fairly upscale, but he decides that he doesn't need a thumping just yet.

Jude, for his part, is dressed in his finest Vault Suit, looking fresh as one just out of the plastic wrap. His boots sport a bit of polish and he looks, it must be said, fairly immaculate. Even his fingernails are scrubbed, trimmed and manicured. He waits patiently at the entrance, waiting for Sparrow to arrive. He even looks a touch nervous, going out so often making the lack of weapons and armor leaving him feeling naked. With a sigh, he starts to fiddle with his Pip-Boy.
Sparrow Sparrow has given her best at cleaning up. But cleaning up in a place where everything's filthy is no easy feat. It's a nice restaurant and Sparrow has attempted to compensate for her usually ridden and frayed appearance. Though he has a vault suit now, it's bloodstains are permanent. So she's making sure to cover it with a nice white shirt with flower sleeves than usual a form fitting almost binding suede vest, washed and pressed and only minimally stained, her boots have been cleaned and waxed, and a pair of black pants without the chaps or fringe to denote her chosen lifestyles. The collar of the old vault 30 jumpsuit is a startling yellow against the white of her shirt and the sunkissed golden tan of her skin.

She's washed her hands and face and hen she's not dusty and grimy it peels almost half a decade off her face; minimizing the usually emphasized premature crows feet and lines around her mouth. Her hair has been 'washed' and brushed (which has done nothing for the state of her curls) and she even cleaned her fingernails.

Facy restaurants call for classing herself up a bit.

In her hand she loosely holds a rather large and obviously Raider-modded handheld pip boy. Upon spotting Jude she offers a small smile that just crinkles up her crows feet as she strides over to him. "Heya, Vault. Don't you clean up nice." She looks at the entrance the restaurant dubiously.
Jude Jude takes in Sparrow's efforts at cleaning up and his reaction is pretty obvious; he's gobsmacked. The usually unflappable Vault dweller stands with his mouth agape and it's fairly obvious that he's forgetting to breathe for a long moment. When his nervous system kicks back in and little things like breathing and blinking start to occur, he smiles widely. Her words filter into his processing mind and he bobs in agreement. "Shucks, Miss Sparrow. I didn't do nothin' special. You though, you're as pretty as the evenin' dew on a cactus flower shimmerin' in the moonlight." He grins lopsidedly and gives a little bow. When he recovers it, he offers his arm. "That there big pig was finally carved on up and cured into the best bits. Bacon and ham and the like. My friend Mickey done told me that tonight would be the night though. They're doin' somethin' extra special, but not sayin' a peep topside." He leads her in to see the restaurant proper, complete with promised robot band. It's clean and sparkles in the dim underground lighting. "That there's a nice piece," he murmurs about the pip-boy. "Don't see the hand helds too often."
Sparrow Sparrow pushes a stray blonde curl from her face and smiles a bit; she takes care of her teeth at least. She looks down at herself and then back at him with a lofted brow. "I got somethin' on me? I mean aside the stains I can't get those out." She says apologetically reaching to lift her calloused fingertips to close the Vaultie's mouth. Not that there are any flies down here to worry oneself with. But his reply catches her off guard and she blinks slowly at him and takes a moment to consider her reply, which for most people is to threaten to kick their ass. But this isn't the Saloon. "Thank you kindly, Jude." Is what she manages to spit out after a shocked moment.

"I heard, in fact, I saw. I treated a few injuries from that monstrosities fight. Hopefully, the taste was worth it." Despite her clearly, untamed ways Sparrow's family was not remiss in teaching her how to 'attempt' to be a proper lady and so her fingers move to slide into the crook fo the Vault dwellers elbow. "Can't say as I've had pork before. Well, not that wasn't in potted meat anyway."

Her fingers tighten a bit on his hand as she looks around. Taken in and mildly dazed by the vault around her and her lips part with a little breath of surprise. In fact, she almost doesn't catch the compliment about the Raider Pipboy. "Oh, yeah I um, I need you to see if you can pull anything off it that might identify the person it belonged to. We killed the whole lot of them, whether they were just well-geared Scavvers or Raiders I don't know; Brotherhood and Legion were there so there wasn't a lot of chance for talkin'. But it doesn't feel right not lettin' their kin know.." She frowns some, "But I don't know the first thing about how to find that."
Jude The two are met after a moment by the maitre d', one of the few humans in the restaurant proper. A lot of the heavy lifting seems to be done by robots of various types and functions. The maitre d' is wearing a full pre-war suit complete with coat tails. He smiles warmly at Jude, although the smile is more a cool breeze when it turns to Sparrow.

He grips Jude's hand in both of his in an overly polite and nearly gushing handshake. "Mister Masters!" he greets. "It is such a pleasure to have you in our humble enterprise. Your Mother and Father were in earlier as a matter of fact." The tall moustached maitre d' gushes, "Your dear Mother is still one of the stars in the dark down here."

Jude chooses to interrupt about then, saying, "The done told me they was comin' down, Rupert. Now, if you'd kindly excuse me, I'd like to show Miss Sparrow here around for a moment. My usual seat as arranged, yes?"

The Maitre D', Rupert presumably, nods with an obedient, "Yessir."

Jude smiles and claps the man's shoulder. "Good then. We'll mosey over there after I show off what y'all got down here. Thank you, Rupert."

Rupert, for his part, stays gracious and moves off to busy himself with something else.

Jude smiles apologetically and murmurs, "Sorry about that." He leads her towards the band that's playing pre-war music as promised. "My folks are... well... my family worked on keeping Vault 30 back in the day. Caine's was in charge, but we fixed all there was to fix. Still do really." He shrugs. "So some folk are a little..." He shrugs again and looks meaningfully over at Rupert. "S'pose it's why I like topside so much these days. Don't gotta hear it."
Sparrow The Maitre D in his snazzy pre-war getup eyes Sparrow like the Waster she is and she stares back, though he does blink slowly and inclines her head, "Evenin'." She drawls just a little harder than she normally might in the fact of the breezy scrutiny.

She listens to Rupert gush at Jude glancing sidelong at him as his parents are brought up and their considerable status among the Vault Dwellers is noted ith a little smile. "Oh, Ms. Masters is a star?" She wonders this of Rupert but glances at uJde suspecting he might answer.

Then there's this whole 'usual table' business and Sparrow Drake looks suddenly a bit more uncertain and sinks her teeth into the corner of her lip, tugging at it for a moment before the young Cowgirl in her battered attire is drawn off to see the sights. The robots gain looks from her, both awed and also wary as they play the live music that makes the place so popular. She lingers there, swaying a little to the music and staring at the automated creations. Live bands are 'unusual' but prewar instruments, tuned and tended are. It's all new to her and her bright blue eyes widen like saucers to take it all in. Really, Jude has no problem leading her. She's gazing around in such curious wonder that he could probably lead her right back into the kitchens and to a chopping block and she'd be surprised.

His words though draw her back and she lifts the hand not tucked into the crook of Jude's elbow to place it against his biceps, "It's all right. I'm not exactly their preferred customer type." Dirty. Sun-weathered. Broke. "Not like ya Vaulties get much respect topside most times. Does it bother you? bein' known for who your family is?" She wonders of Jude; she doesn't exactly have that problem.
Jude Jude doesn't really answer Sparrow's question about his mother until they are close enough to the band to speak without any other patrons or workers hearing. He smiles and explains, "He was just usin' a saying down here. When you turn off the lights down here, there isn't any light. It's as dark as dark gets." He slips a little closer and flips a switch on her hand-held pip-boy. "S'why all of these have this here light. Infinite light in the heart of darkness is one of the prettiest things. Brings hope. A topside star, well that's one of the prettiest things you can imagine when you're stuck down here. So basically, he was jus' kissin' my ass." He smirks as he finally gets to the point while both talking a bit about the culture down here and showing one of the pip-boy's many secrets.

He guides her to watch through a window into the kitchen, the line of Mr. Handy robots with chef hats working in barely controlled mayhem to cook, clean, and generally make the restaurant function. It's then that he decides to reluctantly talk about his parents. "Yeah," he bluntly decides to confide. "In my family, it's... well, dumb really. There's a lot of jawin' about the greater good and bein' your own man or gal, but with a family name, it's like... impossible." He pauses a moment and shrugs. "S'why I think I'm gonna join up with Joe in that there recon unit for the militia. Up there... out there... I really can stand on my own two feet and do my part. For the Greater Good."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "To be fair, there are probably worse folks to have plantin' their lips on your posterior." Sparrow watches the automated chefs for a while, cooking food on unfamiliar cooking devices, sharp unrusted knives, food that doesn't look contaminated or like it's been in a can for who knows how long and her stomach growls. Sparrow has the decency to look sheepish and grants a mildly apologetic look to Jude.

"Only been in total darkness once and I can't remember it at all. But I remember it not bein' somethin' I want to deal with again. I cannot imagine darkness without the moon or stars." She admits a little looking around, "Well sometimes I can. But I' rather not think about that."

She looks back to Jude when he starts talking about living in the shadow of the families name and more than that, joining Joe Caine's militia. "S'long as you stay you and don't live in the shadow of someone else. And Swagger's shadow extends far and wide the way he tells it to other folks. You'll get to see a lot then, the Militia's got a lot that they're signed up for. You'll come back to El Dorado to visit when they pack you up and travel you out, I hope. We'd miss ya."
Jude Jude smiles and laughs a little, nudging Sparrow. "I guess I'm just a little picky on what fellas I like with their lips planted back there. Not just -anyone- will do." He sniggers just a little at the tummy growl and starts to lead Sparrow towards what he must consider his table. It's just a two seat table near the band and dancefloor, just far enough away to allow conversation without having to raise your voice. The table is covered with a white cloth. The silver matches as does the china. Amazingly, other than some very light spiderweb cracks in the veneer from age, there aren't really any chips or true cracks. Ice water is already poured into glasses with slices of cucumber added to give it just a little extra freshness and flavor.

He gets quiet a moment when he hears about Sparrow's take on total darkness. "Now you got you a pip-boy so you'll never have to worry about bein' in the deep dark again. You have you a star now that you can look on and help you find your way even down here." He pulls out Sparrows chair for her before he seats himself. He laughs and shrugs. "I ain't there to listen to him jaw about himself. Ain't never been a Caine that threw a deep enough shadow as to cover a Masters. Not since before the bombs. I don't reckon this'll be different. I heard nothin' but good things about Colonel Sanders." He sips his water and sits the glass back down. "You hear anything much about the Mayor and all that?"
Sparrow Sparrow glances up at the nudge, sidelong under a hood of dark-blonde lashes and she wrinkles her nose at the Vault Dweller playfully. "Oh and just what sort of fellas would that, I mean I gotta hand it to him. He looks dapper and his lips look they ain't ever been chapped." She wiggles her brows and grins a bit at the blonde Gearhead. She sits at the table when he gestures her there and then frowns at her glass and leans across to whisper quietly as she sits down when he pulls her chair out, "Should'ah, uhm.. Should I tell him it looks like someone slipped some gourds or somethin' into our water?" Of course, not one to waste Sparrow's fingers is immediately dipping into the glass to try and fish out the offending veggies. Waste Water? unlikely. Cold water? Never. She sets the curious and wet slices to the side.

She takes the pip boy from her vest pocket again and sets the handheld down and chews her inner lip for a moment with a twitch of a smile. "Well, soon as I learn how to use it. But that's what I came to see you about, I figure you'd know more than Tobi. If you show me how to use it, maybe how to figure out who owned it, I'd be willin' to give you this other Holodisk I found? I hate askin' folks to do things for free." She sets the pip boy in the middle of the table. "Hearin' all sorts of stuff. Mostly that he's too good at coverin' his tracks, but not good enough at quashing the rumor. Hearin' everything from the fact Wil E. gave a confession to the fact that he's makin' real efforts to take down anyone with influence. Has since he took Ma and Pa." She reaches down to tug lightly on her vest and smooths her hands over her middle in a minimalistic primp.
Jude Jude laughs, but is almost wistful as he says, "Lean fella, more my own age. Fella that's seen what's out there and still has the hope to think it can be ours again. In a true sense." He laughs and flashes his crooked grin. "Certainly not a fella that hasn't ever had chapped lips." As she fishes out the cucumber, he laughs and whispers, "It makes the water taste good. Ain't as good as citrus, but it grows on ya. Some like muttfruit better." He gives a little shrug.

When the pip-boy is drawn back out, his eyes flick to it. His hand moves out to caress it gently. "If'n you don't have no use of it. You've done given me more'n I've given back, so it surely ain't for free." He bites his lip and then nods as he hears her desire to learn about the previous owner. "Well, it rightly depends on how saavy he is... err... was with it. Looks like it had some... um... topside repairs done. If he did 'em, he might have left somethin' we can use." He glances up before giving a 'may I' look. Provided he is given permission, he offers, "These here gizmos can do an awful lot of things. It'll map where you've been. You can keep a journal. It'll play the radio if there's a station local like. It'll play videa recordin's. It has a ton of information too. Prewar. If you know how to look, it can tell you heaps." He flicks and prods the thing into submission and hands it back. "That there is the journal screen. I don't rightly know how you found it, so it would make more sense if it says anything associated to you."
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "You should be able to find plenty of that in Sagger Caine's militia." It's a nickname of sorts, she doesn't say Joe's un=told nickname with derision so much as mischevious amusement. She lifts the glass to her lips to take a drink of it, nose twisting at the lingering cucumber taste though not unpleasantly as she takes another drink. "Citrus? It's not a bad flavor but it seems a waste, I mean unless you're supposed to eat." She eyes the cucumbers again dubiously.

You can take the cowgirl out of the wasteland..

She looks t the pip boy and Jude's hands on it for a moment. "We've been trading. Besides I think that things should go to folks who can put use to them and if you're headed out to the militia, seems ta me that that'd be you." She points to him with a finger on the hand she has the water held aloft with. "I hope so. Raiders pick their lives but don't mean they don't have folks at home that should at least have their minds put to rest. Whatever you can find," She leans in earnestly. "I'll appreciate it. And anything you can teach me about how to use it even more so." She takes the pip boy back and looks over it again before setting it aside. It's like a book in a foreign language to Sparrow who only ever knows word of mouth and learning by doing. "All read it in a bit, but I did promise you a nice dinner and me ain't just here for your brains." She teases and her stomach rumbles to concur.
Jude Jude blushes a little at Sparrow's tease of Joe. He tries to think of something witty, but comes up short. Instead he hides behind sipping at his water. He even does crunch on one of the slices of gourd too. He blinks and blushes a little more at her observation about maybe eating them.

He nods a little at the tit for tat trading they've been doing. He doesn't catch on at first, as it hasn't occurred to him that topsiders don't have school so much. When she sets it aside, he offers, "Well, why don't you let me spend some time with it. Maybe a day or two. Might be that the important stuff is behind a lock that'll need some hackin' done. I'll pay attention to any references to family." He pauses a moment, looking thoughtful. "I'll show you the basics sometime when there isn't bacon and sausage and pulled port a'comin'." He waves over a floating robot waiter that is all too eager to take their order.

"Hello, Ma'am! Hello, Sir! How might I serve you tonight," comes the tinny voice with the affected British accent. "Might I suggest the All But The Tail special? It is a sampling of a trophy kill. We have a thick slice of ham, crispy bacon, pulled pork with a vinegary muttfruit sauce, a delectable piece of smoked pork butt and pork belly. It's served on a platter with a mound of flatbread and a spicy muttfruit salsa."

Jude's eyes get wider with each item that's listed and nods before he clears his throat and looks at Sparrow. "That sound alright to you?"
Sparrow Sparrow doesn't linger too long on the blush; a benefit of one's face seeing so much sun is it makes a blush much easier to hide than in the soft pale skin of those who dwell underground. She does smile at him though and takes the small slice of cucumber to take a tiny nibble of it, only to be caught -just- as the robot-waiter drifts up to them.

She nods and points at Jude and mutters a quiet, "Whatever he' having. Sounds like I'll be takin' home leftovers." while trying to cover her mouth. Of course, she could have swallowed first but she /was/ in fact, practically raised in a barn.

She swallows after a moment and then nods to Jude. "Sure. As long as you need it, Jude. Whatever you can do for me. I don't have the Holodisk on me anyway, it's in my saddle bags." She lifts the pip boy back up and offers it to him over the table. Though I was.. considering. Your offer of a shower the other day. I've been dealin' with some pretty nasty stuff lately, pulled a piece of someone's skull outta my hair the other day, and if you're still willin' ta let me use the water here..." She trails off sheepishly. This is not one of those 'usual' things people ask for and it's the first time Sparrow's considered having a nice warm shower rather than a cold tub and a bucket of water.
Jude The floating waiter exclaims, "Excellent! I will see your order right out! Please relax and enjoy the dulcet sounds of the house band and your food will be out in no time!" It floats off then, eyes on stalks flicking this way and that as it passes tables on the way to the kitchen.

Jude accepts the pip-boy back. "I'll do what I can, Sparrow," he promises. He cants his head, but then smiles as Sparrow asks to use the shower. "Of course! Anytime." He pauses a moment and then taps at some keys on the handheld pipboy that brings up an animated diagram of the basic cycle of water purification that goes on in the Vault. He turns it around then so she can see the cycle. "The water for washin' and stuff gets cleaned up and put back into the tanks, so it ain't wasteful or anything. Kinda cool, huh?" He beams a moment before he asks, "When was you thinkin' you might wanna drop on by? Punxatawney... that's the robot in my apartment... Punxy can take care of some clothes washin' if'n you need too. He can even do some minor mendin'."

The waiter, platter of meat, frybread and condiments grasped in it's tubular arms, floats on over to deliver the pile of food that could likely feed a family of six topside.
Sparrow Sparrow glances off after the waiter with a curious expression before taking another bite of the cucumber and crunching on it a moment. It's not a vegetable she's familiar with so she's doing it slowly enough that she can savor it and make a memory of it. The waitress suggestion though is already taken up and she's looking over to the band for a moment until Jude shows her the pip boy. She leans over the table, tilting her head to look at the diagram and her blonde brows draw together. Filtration systems? She seems to be able to follow that and her eyes brighten and widen. She grabs his hand to steady the pip boy as she looks it over. "Yeah. That's uh, hey do you think you could get me copies of how this works. I don't think I could do it just the same but .. I can probably figure out how to make one of these with one of the water pumps we'd use for irrigation and the rest of this all seems fairly straight forward like, I could probably come up with some ideas on how to construct this."

It's then she notices she' grabbed unasked ad draws her hand back and blinks, "Sorry." She stuffs her hands under the table. "As for my washin' well, I gotta do that by hand. Leather needs special care and .. well maybe the vault suit. But I tried to get the bloodstains out." Just incase it -wasn't- clear that Sparrow was out of her element she unbuttons the top of her shirt to show Jude the chest of the Vault 30 Jumpsuit underneath with some brown aged stains that seem to be almost part of the fiber.

"As for the when supposed' that's up to you. Send a courier and I'll come when you figure it'll be okay and I won't be imposin' on ya."

The food arrives then and she stares at the plate and once more Sparrow's weathered features get a look of almost intimidated surprise. In no time flat, she's chowin' down, trying a little of everything with a lot of eager fingers and almost no use of the silverware.

Sorry high-class people. Some food's too good to pass up the chance to enjoy with complete abandon.
Jude Jude swipes at the screen of the pip-boy, showing other diagrams that are related and animated in glorious cartoon Vault-Tec style. "It has so much information on here. WHen I show you for real how to use it, we'll get your voice mapped to it and you just... well... you just talk to it and it'll find ya what you need. Even without holodisks it's a damn useful machine." He smiles brightly as he shows a couple more. He then pauses before he offers, "I'm pretty good at makin' stuff. If you need a hand fixin' up the irrigation system and whatnot, I'd be glad for the practice."

He doesn't say much about the grabbin', although it does bring a blush back to his pale skin. He nods a little here and there, but is saved when pork-pocalypse happens. His eyes get big and he isn't one to wait long to start digging in. Utensils aren't really needed for this meal. Frybread is close enough, as it sops up the juice of the meat.