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Owner Pose
Kurokumo Mibojin      Having become a new physician of the Shantytown Clinic, Kurokumo hasn't had much time to get to know her new home. Years out on the road has led to some interesting cooking encounters, sustenance becoming more important than taste some days. She finally has found some time for herself, wandering the streets until coming across Hanzhou's Noodle House. Walking inside, the 5'10" Asian woman takes a look around at the decor before approaching the counter.
Hanzhou It is now later in the afternoon and the lunch rush is over, which gives Hanzhou time to finish cleaning up. He is indeed behind the counter, using a cloth to wipe away at a stubborn stain on the countertop. When the door opens, he glances up and gives you a polite but small smile, bowing his head slightly. "Afternoon and welcome to my noodle shop. My name is Hanzhou. Please have a seat." He sets the cloth down and goes to the sink to wash his hands before turning his attention back to you. His voice is soft and his tone is respectful, very polite with a slight accent which you may recognize as a mixture of Asian.

You are both the same height but he seems a bit taller because he's wearing a cowboy hat. He's dressed rather oddly, a blend of western cowboy and asian sword wielding warrior. He's wearing a blue apron over his black leather duster and there is a Katana blade strapped to his back, you also see the hilt of a shorter sword strapped to his waist. "Have you ever had Ramen noodles before? It is delicious and I hope you are willing to try it."
Kurokumo Mibojin      The owner having announced himself, Kurokumo gives a warm smile herself before taking to one of the bar stools at the counter. "I...never have. What are they?" Always so curious about what she'll encounter along the way, the woman unshoulders her backpack and sticks a leg through the strap as it sits on the foor. No one is taking it without her knowing! "I am Kurokumo. A pleasure to meet you."
Hanzhou "It is an honor to meet you miss Kurokumo." Hanzhou replies in that soft polite voice of his and gives you a slight bow with his hands at his side. "Ramen noodles are a bowl of noodles, served with some garnishes, small amount of meat and in a soup base, which is the real secret of the dish. I start making the soup very early in the morning and slowly boil it for many hours. It is very tasty and I recommend you try it for yourself to judge." He then pauses and watches you carefully for a moment. "I know most of the people here in Acme but you do not look familiar."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Breathing in the air, Kurokumo can smell the wafting scents of simmering food. It's been a long time since she's enjoyed a cooked meal. "You are right. I arrived at the settlement a few weeks ago, and work at the Shantytown Clinic. Haven't been to Acme, before." She shrugs, her brown eyes taking in the blue apron. "Where did you learn of such a recipe? Ingredients can be hard to come by."
Hanzhou "I see, well there is always a need for more skilled healers and I've been to the clinic a few times myself." The Wasteland Samurai replies as he turns his back to you to make you a bowl, he first gets the noodles which he places in the bowl first after getting it from a pot of boiling water that is only put in there for a minute or so. The garnish is then placed on top of the noodles and lastly he adds the soup base, which is pour around the noodles near the edge of the bowl as to not disturb the garnish on top. It is a very meticulous way that he's made the noodle dish, almost more of an artform than making a meal it seems.

After he's done and satisifed at his work, does he turn around and place the bowl of Ramen noodles in front of you, giving you a set up chopsticks and a spoon, but there is also a fork if you need it available. "Welcome to Acme then. It is a long walk from El Dorado, I hope you are careful as there are many dangers out in the Wastes." He says in a slightly concerned tone and then adds, "Yes the ingredients are hard to come by but I spend a lot of time either buying them from merchants or searching for it out in the Wastes. The recipe has been passed down from within my family." There is a slight change in his expression as he says this, almost an imperceptible hint of sadness but he turns to wash his hands after he serves you.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo marvels at the display of the preparation of the meal. She's often faced with something easily prepared, and often made in haste. At least she used to be, wandering along the trade routes. The utensils are fairly familiar, fingers twitching as they hesitantly take the chopsticks. She hasn't seen these in...years. Noting Hanzhou's lingering sadness, she supposes that he has lost just as she has as well. "It is quite the trip to get here. But well worth it." She smiles sympathetically, giving the man a moment of silence. Kurokumo is about to dig in, before something nags at her that is missing.
Hanzhou "What would you like to drink? I have clean water and some nukacola left." Hanzhou finally says after he's done washing his hands, turning again to face you and his expression has returned to the welcoming one that you saw when you first came in. "I'm glad you got here safely and I hope the trip was indeed worth it." He offers you a slight nod and notices your hesitation. "Oh is something the matter?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo frowns, as she muddles through older memories of her childhood. "Water is fine." Her thumb lightly brushes the smooth surface of the chopsticks, before she remembers what was lost. Her hands come together, and her head bows. "Thank you, for the food." It was something the woman thought was lost so long ago, and her smile returns as the ends of the utensils dip into the broth.
Hanzhou Hanzhou isn't the only one haunted by old memories, many who grew up in these times don't exactly live happy lives and the few that are lucky enough to survive until old age have seen far more than they bargained for.

"Water it is." He gets you a glass of clean water and places it in front of you and smiles softly when you thank him for the food. "Your welcome." He then lets you finish eating without interrupting you and picks up a cloth to see if he can get taht stubborn stain out that is on the countertop.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Grasping a clump of the well-cooked noodles, Kurokumo gently blows on them to cool before bringing them to her lips. Biting down, it ends up dropping part of the noodles to slip free. Blinking in mild surprise, the woman begins to chew slowly. While familiar with chopsticks, she's not familiar with noodles, apparently. Her eyes slide closed, the savory flavors coating her taste buds and bringing a sort of culinary bliss. Kurkumo nods subtly, continuing to pick up a different ingredient each time and enjoying every bit of this rare meal.
Hanzhou Hanzhou seems content to leave you to enjoy the meal in peace and works at that stubborn stain, not really having much luck with it since it was probably here when it was Roy's diner. "Is there anything else I can get you?" he finally asks after a few minutes, his small smile warm and plesant.
Kurokumo Mibojin      While Kurokumo does try to savor the meal, some habits are hard to break as she makes quick work of it. It's obvious that she really enjoys it, the bowl of broth being tilted for her to drink. It's gone, all gone, a look of satisfaction crossing her features as she looks up at Hanzhou. "No, I do not require anything more. This has of the best meals I have ever had. Thank you." Kurokumo bows her head to the cook, before reaching for the caps to pay him.
Hanzhou "I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the compliment." Hanzhou says to you in a sincere tone. "I hope you come again and it was nice to make your acquaintance." He bows his head to you in return. "Oh and if you ever wish to have company heading back to El Dorado, please don't hesitate to ask. I travel there often to get supplies or to sell things I have scavenged." He then pauses once again and adds, "Oh and if you ever encounter Centaurs...they are mutated creatures that look like giant slugs with humanoid torso's, be extremely cautious and avoid them if possible. They are a formidable opponents, even just one on one and even more dangerous in groups." It seems like he has first hand experience by the way he speaks.
Kurokumo Mibojin      After paying the man, Kurokumo nods her agreement. "Yes, that is quite a formidable foe. It was a pleasure to meet you too. See you around, sometime." She smiles, sliding off of the barstool and waving her goodbyes before setting off through the door to the restaurant.