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Jacqueline It's raining... it never rains here!
Okay, /almost/ never, or it wouldn't be raining now. But it's unpleasant enough that even wasters are taking shelter inside.
Like Jacqueline Wayne, slipping inside the clothing shop for the sake of not getting any wetter than she already is. Having dressed for the sun today, in a much-abused tanktop and cut-off gray denim shorts (the rest of the jeans having been too abused to save much of), wet stuff falling from the sky isn't her idea of a good time. She pauses just inside to wave quickly to the proprietor as she pushes her damp hair back. It's dripping into her eyes.
Celeste     "Ngghh! Should really invest in a poncho! Have 'em put it on their list of things to scavenge for!" Celeste says to herself as she rushes into the store, hands going up into her blonde hair to pull it back and away from her face. Her hands wipe over her cheeks, and as she shakes her head she gives a little look around. Doing so allows her to catch sight of Jackie, which makes her smile.

    "Jackie! Hey.. See you got caught in it, too.." She giggles, hands wiping lightly over her shirt then as if it'd somehow dry off the water. She walks closer to the other, pausing nearby and looking around again, eyes lighting upon the clothing.
Jacqueline "I wish I'd brought mine!" Jackie replies, hearing that familiar voice. She's giggling too within seconds, turning and hugging the blonde who's so comfortably close to her own size. "I got sprinkled, too, and as you can see I'm not exactly dressed for the weather, either. How are you?"
Celeste     "You have one? Lucky! I think at this point I'm going to have to weave some old plastic bags together and make something to keep the water off.. It's been raining a lot lately, don't ya think?" Celeste murmurs just before being hugged, which gets a little squeak from the girl. She smiles, though, and quickly returns the hug with a squeeze of her own. She smiles wider then and laughs a bit as she says, "I can tell.. Looks like it got you more than it got me." She chuckles. "I'm well.. Things are good. I'm missing your hairstyling skills, obviously," she says with a point to her head. "I kept them in for a few days, though. It was nice to have a style for once." That makes her smile. "How've you been?"
Jacqueline "A little..." Jackie murmurs sheepishly, glancing down at her soaked outfit. "I guess I should be shopping for something dry, huh?"
She smiles, recalling that day in the saloon. "I can try to stop by once a week, if you need me," she replies. "I could stand to stay in practice. I can only do so much with my mop-top," she adds, indicating her messy bun. "I'm still trying to find a good mirror to work with."
She takes a look around the shop. "I'm good, actually! I could be better, but can't everybody?"
Celeste     "That's the truth," Celeste says with a little laugh, agreeing that everyone could be a little better. "Do you ever go out far into the wastes? I'm sure one of those old houses has to have a pretty decent mirror.. Not sure how you'd get it unless you unscrewed something, but," she shrugs, grinning again. ""Maybe you'll get one some day." She smiles at that.

    Her hands tug at her hair again, pulling the locks back behind her shoulders as she says, "I'd love to let you practice on it! Every week? Oh, wow.. Definitely. Hmm.." she thinks. "You need anything in return? I'd hate for you to just do it for free.. I'm not really good at anything skill-wise besides horses.. Mmm.. and planting stuff." She snickers.
Jacqueline "I try to, but some days I don't get very far," Jackie admits, moving around one side of a rack of displayed clothing. "I'm hoping I'll find a house, or even just a building with mirrors. Even a bathroom mirror would be an improvement. The one in my room is just a piece of one, and it's scratched. I want a /whole/ mirror!"
She blushes, realizing she's getting louder and louder in her frustration. "Sorry... it bugs me sometimes. But I don't mind doing your hair just for the practice. Maybe if you want, you could help me with finding decent clothes? I'm learning to tailor my own stuff, but I can't do much more than make things fit better and fix them. Like these shorts," she adds, gesturing. "The pants I found were seriously trashed. I was lucky to cut them off just right. If I hadn't... well..." She casually unfastens her belt, and the weight of it and the pistol holstered on it drags her shorts to the tops of her hiking boots, leaving her pale blue briefs on display. "I'd be going around like this."
Celeste     Like what? Oh.. Right. Like -that-. Celeste's eyes are wider as she stares at Jackie.. who just dropped her shorts! She starts to go a little pink in the cheeks, and then she's laughing, turning away to look elsewhere for a second. She clears her throat and then laughs some more, glancing back to you now. "Yes.. Good thing you have that belt. It might be hard to wander around town with your shorts around your ankles." She laughs more, sounding delighted.

    "I can try to help you with clothes.. I've had a little success altering some of mine, but.." She pauses, looking over to the pre-war dresses. "I really want one of those.. Aren't they pretty? They're in such nice condition, too.. It'd be nice to wear out on a warm day. Instead of old jeans and ratty shirts." She frowns slightly at that.
Jacqueline "Well, I meant more like /not having/ shorts," Jackie corrects, blushing a little. It's a lot more fun when people aren't confused as to your meaning, but one doesn't become a ditz by having sound judgement all the time. She sheepishly stoops to pull up her shorts.
She does look over at the dresses in question, though. "I've always wondered what it'd be like to wear something that isn't made for scavving or roaming. A nice dress like that..." She smiles dreamily, evidently wandering in her mind. No doubt in a dress.
Celeste     "I know what you meant," Celeste says with a grin before adding, "I was just teasing you a bit." She giggles a soft tone. "I'm sure you could find something to wear if the shorts hadn't worked out.. Paper sack, feed bag.." she says, trying to keep a serious expression even though she is teasing again.

    When her eyes shift back to the dresses she smiles a little more. "It must have been nice before the war.. Could wear pretty things like that all the time and.. wouldn't have to go wandering to find things. I wonder what it was like back then.." She is silent for a moment, and when her eyes shift back to you she says, "I'd like to find a dress. If I ever go out far enough to find one. I'm sure the area surrounding the city has been picked clean. Gotta go way out there to find stuff.. You ever thought of going? For a few days?"
Jacqueline "You hide your teasing so well... sometimes I forget you can do that," Jackie replies, blushing faintly. "I did try a feed sack skirt once; pulled open a seam and wrapped it around my waist and tucked the end in. It worked, but the weave was so open it let in every breeze. Plus, I was wearing white panties that day, and they showed through. It wasn't a great experiment."
She has to give that some thought. "I'd like to get my motorcycle working first, so we could cover a lot of ground fast. But we'd probably be waiting a while if I insisted on that. So we could go, and camp, and see what we could find. I know a little about what to take..." She looks up and smiles. "What about you, Celeste? Know anything about camping out?"
Celeste     Celeste bites the inside of her lower lip to keep from giggling as she hears the story of the feedsack that went wrong, but you can see in her eyes she is laughing bout it. They sparkle with amusement. The blonde clears her throat whena soft laugh finally breaks through, and she says, "You need to tell me about your other experiments sometime. I'm curious to see what all you've tried to wear." Now she laughs a bit more, and when she calms she smiles.

    "Motorcycle? You have one? That's awesome.. Bet it would be fun to ride one through the wastes.." she grins. "I'd take my horse.. Heck, if you wanted, you could just ride with me and we could bring along another horse to help bring back a big mirror when we find one," she says with a little grin and wink. "I know some stuff about survival out there, but honestly.. it terrifies me.. I've been out for a while before and things didn't go too well, but.. it might not be so bad with a friend.." She pauses before asking, "You know how to shoot at gun?"
Jacqueline "You're laughing, Celeste," Jackie says, trying to sound severe, but those dark eyes are beginning to twinkle with suppressed mirth of her own. "What, you've never tried to make your own outfit and not had it go well? Well, you can be smug now, but wait 'til you try it!"
She looks back over the dresses, apparently in a huff... but not really. "The bike needs fixing, or I'd take it out. It has all the right components, but it'll have to have a lot of work before it'll run. So we'd have to have some other transportation, and I can't ride a horse."
She glances back to Celeste, giving the blonde a puzzled look. "Do you? I can. I even have a shotgun that's come in handy several times."
Celeste     "A shotgun? Ohh, I'd love one of those.. I need practice, though. I can't even break a bottle with a slingshot." Celeste pouts at that. "I want to learn to shoot, but I think I'd be wasting bullets just practicing.. so I gotta get my aim good with the sling shot, I think. Makes sense, yeah?" she says as she watches Jackie, something amusing her and making her grin.

    "If we rode out, you could ride with me on my horse. She's carried two people before. Long as you could hold on to me you'd be fine.." she notes with a nod. "I think we should do it.. maybe after I get a gun, but, yeah. Wanna try it? See if we can find a house and pull a mirror out?" she wonders, smiling a little.
Jacqueline "You're laughing again..." Jackie observes, with that mock-severe look for the blonde again. "Shooting lesson for your thoughts? Or do I have to tickle you into sharing?"
Celeste     Celeste is a giggler, and she really can't help it, so when you comment on it again she starts laughing more. She grins wide and says, "Sorry.. I just keep picturing you trying out different ways to dress.. and how they keep failing. It's pretty amusing. I mean.. Feed sacks aren't woven that tight, so yeah, you'd be able to see through it.." She snickers. "Not making fun of you or anything. It's cute." Celeste grins at that. "So I got me a shooting lesson then?" she asks, smiling wide again.
Jacqueline "Are you sure you're not just imagining me in my panties again?" Jackie teases. But she hugs the other girl anyway, doing some giggling of her own. "But yeah, some of my experiements were pretty funny, or they were later. First chance we both get, we go out and I teach you how to shoot. Wear something with long sleeves, if we're practicing with a slingshot."
Celeste     Grinning as she is hugged and teased, Celeste murmurs, "You sure are rotten, aren't you?" She grins again, then lifts a hand to ruffle at your hair before she gives a gentle squeeze and then releases you. "Sounds like a plan to me.. and once I can at least shoot -something- we'll pack up and.. head out for a few days? Avoid the areas you hear are dangerous.. Should be some houses still close that have mirrors. I mean.. It's not like people are bringing them back all the time. Not really high demand for them," she says, snickering afterwards.
Jacqueline "Rotten in a good way, I'm sure," Jackie ripostes, sticking her tongue out at Celeste. "Once you can hit more often than you can miss, we'll go out and find a mirror, and everything around it! If there's an intact mirror, I don't doubt there'll be a few other things, too. The wastes are funny that way."
She turns back to the shop full of clothes. "Want to look for something less... wastes-friendly? Just to look nice once in a while in town?"
Celeste     With her attention drawn back to the clothing, Celeste starts to smile again and she nods, saying, "Yeah.. I've never really worn dresses. It's always been jeans, shirts, whatever we could find, you know? I'd like to wear a dress once and see how it feels. The ladies in maagzines look nice in them.. It has to feel good to wear one, don't you think?" she says, eyeing one of the pre-war dresses in a peach color. "Something clean and smelling good.." She sighs wistfully, then smiles at you.
Jacqueline "Well, there's no time like the present," Jackie suggests, her own eyes taken by something in a soft pink shade. "After years and years of hard-wearing stuff, I'd like to see if the outfits in the magazines feel as pretty as they look."
Seeing that peach dress Celeste's eyeing, she takes it down from the rack and offers it to her. "It's so light... and it does smell like it's clean."
Celeste     Celeste is hesitant as she reches out to take the dress, making sure to only hold the hanger as to not get her hands on the cloth. She holds it out a ways from her form, trying to keep it clean as she can. Who knows what she'd get on it if it brushed against her clothing. Celeste looks down to it and smiles, swishing it this way and that a bit. "It's nice.. Maybe some day. And I'd have to make sure there were no dust storms or rain before I wore it! I'd hate to get it all dirty," she says with a pout as she puts it back on the rack.
Jacqueline "Why not try it on? I mean, you might be saving yourself some disappointment. Or you might give yourself something to look forward to," Jackie suggests.
Celeste     "Mmmm.." Celeste murmurs, not looking convinced. "I'm clean enough and all, but I think I'd wanna take a bath before putting it on. Clean skin and clean fabric? Might be a first experience." She grins. "I bet it would feel nice on.." She looks at it a bit longer, then shakes her head.

    "Did you come in to try something on, or were you just getting out of the rain?" she asks, shifting the attention to you now!
Jacqueline "Well... I came in to get someplace dry at first," Jackie admits, blinking as she suddenly finds herself the center of attention again. "But when we got to talking about clothes, I started wondering about expanding my wardrobe. I need something new to wear when I'm not working. Right now, everybody who looks at me knows I'm either a scavenger or a tinkerer, no matter what I'm doing. I'd like to change that."
She sweeps her gaze slowly around the room. "Only, I'm not so good at picking stuff out. Every time I look for something less rugged, I start thinking about how it'd hold up in the desert, or halfway into a broken machine, and I sabotage myself." She winces, giving the blonde a helpless look. "Can you help me? With something besides a dress, I mean? I know were to find one of those."
Celeste     "Well.." Celeste begins as she gives a quick glance around, her lips tugging to a little smirk as she sees what is available. "Not like we got a lot to choose from, but I can try to help," Celeste offers her friend. Celeste and Jackie are near the dresses, both chatting while standing there looking like the rain got the best of them before they were able to get into the store for shelter.

    Celeste glances about the clothing again, then asks, "You could go into the wastes with a dress on.. You walkin' about just something plain?" she wonders, head canting slightly as she looks at Jackie. "Why don't -you- try one of the dresses on," she says, smiling afterwards, "I saw how you looked at that pink one."
Rachel     The door to the shop opens just wide enough to allow Rachel to slip inside the shop before she lets it close behind her, still leaning against the door while she looks around - as though she's thinking she might have to quickly escape the establishment after taking a brief glance around. Whatever the source of that nervousness, it seems to pass and she steps fully into the room, her eyes fixed on the goods and not paying any attention to the fact that others are in the store.
Jacqueline "Anything you suggest'd have to be better than relying on my own judgement," Jackie replies. Hesitantly, she takes down another outfit she's seen, a flared red skirt with a white blouse. Remembering a poster she'd seen, she finds a fitted black vest and adds it to the ensemble. "But I guess a dress is a place to start. See any racks big enough to hide behind?"
The door opens and closes somewhere behind her, and she looks up to see someone flattened against the door. She blinks in surprise, but manages to keep in the giggles. "I think she's more worried about shopping here than I am," she says softly to Celeste. "Think she needs help, too?"
Celeste     Dark eyes shift away from Jackie to glance over and see who she's talking about, and as she spies Rachel she grins, murmuring to Jackie, "That's Rachel.. She's the best I've ever seen with a slingshot. She can hit -anything- with one.." She grins again, then takes a moment to address the outfit that's been chosen. "You are right, though.. Your judgement is pretty poor at times," she says in a teasing way. "Not sure why you wanna go hide behind a rack now to change. We all just saw your underwear not long ago," she says in a teasing way, laughing afterwards. "But.. maybe over there?" she says, nodding to a small area with cloth hung up like a curtain.

    Celeste then turns and looks over towards Rachel again, and as she smiles she calls, "Hey, Slingshot." Yeah. People get nicknames around here. "You look a bit lost," she offers with a smile.
Rachel     Rachel recognizes the voice before she's properly addressed and is already navigating around the racks toward where Celeste and Jackie are doing their shopping. She gives an obvious roll of her eyes at both the exaggeration of her skill with a slingshot and the new nickname. "Is Murderer of Worms too lengthy for a nickname, Celeste? Or maybe it was just compassion you were feeling for the bottles." She teases. She looks quickly more comfortable in the store now that someone she knows as there - as though Celeste will protect her. She takes note that Jackie is hunting for a spot of privacy, but still gives a small smile in her direction. "Hi."
Jacqueline "And you're not taking shooting lessons from /her/?" Jackie has to ask, stifling giggles. "Or has the right opportunity to ask just not come up yet?"
She looks at her selections as Celeste mentions her judgement, blushing. "Okay, okay... it's not like you suggested anything," she murmurs. "And you were the only one to see me half-dressed like that, you know."
She looks up as Celeste calls the other girl, trying not to gasp in dismay. The group is growing, and she's not sure what to do about it! But Rachel's smile seems friendly enough, and she manages one of her own in return. "Hi," she copies, bowing her head, and quickly slipping into that tiny open spot, as much behind the hanging fabric as she can get. "Can you hold these? There's no place to hang anything up..."
Celeste     "Worm Slayer. You like that better?" Celeste asks with a grin as she eyes Rachel for a moment. As she glances away she moves after Jackie, pausing near the fabric that's a makeshift dressing room. She tugs back the curtain and peeks at Jackie, grinning wide as she says, "Okay.. and I won't peek." Like she is currently doing. She snickers and looks away, then holds her hand out in offering to grab the clothes.

    Celeste glances to Rachel again and she says, "Yeah.. Rachel's gonna help me learn to shoot. I'm gonna help her ride horses. Ain't that right, Rachel?" she asks with a smile. "Rachel -is- a great shot.. Might need to recruit her for our trip.. What do you think, Jackie?" she asks.
Rachel     "I had some good luck the other day." Rachel protests with modesty. "Or perhaps I was inspired? I'm a fair shot - but I've seen much better than myself. When it comes to playing with guns, it's best not to over-estimate your ability. Very painful regrets." The dark haired woman also turns her body so she's not looking in the direction where Jackie is getting changed.
Jacqueline "Worm Slayer?" Jackie asks aloud, as she tries to undress with the hand that's not holding three hangers full of clothes. "Why do you call her Worm Slayer?" It sounds like one of those occasions where you'd have to be there, and she wasn't.
Of course, Celeste pulls back the makeshift curtain just then, and the fix-it girl is unveiled to the room in her tanktop and pale blue briefs, her shorts and belt on the floor with her boots. "So you say, while peeking..." comes Jackie's embarrassed rejoinder as she hands over the hangers. At least the front of the shop can't see her.
She has to give that some thought as she begins pulling on the blouse. "It couldn't hurt to have a decent shot along. I manage okay, but I'm carrying a shotgun most of the time, too. What about you, Miss Rachel? What do you favor?"
Celeste     Celeste giggles at seeing Jackie this way again, and when the hangers are handed over to her she takes them and steps closer to the curtain. She closes the curtain, but keeps her arm inside. There! Human rack! She is such a great helper.

    Celeste glances over to Rachel then and she fills the girl in, saying, "We're gonna go into the wastes for a few days.. Find a house and get a mirror! If it's not broken or scratched.. Jackie wants a mirror, so.. why not? Figured we wouldn't have to go out too far. Most people don't scavenge for mirrors, so there have to be some left."
Rachel     "They do break a lot, though." Rachel replies, giving a small shrug of her shoulders. "No one might be taking them, but I've been through enough places where everything that wasn't taken has been kicked over just for the hell of it. But, hopefully would be able to find at least most of a mirror that would work."

    "Hard to argue on the effectiveness of a shotgun." This is directed toward Jackie behind her make-shift changing screen. "I generally don't like getting close enough for it to be effective, though. I was telling Celeste the other day that I'm more comfortable with pistols. Fits my dainty hands." Another small smile at this. She isn't really what anyone would call dainty.
Jacqueline Jackie sticks out her tongue at Celeste just before the curtain is pulled shut. "Mostly I want it so I don't have to keep moving my head so I can see what part of my hair I'm doing in my sliver of mirror," she says. "Plus, it'd be a good thing to have around. Mirrors have a lot of uses. The problem is finding one in good shape that's big enough to be useful. Or, preferably, more than one."
She nods to Rachel's words, forgetting that the tall woman can't see her. "I've had good luck with my shotgun, but it does have to be reloaded every two shots. That's not everybody's cup of Nuka-Cola. I keep a 10mm pistol around for emergencies... that's it with my belt down there."
Celeste     'Dainty hands' gets a grin from Celeste as she eyes Rachel. She lowers a brow questioningly at her, then chuckles and looks away. She glances about the room while the two talk about guns, and she murmurs, "Wait till you guys see the gun -I- end up with." She tries to sound tough, and then she's giggling again. "I'll be happy if I can just shoot anything.. Mmm, better yet.. It'd be great if we didn't have to shoot -anything- when we go out. Just go to a house, camp out, have a good time around the campfire, don't get killed by raiders, find a mirror.. ya know."
Rachel     "Wise words." Rachel comments to Celeste's hopes for the trip. "Any day that I can get through without having to pull the gun out is a good one. Had enough of that for two of three lifetimes already and I'm hoping to have a few more years before they bury me." She sweeps her eyes around the store before adding - "I wouldn't mind coming along if I'm free. Is it just the two of you trekking out? I don't want to intrude."
Jacqueline "I'm with you both: The best trip involves /no/ fighting at all," Jackie agrees. "It's easy to get hurt out there as it is, and ammunition's expensive. And when someone gets hurt, sometimes it's hard to get back to someplace civilized for proper medical treatment. If it comes to going out there, I'd just as soon avoid trouble."
She pushes the curtain back, leaving Celeste holding the hangers. "I don't mind company at all. The more the merrier. Besides, when it comes to scavving, three sets of hands are better than two," she says, finally stepping out from behind the curtain. The blouse is a little big for her, so she's turned the cuffs back once. But the vest and skirt are just about the right size, and the bright red of the skirt sets off the fix-it girl's black hair to advantage. Pity it's still up in that 'Moira The Mechanic' bun with fringe she sports most of the time. She nervously strikes a pose, smiling bravely. "So... think it's me?"
Celeste     Celeste takes a step back from the curtain and gives Jackie some space. When she steps out she smiles, hmming as she looks the other over. "It looks nice. Cute. I do like the shorts you were wearing, though," she teases with a little grin before she glances over to Rachel.

    "Say you'll come with us. Please? Jackie's right. We could use another pair of hands out there. It could be fun! Long as you don't have to do any shifts that day.. I hope you can come and.. well, maybe we could plan it around your schedule. Would that work?"
Rachel     Rachel tilts her head to the side and her eyes sweep over Jackie when she emerges with the new outfit on, nodding her head to agree with Celeste. "I love the red. It works for you. You'll be catching eyes, for sure." That's a good thing, right? Pulling her eyes away from Jackie, she nods toward Celeste. "If you two are flexible, I'd be up for it. I haven't really wandered through the wastes since I arrived here. In a way I don't really miss it, but on the other hand it's as much as home as I've had."
Jacqueline "Cute is good, right?" Jackie wonders aloud, not quite trusting the impish Celeste's compliment. Rachel's praise reassures her quickly, and she blushes faintly, flattered. "I think I could live with catching eyes. It might beat being asked to fix things constantly, at least for a few days."
As the topic turns to the trip, Jackie nods emphatically. "I think we could arrange our time around your best times, Miss Rachel. My time's my own, unless I have to fix stuff for the Militia, and that doesn't happen not that often. We could have our stuff packed and ready in advance for the trip, and go when the chance comes."
She turns back for the makeshift alcove, finding an empty packing case to use as a rack for the outfit she's been trying on. "I might be a minute, girls. I have to change and then talk to the shopkeeper about buying this outfit. Don't wait on me, okay? I'll try to catch up," she promises, slipping back behind the half-hung curtain-thing.
Celeste     Celeste laughs at what Jackie says about being looked at instead of asked to fix things, and to Rachel she gives a playful roll of her eyes while smiling. She chuckles again and says, "Yeah, well.. alright. You go ahead and do whatever ya need to," she says as she then takes a step from the curtain and moves in Rachel's direction. Celeste pauses there and smiles, and she says, "See? Now you're gonna get your chance to impress me. Bring us all back alive and consider me impressed," she teases, smiling wider. Her head cants and she wonders, "What brought ya in here today? You looked a little lost at first.. Did the rain sweep you in?"
Rachel     "I suppose it did." Rachel replies. "Did I look that lost? I suppose I didn't know if this was really the store for me, so I was just slipping in to take a quick look around. I'm still getting my bearings around the city. I think you'll find I have my share of quirks when it comes to living in an established settlement. Few more months and I'm sure I'll be used to it all." She looks briefly around the store before continuing. "I wasn't really looking to buy anything today. More see what the selection was like. I get a uniform provided, but it's nice to have a few other outfits."
Celeste     "Mhmm. Nice to have options.. Jackie was lookin' at that pink dress earlier, but she then.. didn't want a dress! She's funny." Celeste smiles more and wanders away from where Jackie changes, heading closer to the dresses again. She points to a pretty peach dress on the rack and she says, "One day I'm gonna have this one, and I'm going to get Jackie to style my hair, and I'll go out in the sun and pretend I'm one of those pretty ladies in those old magazines." She giggles at this. "It'll be fun."
Rachel     Rachel's eyes move between Celeste and the dress and then back to the woman again, a smile curving her lips while she imagines the scene. "You should. You would look radiant in it, I'm sure. Talk about turning heads." She twists and starts to navigate through the store to look at all the items offered. "I'm with Jackie, though. If I've ever worn a dress in my life, I don't remember it. They're not so practical. And I've spent most of my life trying not to draw unwanted attention."
Celeste     Watching you curiously now, Celeste wonders, "And why is that? Why trying to keep attention off of yourself? You just a private person or what?" she wonders, moving away from the dress to follow after Rachel, hands clasped behind her back. "Dresses might not be so practical.. but I bet they're comfortable. Especially when it's crazy hot outside.."
Rachel     "Because I was a single young woman alone in the wastes." Rachel replies simply. "Not that simply not wearing dresses kept the attention at bay, but it does help to not, ah, advertise. Hair back, maybe wearing a cap. Halter kept tight. Outfits that eat up curves."
Celeste     Celeste's expression softens a touch and she whispers, "Ahh.. I see." She nods as she moves a little closer, and she smiles just a bit. "I once cut my hair like a boy's. Well, the best I could. Wasn't exactly easy, but it worked for a while.. But now that we're here and safe, a pretty dress would be nice. For special occasions, you know? Picnics and.." she tries to think of other things, but starts giggling instead. "They'd just be nice."
Rachel     "You're right. It's better here. We have laws and protection and mostly people who don't mean us harm. It's a big change for me." Rachel states, nodding her head and casting a brief look toward the dresses. "I still think I wouldn't feel like myself in a dress. But, maybe I'll find myself something a bit more flattering."
Celeste     "There's nothing wrong with what you have on now," Celeste says to Rachel as she stands near the other girl, talking about dresses. "You look nice in what you have." She smiles a little, and when silence starts to take over her she glances back to the changing area and calls, "Hey, Jackie? You gonna ever come out of there?" She looks back to Rachel then, smiling a bit. "Think it's stopped raining yet? You can come on over to the ranch if you want. Come meet the horses?"
Rachel     "Thank you." Rachel replies, unsure how to deal with the compliment. She knows very well that her current attire isn't all that appealing, but she doesn't argue it. "I have to deal with a few more things around town. But, if you're around a little later maybe I'll swing out and see the place? I mean, don't wait just for me, but if you're free."
Celeste     "Mhmm. Sounds good.. See you around," Celeste says to Rachel, smiling again. She waves to her friend and then heads back to the curtain, waiting for Jackie to get finished up.