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Alice Once upon a time, there were 9 animal and robot companions who found themselves in a tough situation. Only through perseverance and the magical power of friendship would they escape.

This was their story.

The story of the nine companions as they sought to destroy the one ring....

..Ok, maybe not that.....


It's cold and dark. The robots find themselves in the scrapheap of a basement while all of the animals are caged together! The poor companions, they had been taken from their owners during the night!
Alice Vaultmeat awoke with a whimper as he began to open his eyes, the massive puppy howling loudly as he found himself in an unfamiliar and scary place. It wasn't the first time the poor pup had been in a cage and he wanted to get out as quickly as possible. Recognizing his friends Terrance and Bacon he barked at the pair before nudging the little piggy Bacon with his nose to try and wake him up!
Blank SCRP the Eyebot powers up from standby mode and rises into the air in the basement, scanning the area. This is not where it powered down at. It beeps curiously a few times, then inspects the other machines stored there carefully, floating nearer to each one in turn. Then it turns its attention to the exits, if there are any. Of course, even if there's a closed door that's unlocked, it can't exactly open it with its lack of hands and all.
Alice SCRP finds a set of stairs that lead up towards the locked door, unfortunately the poor little bot lacks the means to open it.
Abe     "I-I-I-I-I Say..."

It began with a hum and then several clicks before 'life' found it's way into the heap of metal, plastic, and rubber that made up Sir Kit. One eye stirred, lense irising wide as it lifted up and swiveled this way and that. The second joined it, looking that way and this. The third did not, it could not, it wasn't there!

It's jet thruster sputtered and then ignited with a low, warm burn that elevated the Mr. Handy from the ground, his spindly limbs curling about beneath him.

His eyes shuttered and opened once or twie more. "I do believe I've been bot-napped! Quite a bother..."
Iris Lark Bacon the pig wakes up and blinks, confused as he realizes that he's in a cage and not in the roomy medical clinic. He skitters two and fro, squealing loudly as he tries to figure out what happened to land him here.
Jacqueline Well, this is most certainly Whassup's day. He'd been cadging a handout from that gullible lady who always smells like home-grown spices. She loves when he talks to her, even when he says silly things. Which is, admittedly, most of the time; being a Mynah bird, Whassup lacks context. Though he has been known to take requests when the mood strikes him.
Then the rest of the day became a blur, and now he's here in the tiny, cramped space with lots of warm, fuzzy things. Standing up very straight, he fans his wings and turns his head from side to side, stretching. "Whassup! Whas-sup?"
Ruane Directive: Obtain Scrap Metal, Ensure Survival, Process Scrap into base materials.

The Good news is that even in this restricted area, there will be all sorts of scrap for the single pincer of the robot to grab at and pick up to store in small bins that have been hung off the low to the ground robot's sides and built atop of it. Every few seconds, the single red eye shifting to look about the surrondings before slowly the robot continues to pick through nearby piles of scrap.

The little Scorpion not really recognizing the situation that it is in currently given the plethora and order of directives insuring that the robot has much to do before it even begins thinking about returning. At least for now.

Eight Legs. A long body, one pincer like arm with fingers, and a hell of a body, with diffirent qualties and kinds of metal bolted on. A real patch job of a robot. Not suprising the thing isn't smart enough to realize to have been stolen!
Dusty Rose No one could really of wanted that mangy cat in the corner of the cage, could they? Is it even aliv -- Oh, yeah, there it moved. Even if it was only to open one eye to glare at the puppy deciding to make a bunch of noise. Sigh. Sprocket lashes her tail and stretchs as she gets up. There's not going to be any sleeping with the anxious whining puppy around... And now there's a noisy bird, too. Which gets what could almost be a 'shut up before I eat you' death glare.

But what they say about cats and curiousity is true, and despite being slightly annoyed the cat pads over to check out the other animals she was uncerimoneously stuck with for the time being.
Stockton Bessy's stand-by routines flip over to back-up power, a few parts creaking and groaning as gears spin, motors crank up. After a few false-fluttering starts, the Eyebot manages to power up her servos and hover functions, gaining lift with a delighted sound that sounds almost like computational giggling. Finding herself among others, she sweeps the life forms and other robots with a few scans. "Anyone hurt?" it's her first concern. Much like her rusty brown and red color, that accent speaks of a bygone age. Realizing that the critters are all locked up, she remains hovering in place, getting a lay of the land and the occupants.
Achilles Of the kidnapped animals is a sight to see. Hairless, grey, thick with muscle, and apparently harmless. As Vaultmeat nudges the mutated dog, he pushes up and looks around. A moment passes before he tilts his head back and let's out a low bellow.

'What the 'ells goin' on 'ere?' The once English Bulldog thinks to himself, checking out the cage.
Blank SCRP hears the words from Bessie, floating back over to the other Eyebot. He sadly doesn't have the ability to actually speak English installed, so he beeps and whistles at the other machine, informing her of the locked door at the top of the stairs, that it doesn't know how they all arrived there, and that it really would rather leave if possible. It also comments on its opinion of whoever brought them there in a way that makes its beeping appropriate.
Abe     Someone spoke, someone spoke!

Sir Kit whirls around on his aerial axis to face... a bird. "Hmm..." the floating gaggle of eyes and limbs considered the creature for a moment before a second voice piped in.

"Oh, oh my. I didn't think any of you could talk." he mused, gesturing a idle limb towards Bessy, his other eye.. eyeing the various other critters and contraptions. "We may be in the minority however..."

After a moments processing, Sir Kit proceeds to do the gentlemanly thing and attempt to free the various inmates of their incarcerations. His pincers should do the trick for simpler locks. If not, there was that saw!
Iris Lark Bacon trots over to Vaultmeat and Terrance, the squeals finally dying down. He turns another circle, curious about their surroundings. He makes an attempt to squeeze out of the cage, but can't quite manage it so he flops down and awaits death or freedom. He hope for the second, and the food that comes with getting back to his clinic.
Jacqueline "Anyone hurt?" Whassup doesn't like the smell of the hovering metal things, even if they talk like the gullible lady. They stink of old metal, rust, and fire. Besides, they aren't offering treats.
The other things in the space are more interesting... and much closer. The Mynah sideskips out of the way of the squealy thing, adding a squeal of his own for good measure. He raises himself up to look more closely at Vaultmeat, turning his head to the side, that beady bird eye made larger by that distinctive gold swoosh around it. A puppylike whine escapes his bright orange beak. The mutant hound gets a similar look, though the bird can't stretch up enough to look him in the eye. "Whassup?"
And there's another voice! Oh, it's one of those metal things. But it seems to be talking to him! Whassup one-eyes Sir Kit curiously. "Enjoy Nuka-Cola! Bzzzzzz... ping!"
Alice The saw from Sir Kit definitely does the trick and in no time, all of the animals are freed from the cage that had been holding them prisoner!

All of the talking and noises though had drawn some attention from the captors so nefariously waiting above. A grumpy and mean sounding old lady could be heard calling out, "BUBBA! Why the hell is noises comin' down from where ya said the critters for the stew is? Git on down there and check it out now!"

"Yes Ma." A slow sounding man called out too loudly as heavy booted feed could be heard as someone moved above. No doubt heading for the basement door..
Stockton Bessy's reaction circuits are a little slow to fire up, but once she gets the gist from the other Eyebot, the floating orb bobs once as if in a nod. "You poor dear, yes it seems we are all in this mess together," it's an almost maternal tone. With a start the old lady spins around at the greeting from Sir Kit, "Yes. Oh yes, the other Eyebot informs me that there is a door, but we are handless." She whirls around at the sounds above and promptly floats up to the door to shove herself in between the door and the wall, preventing entry from above, "Perhaps there is another way?" she asks with a high titter.
Alice Vaultmeat barks excitedly at the robots before grabbing Bacon the pig by the collar with his teeth and putting the small lil piggie to ride on his back so his pudgy legs wouldn't get him left behind. Wagging his tail Vaultmeat licked Sir Kit before barking towards the stairs trying to draw attention to it, running over to Terrance he nudged the larger dog and barked at the stairs again.
Achilles 'Fank ya.' Terrance thinks, nodding slightly at Sir Kit. Without thinking, he trots halfway up the stairs before plopping his ass down and sitting there. He turns his massive head to look at Vaultmeat and gives the pupper a nod.
Ruane Directive:Continue Salvage Operations. Observe nearby activity, Ensure Survival, Break down scrap into basic materials.

The Protoscorpion has one focus, finding things, bits of broken bottles, bits of metal, even the odd bit of plastic thrown into the bins atop of it as it continues to look up and about, the robot's servos grinding, that red eye following the movements of all the other animals and robots with some mute interest, but otherwise obeying the robots programming ot the T until it fills up their bins to a satisfactory level.

New Found freedom doesn't change much, only insure that the Protoscorpions claw can get into even more little spaces, no doubt trying to go through boxes, trunks or what have you to find anything that might be of use.. and perchanse try and stumble upon a key.. or a lockpick that ight be usable, even if the robot had no idea how to use it itself.
Dusty Rose At least the robot seems to have some manners. Sprocket might of been able to squeeze her way through the bars eventually, but the robot cutting them out is a lot quickly. Cats are cats though, so the only show of gratitude Sir Kit gets is a brief brush up with her tail as she pads out of the opened cage. Though when you think about it, that's almost a feline high-five so there you go.

Now where to--What? Stew?! Ears lay back and a hiss escapes the cat while hackles bristle down her backside. They need to get out of here and now!
Blank SCRP trains his sensors towards the sounds of voices from above, beeping a few times thoughtfully. Hmm, no. No. That won't work. It still has no hands, and it also doesn't have any oil or a woodchipper. It considers the others there, then beeps at Bessy the concept of waiting for the apparently slow-witted man to start descending the stairs, then one of them throwing themselves at his legs to trip him and make him fall down them.
Abe     "No, no I think the time for a Cool, Refreshing Beverage that puts a Atomic Pep in Your Step is not now..." paid promotion muscles in on a subroutine momentarily before Sir Kit can finish the thought, turning his eye from the bird to the, quite large 'pup' that just licked him. "Ah-ha, yes, ah... Good Doggy..." he hoped that dog slobber didn't induce rust.

Who is he kidding?

Everything induced rust!

Oh and then a cat brush... lets hope that fur doesn't clog any intakes!

With the clamor from above, his twin eye-stalks swivel to focus upwards towards the stairs. She might be able to hold... but not for long! "Yes, another way, quite!" he agrees before he starts to hover about, looking for a set of stormceller doors or a window, any reasonable means of egress!
Iris Lark Bacon gets hauled up and doesn't fight it, his short little legs wouldn't keep up with anything here. She gazes around as Vaultmeat hauls him off in a direction and he hears the footsteps. He tries not to let out a frightened squeak but a little bit of sound escapes him, the fear being far too much for him to handle.
Stockton Everything induces rust, just ask Old Bessy. The suggestion of her fellow Eyebot makes her do that bobbing nod gesture again before simply lowering herself down a few steps in the dark, practically placing herself in the line between the man coming downstairs and the beasties looking for escape below. The old girl will wait for the perfect opportunity to break a human's leg.
Jacqueline There's a clank and the cage falls open. The metal thing listened! Whassup decides he likes this metal thing, and shows it by launching himself from the cage and landing on top of Sir Kit's ball-shaped body, nibbling a bit at one of its eyestalks. "So cute! You're a good friend."
The sound of other voices has that constantly moving Mynah head zeroing in on the door. People! Maybe treats?
And talk of stew... probably not treats. But lots of noise. Whassup tap-taps on Sir Kit's sturdy metal eye housing. "Good to meetcha, Rose Tyler! Run for your life!" he says shrewdly, and flits up to the top of a rickety shelf at one side of the room. There's not much room to fly down here. And he doesn't feel any air currents... probably no place else to fly, either.
At least, not yet. But doors open, right? The bird watches this one like one of his larger avian cousins who ill-manneredly kill things to eat instead of just begging gullible people for food. Rude!
Alice Lucky for the group the little Eyebot above is jamming the door but Bubba is pretty strong and it's only going to be a matter of moments before he unsticks the door, "MA THE DOORS LOCKED!" Bubba called out only for the mean sounding old woman to reply, "Ye idiot, the door don't have no locks! Push it hard, dem critters must be up ta something."

In the basement there didn't seem to be any way out that would fit everyone

There was a window above the eyebots could get to and maybe the bird and cat

There was a small hole in the wall that the cat and maybe the pig could get in but the only way out for the group of unlikely heroes? FOR ALL OF THEM? Seemed to be that basement door.

Maybe working together, they could ambush Bubba!
Iris Lark Bacon is too comfortable on Vaultmeat and while the small hole in the wall leads to Iris (and food), he decided to stick with his fuzzy friend. Laziness might lead to him becoming true bacon, but he'll take the risk.
Achilles Terrance just sits there on that step, looking up at the door. He's like his master in a lot of ways, that's the way out. All he had to do was take Bubba out and the path will be clear. Aside from the woman yelling.
Ruane Directive:Salvage Operation Complete. Return Home, Ensure Survival.

That little red eye on the robot soon is facing the rest of the group as the robot appears quite intruiged now with the current turn of events, and most certainly the door that stood in front of them leading out of the basement. Each of it's eight long legs soon skittering over to the door, each step taking it closer even as the robot's gaze settles upon the odd little robot holding the door closed.

The processing and servos whirring as the Protoscorpion determines the proper course of action hand clenching and unclenching as it stands near the doorway, clearly unable to determine the proper way forward. The robot's programing far too restrictive.
Blank SCRP lowers along with Bessy to wait for the man to open the door and start coming down, planning yo synchronize with the other bot in tripping him. Maybe right into the big mutant hound sitting on the steps below. He keeps as quiet as he can while he does so.
Dusty Rose First instinct is self-preservation. That's a cat for you, they only care when they want to care. Either the hole in the wall or the window could get Sprocket out with a little work, and back to stalking rats in the alley.

Though if she can climb up to the window... she could also climb up to where she could jump on someone. And she's still got claws, unlike those prissy housebound cats.

Well, lets find a high spot and wait to see if they even need her help. She'll decide if its worth sticking her neck out when she sees what's actually going to get in their way.
Abe     "O-o-o-o-oh Dear, oh dear, oh dear..." Sir Kit fretted as he spun in a slow circle, his processor heating with worry as the effort at the door became more insistant.

The littlest of them could flee... but what then?! No, this was.. they were trapped. Trapped!

"Wait, I have it!"

His fretful spin halted and his eyestalks lifted high with inspiration!

A Trap!

"Now then, y-y-y-y-yes, we need to hide! We'll all just... I've gon mad, haven't I. the radiation and rust have finally done it. I'm talking to animals..." he frets, eyes drooping... But still, even if he were mad, there was hope in madness.

"Very well, yes. Ah, Ms. Eye, please persist a moment longer! We will try and ambush the brute!"

"Now kitties, doggies, piggies, Birdies... why must everything end in 'Ies'? Nevermind! To-" the scorpid scurries by and up the stairs... Hm... "My fellow non-humans, we must hide and lay in wait for our captor. Bide your breaths! I wil.. well... I am mad and you don't understand a word I'm saying. John Winchester wears Women's negligee. That makes as much sense as anything else you've heard of me... Now The trrrap." rolling the R with dramatic flare, Sir Kit feigns shutting down, drifting down to his jet port and resting on the ground, arms splayed wide, eyes drooping low, one pincer selectively splayed over a countertop... and near a rubber mallet.
Jacqueline Those people sure make a lot of noise. But noise is something Whassup's good at, too. "Hiyo, Silver! Awaaaaay!" he bellows at an astonishing volume for such a little bird.
Stockton Bessy persists only as long as the ruse should persist before joining with SCRP on the stairs, hoping to trip the big lug on his way down so that the mutant hound can rid him of facial parts. Or however the trap is about to go off. The Eyebots will work in unison to kick off the fireworks. Hopefully they can all route up the stairs when it's done.
Alice Moments after Bessy moves away from the door, the door is kicked half-way off the frame by a large man with eyes that are far too close together, a balding scalp and a raggedy beard. He tries flicking on the light to the basement, calling out, "Critters, get back ta sleep. Yer supposed to be in mah belleh soon, Ma says I can't just eat people, gotta eat some critters sometimes to, so ya can get yer vitamins. Ya hear that critters? Yer how I get mah vitamins!"

Bubba doesn't seem to notice the mutant dog in front of him, the cross-eyed human who looked almost like a supermutant stepping forward as he whistles, "Come out, come out, wherever ye are."
Jacqueline Even a birdbrain can see that this is the moment for a timely distraction. "Made with eleven herbs and spices. BUBBA! Ya idiot... BUBBA!" Whassup pipes up again from his ramshackle perch, eyeing the bad man with one golden eye.
Ruane Directive: Salvage Materials, Ensure Survival, Return home.

Something glinting in the robot's eye might cause the being to pause. Perhaps by happenstance or becuase this was the only way the robot could follow along with the plan, the scorpion attempts to waddle over towards the side of the room.. and start resuming some salvageo perations.. changing out some shiny forks for some glass maybe? Either way, he tres to hide as best as it can..

that is until the target presents itself and the robot looks over towards the doorway, and the route to escape.
Abe     Sir Kit waits, oh YES he waits, a viper coiled, a jungle cat ready to pounce... A eye deftly shifts, peering up the stairs...
Achilles 'How 'bout fuck you?" Terrance thinks, jaw opening as he lunges forward and attempts to sink those dagger like teeth of his into the man's most sensitive area. Schwanz, Bubba. At the very least, he hopes to knock the poor guy off the stairs.
Iris Lark Bacon squeals loudly as the charge and assault begins, his little legs kicking upon the back of Vaultmeat. Like a cowboy he wants to ride into the sunset and out of this house!
Dusty Rose Oh, she'll come alright. Like the mighty predator her ancestors were, leaping and striking without remorse.

"MRRRRROWR!" It's not quite a fierce roar. More like a screeching wail as Sprocket leaps, aimed for the big man's head with claws deployed!
Blank SCRP raises up when Bubba takes his step, moving to trip tip the dullard as he goes down the stairs. The dog biting his crotch and the cat clawing his face probably help with this.
Stockton Bessy ignites her lifters the moment that SCRP does, boosting up right under Bubba's feet at the same time to try and topple him down towards the waiting dog and Protoscorp.
Alice Bubba doesn't stand a chance as he's tripped, clawed, scratched and bit in the precious bits (which tasted horrible, poor Terrance). Tumbling down the stairs the man goes, completely at the mercy of the animals.

Trying to stand up and reach for a pipe pistol on his side at the same time he says groggily, "Ye dumb critters, ima getcha for that. Ma dun even need to cook ya, I thinks vitamins are better raw anyways."

Vaultmeat barks and begins to run around Bubba with Bacon on his back and head up the stairs.

As for Bubba? He was the mercy of his 'Vitamins' and the scrap metal.
Abe     "HA HAAH!" a triumphant cry rang out from Sir Kit as his thruster fired off

"My cunning plan has come to pass, now vagrant, carlot, scallywag and ruffian, know justice!" the Mr. Handy prattles, his pincer closing on the handle of the rubber mallet before his arms swung around, bringing the bludgeon to the fore and lifting it up over his 'head'

With a whip of that arm, he brings the mallet down again and again and again as many times as it will take to put Bubba to bed.
Ruane Directive:Return home?

Well, that much is obvious now that the doorway is open, and the large protoscorpion is moving to try and get out, and possibly block teh entrance for poor Old Bubba to insure that the man can't escape his come-uppance from the assorted critters going after him. The big bulky machine no doubt looking for the door out as it peeks it as it stands obsctrcting the doorway to prevent the man to get out. Stairs are a wonderful thing after all... and so are eight legs.

Either way, after a while, the robot will gladly move out of the way if pushed.. just.. to you know, take it's time, figure out what is going on.
Dusty Rose He wants vitamins? Sprocket would spit a hairball in that big ugly maw of his if she had time to cough one up, see how he likes that to eat. Stupid huma... stupid varely qualifying as human. No need to insult the half decent ones by call this ugly thing a human. Subhuman? Parahuman? Oh whatever.

Sprocket gives another scratch or two before hopping down and taking off up the stairs after Meat and the Pig. The dogs and robots are better suited for keeping the fat hunk of flesh down on the ground.
Jacqueline Fresh air... the door's open! Whassup isn't about to wait for the bashed, bitten, and beleaguered Bubba to bar the way again. As Sir Kit, his favorite metal thing, goes to work on Bubba, the Mynah flits out in a blur of black, white, and bright gold, going right over the inbred's head.
Though he doesn't go without leaving a present: That runny streak of black and white on Bubba's well-clawed forehead.
"Guess what time it is, kids? It's Howdy Doody time!"
Blank Tripping somebody is basically the extent of what SCRP can do, combatwise. So it immedetly begins to scoot out of the basement after Bubba goes down intent on getting out as fast as possible from the hosue and somewhere safer. Of course, whoever that lady upstairs was might have something to say about that, but hopefully she won't be a threat! Yeah. Hopefully.
Stockton Bessy did her job well! The bucket of rust and bolts twitters a little in glee as the bad man trips over her, "I am so sorry, sir, I seem to have miscalibrated my lifting servos, and my look at the time!" The old timey accent chimes before puttering up to hovering again and making sure the door stays open, "Onwards!" she calls to those caught up in beating up Bubba. "Fresh air and freedom await."
Achilles Good riddance. Terrance trots on up the stairs, leading Vaultmeat and Bacon towards the exit and home. Well, towards Mama. 'Guess if there's ah lesson ta be learned here, it's not ta eat dumpster medicine.' If there was a real enemy here, it'd be trashcan opiates.
Iris Lark Bacon squeals triumphantly even if he didn't do anything. He is happily heading towards home and the promise of warm food and cuddles, at least that is what he thinks anyway.
Alice When the group is done with Bubba especially after the severe mallet-action to the head, it's clear the redneck-inbred-cannibal-hillbilly won't be bothering anyone else ever again. As the group begins to arrive upstairs they find 'Ma' up there with a bloodstained rolling pain screaming, "What did ya freaks of nature do to mah Bubba?"

She's large, overweight and looks meaner than a cave troll. She eats people. That said a lot about the kind of person she was!

As luck would have it, Joe Caine was in the area having been tracking this particular cannibal family for months. Today was his lucky day, except as he reaches the outskirts of the property he can hear Ma screaming at the companions!
Achilles Terrance bares his bloodstained teeth, growling at Ma. Lunging in he snaps at the meat of her leg, drawing her attention so Vaultmeat and Bacon can make a break for it. Don't let it be said that he never went out of his way to help anyone.
Jacqueline Oh, pinfeathers... Ma's home. This mobile feast might not be going very far without a little more teamwork.
Whassup veers away from Ma's mean face, missing closely, and ends up on top of the carcass of what had once been a refrigerator. He beats his wings in loud frustration. But he knows what's coming up the stairs behind him. "Saay yer praaayers, Vaarmiiint!"
Ruane That large threatening woman has the Protoscorpion pausing then, evaluating threats and that pincer on that large body clenching and unclenching. Metal upon metal sounding out as the robot tries to look just as threatening as Terrance. That one solitary red eye focusing intently, the grinding gears intensifying as if the abomination is further trying to reinforce the intimidation factor!
Dusty Rose Sprocket stops, and gives the obese woman the sort of glare only a cat can. She's calling THEM the freaks of nature? Has she looked in a mirror lately?... Probably not. The mirror probably broke to save itself the suffering of displaying that reflection every day.

Tail bristles out like a bottle brush as the cat hisses, ears splayed back and claws scraping into the floor. Smearing it with whatever blood she drew from scratching up Bubba's fat empty noggin most likely. Hiss hiss snarl spit. Look at me, bitch, I'm throwing a tantrum here.

Look at me so you can't stop the big mutant dog from charging you.
Alice Vaultmeat barks happily at Terrance before rushing for the door with Bacon on his back. He gets stuck there though and begins scratching and whimpering at the door, if only someone could open it! Someone with hands!

Ma screams loudly and whacks Terrance with her big rolling pin, "Damn critters are more trouble than people to eat!"

She tries to back up looking utterly terrified at the array of critters and robots ready to take retribution on her, "Ahhhh nice critters, nice robots.. I was just playing, a game, right? Yeah, it was all a game, Ma wasn't gonna eat you! No, I was gonna cook you all up a big feast."

As she backs up she appears to be reaching for a knife on the counter.
Joe Caine At the screams of hillbilly-inbred cannibals, Joe instantly speeds up, raising his hand to motion to his team to surround the building in good ole flanking form. As quiet as he can muster, Joe creeps up to the main entrance, the hammer of battered Ranger Sequoia slowly being pulled back before he kicks the door in, ready to blast whatever foul human made that noise.
Stockton Bessy, recognizing an aggressive action towards her chosen wards, immediately propels herself full force towards Ma's sternum, if nothing else it'll knock the old woman's wind out while everyone makes good on their escape.

Arms awhirling around on their axis, Sir Kit rears up from the remains of Bubba Leroy Mcanniblepants and utters his condemnation at the matron of the house with every decibel he is capable of. Brandishing the blood smeared hammer, he begins a litany, "To have allowed your boy, a child of obvious and clear special needs to sink so far as he has is clearly the sign of a unfit and GROSSLY negligent if not malicious parent. Were the offices of Child Protective Services still operational today, I would turn you in forth-with. However as the world has sunk so low as to allow such as you to go unchecked, I must take matters into my own pincers!"

As such, a claw dips down to Bubba's remains and collects a pistol that the man will no longer need.

"I am placing you under robot-citizens arrest!"

"Do not resist deputy pooch, he is a full empowered officer of animal law."
Blank SCRP considers just flying througha window or something. But, Bessy is attacking the ogre in a dress, so he computes that maybe he should assist her. He swings around behind the woman, darting in low and smacking in against the back of one of her knees. He's so far unaware of Joe watching through the window.
Achilles And animal law is a little different from human law, with regards to the fact that assaulting an officer is punishable by death. As Bessy and SCRP charge the woman, Terrance leaps forward once more. They were going to eat him, so he doesn't feel too bad about trying to eat her face. Terrible as it may taste.
Alice And so it was that the Villain 'Ma' was brought to Animal Justice right before Joe Caine's eyes.

The eyebots knocking the wind out of the woman's lungs and off her feet as a Mr. Handy held a gun on her and a mutant hound mauled her while a robot scorpion menaced and a cat hissed and a bird mocked. It was not an everyday sight.

The tables had been turned and Ma became eaten by Terrance, one of the very things she had hoped to eat.

Vaultmeat barked excitedly as Joe his tail wagging rapidly as he walked forward to lick the man's hand, hoping he would take them all back to El Dorado..
Iris Lark Bacon is a little worried about the big woman, but he just hangs on for dear life. Once Terrance deals with her he squeals happily and gazes at the human, Joe looks familiar, sort of. Maybe they'll get home soon, for dinner.
Abe     "Ah, good." intoned Sir Kit, a blood spattered. hammer and pistol wielding Mr. Handy.

"Officer, arrest this woman!" Sir Kit demanded, gesturing at the remains of Ma Cannible, "For various charges of Pet-napping, Robot-napping... and likely incest. Most certainly cannibalism."
Ruane The good news is that the Protoscorpion is free now! Free to go about idly walking and wadering it's way home now. Things are saved.. and the robot can go resume.. salvaging and scavenging out in those big dangerous wastes.

At least that is waht happens when a woman is eaten by a dog... no need to get involved now, right?
Joe Caine Joe watches the.. scene with wide-eyes. He'd seen some shit in his life, but.. never quite like what he had just witnessed. When Vaultmeat licks his hand, the giant militiamen gently pets the doggy on the head, "Hey boy.. what.. in the world happened here?" He shakes his head, looking about the bloody scene, "I take it you all probably wanna go home, yeah?" Joe leans his head out the door, "Hey boys. Come on in.. you.. wouldn't believe this shit.."
Jacqueline That mutant hound is like a living food processor, just... a LOT less neat. And Sir Kit seems to have things well in pincer by the time the door is pulled open and a human arrives on the scene.
Well, better late than never. And somebody has to open the door, right?
Whassup eyes the scene, then Joe, and then Sir Kit, the chatty one here. He looks around the room, click-click-clicking sharply, and finally says, "Book 'em, Dan-O! Th-th-th-th-that's all, folks!"
Achilles Terrance crunches Ma's skull between his teeth and turns to trot out, almost like nothing had happened. Joe gets a simple 'woof'. Wagging his tail he heads on out.

'Bitch an her son lover tried eatin' us. Ya believe that shit? They had me fucked up.' If only Joe could understand the hound.
Dusty Rose Stupid hillbillies.

Sprocket padded over to the lawman, briefly rubbing up against his legs as if to say yes, then sat and started licking the mutant redneck blood off her claws.
Blank After the door is opened and the cannibal rednecks killed (What is this, Point Lookout?) SCRP beeps his thanks to the the others there, then floats out the door. Now, where are they....
Alice The Militia Squad with Joe who enters seems extremely surprised at what they find, the robots and the animals and the cannibals already taken care of. Nobody was going to believe this story, but it did make their jobs easier.

If Joe had sense, he would probably say the Militia handled it, because this would not look good on a report; it would make him look like a drunk or a chem addict!

Who would believe that a pair of nine critters had taken down a pair of dangerous cannibals who had been killing out here for years?

Only those who were here today!