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Alice If Vuk was anywhere near Roswell it would be hard for him to miss the group of six moving through the city streets in search of adventure and loot. There were two girls (Iris and Alice) as well as a massive barbarian accompanied by two very large dogs and an extremely well-armed robot who was presently smashing the corpses of feral ghouls with the butt of his machine gun while exclaiming excitedly, "*BZT*!"

Alice's pip-boy was playing Radio Roswell and David Ghoulie was in the middle of one of his rock-related rants, "Now, my listeners, there's at least three of you, I'm pretty sure you all know that The Bowie is the best. So as part of our All-Bowie 24 Hour Marathon, your best pal, the Lord of Rock, David Ghoulie is sending this one out to you."
Vuk Vuk had already been in and out of Rosewell; because he was told about that crazy possibility of unknown loot. Frankly? He figured if it was keeping people from pushing further, it might hold the gate way to some place he had heard rumors of. He has the butt of some pistol shoved in a belt, and he was holding a Subgun over one shoulder as he..apparently decided he should join Alice and crew. Mostly? They have a pipboy, and he easily falls in behind them, skulking along, apparently..wary of a Bot with a M60. One might assume he -wants- a chance to see it in use actually. "This the expedition to push on through? Get past the fucking rads yah?" He calls out, hopefully, he doesn't get -shot- in the process.
Achilles "I like the other song he plays. The man who sold the world." Achilles chimes in, the older model Pip-Boy hanging from his waist echoing Alice's slightly. The giant is clad in dark plated riot armor. Unlike the Ranger's black armor, this piece is marked with B.C.P.D 912 across the chest piece.

"We aren't sure! At least I haven't decided what I'm here for." the giant calls over, lifting his power-fist clad hand in a wave.
Alice "That's a good one to." Alice replied with a grin as she swung her strange looking pistol in the direction of Vuk who had just joined their group, "You could say that."

Lowering her voice Alice said in her best narrator voice, "You may have even heard of us. In 2082, an elite team of friends was blamed for doing stuff they didn't do. They promptly blamed other people for the stuff they did. Now, still being blamed for the stuff they did, they survive as adventurers. If you have a problem if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire VAULT TEAM SIX!"

O.V.E.R. 9000 annoyingly said, "*BZT*" The large sentry-bot rolling down the street as it searched for more targets to kill.
Vuk Vuk lifts an eyebrow at the spiel, grinning a bit..that has to be made up, right? "No offense darling..but ahh..I don't think you predate the great war." He just says, knowing it seems improbable. "I mean, you ain't a wrinkled radioactive prune." He says and salutes the large man with his free hand. "Though, I suppose the bot probably is, where ever you dug that thing up. I'd love to find one my self. Even if I just sold it off to a caravan to guard their drek." he murmurs, thinking to him self apparently.
Achilles There's a growl from beside Vuk as a large mutated hound crossed over to walk beside him. Ever seen what the F.E.V. does to animals? If Terrance wished he could stand on his hind legs and look Achilles in the face.

"Terrance, that's rude." The large man scolds, but he's grinning under his mask. "But funny, I'll give you that." It appears he's talking to his dog. Wasteland's a weird place.
Alice "Whatever, you're a jerk. I meant Twenty-Two Eighty-Two. Sounds like you found us and hired us though, so yes, we'll finish clearing Roswell for you. We'll talk payment later." Alice said with a grin before patting Vaultmeat on the head, the dog barking excitedly before raising a paw up for Vuk to shake.

In the distance, a loud and scary roar could be heard. Very scary.

"Hey guys.. did you hear that to?" She quickly turned down her pip-boy and the roar could be heard again, this time? Closer..
Vuk Vuk drops into a crouch when the roar is heard..but not before shaking paws with the pup. Actually, if not for the growl, he would have likely started playing with the pup. Instead, he clicks the safety off his sub gun. "Ja. Not good, now is it? Not the growls of ghoul. Some thing else. Super mutant?" he asks, Achilles, and his FEV mutated monsterous dog. Some how, he just assumes Achilles suddenly, has the most knowledge of things that might kill you. He also has a power fist.
Achilles "Another of those Tyrants. Must be packs of them out here." Achilles actually chuckles. "Or maybe we'll get lucky and it'll be a mutant." He slips his power fist off and secures it in his satchel before drawing the axe from his back.
Iris Lark Iris squints up at Achilles and gives him a firm thwap on the arm. "No mutants, we've been through this how many times now?" She mutters softly and gingerly climbs up on her perch before she offers further comment. "Don't you remember what happened last time we were out here?" She gives Vuk a quick glance and a shy wave. "Hello, I didn't see you there."
Alice Alice popped some mentats into her mouth and begin to chew them so she could stay calm, "A what?" The girl stared at Achilles like he knew the most about these things as she eyed her own power fist that was worn on her arm alongside her pip-boy, "I'd kind of like to meet a mutant. They sound pretty cool."

O.V.E.R. 9000 steadied itself in the middle of the road and readied its weaponry before looking down at Vaultmeat who had run over to sit beside him.
Vuk Vuk moves his free hand to assure him self his back pack is shoved in his belt in it's holster and grunts quietly. "Lets do it." He says with enough false courage he should be the one fueled by drugs, running his tongue against his lips to wet them before..skulking towards the sound. "Just remember if I lose an arm, you need to find it and the rest of me. I can't let my pretty body go to pieces if I can help it."
Iris Lark "I can help you if something rips off your arm, I'm not sure it will work anymore, but I can sew it back on." Iris muses, a thoughful look on her face. She eyes Achilles and a slight frown appears on her face. "Honestly if things get a bit crazy, I may give you something from the rucksack." She says, shaking her head slowly. "I'd rather not, but...sometimes we don't have choices."
Achilles "We'll be alright. Hopefully." Achilles says with a slight shrug. "Just be ready, because this'll be a hard fight." Everyone knows it's best to listen to the stranger with the axe.
Alice On either end of the road from the front and the back of the group a large ghoul of about nine feet tall approaches with obvious cybernetic modifications attached to them. They both roared in unison and began to advance down the road slowly towards the group.
Joe Caine Joe had been making his weekly routine scouting trip to Roswell and back, marking down movements of enemy squads and other mobilized denizens of the desert. Something had caught his attention in the distance, the light glint of metal against the sun, perhaps. Whatever it was, it was enough to garnish Joe Caine's interest. It takes a little while to close the gap, but eventually he manages to catch up to whatever it had been. At first he just notices the group of El Doradon's, but the giant cybernetic Ghoul's soon grab his attention, "Oh jeez.." The FN Fal is quickly plucked from his shoulder.
Vuk Vuk shifted to cover the mutant Achilles isn't staring down, quickly hammering a quick double tap out. "Who the fuck stuck cybernetics into these things!?" he suddenly hisses out, clearly, the idea of running? It's already in his head, given the pure lack of effect his sub gun is having.
Achilles Achilles stops and pulls his stimpak out from the side of his satchel. Tilting his head to the side the man exposes his neck, and with a swift motion he jabs the device in, juicing before the fun begins. "C'mon, let's see what you've got." he challenges the ghoul, raising his axe back up. He wasn't charging in yet, rather he was getting a feel for the cyborg.
Iris Lark Iris sees the cybernetics coming from Achilles' shoulder and she sights one with her rifle and fires. She sees it hit but anything after that is lost on her as she climbs down from the giant man's shoulder and heads for cover. No need to be a target, right?
Alice "Oh Sugarsnaps!" Alice called out at the sight of the monstrous cybernetic ghouls, "I bet it was the aliens." She began to explain to the others, "They probably wanted to probe us again but realized they needed help."

Taking aim with her blaster pistol she fired off a shot that went wide and disintegrated an old sign even as she whistled for Vaultmeat to come close.

"*BZT*" O.V.E.R. 9000 said in challenge to the ghoul tyrant as he opened fire with his M60 and Laser Beam scoring two hits much to the satisfaction of the killing machine.
Alice The Ghoul Tyrants both charge at the same time. One charges Achilles and doesn't manage to score a blow but the other manages to hit Johnny and scores a solid blow against the scavengers chest before roaring!
Joe Caine Joe wastes no time as he fires twice on the giant robo-ghoul. "I swear... this shit just get's weirder an' weider." The first shot wizzes past Vuk, narrowly avoiding friendly fire. Joe sucks air through his teeth, "Well shoot, sorry 'bout that!" He offers a friendly wave, before gripping the rifle once more and firing off a far more accurate shot, which leaves a little hole in the ghoul's chest. "
Achilles "Not today." Achilles scolds, bringing the backside of his axe up to slam into the cyborg ghoul's ribs. Once he's sure Iris is clear the giant (who looks small next to the Tyrant) growls and swings his axe around and down towards the monster's head, only fall short.
Vuk Vuk feels a thumping crunch against his body, and if it wasn't for the fact he was wired? He' likely have smashed down..or maybe it is because he's fairly well built man. Actually staggering back might have just help -not- eat a FN-FAL round, but he shoves his Sub gun upwards and pulls the trigger, shots banging out, and casings scattering to the ground. "I am not enjoying this!" He shouts out.
Iris Lark Iris pops up from hiding and she squints her eyes, gazing at the cyborg that's in combat with Vuk. She gets an evil little grin on her face and fires off a shot. BAM. Headshot. It falls to the ground and she pumps a fist as she whoops. She takes a breath and turns the rifle on the second ghoul and fires off a shot that catches it square in the abdomen. She allows herself a short victory dance and then moves closer to Achilles.
Alice Alice and O.V.E.R. 9000 both fire into the ghoul tyrant facing Achilles, unleashing hell at the same time and even hitting even as she takes a moment to pat Vaultmeat on the head for staying as told to. Then she notices Joe and she leans in to tell Iris, "OH MY GOD! Did you see him? He is a real cutie. Do you think he wants to ask me out?"
Alice The Ghoul Tyrant rends and tears towards Achilles in a frenzied set of attacks but it doesn't seem to be able to make a dent in the big man.

Joe Caine Joe.. for all the training he's had.. for all the tim he's spent at the range shooting targets. He just can't seem to hit his target, the universe doing everything in it's power to prevent a decent shot. Finally, a bullet grazes the ghoulinator, "Well I'll be good god damned!" He grunts and kicks a rock in anger.
Achilles Achilles takes the slash and comes back in to return the attack, but everyone turning their fire onto the ghoul complicated things. Both of his swings fall short, which seems to piss him off even more.
Vuk Vuk dumps the rest of his sub gun into the mutant and goes to begin slapping a fresh mag home. He also begins a silent mantra in his head when the -louder- roar is heard. "It is the is the wind.."
Iris Lark Iris fires at the ghoul, seeing it so close to death, and it drops and she moves towards Achilles climbing his armor until she's settled on his shoulder. She slings her rifle back and taps him gently. "How are you holding up?" She asks, opening her rucksack with a frown. "If you need anything..let me know."
Alice Alice slides the alien blaster pistol into her vaultsuit and approaches Joe, "Well, hello there!" Holding a hand out enthusiastically she introduces herself with a big smile, "I'm Alice, thanks for coming to help out. It looks like we've cleared Roswell out now, I doubt we could have done it without you." She was totally looking into Joe's eyes. So dreamy! Totally kissing ass to.
Achilles "Was just a scratch." Achilles assures Iris, though he sounds winded. "Something bigger is coming. Got anything to help me out, doc?" The giant asks the woman on his shoulders. "Med-X, Jet, some Psycho, I'll replace it when we get home."
Iris Lark Iris is distracted for a moment as she watches Alice get flirty with Joe, a slight grin pulling at her lips. She blinks at Achilles and frowns. "That's a lot." She comments, but doesn't argue, not for the moment. Her eyes scan the horizon as she digs into her medicine bag. "You'll replace it, eh?" She sounds amused as she leans down to hand him what he asked for. "Just get us out of here alive, won't you?"
Achilles "Get ready to run Iris." Achilles doesn't often sound worried, but that thing sounded very big. Lifting his helmet he pops a few pills, huffs synthesized brahman dung, and then jabs another needle into his neck. This was going to be wild.
Iris Lark Iris isn't used to Achilles telling her to run so she scampers down from her perch and moves to find cover. A moment passes and then the small woman swears and darts out to drag Alice into cover with her. She can flirt later!
Vuk Vuk is watching intently towards the direction of the roar, even as he begins to try and pry out a cybernetic unit from one of the downed Tyrants and grimaces. "It Swallowed some one." he says when he..ends up with a not to think about it, sub gun. "I don't even want to know how it swallowed this whole and not choked." Again, Vuk glances around for the sound of trouble. "I don't suppose any one has a fucking rocket launcher hidden on em?" Hopeful..hopeful.
Joe Caine Joe Caine looks to Alice, offering a some-what charming smile, "Howdy!" In one quick motion, Joe slaps the empty magazine from his rifle, and reloads it, "Sergeant Caine, El Dorado Militia." The smile fades, but remains as he continues to speak, "I'm sure y'all would've come out ahead.. I can't take all the credit." Iris is offered a smile as well, before looking towards the loud noise, "Well, that sounds like one helluva good time."
Alice Alice swats off Iris' attempts to drag her to cover and pulls out her katana and begins tracing out some letters on the ground before looking up into the night sky, "Hey, whatever happened to that roar?"

In the skies above you could see a single glowing light hovering above your location from a distance but it just seemed to be hanging in place. A light humming noise emitting from it. It was a flying saucer.

From one of the ruined buildings roofs a massive cybernetically augmented deathclaw jumped down in the midst of the group and roared loudly. It wasn't here to chat.

Alice gulped and said with a sigh, "I just had to ask...."

Notes: Combat is considered Close Range. No penalties for firing into melee.
Alice The Cyberclaw roars again amidst the group before firing a fucking laser arm cannon at Vuk and then leaping at Achilles and biting his arm!
Joe Caine Joe somehow, halfway, deep down in the bottom of his heart, knew that they were going to be having to face a Deathclaw at some point today. When it becomes obvious that it's been cybernetically enhanced, Joe smirks, snapping his fingers, "Well I'll be damned, I didn't see /that/ one comin'.. what a twist!" Joe instantly takes two crack shots towards the Cyberclaw, one shot doing a decent amount of.. well, no. It probably just pissed it off.
Iris Lark Iris peeks out from hiding and she raises her laser rifle, her eyes wide. She fires twice and blinks as both shots hit. The clumsy woman nearly upends herself as she tries to do a happy dance as she moves to get the deathclaw in her sights again.
Vuk Vuk isn't sure any of them can out run a what is the logical thing to do after it bisects part of his flesh? Start returning fire and trying to fight back the pain. Pain which overwhelms the sensory, which means some of his shots go awry, some find their mark. Maybe this new sub gun will serve him well? Or maybe not!
Achilles Achilles is all sorts of fucked up, and when the Cybernetic Deathclaw bites onto his arm, the giant just sort of laughs. Drawing back he slams his axe into the creature's side, but it glances off. "Oh fuck you!" Pulling back he cuts into the beast, actually hitting something.
Alice O.V.E.R. 9000 unleashes an impressive display of firepower against the CyberClaw but fails to do much to it at all, the bullets pinging harmlessly off the armored hide or outright missing. This causes the robot to become sad as it just issues forth, a "*BZT*" Due to its inability to talk.

Vaultmeat also dashes at the beast and grabs onto its leg but doesn't seem to be doing much!

Alice rushes forward with her Katana using all of the training Hanzhou has given her, which she sadly hasn't paid any attention to and cries out, "DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!"
Alice The Cyberclaw roars again before firing its laser cannon at Alice and catching the young woman in the torso before her sentry-bot protector can help her! It then digs deep into the meaty flesh of Achilles trying to get to the juicy marrow inside.
Iris Lark Iris keeps a keen eye on the deathclaw as she dances around, knowing that standing still will just make her a large target. She raises her rifle, pauses, and fires twice and scores two hits. One to the head and the other to one of its arms. She calls out as she moves. "I think we're doing okay, sort of!"
Vuk Vuk levels the .45 off the hip, Chicago Gangster style, hammering the rest of the mag out until several clicks are heard as keeps trying to fire and then goes to press it against his side and bring the inferior 10mm out. "No one else heard any other roars, right? Or strange noises like ..engines? Or Satanic Chanting?" He yelps out.
Joe Caine Joe let's loose a steady stream of bullets, that impact with the massive creature. He changes positions, and lunges for a tight-knit rock formation, where he manages to find some cover.
Alice Alice cried out in pain as she was shot grabbing her stomach, "You shot me!" She sounded pissed, "You shot me! You stupid fudgepacking idiot!" She looked like she was very angry with this new development in the fight.

O.V.E.R. 9000 and Vaultmeat both let hell rain upon the Cyberclaw even as Alice screamed loudly, "DIE YOU STUPID IDIOT THING! GO BACK TO THE MOTHERSHIP!" Stabbing with her Katana and smashing with her power fist she took deep breaths and called out, "You want some more idiot? Let's fight! Vault Team Six is going to kick your ass!"
Alice The Cybernetic Deathclaw grabs Achilles and squeezes him tightly before firing its laser cannon at him and leaping on Vuk and practically ripping the man's arm off before roaring loudly.

In the skies above the observing light is still there but you hear the sounds of an approaching Vertibird!
Alice Alice continued her furious assault alongside the others managing to score a few solid hits on the Deathclaw as she felt her rage simmering down with some satisfaction. Stepping back and adjusting her glasses, she took a deep breath, "Oh my gosh, this is tiring."
Vuk Vuk arm not responding, in fact, it doesn't hurt right away until the Deathclaw pulls back and he hears and feels tendons ripping and a terrible scream erupts from his throat, and then he shoves his working hand with the gun into it's throat, and begins firing wildly, but that scream? Oh it will echo, it doesn't let up, he's losing alot of blood right? He doesn't realize shoving his hand -into- a Deathclaw's mouth to pump rounds into it's brainstem is genuinely, an awful idea, except when it works. Just hopefully the thing falls backwards, not onto him!
Joe Caine While Joe is crouched between two giant rocks, he takes the time to switch the lever on his rifle to semi-auto, relying on pure skill as he double-taps the deathclaw, twice, all four hits striking true! "Finally!" He grumbles to himself, shaking his head.
Vuk Vuk has an arm that is -definitely- not going to be working properly for a while, it isn't a good sign when your recourse is to begin strapping your arm against your chest and side and have almost no strength left in it. At least he can use it to slap a new mag into the sub gun with a groan of pain. "That isn't the fucking aliens you keep mentioning is it?" he asks about you know, approaching engine noises.
Iris Lark Iris steps up to Vuk and glances where he's motioned to. "I..uhm.. I don't think that's a flying saucer." She mentions, a slight frown on her face. She sighs deeply and shakes her head. "I can't do much for this arm until you come to the clinic."
Vault Girl A vertibird approaches overhead but as it gets close to the hovering light you had seen earlier? Laser beams shoot out faster than you can comprehend and shoot it down.

As the Vertibird spirals out of control towards the street the hovering UFO above flies off into the unknown..

Everyone is able to dodge the crash and the people inside are all killed, but as luck would have it? Some of their gear flies out of the wreckage into the street.

Odds are you would need it as another Vertibird was approaching..
Alice Alice moves forward and begins to sift through the wreckage finding an advanced looking rifle, "Whoaaaa..." Holding up a Gauss Rifle and finding another like it she called out, "IRIS QUICK! LOOK WHAT I FOUND!"
Vuk Vuk is moving more carefully towards downed crew..never mind there was infact, a fucking UFO, right? Naw, he finds a proper weapon..but there is another vertibird! "Fuck! Get in cover! Get in cover!" he warns every one..indeed, he's going to try and definitely get into a ruined building that will hide him. Hopefully the others follow suit! Because it seems like a good plan!
Iris Lark Iris catches sight of what Vuk is saying and she sees the Enclave. She takes off running for whatever cover she can find, her eyes wide.
Joe Caine Joe rummages around the wreckage a bit before plucking a giant rocket launcher from it's steely grave. "Woah. Hoooly bejesus belt." There comes a day in every soldier's life when he gets his first rocket launcher. On this day that boy soldier graduates to a man, "Shit just got real boys.."
Alice "Uh Hey!" Alice unzipped her vaultsuit a little, "I'm a girl, so is Iris. If you didn't notice, we have bewbs."
Achilles Achilles is still high as hell, and right now he can't even comprehend what running means. The man just brings his stimpak up and uses the last bit. If they're wanting a fight, they'll get one.

"What a wonderful day."
Joe Caine Joe Caine smirks, "Well, at this rate I should just keep denying it," There is the whole UFO thing though, and despite how much he wants to keep his cool, FREAKIN ALIENS MAN. There's one thing that Joe didn't play around with, and that.. was aliens..
Vault Girl The Vertibird set down not far from your position, maybe they weren't even hostiles!

Three Power Armored soldiers begin to file out of the Vertibird along with Six Soldiers in Heavy Enclave Combat Armor.

They don't look like the type to mess around.

The lead soldier regarded the group of you before announcing to his men, "Kill them all and recover the prototypes."

There was no negotiation, the battle had begun.

Most of you had probably never encountered THE ENCLAVE before but if that strange looking US FLAG on the side of the Vertibird meant anything? That was these guys... and they did not have a good reputation.
Vault Girl The Enclave Fire Team Leader takes aim at Vuk and fires immediately at the man before telling his troops, "That's how you deal with these mutants, kill them quickly."
Vault Girl The Power Armored CQC Specialist cracks his knuckles not even wielding a weapon and runs forward charging like a Rhino without saying a word. He KICKS Iris in the leg shattering bones.
Achilles There are some things you just don't do. Touching Iris when Achilles is anywhere near? That's a /very/ big no-no, especially when he's hyped up on psycho. As the Enclave asshole kicks Iris, her giant in riot armor rushes over. There's no thinking involved, he just brings that power fist of his down onto the man, crushing sections of his armor in and leaving the poor guy looking rough.
Joe Caine Joe takes a few quick shots before jumping behind a piece of smoking debris. The FN Fal is thrown over the top of it, and he simply depresses the trigger, spraying bullets into the advanced squads more sensitive regions.
Iris Lark Iris crawls along the ground, her leg shattered. She brings up her rifle and fires, a grimace on her face. Two shots, two hits and she continues to crawl for any kind of shelter, knowing she's not going to find any.
Vault Girl The Enclave Heavy Support Soldier in his power armor walked forward and began to laugh as he unloaded on Joe, "Stupid Mutant." Why were they calling you all mutants!?
Vault Girl The Veteran Squad takes position and begins to unload hell on Achilles with their assault rifles hitting his heavy armor multiple times!
Vuk Vuk is distinctly aware he -should- feel some thing, but the fact is? He's going very numb, and he doesn't think he can truly walk, his leg resembles his arm. So he shifts the Support weapon to simply fire at the one attacking Iris with a grunt. Snarling out gun fire at him and hissing out as loudly as he can. "Run!" It takes far to much effort.
Vault Girl The standard enclave squad moves in and begins to target the Vault Dweller Alice unloading with SMGs on the poor girl!
Alice Alice is shot several times by the Enclave Soldiers and despite the pain? She keeps on fighting as she raises her newly acquired Gauss Rifle and shoots it at the guy attacking her dreamboat hunk Joe Caine.

Vaultmeat and O.V.E.R. 9000 teach the Enclave Soldiers who had shot their master the meaning of pain and are quickly wiped out to a man!
Vault Girl The Enclave Vertibird takes off as it was only there to drop off troops, lucky for the group it had NOT been configured for ground assault or this would have gotten much messier. It was in the air though, keeping a low profile due to the loss of the other Vertibird... to aliens!
Vuk Vuk shifts, barely, every thing is so much harder when you are sitting in a pool of your own blood and levels the LMG out out of the cover..and pulls the trigger. "What part of run did no one get!?" he snaps out
Vault Girl The Veteran Squad splits their fire between Joe and Achilles not panicking at all despite the loss of 4 of their own! They were Enclave! They would win! FOR MURICAS!
Joe Caine Joe had dished out his fair share of damage over the course of the battle, undamaged at that, but luck would have it that he left himself open for a brutal attack, which left him riddled with holes. Despite it all, the beast that was Joe Caine, returns fire, taking out several men with rapid finesse, "... OW! You shot me.. you sum'bitch!"
Vault Girl The heavy gunner activates his minigun no longer wasting time and unleashes a set of precision volleys towards both Joe and Achilles.
Alice Alice seems like she is on her last legs as she fires off another shot as she watches Vaultmeat and O.V.E.R. 9000 finish off the other squad, "Come on everyone! We can do this!" She cried out enthusiastically, "You hear that, you stupid Enclave idiots, Vault Team Six is going to get you all!"
Achilles With the asshole that hurt Iris down, Achilles turns his rage on the Heavy in power armor. He promptly turns the man's inside into jelly. This is probably why the giant usually stays away from chems.
Vault Girl The Enclave Fire Team Leader laughs and takes aim at Iris before firing off two precision laser blasts at Iris, "You mutant scum. You don't understand what we're working towards here. You're not even human, you wouldn't understand. Just know, that I take no joy in killing you all, even if you've killed my men. They were soldiers, and they knew the risks as did you all. I salute your valor but it is over."
Joe Caine With the addition of Joe's massive arm trauma, he finds himself in a world of hurt. It takes all of his willpower to keep his weapon steady, as he fires two more shots off, that go wide. "Dammit.." Taking a deep breath, the injured soldier peers down the length of his rifle, lining up the iron sights before letting off two accurate shots that barely manage to penetrate armor.
Alice Alice shot at the enclave leader again, calling back, "Screw you, jerk! The Enclave and America don't even exist anymore." Vaultmeat and O.V.E.R. 9000 likewise went to town on the man but there was only so much they could do.
Achilles One after another they fall, Achilles promptly shatter's the leader's kneecap, before crushing in the front of his power armor. "Don't touch my Iris."
Vault Girl The sound of the Vertibird returning could be heard and it was definitely not coming in slowly, it was coming in for an attack run. At best it was a minute or so away giving the survivors a small window of opportunity to prepare themselves for battle or to run for their lives with their fallen friends.
Alice Alice had never really killed until today but with her wounds and everything else going on? She didn't want to chance taking any further damage. She had been studying Power Armor on her pip-boy in her spare time and she was confident she could operate a suit, "Iris and Vuk may be dead. I'm not a doctor, so I don't know but if they are, I don't want to let those bastards get away with it."

Dragging the Enclave Fire Team Leader out of the X-01 Power Armor without even a second thought, her tolerance for humans being broken for the day she stepped inside the damaged suit of armor which was reading red system status.

"Let's shoot down a gosh darn airplane." The M72 Gauss Rifle was readied and feeling almost invincible in the armor she took aim towards the skies, praying to the Pip-Boy and Pip-Girl to guide her actions.

Somewhere, Overseer Caine or someone really cool was saying to her 'Use the Pip' but it was all in her head. Damn, Mentats.
Achilles Achilles takes up the minigun and moves next to Alice, "They aren't dead. As long as can kill them." It's this desperation that's brought the giant down to the level of using a gun. "Filthy thing. Damned cowards hiding in their birds."
Joe Caine Joe takes the Rocket Launcher, throwing it over his shoulder like it weighed nothing. He'd never really fired one of these before, but that didn't stop him from trying to figure it out. It was a firearm after all.. just.. one, big.. massive... bullet... that.. exploded. How hard could it be right? Joe figures out the iron sights well enough, lining up the cross-hair with the target. Figuring out the rate of speed, Joe adjusts the sight so that it's several steps in front of him. He takes a deep breath, internally praying to whatever gods might be in existance.
Vault Girl When the Vertibird returns for its attack run it finds itself facing unexpected heavy firepower that was aptly suited to taking it out.

From down on the streets the rat-tat-tat of the Minigun held in Achilles hands can be heard as the booming crescendo of the M60 mounted on O.V.E.R. 9000 unloaded into the skies.

The vertibird was hit multiple times by shots but still aloft as Joe and Alice took aim with rocket and gauss respectively.

The pilot swore aloud, "OH FUCK!"

The rocket fired and hit the fuselage of the vertibird as the gauss rifle penetrated through the pilots compartment.

The Enclave Aircraft spun out of control wildly before exploding with a satisfying BOOM in the distance.

Roswell had been freed of major threats, aboveground anyways. It was now safe to begin venturing beyond it.

The heroes still standing are able to make their way back to the city with the wounded so they can be cared for at the medical clinic.

Today, legends had been borne!