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Sammy The desert is a living thing, it moves and flows, always has, always will. Sands will shift and sometimes whole towns will disappear. Sometimes things will appear out of the Wasteland like a Mirage.
The Ranger stands on a particular tall piece of rubble that might've been a building or three quarters of a bus stop, he's surveying the land to the South. The increase in foot traffic has caused this area to be more valid, and the increase in city has brought the need for the Wasteland to be pushed back a little farther, for there to be questions asked and answered about what is indeed to the south. He's well within line of sight of the road leading South of Shantytown, and there are any number of ways of knowing about the fact that the NCR is assisting the city as a whole to expand it's borders.
Barns Barns walk along seeing a fellow ranger "hope i can be of assistance in any way" he says looking at sammy
Abe     There was always work that needed doing around El Dorado. Always someone that could use a hand, always someone else's business you could stick your nose in to.

Abe had volunteered as a extra set of hands when the word got out. It might have gotten the Brotherhood Scribe a dirty look... But he hasn't shot any Ranger in the back yet so it wouldn't be a difficult issue to press.

He stands at the foot of Sammy's fateful dune, resting his ass on a pair of tires that has likely supported many a ass before his. Hunched forward, he sips from a canteen before pulling the mask of the.. legitimately bought Ranger helmet back into place..

"I spy, with my little eye something that begins with the letter... S."

You wasteland heathens know your alphabet, right? It's what you spell your name with, even if you just mark a X.
Ashur "The leg will hold, my Kumo," rumbles the golden Ashur, leaning the metal cane against the bed in the girl's Shantytown office. "Wrap the knee and thigh tight to brace it, and I'll manage." As she does so, the musclebound brute adjusts his armor, making sure it's strapped right to his oversized frame. The last thing he does is slide rough fingers into the bloodstained spiked brass knuckles he owns, tightening them into a fist as he walks to the door. There's a slight limp in the leg when he applies weight to it-- but he'll live.


It's only a short walk from the clinic to the staging ground, and Ashur and Kumo come together. He is, as always, wielding nothing save the knuckles, but he's fished out of a back pocket a small gun to give her. "I told you I'd find you something," he rumbles.
Jacqueline Probably braver than she really needs to be, Jacqueline Wayne had heard about this trip out of Shantytown as well. And as expensive as shotgun ammo is, she could stand to get some more experience out in the great, wide wastes. She's a sheepdog in training, after all.
And so along she comes, double-barreled fowling piece in one hand, trying to shoo back a black and white bird who won't be shoo'ed. "Go home, Whassup! Go beg Mom for some more garlic bread or something."
The bird perches on the top of the bus stop, eyeing the folks already gathered. "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, pilgrim," the Mynah comments sagely, punctuating it with a crow-like click-click-clicking.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "I'd probably have to shoot you just to stay in bed." Kurokumo's words are gently chiding, with no real bite. Her lips do quirk into a smile as they walk along, hands smoothing over the weapon. "You got me something! You sly dog." There's a brief peck of a kiss on Ashur's upper arm, the Asian woman making sure she's properly armed as they walk along.
Sammy Sammy turns quietly, lowering his rifle from using it as a spotting scope / monocular, and rests it across his arms, his fingers gripping the rifle around the stock and the safety flicked on, cradling it just-so. With a red-tinted gaze he surveys the band that's formed, but there's distinctly something different about his body language, specifically, the calmness of it, like he's driven a bigger wedge between helmet on and helmet off.

And what a change the helmet's gotten, ashen-white, ceremonially hand painted skull motif down over the faceguard and mask, and the formerly black armor beneath his duster, skeleton ribs also painted in with a level of ritual significance. Tied to the bipod of his rifle, a great raptor feather latched with a leather thong, and he has a few more leather fetish pouches at his elbows and knees than before over the top of his NCR fatigues.
"Ranger Barns," he gives a nod of greeting. "... I think I heard your name was Abe?" he mentions to the scribe, but there's a wariness to his tone. He knows there's something not-quite right between this scribe, whom he's observed being peaceful, and for the most part harmless, and those he's recently traded shots with.
He looks to Ashur and Kumo, "And my favorite Paladin smashing mountain of a man. I think it was ... Ashur? Looks like your doctor's making sure you don't rip stitches?" he gives a grin, mostly carried in his voice behind the mask, but a little of the welcoming spread of his arms. "Ready for a long walk, Jackie?"
Abe     R"Scribe Errant Abreham McDonald; Ready Willing and such and such and such..." it began with a certain sharp, clipped bluster that fadded off, his right hand snapping up to the brow of his helmet and then rolling away in a slightly flippant gesture, hand rolling at the end of his wrist.

Stowing his canteen, he claps his hands against his thighs and hefts himself to his feet. "So this is the NCR sight seeing tour, right?" he wondered aloud, dusting off his pants seat befor he let his wrist rest against the bulky shape of his laser pistol wedged beneath the strap of his belt.
Barns Barns barns offhandedly comments "sam your amor looks badass " but looks over to the asian woman and the mountin of a man "ok you two quite the grabassing save that for the afterparty" he says while chuckling then looked at abe "mabie but after the bos attack whos to say we aint going to sacrifice your ass"
Abe     "My handsome smile and good looks!" reported Abe, ignoring the fact that he did not possess a lions share of either or that the mask would have hid themj even ig he did! It also hid that wink behind it's gleaming, red lenses.
Ashur Ashur treads with earthquake steps. The massive muscles of his scarred legs flex as his booted feet slam down with a certain heaviness, but his gait is uneven-- and it's easy enough to tell why, as the tight bandaging bracing his left knee and thigh is visible against the bare skin beneath his skirt.

It helps explain the healer's presence-- the former Legionnaire is hurling himself into danger with an obvious, if temporary, disability.

"The leg needs to be tested," he says to Sammy, reaching down to pat it with hand and give it a squeeze. "And my Kumo takes her work very seriously." He glances toward her as she taunts him with a shooting, and snorts, bullishly, at Barns' comment. His hand rests above the small of her back-- not quite playing grab ass yet.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo frowns at the leg as Ashur pats it. He's always pushing himself, whittling bits and pieces away until there's nothing left. She can only keep him together for so long. The Doctor is about to say something biting, but keeps it to herself.
Jacqueline "Got my canteens, Sammy," Jackie replies, abandoning her attempted shooing of the bird to two-finger salute the skull-helmed Ranger, nodding as well to Abe. She's seen him before, though only from a distance, when she'd come to find a certain lost Mynah bird who looked as though dust hadn't settled on him the whole time he'd been gone.
She waves casually to Ashur, knowing the man and his tendency to smash things even if she can't entirely trust him. But the woman with him get an enthusiastic greeting of her own, a spirited wave and a call of, "Miss Kurokumo! Hey!"
Whassup, of course, watches the two-legged walkers mill around calling to each other. Sooner or later they'll get to something important, of course, like offering him treats. Priorities, priorities...
Sammy Sammy chuckles at Abe, "Scribe Abraham is so formal; and makes me think too much of the Brotherhood for tonight. Mind if I just stick with calling you 'Abe' for now?" He shakes his head at Barnes, "Don't rag on your battle buddies before you're counting the chips and smoking the cigar." He smirks. "There's always time for that when you're drinking them under the table and takin their clothes in good honest game like poker." He leans down and grabs a stick he'd seen nearby, "Our plan for tonight is to head south a few kilometers, push the edge, see what's down here to investigate." He draws a little map of the town, organized grid of El Dorado, a quick shamble of crosshatches for ShantyTown, and a meandering trail straight South, he points, "All right Ashur, we'll keep at whatever pace Kumo says you can keep up, getting blood pumping is good for healing..." He nods and grins to Jackie, "It's important to know where to refill those. Maybe we'll find a somewhat clean well too. That'd be a good find." He circles his hand in the air, and points, "Lets go, to the South!" he starts off at a slow walk, those with trained ears might hear the safety flick off his rifle, and the *fweee* of his night vision goggles going from Passive to Active with a bit of a red glare.
Abe     "Works for everbody else!" Abe piped back, his attention shifting towards Sammy. These days, it seemed he was hardly Brotherhood anyway. Just enough to get his tags pulled if they found him face down in a gutter somewhere, though.

He got himself ready in seemingly the same sort of lacksidasical way as anyone else. He stretched, resting his hands on his hips as he craned his body backwards... The chill of the desert night was making him wish he had gotten a flask filled back at the Gold Digger.

He fell into the middle of the pack as they moved, right hand resting on the butt of his pistol, eyes sweeping back and forth. That helmet was coming in handier and handier every day.
Barns Barns walks forward to the destination as he walks he pops a fresh mag into his rifle before continuing to move he stays a bit of a distance off to the side of the group trying his best to stat on a elivated area before he talks into his comms "overwatch to ground team we have contacts bout half a click out be ready"
Ashur Ashur lingers near Kurokumo. There's a possessiveness in every sharp cut of his golden eyes through the area-- glance off to one direction, return the look to her, glance to another, return the look to her. "Remember," he says to her, lifting a hand to curl her hair around the finger and tuck it behind her ear, "point and pull the trigger. It's a gluttonous creature, but you should have ample ammo like I told you to get." The brute, for his part, doesn't really worry about ammo-- he punches things. You don't run out of punches.
Jacqueline "Can't hurt to look, right?" Jackie replies, moving to take up a position on the flank. She's slowly learning this whole 'tactics' thing, and her powerful weapon can really help hold down that part of the line. She sticks to moving slowly, keeping her head low.
This place seems quite lifeless. But she knows from experience that the wastes will fool you: There's a lot out here, living and dead and ruins alike. Sometimes the ruins can be the most dangerous; they don't stay deserted, and sometimes the new owners don't like guests.
Lacking comms, she can't hear the call. She tries to stay close to Ashur and Kurokumo, just in case the big man gets in over his head in his wounded condition.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Jackie! So good of you to come." Kurokumo's expression brightens, as she sems quite familiar with the other woman. Upon Ashur's intruction, there's a look of mild irritation. "Yes, yes, I understand." She's trying harder to curb her sarcasm around the brute, but it's not easy.
Sammy     Sammy rounds the group, the walking is purposeful, a slow march, to let people get used to the cadence, "Sammy's Desert Tours" he chuckles aloud as he smirks, "I saw an old holovid about Tour of Duty once..." he lets that trail off, yeah a lot of holovids in the hollywood ruins where he did his advanced training once upon a different life.
    He holds up his hand and crouches down, moving not quickly but smoothly to a large boulder, and points down the road a way. The gathering twilight, makes these bastards start to glow... of course so does movement, and there lo and behold, there is a veritable rainbow of ghouls. Ashur would probably recognize them.
    Two Red, plodding agitatitedly, one formerly male, one formerly female. Two Green, twitching agitatedly, their bilious bellies bloated with their deadly technicolor spewage. And a smaller, almost stunted looking blue one, following the group. They seem to be moving in an East-to-West direction, headed -towards- Roswell.
    Sammy glances at everyone, it's rather sinister, the red eyes with their faint glow, and he makes sure everyone, has eyes on target. "Looks like we found what's out here."
Barns Barns lines up a shot with the female ghoul once he pulled the trigger his rifle roared as the shot rang out and tore the ghouls arm clean off before moving to a new location like his sniper training taught him
Abe     Ghouls, Abe's sweat runs cold, chilling. His hand stiffens over the laser pistol... Couldn't it have bee Raiders, he'd even take some rogue brethren... But Ghouls...

It starts before Abe can get the best hold on himself. The gunfire helps. Training kicks in. He draws his pistol and levels it towards the first that's already tangling with Barns. He aims, low, best not to catch the other man in 'friendly fire' He pulls the trigger feeling the weapon buck in his hand as red streaks of pain dive into the ghouls leg and sear down to the bone.

"That's Science you ugly mother-!" he begiuns only to have the... It's hard to think of a ghoul as fair or even fairer sexed. He gets lucky. She comes in with just one arm, he jukes to the other side, leving her to barrel past.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Having had her newest acquisition at the ready, Kurokumo looks spooked as the Ghouls come rushing in. She fires off a stream of bullets, causing the monster in blue to fall and ruing her second volley of bullets.
Sammy     Sammy has such hate for the Spitters. And he's got a meat mountain to help mow things down when they get dicey, he declares to send some hate downrange, bringing the rifle up in a slow motion drawing his breath in he holds it. Someone with an acute sense of the preternatural might detect a faint catch of the moonlight in the skull war paint, along the top of the rifle, as it barks out a large bout of flame, turning the staggering Green Ghoul's head into an explosive blast of sickening green.
Jacqueline "Look out!" Jackie shouts, seeing the female red ghoul charge at Abe. She throws her shotgun to her shoulder and unloads a barrel full of buckshot into its torso, nearly tearing the disgusting thing in half! It drops to the slimestained sands with a *SPLAT*, twitching but evidently out of the fight.
Hurriedly, she moves to a good defensive spot, where she can watch all of the nasty things at once. She still has one barrel before she has to reload, and that'll help protect her friends.
Ashur Bullets fly, ghouls spit and mad dash in for the brawl-- and Ashur, Ashur walks with a casual purpose, limping along as the red ghoul hurls herself at Barns. So distracted is she she doesn't notice the giant as he comes from behind-- she doesn't notice as his right hand balls into a fist and punches through her ribcage from behind; she does notice when that fist explodes out the front, splintering bone and shredding her lungs as he lifts her right off the ground, her slick torso sliding down the muscular limb.

The ghoul shrieks, howls, twitches, and dies as he crushes her beating heart before her very eyes. He lets it go, grabs her by the back of the head with his left hand, and rips her off his limb in a wholly unnecessary spray of ultragore.

"Filthy things."
Barns Barns gets nocked on his ass with a brused arm but thankfully the mountin of a man just kills the ghoul who did it quickly he turns over onto his stomach and evicerates the head of the blue ghoul with one shot
Abe     Abe was just wheeling his pistol around to level it towards the spittle-spewing ghoulette when he hears the call. "I see h-!" he begins, only to be spoken over by the throaty bark of a shotgun. He feels the wet splatter of gore and blood spray, recoiling from the remains of the ghoul. He can see wet flecks of blood against the lenses of his mask. They don't obscure his vision overly much. He turns, finding Jacqie and offers her a firm thumbs-up of thanks and acknowledgement.

He sweeps the surroundings with a passing glance to find the sole survivor of the roaming ghouls. He fires, and then twice more, the streaks of lights sinking into the green ghoul's flesh and reducing the entire thing to a heap of faintly gleaming ash, warm in the chill night.
Sammy     Sammy hates being spit on, narrowly dodging watching a poor yucca plant disintegrate like claymation vs. flamethrower. The ranger tucking and doging, but that puts him closer to the limping, shambling Blue meanie, he dodges out of the way again, a blur of duster and the after-images of red eyes in the dark. He was re-chambering a round as the blue one goes down, fanning his duster back to get his pistol ready, turning to see the two reds and the other green fall down under a fullisade of combat.
Sammy     "Doc, I hate to ask, but I want to make sure that doesn't get ... whatever makes the red ones extra wackjob... into Barnes." Sammy asks of Kumo, "Ranger, I want you to follow the Doc's orders." he looks down the distance, to see movement, "But looks like we've got company coming already. Everyone positions."
Jacqueline Jackie, seeing the last monster go down, quickly reloads her shotgun. "Those things have seriously good hearing," she mutters, looking around and moving to take cover. They've got to protect Barns and Kurokumo, after all. "What do you see, Sammy?"
Abe     "Ain't we just all kinds of popular..." Abe fretted as he popped open the battery slot at the but of his gun, swapping in a fresh set of batteries and pocketing the depleted ones. He'd figure out how to recharge these eventually! He had worried the noise would draw trouble... and by the signs of what was approaching, he imagined they had hoped to come and clean up the leftovers after a fight.
Ashur Ashur glances down at his leg while the rest look elsewhere. A flex, a bend, a test of how much the brace of bandages gives. There's a slight ache from all the walking, but nothing he can't manage. He glances toward Kumo and Barns, and with a smack to the former's ass, consents to her drifting away from the fight. He flicks his arm to the side and sprays a mess of viscera at the group's feet. "Whatever it is, it will die."
Sammy No doubt, attracted by all the gunfire and the lights, a gang of raiders has made itself known. Seeming grouped into 2 clumps and a meaner looking individual, they're skulking through the waste, looking at the fight that just happened, hoping to scav up some tasty meat! Or wenches! Or maybe some good chems. One even heard that you can bake blue ghoul into jet with enough kerosene.
Jacqueline "They're getting awfully close..." Jackie remarks to nobody in particular. She grips her shotgun behind her rock, ready to do some damage.
She might never have gotten the chance, but the trio of raiders is distracted by an astonishingly loud voice from nowhere: "You dirty rat! You'll never take me alive, coppers!" She almost cracks up, knowing who it is. Evidently Whassup hasn't taken the 'go home' message yet.
They're close enough that, when she unloads her blast of double-aught buckshot into the group, they're all mowed down! Once again, she silently thanks Doc Iris for her generous gift as she ducks down into cover again.
Ashur "The filth of ghouls and the degeneracy of sallow-spirited bandits," Ashur criticizes, voice thunder as the big man stalks toward the group. The leg hurts, but it isn't crippled-- he can manage a good speed even if an all out sprint is beyond him right now. He barrels through the darkness like a hungry shadow and roars, leonine, bone-dressed braids dancing around him. A jab to open a throat wound on one; stab his fingers like a knife into it and rip it open to sever an artery. Turn, disorient the closest with a quick smash of hands on either side of the head, disable with thumbs stabbed through the eye sockets. That's two women dead-- the man can accurately be referred to that for only a few seconds longer, and then the group is nothing but dead women.

Ashur turns and walks back to the main group.
Sammy     It's a routine, sight the target, choose something that stands out. Arguably Raiders that stand out are kinda stupid in this regard. That gigantic Mohawk made him think of the Legion, and the rifle and Sammy are one, once more, the rifle and Sammy catch the moonlight once more, he draws in his breath, and BOOM goes the rifle, belching fire into the near twilight. It's report is instant, satisfying splatter of headshot.
Abe     Abe was just too slow at getting his pistol up. Maybe he was just being thrifty with his ammo. Maybe not. Either way, it's all over.

He thumbs the weapon's safety and slips it back beneath his belt.
Jacqueline Jackie breathes a sigh of relief, wincing at the sight of Ashur dismembering the raiders. "Ew... I know, I know, it's what he does, but still... it makes me glad he's on our side." She looks between Sammy and Abe. "He /is/ on our side, right?"
Abe     "Maybe we should hope we're on his side rather than he being on ours." Mused Abe as he... tectfully averted his eyes from what remained. This is why he liked lasers. No mess.

That and the fact that they were lasers... "So, Ranger Sammy, time to call her a night?"
Ashur "The scum of the wasteland," Ashur spits at the dead--literally, he spits on them--before he abandons the corpse pile. He's drenched in blood-- the right half of his upper body covered from impaling the ghoul, the left stained by the violent expulsions of the raider woman's opened throat. "All they do is prey on the weak. Cavorting parasites without an ounce of discipline or dignity between them; they fall like grain to the scythe."

If the rest of the group is a little perturbed by the brutal juggernaut's cruelty, he is either unaware or apathetic toward it.
Sammy     Sammy lifts his rifle, shoulders it, lets his breathing return to natural, "I'd say we've confirmed those kills... Nice shooting Jackie, Abe." as Ashur comes tromping back, "Leg seems to be working, get your blood pumping up enough to shake off some of that bed rest? Doc's not gonna wanna stick me with sharp objects for any more reasons than normal, is she?" He looks to the gathering darkness, "Half of us can squint into this and make sense of it, I think it's time to head back." he taps his goggles and gestures to Abe, "I don't like night fighting with a handicap. Remember, do unto others, then cut the cards. We got a semblance of what's out here... Weirdness and madness."
Abe     "Pretty much like everywhere else then." Abe reasoned quietly, that sligh quick of his lips lost behind the mask.