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Owner Pose
Vuk Vuk got mostly dragged in no doubt by people who had witnessed him going down, hopefully because they had some respect for the man who refused to cut and run. Though his face is fairly ashen, blood loss is very much a thing, and his left arm is ...barely held to his body, his left leg? Well at least that wound is cauterized, but the meager armor the man had on...did nothing to help him. Thus, one can find him, on death's door, in a bed.
Sparrow Sadly, Iris has been busy, Kumo's swamped and so they've called in the second hand help, that bein' the Wasteland Doc. Sparrow comes in shucking her duster and taking an apron from the aid with her medkit and she steps into the room. There's the quiet assistant she'd had for the day but he was young and inexperienced. Sparrow frowns when she strides in, "Oh hell." She grunts and looks towards the wide eyed assistant, "Bandages and water. C'mon, we aint got all day, Greenie." She grumbles at the young man and moves over to get a look at Vuk. personals and valuables dumped aside into a bin before she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work. It's the attitude, really, that makes Sparrow better suited for feild work than beside stuff. Thankfully Vuk is in no position to complain so the blonde Cowgirl steps in to start working on reassembling what she can.
Vuk Vuk will need far more then bandages before things are over..some one found a Bacta tank right? No? Then he'll need alot of work to be back to normal, but at least it would seem Sparrow can stop the bleeding or some thing, and probably begin digging bits of deathclaw teeth out of his arm! See? He's a prime candidate for being a Brainbot!
Sparrow If Sparrow had a solitary gear in her head, maybe. But she's old fashioned, operating on humans and animals alike without a clue for the mechanical. Right now? It's getting Vuk out of a condition that might mean he can't even get a brainbot. So she sets to work, not balking at the blood or any of the work she has to do. Thanks to her medkit she's even able to make a little bit of a difference. It'll take a while though. Afte stabalizing him and getting an IV and Blood Pack set up to replenish him. Unfourunately, there's not a lot in the way of pain killers that aren't dangerous. It'll be a while, and there's a quiet beep in the background of Sparrow's medkit and Pipboy monitoring Vuk's vitals. The lights aren't too bright but probably will feel that way when he wakes up.