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Nikki Nikki still carries her trusty Box of Random around with her, and is being followed by her Eyebot. Every once in a while the bot makes a beep or bloop sound to which Nikki often turns to look at Dink and gives a scowl. "Nikki doesn't care what he says... she's able to be on her own. She's a big girl.." That much, and the pair seem to continue on while she's trying to find something, anything, that she could use for herself or as trade fodder. This trip out has seemed to come up with nothing and after a while she plops herself down right there in the middle of the wasteland, tunes her pip-boy to a station she can pick up and takes a drink from a canteen she's carrying around. "Nikki'll show all of them..." Muttering such words to herself.
Einarr Someone else seems to be looking about for stuff as well. Said person however is by himself, and doesn't have a dink to look after him. But as he starts to move down the highway he hears a familiar voice, at least made familiar by their run in the other day. He blinks and mentions as he gets closer, "Hey there. Seems we keep bumpin' into each other. This keeps up I'll think yer stalkin' me."
Nikki Nikki blinks, hearing a familiar voice, only to turn and see big, tall, and bulky looking at her. She makes a face and then shakes her head. "Nikki doesn't stalk no one. Nikki's out here with Dink lookin' fer stuff." Yep, the concept of joking sometimes goes over her head. "Whatcha lookin' for anyway? Nikki's gonna help build robots!" Well, maybe, if the person in El Dorado ever extends the offer officially. "Oh! Wait! Nikki''re...Eearneer....Eineer..." A face again. "Nikki knows you!"
Einarr "Einarr," The tall man says. "So have you found anything good yet to help with that? The building robots that is..." He moves closer, but still puts some distance between them, not wanting to startle her. "I haven't found much yet myself really. But, that's how it goes sometimes. Hopefully I turn something up good soon."
Nikki "Einarr..." Nikki finally corrects herself and then nods. "Some things. Some things aren't good anymore. Other things are perfect. Most is okay..." Saying that much before she shrugs her shoulders. "Nikki will keep finding stuff tho..." Another nod given before she looks around a bit. "Does Einarr live in El Dorado?"
Einarr A raise of his brow as she mentions things about the parts, and then he nods in answer to the question. "Aye that I do. Grew up on a farm nearby, now I live there in El Dorado. You? Did you find yourself there recently?" Einarr slings his rifle onto his back and moves to have a seat on a pile of junk that looks sturdy enough to hold him.
Nikki Nikki rocks back and forth on her heels. "Nikki grew up in Vault Town...but...they kicked her out several years ago.." She admits this much. "Now Nikki lives onna farm with Aidan and his family. She's not family but they treat her like it!" Saying this much and beams a smile as she talks about it. "And Nikki has a few friends in El Dorado like Friend Jones and...a few others..."
Einarr Einarr raises a brow at that little revelation. "Kicked you out? How come?" He blinks as she starts mentioning people. Some sound familiar, in that people around town kind of familiarity. "Well it's good that you have a place to call home at least. I should stop back in town sometime, I've been almost a hermit lately I guess." Lord knows the man could use trimming his beard some at least.
Nikki Nikki frowns some. "Cause Nikki causes trouble. People didn't like her digging in their trash and she...she was annoying cause of the way she talks.." Saying this much and then she shrugs. "You should! Or we could go to Acme! Cause someone has a noodle place in Acme...." This much more and she smiles.
Einarr A blink as Nikki tells her story. "All sorts of people talk however they gonna talk." A shrug, though he adds, "I suppose messin' with people's stuff though could be troublesome, even if it is their trash." Einarr keeps looking about though, eyes searching for anything, or perhaps anyone as he chats with the unusual young woman.
Nikki Nikki looks herself over and then shrugs. "But it's just trash. People throw junk away all the time and it's perfectly fine! Or Nikki thought so...and Nikki would take the trash and make it useable again but people didn't like it, so Nikki got kicked out." Another shrug and then she pokes Dink. "Anyway, Nikki should get home. Noodles sometime?"
Einarr Einarr thinks about that and offers a nod. "Sure, noodles sometime. Stay safe." He stands at that and unslings his rifle, getting ready to head further down the road himself. "Maybe I'll catch you in town one of these days."