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Iris Lark Iris lay on a bed, her left leg absolutely destroyed. She has her hands folded over her abdomen where another bandage is stained. She is awake and looking around, but she looks confused, as if maybe she's lost enough blood that her wounds are making her loopy.
Sparrow The cowgirl has been doing her best to help keep up with the influx of injuries thanks to the press of Brotherhood, NCR and Legion folks. Several Deathclaws had only added to the mix and so she's been spending more time around the clinic lately than riding out to tend folks in the Wastes. She waves someone over to the room, "It's all back, keep an eye on him and let me know if anything changes." And she steps into the room. Changing out one apron for another and bloodied gear for pristine gear she checks ehr medkit before moving over and wincing. "Damnit, Doc." She tuts quietly before the blondes serious face streitches tight gaining her weathered face half a decade.

She calls out to one of the passing helpers to get her a blood pack an some tubing along with an IV. "Howdy Iris, how much you feelin' right now?" She asks in a worried drawl, her bedside manner had always kept her from being truly invested in the profession but beggers can't be choosers in the wastes.
Iris Lark Iris blinks up at Sparrow, once and then again. Her lips curve into a slight smile, more of a grimace before she speaks. "I can't feel much, so I'm going to assume it's bad. A bit groggy, to be honest." She shifts on the bed which brings a sound of pain from her lips before she adds. "I'm glad you're here, though."
Sparrow Sparrow smirks a bit. "Yeah, well, I'm not." She shakes her head. "But I'll get ya looked at and ready for when Doc Kumo comes back in. Soon as we get the IV in you're not goona feel much more but I'm not gonna put you under. Can't til we get a look at your brainpan there, okay?" She gestures the asisstant in and works on getting everything set up with the help of her medkit and an occasional glance at her pipboy where Jude's taught her to keep helpful little notes. "They're bringing other folks in. So we best get you up and movin' around as soon as we can. You up for answering questions if I need you to, Doc?" A ploy, of course, to get the Doctor to focus as much as she can despite the duress.
Iris Lark Iris nods at Sparrow and takes a breath, sighing it out softly. "I'm glad you're not putting me under, I don't think I could handle the dark right now. Not when I'm helpless, that's when they come to take you back." She nods once and chuckles softly. "Ask away, I'll do my best to answer."
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "All right, Iris." She gets the IV set up to numb the pain but not the brain. She gathers what she can to settle in for the long haul of work it's going to be to work on the Doc's leg. She's done her fair share of repairs on beasties and people alike given the daily pitfalls of the Scavvers and Tribals she helps. She's not completely clueless though laser wounds are a bit out of her norm though.

The gunslinger has steady hands and it helps as she settles in, asking simple questions at first. Anything I should look for? Suggestions for resetting. Things to help Iris keep her mind on what she knows.
Iris Lark Iris takes a deep breath as the painkillers start to work, her mind is clouded by she can move without yelping in pain. She keeps her eyes on Sparrow as she works, holding onto reality with the tips of her fingers. "It's a pretty clean break, the burns ..well those will take time. Just ...get it over with, pull it and set it. If I scream, just..ignore me?" Her shoulders hunch as she gets ready for the pain. Even with painkillers it's not going to numb it all.
Sparrow Sparrow nods and finishes setting the splints to either side of the break. Bandages set out to make the application quick so the set won't slide. "We'll getcha another blood pack too, then wheel ya into the recovery room with the other folks came in torn up." There's that bedside drawl in the cowgirl. But she gives Iris a tiny smile that creases her premature crows feet around her clear blue eyes. "I've got something for ya to bite down on. Won't hurt as much as it could.." But she's not going to lie to Iris. Iris knows. A quick call out front for someone to come help her and Sparrow shifts Iris' leg and uses the majority of the strength she has to set the bone as quickly and correctly as she possibly can.
Iris Lark Iris screams, and while there are two other people holding her down she struggles, claws and fights to get away from the pain. It's no use though, Sparrow is thorough and its quick, but to the healer it feels like forever. When it's over though she falls back on the bed, stunned into insensibility for the moment as her body tries to acclimate to the trauma.
Sparrow Sparrow's lips tighten and while the bone is held in place she quickly sets the splints on either side of Iris' leg and quickly works on the bindings while the rush from the previous pain is still there. "Sorry, Iris." Sparrow's brows knit over her eyes. "We'll get you set in something more permenant later and we'll put some ice on your noggin to take the swelling down so we can get a better understandin' of how bad the bump is." She's talking now as much to comfort herself as Iris.
Iris Lark Iris hears Sparrow speaking and after a few minutes she's able to respond. "Y-yeah..I'll be..well I won't be going anywhere.." She manages to gasp out, trying for a smile and failing. "Thanks for helping me. I think..the a bit over my skill set." She grimaces and squirms on the bed, clearly exhausted now.
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Yeah, gonna have tos tart buckin' down together in these times. Got crap comin from inside and out." The cowgirl drawls with a shake of her head and starts working on cleaning up the rest of the wounds an changing out bandages and waiting for the cold pack she requested to be brought to her. Doing what she can until the real Doc arrives anyway. "Happy to help Iris, always am. I'll stick around here while I can, make sure folks who need me get sent this way. Least I can do until you're back on your feet. But I'm gonna need your brain, Doc, so keep sharp." She requests with a smile that's just a bit worried."
Iris Lark "I'll try hard not to clock myself on the head again, and thank you again Sparrow. I owe you, and I'll certainly make it worth your while." Iris says sleepily, a slight frown on her face. "We'll find something here you can use, in payment." She grimaces and settles down more on the bed. "Can I sleep now, or do you need me still?"
Sparrow Sparrow takes a breath, "Go ahead and sleep, Iris. I'll have someone keep an eye on you and come in and check on you later." She smiles and pulls a blanket carefully over Iris. "You do enough for the community that sometimes the community has to do for you. No payback needed. Besides ou practically treated yourself." She winks and heads off leaving the poor Doctor to her rest.