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Iris Lark Iris lay on her exam bed, turned sideways, one leg splinted and burned. Bruises mark most of her body and she's covered in a blanket. At first it might seem as if she's sleeping but she's staring at the wall across from her bed, her eyes scanning the room occasionally.
Decius As it would have, she doesn't get any additional time to stare at the wall in peace as the door slowly opens and a certain Legionnaire slowly and silently peeks in and proceeds to stare right at her. "I think... my injuries aren't that bad on second thought."
Iris Lark Iris chuckles softly as she slowly sits up. The movement causes her to make a soft whimpering sound, but she manages to sit up. "An Enclave kicked me in the leg and shattered it." She says, rubbing at her face. "Then they shot me with a laser, because breaking the bone wasn't enough." She gestures Decius in further and points to the chair. "Having a visitor makes it better though. How are you?"
Decius At the mention of the Enclave the Legionnaire slowly hits his helmeted head against the door to cause an audible 'Clang' sound before he enters and sits down on the indicated chair. "Whats with this place? Raiders, Legion, NCR, BOS, Mutants... the Enclave. The later being the ultimate boogeyman for the NCR and the Legion due to what they pulled in California decades ago."
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head, looking thoughtful as she watches Decius. "I'm not sure what it was, but it started out as a simple salvage operation. Then some cybernetic ghouls showed up. Then a cybernetic deathclaw showed up..then two verti..birdies?" She sighs and runs a hand through her red hair. "We all got hurt, but Vuk and I were knocked out." She pushes herself up a bit more and winces. "Alice found power armor."
Decius Decius nods briefly and rummages around in his belongings before pulling out a Laser Pistol he holds up slightly. "Vertibirds. Those are bad news and troop carriers for the BOS and Enclave. Anyway, seems like New Mexico is bound to drown in trouble and I heard more than a few people talk about it now. See this pistol here?"
Iris Lark Iris gazes at the pistol and she offers a slow nod as she listens to the man speak. "Looks a bit like the one I have." She says, smiling at him.
Decius Decius rotates the pistol a bit to show it off a bit better, since its definitely in prime condition. "So, as far as I figured out its a Custom AEP9 Laser Pistol kept in pristine condition for two centuries. Too complicated to use by me though, but that its not the point. You see, I recently went a bit south of Roswell to scout and scavenge a bit and encountered a wounded BOS Star Paladin by the name of Dylan Hunt who was being murdered by raiders, I of course made short work of them with my Sledge and got the chance to talk with him before he died. Didn't get around to say much as he gave me his pistol before he died, but since his injuries were unlikely to be solely inflicted by a bunch of raiders of all people I assume he ran into something down south, not to mention that not too long before that I had a chat with some wandering Tribals that there is something immensely dangerous in Mexico. At this point? I'd be guessing Mutants or the Enclave, maybe even both."
Iris Lark Iris listens to the story, and eyes the weapon as he speaks and finally after a few minutes she speaks up. "Why hasn't anyone gone any further to see what is down there, we're close enough that something that dangerous would need to be dealt with, right?"
Decius The Legionnaire simply shrugs slightly as he places the pistol on the next best table he can find. "Probably allready happened and anyone who went further down there is likely too dead to tell the tale."
Iris Lark Iris folds her arms over her chest and nods at Decius. "There is going to come a time where things will come to a head. Things will come here or we'll be forced to go down there." She glances at the pistol and tilts her head. "I might want to make a deal on that with you."
Decius The legionnaire glances at the pistol and nods slightly. "Well, you are definitely able to put it to good use unlike me and I doubt the Paladin would want it to gather dust somewhere since it didn't for a long, long time. So, how much do you offer?"
Iris Lark Iris takes a breath and she glances between Decius and the pistol. "I have no idea what weapons sell for. Have you seen any other laser pistols for sale?" She leans back against the bed and bites down on her bottom lip. "I have so many, should I get it?" Indecision is a terrible thing.
Decius "Lets make it fourhundred caps or barter goods equal in worth, thats less than or equal to what most good guns sell for around here and this thing here survived a few centuries in addition to being customised by the BOS." Decius casually slides it along the table towards the bed Iris lies on. "I'll just have to get around to actually spend my caps and barter goods for something at some point. Selling things to you and being stingy has been rather profitable, you know?"
Iris Lark "I'm glad that you are seeing a profit. I wonder..." Iris muses as she shifts so her leg is more comfortable. "Do you think there is a need somewhere for people to sell things for ..other people?" She asks, her eyes narrowed in thought. "Might be an occupation that someone finds useful."
Decius Decius shrugs slightly as he crosses his arms. "Honestly, I have no idea. Probably some caravan company in need for another trader or so, but thats about it. Besides, thats likely a worse job than being stuck in El Dorado and its surroundings at all times."
Iris Lark "Well..again, I thank you for coming to visit me. It ended up being worth it for both of us, I hope." Iris says, grinning at Decius. "Did you come because you needed treated though, because I think I might be able to get to my feet a little bit if you needed help."
Decius Decius smirks slightly, although its visibly (and intentionally) strained quite a bit. "Well, actually yes. Got into a fight with some scavengers over some loot from a crashed vertibird. You know, the whole shoot first, ask questions never thing? Turned out to be quite painfull."
Iris Lark Iris eases off the bed and peeks out the door to make sure that Sparrow is well and truly gone. "If Sparrow sees me out of bed, she might smak me, so hop up and let me take a look at you before she comes back." She grins and hobbles slowly towards her tools. "I make a horrible patient, I'm sad to say. I tell people to do things and I don't even listen when someone helps me."
Decius Decius quickly peels himself out of his armor as he hops onto the bed to be examined. The injuries of course being the usuall case of half-healed cuts, bruises, slight burns and a shallow bullet hole or two without bullet in them since the man has a tendency to get away from danger... decently. "Well, if needed I can just stab you with my stimpak which could handle the majority of your pain for a good long while, except for the broken bones of course."
Iris Lark Iris hobbles up to the bed and begins to clean the cuts and scrapes while she takes stocks of the bruises and the other sundry. "You hold yourself together pretty well, all told." She says, and she eyes his stimpak with a slight frown. "I would pay you if you did use it. I could really use the help."
Decius "I'll do that for free. Will even pay for the required stuff to refill out of my own pocket, which as I want to point out is filled with a lot of what used to be your caps." With that said he quickly shifts about to get his stimpak from his belongings and casually throws it on the same table the laser pistol lies on right now before continuing to hold still to let Iris do her work.
Iris Lark Iris limps to the table and unrolls the bandages to wrap the injuries that she's washed, salved and otherwise treated. She hisses out a pained breath as she steps on her left leg wrong and mutters under her breath but continues to work. "You're really too kind Decius, kinder than I thought you might ever be." She chuckles at him and leans in to move a lever on the stimpak.
Decius "Yes, yes. Legion and all that. I did mention that I put quite some effort to distance myself from them, even when I was still part of it." With that said he puts on his armor again slowly and glances over at Iris. "I suggest ramming that thing into your leg ASAP now, considering how much trouble that leg is giving you."
Iris Lark "You did, but you still scare me a bit. I'm sure you see that at times and I'm still sorry for it." Iris murmurs, glancing down at her leg with a frown
Iris Lark "You did, but you still scare me a bit. I'm sure you see that at times and I'm still sorry for it." Iris murmurs, glancing down at her leg with a frown. "I suppose I should, she shifts on her seat and injects the stimpak, wincing slightly as the medicine starts to work. "That feels.. a lot better."
Decius "Good, good. I'll be on my way then to purchase a few things in town and pick up the stimpak later. Take care and try not to mess up your leg further, yes?" With that said Decius adjusts his armor a bit and proceeds to briskly walk out of the door, slightly waving as he does so.
Iris Lark "I'll try, but I seem to be having too much fun getting into trouble." Iris says, a wry smile on her face. "See you later Decius, thank you again!"