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Archene Caine As it is, Archene Caine is just finishing his coffee on a corner table. There is an empty plate of what could have been sausages or whatever food there was to be served this morning, and given his smile... it was certainly not Miss Kitty making it.

By chance, he is wearing his usual Vault-Boy 3000 Sunglasses, Cowboy hat and Faded Duster. (The jeans and the 'white' shirt are also there too.)
Skittles Skittles shuffles in through the front doors, casting a brief glance over those in the saloon, which doesn't take all that long, the morning crowd not really having drifted in yet. They'll be coming though. She takes a seat across from Archene, and stares at him for a moment longer than what might be considered reasonable. Realizing this too late she blushes and asays in a rush, "Sorry, but are you the weapons dealer?". She eyes his apparel speculatively before meeting his gaze, subconsciously reaching up to curl a strand of hair around her finger.
Archene Caine Archene just keeps drinking his coffee as the girl stares at him. He, in fact, doesn't seem to mind the staring or the person just sitting down on his table. Probably not the first or last time he will see that kind of thing happening. As she begins speaking, he gives her a small smirk, "That depends on which weapon you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay."
Skittles Skittles sits back and shrugs a shoulder, "Well, honestly I don't have many caps, I mean, saved up sure, but nothing like a steady flow. Usually I trade services for parts. Do a little repair, reconfigure a rogue robots' AI, and I get the things I need.". She shrugs a shoulder and waves over a waiter requesting a couple of biscuits and a cup of joe.
Archene Caine "In that case, I can probably give you a discount if you are the one to... take care of any robots I happen to get my hands on. I mean, I could just rely on my niece, but it'd be faster to figure things myself than doing that." Archene finishes his coffee after a few moments, "So which one were you looking for? And how many? I can get you up to 3 laser pistols if you really saved up all that much."
Skittles Skittles gestures "The things are pretty archaic, not many people who even know how to use them. How much were you thinking for all three?". She nods a thank you to the waitress who brings out her order, and before the lady has even turned away, she's already stuffed half a biscuit into her mouth, with the second one in hand.
Archene Caine "For all three? 3k caps or something of the kind. The people who really want them tend to have the resources to actually spend a lot." Archene chuckles a bit, "So a thousand for each pistol, if you just pay in caps that is. If you can take care of my technological needs, for as little as doable. I'll be more than happy to part with one of them for... 500, no, no. 450 caps."
Skittles Skittles looks as if she's thinking over it. She pulls the coffee to her, and cradles it like it were worth the caps they were speaking about. She finishes off the second biscuit and takes a few sips before smiling and saying, "You said you like to bet right? Well, how about this. I hit a target with one, you pick, if I hit I pay 400, if not I pay 450, and you never have to pay me for a intelectual service, so long as I'm not having to repair ships or something, and you have to supply the parts if needed. How's that?", she sips again and holds her breath.
Archene Caine "I trust your skill enough," Archene says after squinting his eyes and looking at Skittles for a moment, "I can do it for 400, but I'll never have to pay you for your services. However, I'll reserve the right to give you tips for outstanding works, and will supply you parts and the like you need. I mean, all I need are free services, not free material." He grins a bit, pulling the pistol from within his duster and setting it on the table.
Skittles Skittles gingerly picks up the pistol nodding in agreement to Archene, she wasn't a haggler, but somehow she managed to score a premo weapon. She carefully dials into the configurations and begins readjusting settings to fit herself, looking completely entranced. It's a solid 5 or 6 minutes later that she blinks and glances up, "This thing doesn't even have an owner assigned, from what I can tell at any rate. Was it from a factory or something?". She shakes her head and glances around, appearing to have shaken off the webs that entangled her mind to the device. She reaches into her overalls and pulls free a large pouch of caps, setting it down in front of him.
Archene Caine Archene just observes as she is entranced with the pistols, he shakes his head slightly. Once she speaks again, he smirks, "Well, well, well. That kind of information does cost extra caps. But for free I can say that, at times, I find wonderful things while going out for a walk."
Skittles Skittles arches an eyebrow, "Enthusiastic walks I bet. Well, if you come across anything else like this, don't hesitate to let me know. Though I'll likely be broke for a while, or at least until I can score a couple jobs around town.", she stretches just then after tucking the pistol away securely. "By the way, I'm Meggan, though most just call me Skittles.", she holds up a lock of multicolored hair as if in explanation. I've lived her all my life, but today is the first time I've stepped foot in here.".
Archene Caine "Just peaceful walks," Archene grins, "I'll be sure to contact you. And go to chip'n'whatever down the street and maybe the one over there needs a hand with something." He nods at Meggan, offering a hand and saying, "I'm Archene Caine, Kitty's brother, but you can just call me Arch." He smirks a bit, "I've spent most of the last 4 years around here, but I have to admit I was born and raised around. Just spent far too long outside."
Skittles Skittles extends a lanky hand and shakes Archene's firmly with a smile, "Pleasure to meet you, and doing business.". "Picking her coffee up again she asks, "What kept you away?", she asks before taking another gulp of caffeine.
Archene Caine Archene shakes Skittles' hand as firmly before nodding. As soon as he releases her hand, he grins saying, "A pleasure to meet you and do business." He picks up his cup of coffee...... before noticing it is already empty. With a sigh, he then looks over at Skittles saying, "Mostly, gambling and walking. No special reason to not do those around here though." He sets down the cup, "And here am I."
Skittles Skittles tugs down a corner of her mouth as she cants her head to the side and rests her chin on her palm. "Yeah, alright, seems like a waste of time if you ask me. I never win anything at those things.", she shrugs a shoulder. Smirking and sitting back up straight, "I'll stick with the photon streamers, thanks, better chance at winning with those.". She gets up and tosses a few more caps onto the table, enough to cover whatever meal he had, her meal and coffee, and another cup for him. She glances back at the doors as the first signs of the morning crew show up. "Well, think I should be heading out, again, it was a pleasure.", she says, turning back to him.
Archene Caine "No such thing as a waste of time. You have to enjoy life while you still have it." Archene chuckles a bit, "I just do what I enjoy and enjoy what I do to my best." He smirks a bit as he looks at the caps on the table, "Pleasure to meet you as well, Skittles. Hope to do business with you again soon." He gives her a wave... before asking for another coffee. He was sure that he could fit one into those caps, so why not? The morning would be lovely.