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Sammy Sammy took a brisk march with Lilly Caine alongside, really it started as the two of them, but the Ranger walking with a Tinker Girl and her Horse, might draw some attention, for certain. They've been not really paying attention to whom has wandered out there. Presumably people that would head outwards from the City are primarily not the type to be trying to shoot & loot townsfolk.

But that's one km, two km, easily three kilometers of grid, before he spies some ruins that look like they might have some archotech. "I'm hoping to find some more Darley-Havidson parts, I think I can talk the mechanic down if I provide some spares for things they've already got in-shop."
Decius At some distance meanwhile Decius, who looks a lot better than like rugged deserter he used to be a good while ago, has been hurrying after them, having intended to head out to scavenge himself and being eager to use the chance to tag along with others for the sake of safety in numbers. He is likely to catch up any moment now as he is quite audible. Its all the metal in his armor and that giant sledgehammer, you know?
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine strolls along beside, pausing here and there to kick a rock over, investigate any little nook or convenient place to stash stuff. A good place to stash something is often a really great place to look. Life aint expensive, and just because someone stashed something in a good spot doesn't mean they live long enough to come get it. As they get further out into the waste, Lilly actually begins holding Sproket's reins. Sprocket, to the mare's credit, does not look bored. Ears flick around as the mare seems the one most alert out here. Sprocket even seems to keep an eye and ear out for Decius as well.
Sammy Sammy's helmet is flipped over his head and his mask put on in a flick of the wrist, the whole of his body language changes the happy kinda gets bottled up and rolled , tucked away inside and he's got the rifle off his shoulder and swinging it around , dropping down to a low crouch with a fluid, and eerily silent movement. Then, seeing and more importantly half recognizing Decius through the scope he tilts his head, raises the rifle up high again, and slings it back over his shoulder, undoes his facemask and breathes a sigh. He gives a wave motioning for Decius to catch up, and he pulls his little notebook from out of his armor. "Ideally ... I'm thinking if we find a parking garage we can dig into..."
Decius Decius finaly manages to catch up to them and half keels over as he only barely keeps standing and tries to catch his breath as he does so. "Finaly! I... hope you don't mind me tagging along to scavenge. All this running... is wasting my visit to the stylist."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine doesn't shift the least. Sprocket didn't find anything strange or worrying, so Lilly didn't either. Sprocket does move to the side as Sammy draws his rifle, Lilly looking back out of curiosity. "You could keep it in the stables. Those are pretty dry. And warm." Lilly gives Decius a wave, smiling. "We might find more'n we can carry, so good to have others along" Well, not really, but Lilly does try to be polite. Sprocket, also being polite, moves her rump away from Decius before she farts loudly.
Sammy Sammy looks over the little map, "Nah, I was thinkin out here, half buried in the sand, like the Sphinx, a car parking lot..." he gestures, "The road used to go ... this way." he holds up the half-drawn map, "And ... I can kinda see a lump that might be a building over there?" he gestures to something that's almost more building than rubble. "Used to be, they'd have shady spots for payin customers."
Decius Decius quickly shuffles away from the horse as he himself looks around the area with a shrug. "Well, I suggest heading there then and see what we can find. Better than standing here and wondering at least."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine nods to Decius, "Yea. Good place to shash stuff, if nuthin else." She unsnaps the security strap on her holder, limbering her pistol just in case. Lilly pulls up the hood of her cloak and seems to shift into 'ready to scamper' mode. Sprocket snorts softly.
Sammy Sammy moves in first, looking at the sand dune and the building for shape. "Maybe there's a building here. I can see the glass is caved in on maybe this was the street side?" he looks around the side, tries the door, because that'd be the easy way in, right? Just, f'in knock? He feels the latch just not give anywhere, and pushes the frame top and bottom. "Hey bring that hammer over here and ... whack this... about here?" he points to where the hinge side would be, "And ... here... and I'll move up topside and see if we get anybody noticing." The overall shape is a convenience store, with some long gone pumps for fuel out front.
Decius Decius nods slightly as he takes a look at the door and where the hinge should be before simply smashing the door open as it just flies open and takes a bit of the hinge-side with it. Spectacularly. After all, there isn't much that can resist a BOS made and fully charged Super Sledge. "Knock and it shall be opened. Good enough?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine makes a gesture out to the side.. Sprocket snorts and moves off to the side and finds an out-of-the-way spot to loiter and play lookout. A fart of affirmation is given at Lilly's gesture, while Lilly crouches low ready to shoot any varmits what come skittering out.
Sammy Sammy flicks on his helmet lamp, and sweeps the now opened door, so conveniently off it's hinges, as the dust starts to settle, looking into the ruins of the stop, he checks, "Looks like ... weevils got to the magazines." he gives a rack a turn with a *creak* of rust and scale,, noting the pile of detrius beneath, "Lets see what else we can find." he looks high, low, and in all the places things large enough to have big teeth and fangs might be, clkaws pincers and horns too. "Looks clear." the light bobbing as he investigates the somewhat darkened cave-like structure, half buried in the sand.
Decius Decius nods slightly as he heads inside to take a look around, confidently assuming that his armor is going to be able to handle anything that might decide to attack him... or any traps. "Looks clear usually doesn't mean much. Besides, I'm not seeing anything interesting in general at all so far."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine follows in, immediately looking around. Within moments, she's already snagged to interesting little hunks of mechanical looking bits off a wall, making them vanish into pockets. She tries for a third before it breaks, slashing her left hand in the process. "Fucking prolapsed mirelurk-lick Radtampon-sucking pile of rad-roach-stinker-suckin pice of DirePussyFartshittin..that hurts."
Sammy Faster than you could say 'Overprotective Helicopter Mom' Sammy's pulled away from the register terminal and safe combo he was inspecting, hand diving into his pockets and the other into his mekit, "Let me see that quick." and he's tromped up to Lilly, bottle of moonshine in one hand, bandage in the other.
Decius The loud cursing briefly distracts Decius which unfortunately is long enough for him to run into some small spikes sticking out of the wall. No matter if those are just there as debris from the building falling appart in the last two centuries or intentionaly placed there, it still hurts even though his armor prevents the majority of it to actually hurt him... too much. "Ah, damn it! And I just got patched up half a day ago!"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine offers her hand to Sammy, having learned already when she's not going to win an argument. The cut isn't deep,but is rather long, and will be inconvenient. At least it wasn't her shootin' hand.. or her nose picking finger. That would be tragic.
Sammy Sammy holds Lilly's wrist and dabs at the are around the cut, "I' won't shit you, this is gonna hurt like hell, 'cuase it is a ragged cut, and this is some grade A hooch." he grumbles and snags the cork from the flask, you can tell it's the good stuff 'cause the size of thre bubbles when it's shaken, he liberally sprinkles it over the wound, and daubs at the bloodied hand till it's reasonably clean, then does a quick wrap with the bandage, "This ought to keep dirt and stuff out till we can get some savle on it later." he grumbles, "And ... lets find you some good gloves." he glances over seeing Decius tumble, "Allrighty, lets see what happened to you too, and if we need to dig for splinters..." he looks at the killer coat rack with a bit of glare.
Decius "I'm fine, I'm fine. I think this wound will just ooze into my bandages anyway." With that said he slowly makes his way outside again to keep an eye on the entrance and the surroundings. "I'll be outside to keep an eye open, less likely to stumble into something because I can barely see anything."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine doesn't curse this time.. She sucks air through clenched teeth.. wincing at the sting.. Though, it doesn't sting that long, and the bandage is greatly appreciated. "Yea.. gloves would be nice.. ", she smiles up to Sammy appreciatively.
Sammy Sammy hmms and measures his hand against Lilly's gently, "Just take it easy on this and we should be fine. " he considers, and hmmmns a little louder. "I bet ... I bet I can have that fancy tailor make you some geko hide roping gloves out of the next varmit I manage to get a good pelt off." he considers.
Then on a whim, okay it's not much of a whim, really, lifts her chin and gives her a quick kiss on the lips, savoring the quiet of the little room, and a grin. Okay, he gets a chance to pamper his Strawberry a little bit. He draws back, looking out the door, and then back to terminal, cash register, safe combination... out comes his combat knife as he steps towards the three likely suspects.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine blushes at the kiss, seeming to almost melt, held up by Sammy's hand on her chin. It take a moment or two for her to settle back onto the ground, as if she weighed a feather. She smiles with a silly grin and moves to follow
Sammy The knife is pulled out, and run under the lower edge of the frawer for the cash register, with a pop-chick it opens and slides out, a stash of not quite corroded pre-war cash, aka Wasteland Toilet Paper, some coins, a few bobby pins, he asks curiously, looking at the safe and the terminal, "Which you think you're better at," holding up the pins and gesturing to the safe and the terminal, looking back and forth in the lamp of his helmet.
Sammy's done this, but he's notwhere as near good as some people have managed to get. His idea is to shoot the safe, and hopefully not scrap what's inside. It's great if someone set explosives or traps or other nastyness out there.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles at the terminal. 'Much more my style', movin over to it. "I'm not that good at picking locks yet. Prolly something I Need to learn. Beats shooting it with a pistol."
Sammy Sammy listens for the tapdance of angel fingers on keys that makes all the whirring and clicking as the mag locks on the safe release, running his knife around the edge he prys it open carefully, fumbling with a strongbox ... inside the safe, it's rather heavy and he's confused a minute. He looks at the contents of the safe that remain, "Shit, that gun's no good...maybe as parts." he lifts up an old service pistol and the wood turns to dust, "Lets see what you can turn this into in the back of Chips & Bits? " he pulls something electronic and heavy, but quite dead, might have some good parts inside. Maybe it was an accounting computer of some kind. He mmmns. "Well this isn't the underground parking garage that time and the war forgot. But maybe we can get more info on where there might be one... " he figures, "Lets get back to town and get this open nice and quiet-like."