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Hanzhou It is cloudy Tuesday evening on May 10, 2282. It is warm and the air is dusty with a chance for showers.

In the town of Acme, things are relatively quiet it isn't the hustle and bustle like El Dorado over here. At Hanzhou's Noodle House, the dinner rush crowd has left and the owner, Hanzhou himself is standing behind the counter and just finished cleaning up as the last few people leave for the evening. "Please come again and I hope you enjoyed your meal." the Wasteland Samurai says to a man and woman as they leave with satisfied full bellies.
Iris Lark Iris hobbles into the noodle shop, the stint and cast on her leg large and noticable. She spots Hanzhou and she gives him a happy wave as she moves forward. "Hanzhou, I finally came to visit!" She calls out, taking a seat at the counter. "What would you recommend?"
Hanzhou Hanzhou glances up as the door opens moments after the other two have left and smiles warmly when he see's that it is the nice Doctor from the Shantytown clinic. "Evening Doctor and glad you could...oh are you alright?" He blinks when he notices that you are in a cast and look worse for wear. "I'm glad you have come to visit, however I am concerned by your apparant injuries." He then remembers his manners, giving you a slight bow and his expression does show concern. "I recommend my Ramen noodles of course. Please have a seat and I shall make it for you. I hope you had an escort on your way from Shantytown to hear?"
Iris Lark "Just Iris." She says as she smiles up at Hanzhou. "I'm not okay, but I'll be all right." She murmurs, gazing around the resturant. "No escort, I think Achilles is out doing something important, I've not seen him today." She leans against the counter and grins. "Ramen sounds neat, I like the way it rolls off the tongue."
Hanzhou "As you wish, Iris." Hanzhou replies in a soft voice and bows his head slightly. "Well, I hope you recover quickly and take it easy." Saying with sincerity and then furrows his brow slightly when you mention you did not have an escort to Acme. "I see...well after you are done your meal, I will gladly escort you back to El Dorado. I don't think it is wise for you to walk back there tonight in the dark alone, especially in your condition." He then turns his back to you and starts making you some noodles. First he grabs a handful of freshly made noodles, then puts it into a some boiling water for about a minute, then he places them carefully into a bowl in an almost gentle manner. Next he adds some garnish on top, looks like some vegtables and a small amount of meat and lastly, he adds the soup which he pours around the noodles as to not disturb the garnish. It is as if he's making art rather than food as he presents the bowl of noodles in front of you. "I hope you enjoy."
Iris Lark "Thank you Hanzhou." Iris says, pulling her bowl closer. "So why did you decide to make noodles your passion? When I first met you, I could have sworn that you'd have opened up some training center or something." She starts to eat, slowly, wincing every so often as she shifts no her stool. "You don't have to walk me back, it's pretty easy to get about and sneak. People don't notice little Iris when she's attempting to be sneaky."
Hanzhou "A person should not be just one dimensional and growing up I was lucky to have been exposed to many different things." Hanzhou replies and washes his hands, before grabbing a towel to wipe down the counter top. "My parents had a restaurant and I started working there when I was very young. It was my grandfather who introduced me to the code of Bushido and the way of the sword." He explains and then adds. "I also enjoy music but I don't often get a chance to play very much since I opened this shop. I traveled the wastelands for many years before settling down here and thought it was a good time to do something a bit different."
Iris Lark Iris listens closely, leaning against the counter and picking at her food as he speaks. She nods along as if she understands and then she offers him a smile. "Yes, doing something different is good for you sometimes." She says this in a happy voice that sounds slightly forced. "You were lucky to have your family, right?" She asks, her eyes cutting from the ramen to the man behind the counter.
Hanzhou "It is." Hanzhou replies with a small nod of his head and there is a pause when you bring up family, his expression doesn't change though and he replies. "Yes, I am." His voice is barely a whisper and he continues to wipe down the counter top. "What do you think of the noodles?" He asks in a polite tone and then picks up an empty glass. "Oh forgive me, I didn't even offer you a drink. I have clean water and some nukacola if you'd like?"
Iris Lark "A cola would be excellent." Iris says, and after a few moments of contemplation she grins at Hanzhou. "These are probably the best noodles I've had. They're great. So.." She leans foward and lowers her voice slightly. "What is your secret?"
Hanzhou "One nukacola coming right up." The Wasteland Samurai and Noodle Chef says to you as he reaches under the counter to open a small fridge that is hidden from view, then puts the cola down on the counter for you and pops the bottlecap off with his bare hands. Must be a martial arts move or something. "I'm glad you enjoy the noodles." He says with a small smile and his eyes twinkle a bit when you whisper to him. "The secret is in the soup, I boil it for several hours to get the flavors in and it is a family recipe." he winks.
Iris Lark "This is a nice place you've got here, and it's a shame more people don't come to eat here." Iris says, nodding several times. "I'll be your new advert, telling everyone I meet about the noodles, the service and the stories." She eyes him for a minute and grins. "You have a story right?" She clears her throat and shrugs slightly. "So how much do I owe you for this fine meal?"
Hanzhou "Thank you for your kind words and perhaps it will catch on, one day but for now I enjoy making the few customers I do have happy to eat here." Hanzhou says in that soft voice and bows his head respectfully once again. "Hai, we all have stories I think but I'm not really used to sharing them." He looks at you with a careful expression. "Your company is payment enough and I hope you feel better soon. But if you truly wish to pay me, then I will accept being your escort back to El Dorado."
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and grins up at Hanzhou. "Okay, I'll take the escort, so that way you won't worry." She pulls out a walking stick and gestures for the samurai to go first. "After you?"