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Iris Lark Iris thumps around the clinic, her left leg in a rather large and cumbersome cast. At the moment, the small woman is making some stew to be served to the patients and some of the homeless folk around Shantytown. It's a tedious job that she does several times a day, mostly out of the goodness of her heart. The piglet Bacon trails after the red headed healer as she works, occasionally offering snorts and squeals of approval. He is well aware that some of that stew is for him too.
Vuk Vuk wasn't drastically improved; he was conscious at least, though with the general mess he is? That may not be an improvement, but he seems to be..less pale then before, so at least he stopped leaking blood! "You were supposed to run when I yelled at you." he suddenly drawls out when Iris comes stomping by, though it lacks aggression, he doesn't have the energy to be cranky.
Iris Lark Iris pauses when Vuk speaks up and she gazes at him for a few moments before she responds. "You know, I would be a bad person if I just ran and left you three there." She shakes her head and moves closer, checking to see how his wounds are looking. "I'm not a bad person." She pulls on the bandages, checking to see which ones might need to be replaced. "Are you hungry? Lunch is almost ready."
Vuk Vuk winces a bit when bandages are shifted, it likely isn't pleasent. "Every one should have bolted, but we survived..and not overly. I suppose I should be eating, but I'm more concerned with half my body being ripped apart. They fucking took shit from people. The Mayor's thugs. Now I need to go and get it back." He seems -very- annoyed he was shook down when he couldn' know, do much to stop them by glower and hobble. "Think I qualify for a nifty cyber arm like the Deathclaw?"
Iris Lark "I think you should hold off on the cyber parts for now." Iris says, a look of amusement plain on her face. She glances towards the door and lowers her voice. "They took my caps too, I'm afraid they'll be back saying that I own this place. I..can't do much about it." She grimaces and thumps towards her tools, picking up a rather large knife. "I pick up something like this and I'm pretty sure I'll get jailed!" She thumps back to the table and sighs. "You should eat." Bacon lets out a squeal in agreement and the Healer nods down at piglet. "Right?"
Vuk Vuk follows the piglet, it's being noisey, and apparently, helping the Doctor. "I'm going to resolve that issue soon as you get me up and moving Doc. I think the Mayor is lining his own pockets, and using it for his own purposes. I wouldn't be surprised if he's buying protection from The Legion to sell us all out or some thing." He shifts, slowly to watch more intently. " we've got toys from the Enclave, right? They ain't got a chance..uh. If people stand up with me and all. I rather suspect I'll be dead otherwise." Still, it seems Vuk will eat. "So think you can keep my arm together?"
Iris Lark "I can fix this, just might take a little time." Iris says, a frown on her face. "You think that they're allied with the Legion?" Her eyes go a bit wide with fear and she falters for a moment as she takes that in. Bacon lets out a noise and moves closer to Iris, his front hooves tapping at her leg. She picks the piglet up and pets him absently as she moves to the stew pot to get some food for Vuk. "I'll help you if my leg mends." She says, but her voice doesn't have much of the conviction it had before the Legion was mentioned. She stands at his bedside, shifting on her feet as she works through an internal struggle.
Vuk Vuk watches the change, wincing internally. "It's just a notion I have with most corrupt politicians. The NCR? They're just red tape can't bribe them well, because it might take a few years for them to have the proper forms. The Legion? I think they can be bought to leave a few people alone. Either way..we're going to get the bastards for taking our caps." He says, though once he has food, he'll steadily eat soup, not asking what it is. Probably iguana! Right? "Think Alice and Achilles will stand up to them too? I heard Sparrow might as well."
Iris Lark "Achilles will if I ask him to." Iris says, taking a seat on a stool while Vuk eats. "Alice lives in Vault Town, she might not give a crap. I can ask her though, and if she brings Deathbot, all the better." She considers for a moment and adds. "I can ask our other teammate Hanzhou as well, it wouldn't hurt to have a samurai on our side." She brings up a slender shoulder in a shrug. "Me? I'll do anything to stay free, so ..count me in." She offers a smile before she gazes down at Bacon, lying like a baby in her arms, little legs kicking as she tickles his tummy.
Vuk Vuk grunts when she lists people off who can help. "I suppose then, I need to lay in a decent supply of rounds..and really..really..get new fucking armor. Leather doesn't stop shit, especially alien experiments and Enclave patrols." He says and watches the piglet. "I bet we can get Alice to help because we'll tell her Mayor Solomon said Deathbot isn't working properly."
Iris Lark "If they start taxing robots and pets, she'll be in for sure." Iris quips, leaning down to release Bacon. The piglet trots out towards the main part of the clinic, squealing. She gazes at the door for a moment or two and then focuses back on Vuk. "I can't wear more than leather, unfortunately. Even the leather armor makes me waddle." She folds her hands in her lap and frowns. "So you're really going through with this? I can try to drum up more support. I can ask Decius, and maybe Ironface. I'll do what I can to help..even if it is just getting people to join you."
Vuk Vuk inclines his head a bit to her question. "I am. I never settled down because I value my freedom. I don't mind throwing into the pot as it were for a true common good. But this? This is extortion, a racket. There isn't any thing on the level here..and damned if I'm paying some fat cat in his office, after I nearly die fighting some thing that sooner or later, might have come here to rip apart his town. Men like that don't deserve to win..and they sure don't deserve to get to harass a clinic like this."
Iris Lark "Please.." Iris responds, her frown turning into a wry grin for a moment. "People always harass those who are less able to fight. They know there are lots of wounded here who can't fight. What better way to get what they're after." She slides off the stool and thumps towards Vuk, picking up a syringe and a needle. "All right, now that you've eaten, it's time for the fun part. Turn your head towards the door, I'm going to numb your arm and work on it."
Vuk Vuk is glad she didn't say 'and cough' when she's holding a needle,but he shifts to look at the door. "Well if I was coherent at the time, I mighta popped one in the brain pan with my fat boy. It's a decent hold out." he says, fortunately? A needle? It ain't gonna hurt worse then killer cyborg chomping action. "Did Achilles and Alice carry us back here?"
Iris Lark "Achilles did." Iris says, checking the set of the arm before she begins to sew up the skin, trying to turn the arm back into something resembling an arm. "Just as an aside, if something happens, don't fire a weapon in here if you can help it." She requests, chuckling softly. "I just..I would like violence to happen outside of the Clinic rather than inside of it."
Vuk Vuk grunts a bit when she begins workng on his arm. "That figures, he looks like he can drag a Vertibird around.." he says with a soft snicker. "But you get people together, and we'll ambush em..outside of the clinic. Sides, you got that Gauss Rifle, oughta let you put em down real nice like...I just need to find some proper armor. Maybe some old combat armor.."
Iris Lark "I'll start asking people, and let you know how that works out." Iris says, her attention mostly on her work. "I just hope they don't send the militia to help settle things. The last thing I would want to do is have to shoot a friend."
Vuk Vuk bobs his head a bit at her words about the militia. "I'm...isn't the Militia supposed to be on the side of the people? Do you have any friends in it? Maybe see if they even know their Mayor is using hired thugs to strong arm and extort people? I think it's time for a good ole Revolution and it would be alot damn easier if the Militia just walked into his office with those he's taking advantage of."
Iris Lark "I'm friends with Manny, I can..ask him." Iris says, glancing over at Vuk with a smile. She raises her stimpak and primes it, and the machine comes to life with a soft whine. "Hold your breath." She says, leaning over his arm, her eyes narrowed slightly. Before he can react she sticks him with the stimpak and releases the medicine into his system.
Vuk Vauk isn't disturbed by the needle, honestly, he's to beaten up to complain about her stabbing him with a needle. "Well...that might be useful to do. I mean..honestly, he might not having tried to extort any one who is connected..if the Mayor is smart. Though, he might not be."
Iris Lark "So basically what your saying is that I'm your face." Iris says, a small smile on her face. "I talk to people and then you lead them into battle?" She looks as if she might giggle, but she holds it back. "I'll help you as much as I can Vuk, but I'm telling you're going to owe me." She nods once and then again. "If this works, that is."
Vuk Vuk gestures his good arm at Iris. "No, I'm just picking up that you know alot of people, and seem to enjoy the notion of morality being a thing yet. I don't like being robbed..and sides..I'm sure some how, at the end of all of this, if we pull it off? I'll be back in this bed, needing you to stab needles in me and all. You can make me pay up in caps then."
Iris Lark "I was thinking more along the lines of help around the clinic." Iris responds, but she's grinning as she says it. Bacon trots back into the office, his food bowl in his mouth. "Go ahead and get comfortable, and don't do much with that arm until you feel some pins and needles. The feeling should come back sooner rather than later." She folds her arms over her chest and tilts her head to the side. "Any questions?"
Vuk Vuk cocks his head a bit when she asks about further questions. "One..lets say I manage to not get my self done in by the Mayor and his boys, and I start helping out around the clinic and all. That means you'll end up having dinner with me some where, right? Preferably a place with out ghouls trying to kill us?" Oh yes, Vuk is so trying to finnagle a date out of this.
Iris Lark Iris goes pink in the face and she gawps at Vuk for a few moments. She glances behind her and then back to the man before she leans in to quietly say. "Are you asking me out?" She tugs at her apron, her eyes wide as she gazes at him.
Vuk Vuk just winks a bit at her innocent response. "I might be, make sure I have some thing to come back for..or heal up for. What ever it is I'm supposed to be doing. I didn't peg you as the shy type, working with the sick and dying..and ahh..your rather crazy friend." That must be Alice..right?
Iris Lark "I spent all of my life in a Legion encampment, I don't think I have a type." Iris responds, her cheeks still pink. "Also, I wouldn't ask me out or wink at me when Achilles is around, he is rather possessive." She gives Vuk a slightly askance look and adds. "He and I are together as well." She pats him gently on the arm and chuckles softly. "I can ask Alice if she wants to eat with you though, she likes food."
Vuk Vuk is more concerned Alice might -eat- him after she you know, basically flashed the Enclave. "If she can keep from flashing people intent on killing us, I'd accept. Still, it won't be to long before I suspect things come to a head as it were...and I ahh..won't do that then. Achilles vaguely reminds me of the Deathclaw we fought, large, angry." He says and snickers. "Any one in town sell combat armor?" He suddenly remembers his pathetically bad armor.
Iris Lark "It would probably be best if you didn't. I don't want Achilles to undo all of my good work and beat you into a pulp." Iris says, her lips quirking in amusement. "There are a few people who sells armor, I can ask around and see if anyone has anything that you might be able to use if you can't find someting in a general store."
Iris Lark Iris is standing next to Vuk's bed, and it looks like she just finished tending his arm. She thumps toward the stool again, taking a seat, and swinging her casted leg around to get comfortable. Bacon the piglet is quietly snoozing underneath the table, a food bowl still loosely held in his mouth. Things are quiet for the moment as the clinic goes quiet, most people resting or eating lunch.
Tina There is a knock on the nearest door. A soft knock, but not an inaudable knock. "Is it a good time for me to visit? Or should I come back later?" calls a soft feminine voice, just loudly enough to be heard.
Vuk Vuk is fairly certain, Achilles could -easily- take his arm and leg off. "I'll keep that in mind and remind the thugs of the same. Since I'm seemingly a bad luck magnet." He might be! He just mentioned freakish ghoul things and then what happens? Freakish ghoul things. "Speaking of...oh." He quiets down when a visitor seems to appear.
Alice Alice steps up behind Tina when she is knocking and says with a smirk, "Why are you knocking? Nobody locks the doors around here, why, you could probably just walk in and steal all the chems if you wanted!"

The door was opened by Alice without knocking and she said to Tina, "Let's go see if Iris is in there!" She recognized the girl from Vault Town, not that she knew her well, or cared for boundaries even in a place like this.

Stepping in and spotting Iris and Vuk she calls out, "HI! What are you two doing? Is this a private medical session or something?"
Iris Lark Iris glances back and spots Alice and she gets to her feet, walking with a thump towards her friend. "Alice! We were just talking about you. Did you get a date with Joe Caine? Because if you didn't, you can go eat with Vuk." She points helpfully at her patient as she reaches her friend. She spots Tina and takes her hand, pulling her into the office. "Come in, I remember you, how are you doing?"
Tina "But that would be... well, never mind, then," Tina begins sheepishly, then shrugs and follows Alice inside the exam room.

"Peace and blessings to you all," she says formally, bowing to the three from the shoulders. Recognizing Iris, she smiles warmly. "I am well, thank you. I'd hoped to speak with some of your patients, if they were amenable to spiritual counsel in their time of need. Or even some supplemental medical treatment. I am not unlearned in the arts of medicine, even if I doubt I shall ever be a true doctor."
Vuk Vuk just sort of lazily glances at Alice, then at Iris. "I'm tempted to say any sense of private medical services ended." He says with a grin at Alice. "Apparently, you have to take pity on me and all, and have dinner with me eventually. I know this lovely spot over looking a radioactive cacti.."
Alice Alice gives Iris a big hug before sitting down on the table or whatever was closest, "Uh, what? I don't know who said that, Vuk, but yeeeeah, you're kind of a dirty scav and I'm an awesome amazing Vault Dweller so, like, sorry? Thanks, but no thanks? Unless it's not a date, then sure I guess, but you're way too scruffy to be my type, like a scruffy looking brahmin herder."

Alice began to count out caps and stared at Iris, "Do you know they took TWO HUNDRED CAPS from me? It's so dumb, I hope it goes towards something good like sending Sergeant Caine to the hairdresser or something."

It was also worth noting, she didn't really appear to be wounded or injured anymore; the joys of being a Vaultie with access to a real clinic with an auto-doc!
Iris Lark "What is a true doctor." Iris remarks, her lips pursed slightly. "I've never had any schooling beyond what I've read on the Pip-Boy since I've found it. Everything I learned, I learned from the Healer before me." She turns as Vuk speaks and grins. "At least you had your pants on and stuff." She says with a slight shrug. "People aren't big on ceremony around me, and that's just how I like it." Bacon wakes up and after spotting Alice he starts to trot in circles looking for his friend Vaultmeat. After ascertaining that the puppy isn't in the office he moves his little legs towards the outer room in the clinic. Iris eyes Alice for a few moments and then bursts out laughing, moving quickly to cover her mouth and smother the laughter as she stumbles away from the examination table.
Tina Tina looks between Vuk and Alice, blinking. "Offhand, I would call that a rejection. Better luck next time?" she offers to Vuk, with a sheepish little smile. "So, what happened to you to bring you here, sir? Is there any way I may help?" she asks, looking to Iris as she finishes. "Whether it be chores or medical care."
Vuk Vuk touches his good hand to his chest, over his heart. "I believe I have been shot the hell down. And You don't know where I'm even from..what if I left a vault? Or If I used to be part of the Reaver movement and understand technology?" he teases Alice and glances back at Iris. "I only have pants on because I think the other option was to take them off and embarass every one with my rugged looks, despite the missing chunks of body." He says with a grin.
Alice Alice shrugged her shoulders and smiled, "Sorry, I'm not good under pressure, I freak out but my caps! Ahhh, I worked so hard for those caps. Seriously, like, ugh." Using her Katana she began to poke various things within reach of her around the room before asking Tina, "Didn't you used to live in Vault Town?"
Tina "Um... yes. It's something I prefer not to talk about, however," Tina replies to Alice, bowing her head and blushing. "You said these 'tax collectors' took two hundred caps from you... is that the tax now?" She shakes her head. "I do not even have that... I have a little more than a hundred, no more. This could be a problem for me."
Alice Alice reached into her vaultsuit pocket and removed a little snack and threw it to Bacon the Pig with a smile!
Vuk Vuk scowls when they mention the whole tax thing some more. "It's not even a proper tax..the Mayor? He's just shaking people down, lining his pockets I think. He might be involved with some thing worse even, maybe paying them off so he doesn't get gutted you know?'
Tina "I normally don't delve into politics, but I must agree... this /does/ seem more like something shady, given the hardships the town has seen recently," Tina muses, nodding to Vuk. "I will not be surprised if trouble comes of it, and soon." She can't help a giggle as she watches Alice toss a snack to little Bacon. "That piglet lives better than most people," she muses. "And is more popular, too."
Alice "Well, we learned in school, cause you know, civilizations have school that politicians can be corrupt. The thing is, we need to let it get handled legally, like the one lady said on the radio. This guy is the Mayor and even if it's shady, he has the legal power to do this." Alice sighed trying to be reasonable in the face of madness, "Doing anything rash? It could put people at risk, for all we know, these taxes will seriously go towards something we need as a City."
Vuk Vuk listens to Alice and Tina, and shakes his head a bit. "Sure..but what do you do when some one shows up, strong arms their way to power, and then tells people they can do as they please? What if he decides to sell every other child to the Legion, because he can? Do you still support that position?"
Tina "Both good points. We don't know yet that this mayor is crooked, though it certainly seems likely after what has happened. It does not help me, however, because I do not have the two hundred caps to pay the tax. I admit I am at a loss as to what to do about this," Tina says thoughtfully, and increasingly glumly. "I do not think we will have to worry about /those/ scenarios, but an extortion level of taxes is quite bad enough as it is. Maybe you could tell me something about these tax collectors," she adds to Alice.
Iris Lark Iris jumps when Vuk speaks and she finally enters the conversation again. "Stop bringing up the Legion!" She nearly yells. "Didn't you hear about the superstition that if you keep bring up their names they'll appear!" Boy, she looks spooked.
Alice "Well, they had on suits and funny hats, fedoras I think they're called. There was five of them going door to door in Vault Town, they were all 'Yo wes here to collect da taxes, pay up Alice Carroll of Vault Town' and I was all 'Oh my Vault Boy, what the sugarnaps, hold on'. And I gave them the caps so they would leave cause they looked dangerous and they work for the city so.."

She continued messing with stuff with her katana, knocking some pills off a table and then using the sword to poke the bottles..
Vuk Vuk can not actually comprehend how Alice just talked. "When did El Dorado also control vault town? Next they'll tell us if we live in Rosewell or some thing, they control it too. Fuck that." He says and grins a bit. "Though..I don't know if I'd want to pay in Rosewell, lotsa rads, you know?"
Tina "That... does not sound like any tax collector I've ever heard of. Not in the least," Tina muses worriedly. "They sound more like some kind of thugs, or maybe gangsters, if that word means anything anymore. I'm suddenly worried about my lack of caps." She watches the pills hit the floor, courtesy of Alice's katana, and murmurs, "I hope those were not important..."

Iris's cries distract her from her own distress, and she hurries over and hugs the doctor tightly. "They are not here, Miss Iris... you are safe. Safe..." she whispers soothingly.
Iris Lark Iris accepts the hug, hugging Tina back tightly. She seems a bit shaken but manages to say. "Alice please, don't wreck my office." She leans down and picks up the few things the katana disrupted and places it on the side table.
Alice Alice shrugged her shoulders and began poking Vuk with her katana, not hard enough to puncture skin but enough to be annoying, "Hey, does this hurt?" Looking back to Iris she asked without waiting for a reply, "Do you want to play 200 caps pickup?" She had also finished counting those caps out on the table she was sitting on with her free hand, ADD multitasking for the win!
Vuk Vuk grunts when a -sword- pokes him and he glowers at Alice. "Does vault town have decent armor?" He asks Alice to maybe stave off being skewered and winces at Iris. "Honestly, saying their name doesn't summon them. They aren't magicians or the like, just nutjob raiders who think they are an Empire from..uhm..ask Vault Girl." He says, pointing at Alice, trying to deflect the stabbing katana away from him! "Don't wreck me either Alice."
Iris Lark Iris steps away from Tina and up to Vuk, riled enough to get right in his face. "If you spent most of your life with them, you'd believe all the horror stories and not want to *hear* about them anymore, and I don't! Just don't bring them up here! Please.." The words are spoken with some heat except for the last, which comes out softly. She turns to Alice and her eyes narrow slightly. "If you dump those caps on the floor, I'm going to be a bit cross." She says, trying to work out the game in her head.
Alice "They're trying to be like ancient rome, they're tards though and Iris is right, DON'TTALKABOUTTHEMYOUBIGJERKOK!" Alice replied before laying off the katana poking and tapping the ground with it, "Kay, well there's the caps I owed you Iris." Sliding off the table she used the katana as a walking stick for now before announcing, "I need to go get ready for work. I'll see you all later."
Tina Tina releases Iris, but hovers near her, just in case she suddenly needs another hug. "Perhaps you should use something a bit less, well, dangerous for a pointer in the future?" she suggests softly to Alice, indicating the katana. As Iris begins to become agitated again, swiftly followed by Alice, she moves to hug her again. "Calm, Miss Iris..." she whispers. When Alice moves to leave, she gives her a little fingertip wave. "If you ever feel a need for a shoulder, please stop by the church. Our door is always open," she advises softly, over Iris's shoulder, then returns to hugging the distraught doctor.
Vuk Vuk nods when Tina suggests some thing less dangerous for a pointer. "Especially when poking people you don't want to accidentally kill. I'd appreciate that." Katanas are not class room instruction tools! "Church?" He suddenly asks, apparently, curious -what- church they mean.
Iris Lark Iris lets Tina restrain her in a hug and she tries to calm herself down, her casted leg thumping as she moves back to where Tina is standing. She sighs and gazes at the woman for a few moment before she offers her a smile. "I'm glad you're here to help, I hope you'll let me compensate you a bit for that."
Tina "If you insist, though it's really not necessary," Tina replies gently. "Though given the recent troubles with thug-like tax collectors, the church may need any help it can get." She looks to Vuk, smiling. "The church in the center of town. We don't cater to one religion exclusively, because every religion needs a house of worship. Though we do avoid violent religions and the ones that practice any rituals or offerings that involve violence or killing. It tends to keep the place cleaner and on the right side of the law."
Iris Lark "I do insist, I also give Sparrow a little something when she works here." Iris says, tapping her chin softly as she considers a few things. "Once things have settled down here, we'll talk. Maybe come to an agreement that will benefit us both."
Alice Alice looked at Tina with a funny sort of look, "Ah the church, sorry, but I'm not really into that sort of thing, I appreciate it though. I'm glad that people can find comfort in fiction though, I much prefer the reliability of science." She adjusted her glasses before waving again, "Bye bye!"
Tina "Very well. I would be amenable to such a mutually beneficial arrangement," Tina says to Iris, nodding her agreement to reinforce it. Alice's reply is met with a curious tilt of her head and a blink, but she shrugs in the end. "As you wish. It is air-conditioned, so feel free to stop by if you want to cool off, or to just talk. We would love to have you," she adds warmly. "Do take care."