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Iris Lark Iris thumps around the clinic, her leg in a large cast. She's cleaning now, trying to get all the patients still in house all squared away with dinner and clean bedding. She moves from room to room and finds an empty one. She leans against the bed briefly, taking a rest from the rigors of the day.
Carter Griffin What's a little head trauma between friends? Carter has his helmet off, his head wrapped in a bandage, but blood is still running down the side of his head, "Hey doc." He waves with a free hand, "Got a minute?" He asks, as he makes his way towards the bed, "What happened to your leg?"
Iris Lark "Some Enclave bastard shattered it in Roswell." Iris answers, pushing away from the table to gesture for Carter to sit down. "What happened to your head?" She asks, pushing a lock of hair behind her ears as she gathers some of the tools to tend to the man.
Carter Griffin "Cannibal got a lucky shot in." He replies, "They're all dead now though, so I suppose I won out in the end." He says, sitting on the bed and putting the helmet down next to him, "Could have been worse. Coulda tried to take a bite out of me."
Iris Lark "You're not wrong, you'd have a nasty infection if so." Iris thumps towards the bed and gently prods her fingers around the wound. "How is business for you?" She asks, giving Carter a smile as she works. "Get a visit from the tax man?"
Carter Griffin "If you want to call them tax men." Carter replies, "They're about as legitimate as a whore house in an out house." He says, doing his best to hold still, "I can't do much about them since I'm not the local law, but I will be reporting back to NCR about this."
Iris Lark Iris nods briefly and she sighs. "I'm not sure if they consider this a business, I suppose I should send them a message to see." She frowns and gathers some salve on the tips of her fingers to spread it across the wound before wrapping it. "If so, that's more money that I really can't spare for more taxes." She shakes her head and mutters under her breath. "What a bloody bother."
Carter Griffin "I understand the need for taxes, the NCR has them, but this seems excessive. I mean taxes are usually designated by how much someone has, not based off of the same for everyone." Carter says, as he shakes his head after she finishes wrapping it, "But I'll toss a bit extra your way this time, Doc. Since you're always good for helping me."
Iris Lark Iris looks embarassed and she gives Carter a smile as she finishes wrapping his bandages. "You're too kind, and yes, I agree they're excessive. I hope they're going to something that is worth it and not just in the pocket of a corrupt man." She takes a step back, narrows her eyes a bit and sighs. "Probably the best I can do for you, how does it feel now?" The wound is cleaned, salved and wrapped up in a nice white bandage.
Carter Griffin "Still sore, but you know, at least I know I'll live. Which is better than what I'd done for myself." He replies, "I'll try to stay out of trouble for a few days to give it time to heal though."
Iris Lark "Please do." Iris says, chuckling softly as she thumps over to clean up the mess she's made. "I don't expect to see you back here for a bit now, but I'll understand if I do. You've a lot of stuff to do, and not a lot of help doing it." She dries her hands on her apron and gazes out into the clinic. "I'm a bit backed up, do you have any questions for me before I move to the next patient?"
Carter Griffin Carter digs into the pocket of his coat and pulls out a handful of caps. He counts them then pulls out a few more and hands them all over to Iris, "I'd give you NCR money but honestly I don't have enough space in my pocket to carry around the right amount to equal the exchange rate." He says, with a bit of a laugh. Seems he's in good spirits.
Iris Lark Iris smiles at Carter and thumps away from the exit, gesturing to it with a smile. "Thanks for stopping by, I hope your head feels okay. Get some rest." She says, wagging her finger at the Ranger. "Now scoot."
Carter Griffin "Thanks again, doc." Carter says as he heads for the door, keeping his helmet off for now so as to not mess with the bandages.