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Iris Lark Iris thumps into her office, a cast on her leg. She makes her way to the overly large chair and takes a seat, blinking away sleep for the moment. The outer clinic was still busy and loud, but in here at least, she had a spot of peace.
Stockton Peace only lasts so long as the lumbering former merc pushes his way into the office. Stockton's face is set and he's still limping from an old injury, the damn thing just never got stitched right or something. The gunslinger takes his Stetson off once inside and offers Iris an apologetic smile, "Sorry, Miss Iris..should I come back another time?"
Iris Lark Iris gazes up at the door and gets to her feet, shaking her head. "No no, come in, please." She gestures to the examination table and offers Stockton a tired smile as she thumps to gather her tools. "What brings you by today?" She washes her hands and wipes them on her apron.
Stockton Stockton smiles again and hangs his hat up before he shuffles the rest of the way inside. The exam table is not his friend, but he sits on it anyways. "It's mah damn leg, been botherin' me since we hunted that big pig a week er more ago."
Iris Lark Iris winces and nods as her cheeks go pink. "Well you either pull up the leg of the trousers or take them off." She pulls the table closer to the exam bed and cants her head slightly. "Who tended it, and how?"
Stockton Stockton grunts a little at the pink in her cheeks as she explains. He coughs some and just sighs. The belt buckle comes off and the jeans that used to belong to someone slightly smaller come down. It's not like he coulda pulled the things up higher. "Drake sisters looked at it, put stitches in it, but it still hurts sometimes. Not as fast as I should be, an' New Rome needs help."
Iris Lark Iris nods and she moves to check the stitches, her nose wrinkling slighty. "Not a bad job, but I'm going to replace them. It'll hurt a little bit but it'll allow me to wash the wound out and pack it a bit to aid the healing." She goes back to business as usual, the pink cheeks gone. Threading a needle with catgut, she pulls several jars from the shelf and opens them, sniffing each. After carefully removing the stitches in the wound, she cleans it carefully. "So you go to New Rome, you'll be safe though, right? It sounds like a bit of a clusterfuck there between the Legion and..just try to be safe." She presses her lips together, she's not going to let her prejudice sound off here.
Stockton Stockton sits there like a good patient and waits for the doctor's help. There's a chuff there, "Pain's fine, long as it'll heal up right," he adds at the end. Watching her gather her things he prepares himself for some more hurting. "I'm goin' to be safe as I can. Whatever Old Rome's sins, they don't deserve to be raided by Brotherhood any more'n anyone else." He sits there in his boxer briefs and just hopes this doesn't take too long.
Iris Lark "I agree with you. If those people aren't the same as the encampment I was in." Iris responds, grabbing the needle and holding it up briefly to the light. She leans in and starts to stitch, the tiny loops as delicate as the person who made them. "Make a point not to get this torn open while you're helping with the fight. If you do, well you can come back and see me and I'll stitch it again. No cost." She exhales slowly and sets aside the needle. "Alright?"
Stockton Stockton winces like a proper human being every time the needle slides through his skin. Of coures this isn't the most comfortable he's been today, but it's Stock. At least this time it was promised to heal better. "I'll do my best..appreciated much I owe you fer this round?" he asks pointedly.
Iris Lark "Fifteen caps." Iris replies as she salves and wraps the wound. She moves to clean up the work area, dipping her hands in water with soap to wash them. "You can pull up your trousers now, Mister Stockton."
Stockton Stockton smiles warmly as she wraps him up, soon as she's out of the way, the gunslinger is pulling up his trousers without prompting. Belts and gunbelt being strapped back in so that the man looks much more presentable. "Thank you, Iris," he grins and fishes out the fifteen caps for her fees. Testing the leg he smiles, "Yer a miracle."
Iris Lark "T-Thank you." Iris says, a smile on her face. "That is mighty kind of you to say." She thumps her cast out of the way so he can exit without much preamble. "Good luck tonight, please be careful."
Stockton Stockton fetches his Stetson and gives the doctor a kindly smile, that crooked almost lopsided thing. "You were mighty kind yerself, not every day I trust a doctor," he admits and gives her a brief nod and a tip of his hat, "You have a good night now," and the cowboy is strolling back onto the streets a lil easier.