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Vault Girl It had taken over half a day's travel alongside the Caravan from New Rome across the New Mexico Wasteland, the 'Whitecloaks' as they were called, those soldiers from New Rome, aptly named as such for their Whitecloacks were not big on breaks and the march had been hard.

There is little time to contemplate your journey or seeing the sights of New Rome as your arrival is met with a battle already underway and your group intercepted on the main road leading to New Rome.

Adamanthus, the leader of the Whitecloaks with the Caravan says sternly, "El Doradans, I would ask you to slay these foes, so that my men and I can flank around and assist the city."

Not far off you could see the decent sized settlement of New Rome (Formerly Lordsburg) under assault as an Armored Fighting Vehicle restored from pre-war specs blocks the road in front of you with a fireteam of Brotherhood Soldiers moving towards you and taking up firing positions.

There would be no time for chatter, the battle would begin without any negotiation or words.
Vuk Vuk was likely the slowest going of those here; by all means? He should still be in a sick bed, on death's door. Logically instead? He heard there was money to be made, loot to be had, and all of that. He felt temporarily bad about the notion he'd be engaging the Brotherhood, but then again, he was just as likely to ram a knife into a dying NCR's trooper's throat and loot their armor. This is the Wastes, and thus when it becomes apparent they're about to be stuck in right off? He'll throw him self into cover to set up his LSW. Lets dance.
Blank Since he hasn't risked his life in a while, here's Blank. He's marched along as best he can, though it hasn't been easy. He's not military material after all. Then...he spots the Brotherhood of Steel members attacking the city. Uh-oh. He draws out Harmless, making sure that the 10mm pistol is loaded and ready to go. Then he glancesat the others around him, waiting to let them take the lead. Definetly more a support person than a front liner.
Ruane Roman Raune for his part has once again managed to limp out to assist with the defense of the town. His robotic scorpion pal nearby as the man just shakes his head and exhales softly. "Dangerous. Foolish as well. This will likley not end well.." Roman trails off then even as he watches as the rest of the people make their way towards the inevitiable source of fighting as well.
Sparrow Sparrow is along, left Bluebelle behind but she's walking along with the group. She looks towards Stockton and then glances at the others gathered but she's moving along quietly. She murmurs to those nearby, "Much as I hate to lead with Reason." She takes a breath keeping in back. Really? She's more here to cover bodies that're doin their thing and patch them up as needed.
Abe     The sound of gun and laser fire made Scribe Abrehams heart sink. His brethren... He didn not have time nor the inclination to try and question them. This was either a official mission... or they were rogues that now abused their riches of resources and technology to grind people beneath their steel-jacketed feet.

His jaw steeled beneath the mask of his helmet as he hustled off of the main road and tried to find some cover along side of it where he could bring out his pistol and bring it to life with the flick of a switch.
Stockton Stockton is determined to be something between a decent fellow and an outlaw. Today, he helps those in need against those he deems unworthy. Brandywine is with Bluebelle, so he walks along with that former Legion helm. That'll probably go over well. He can comes to that bridge when he gets there. For now he's nodding at Sparrow, "Reason should definitely take lead here," he notes. Glancing at the rest of the party he gives those he knows a brief nod. He'll keep as many safe as he can.
Manuelito Setting up close by, but far enough away to be a non-target/hard target (for now) with his Anti-Material rifle is none other than Manuelito. He has taken up a nest on a hill over looking New Rome. Adjusting the scope, he takes in a breath and sights it. "Alright.. lets see what these guys are up too."
Ren Ren marches onward not saying a word till he saw the metal soldiers cocking his gun he takes up a fireing position behind a nearbye rock "he who dares wins" he says outloud to his comrades as he waits his heart racing pumping blood the adrenalin hightening his sences "i love the smell of fear in the morning"
Johnny Quixotic Johnny doesn't like walking everywhere. He keeps thinking he should get a horse. Or some kind of armored fighting vehicle, like the one up ahead --

Waaaiiit a minute.

High Lord Quixotic, Double Knight of the Western Wastes does his absolute best to take cover, taking a knee behind a convenient rock and trying to scope out the situation. He flicks on his helmet's integrated radio with one hand and goes for his laser pistol with the other. He doesn't want to jump into a firefight, but he doesn't want to be caught with his pants down, either.

There's an almost embarrassed glance towards the rest of the scattering group of caravaneers. He tries to keep his voice low, speaking into the microphone. "Dagonet to Brotherhood forces, acknowledge contact on this frequency; you're about to light me up, over." He repeats the words 'radio discipline' in his head over and over again, waiting, waiting...
Ashur There was a powerful urge in Ashur's heart-- a fiery, aching longing to see New Rome, to see what has become of a part of the Legion that rebelled against the Legate's iron rule. He has abandoned Caesar's army, but he was never truly free of it; he spent his life there. Perhaps this will help him come to terms with his new life.

"Vale," he calls to Adamanthus, nodding at the plan for the Whitecloaks to flank. The forced march and the straightforwardness of the battle appeal to him; he's ready for violence, regardless of the foes. And this time, when he cracked open a tin man, his spoils would not be stolen by another.
Dez Dez crested a nearby hill as the two sides squared up. It was purely by chance that he came upon this scene- Heavily armed soldiers, an old-world machine, and a rag-tag group of fighters making up the other side... He'd seen the like once before, at the Battle for the Dam. The crimson robed legionnaire approached, bringing his shotgun up after checking the chamber and unlacing the handle of his sword, so it would be free to draw when he needed it. The Whitecloaks saw him first and he lifted a hand, barrel of his twelve gauge pointed to the sky. "I wish to help."
Vault Girl "This is Scribe Tecius with Elder Raven's Expeditionary Force, we have our orders brother. I suggest you get out of there, these heathens have valuable technology they are unwilling to relinquish and we are under orders to recover it for the safety of everyone. The rest of the expedition is already preparing to head to Mexico, I suggest you move to join them or get out of here, now. Tecius, out." Was the response to Johnny as a fellow member of the Western Brotherhood over his private radio.

The three fireteams move into position all of them wearing Brotherhood Combat Armor but carrying an array of deadly weaponry.

Three Paladins in T-45 Power Armor began to stride forward undeterred by the threats arrayed against them even as the Armored Fighting Vehicle began to move into position to join the battle.
Ruane Even as the Paladins begin to approach, Roman will move to kneel down, lightly patting his robot on the back even as he motions for it to move forward, slowly lifting his handgun then to take aim at one of the overly confident paladins moving to approach the group. Without a second thought he'll pull the trigger then and shake his head, grunting slightly as he does so.

The first few bullets will dink harmlessly off someo f the external armor, grumbling under his breath. "Interesting. Moves in irregular patern."
Vault Girl The Marksman Team seems to get utterly devastated by Manuelitos attack but they open up with return fire on the brave Militia Captain with the utmost discipline despite their dire situation. They were Brotherhood of Steel!
Manuelito Lining up the scope on the marksman, Manuelito double taps the rifle. Afterwards he goes back to line up on the men again. "Ah shit." He mutters as bullets fly at him, one tearing into his side as he rolls to dodge. crawling back to his rifle, he muttering "That all you got.." He says, lining up his shot again.
Vault Girl The pair of Paladins with the Plasma Rifle and Pair of Plasma Pistols move in and attack Stockton, Blank and Roman; the latter two men taking the brunt of the assault.
Vuk Vuk pops up from where he was when he sees their sniper taking incoming fire and hammers out a quick burst across their position before dropping back down and curling his body into the protection of the nice solid rock. Be good to me Rock.
Vault Girl The Heavy support team of Knights opens fire but Vuk and Ashur are both able to dodge the attacks at the last second despite the hail of bullets sent their way.
Vault Girl The team of Knights with Assault Rifles, the Riflemen if you will move forward and begins to open fire on the assaulting group of heroes; catching Abe in the arm but missing the wiley ghoul Ren entirely.
Vault Girl The Minigunner Paladin moves forward and just lights up the entire area, the direction of his bullets happening to be in the direction of Dez and Vuk, the latter of whom is hit badly despite his condition!
Ren Ren dicided to flank the plasma tin can before unleashing a barage of bullets his way damaging his armor more "comon you bunch of tin cans show me whatcha got!!"
Johnny Quixotic "Fuck me," Johnny mutters. (His transmitter is muted.)

This time it isn't. "Copy, Tecius. Withdrawing. Godspeed. Dagonet out." Johnny backs up in a crouch, keeping low and behind cover. He makes his way towards the back of the caravan, where he can disengage without much trouble. People in power armor with plasma weapons tend to be great distractions.
Abe     The hard choices are made for Abreham when a fire team sets their sights on him. A round rips across his forearm and starts to bleed heavily, staining the sleeve red.

Letting the arm hang, he hefts his pistol and returns fire, two, angry red streaks of light traded back as he hustles further off the road to try and seek shelter behind a derelict car or a rocky outcropping.
Ashur The roar of the Paladin's minigun is deafening; it fills the air with a hail of bullets that seems like it could go on forever. Even behind the natural cover of the area, an assault like that will cut through the ranks of the El Dorado warriors. Ashur's response is instinctive and immediate: he breaks into a charge, and hurls himself bodily against the Paladin, crashing into his power armor with a thundering slam. An eye tracks the long barrel of that gun.. but this close, Ashur should have an easier time navigating around it. "Come, Profligate," he taunts. "I slew your Brother, the Paladin Grant. Think you his better?"
Ruane Roman Raune attempts to unload another ten round burst into the side of one of the plasma rifle wielding knights, grunting as he does so, lifting his gun up to continue firing. The first few bullets again plink off.. then a few lodge into a few nice tubes, get some shit done.
Manuelito As the marksman go down, Manuelito shifts the gun to take aim on the minigun. Sighting, he pauses as Ashur engages and waits.. and pulls the trigger.. hitting Ashur "Whoops."
Vault Girl The Assault Rifle wielding Knights move forward and begin to spray the area of operation with rifle shots, as random as it looks? They're being very precise and they hit Abe.. AGAIN!
Dez Dez charges in from the side to kick off from a rock, the legionnaire's blade following in a downward arc along the Paladin's armor, the gladius's fine edge slicing along the rubber seal on his shoulder. It ripped with an electric buzz and a hiss of busted hydraulics. He stepped back, shotgun in one hand and his sword left out in a taunting manner, the tip up towards the armored soldier's helmet. That was all he gave- No taunt, just a challenge from one warrior to another.
Aidan Drake Aidan is in the back of the pack sorta as he pulls out his rifle having arrived a bit late for the party but not too late he draws a bead down on the assault team and squeezes the trigger sending one of those massive cowboy rounds towards the enemy.
Vault Girl The Knights with the machine guns stow their weapons and charge Ashur with their BALLLISTIC FISTS at the ready and well, they fist him damn good.
Vault Girl The Dual Plasma Pistol Knight laughs as he fires off shots towards Sparrow and Aidan, hitting the later with a solid blow.
Stockton Stockton gets back up from having been leveled with plasma. Thankfully his chest plate keeps him from going down harder. Sparrow's quick first aid keeps the sting from settling too deep. Popping back up he twists around to level the Desert Eagle on the plasma paladin. Clack! Goes the slide as he looses a pair of powerful bullets down range into the Brother's chest, dropping him. The revolver barks twice as well, sending lead to find the legs of a member of the Assault Team.
Sparrow Sparrow is ducking and weaving. Her gun' away, her rifle is stowed. Honestly she'd have prefered another option but right now? She's more busy running around sliding throug the gunfire and dust and managing to just escape a plasma bolt as she darts past to Vuk. Sliding in close she does a quick check and completes her combat first aid before ducking and covering again.
Vuk Vuk will force him self upright when he feels a round slam through his light armor, probably perforating more organs, and begins firing down wind whilst yelling some thing that is distinctly not English. "Vitun Veljeys!" he says, snarling out as he begins to pour out life blood all over again. Even with Sparrow trying to help him stay up right and kicking, he doesn't feel he has the best odds.
Ashur The giant Ashur is lost in a sea of Brotherhood metal and explosive fisticuffs. There's a staccato thundering as the ballistic fists impact him, blasting his body around and leaving marks on his flesh. The headbutt from the Paladin momentarily stuns him, but he recovers with a growl and turns to the newcomer Knights. His eyes alight on those high-tech weapons-- prying one of those away for his own use would make this entire battle worth it. He roars through the pain and begins to smash away at them.
Abe     Despite his cover, Abe still got caught the next time the fire team opened up... Then again, there's only so much that scrub brush could do!

Thankfully, it finds his chest, the solid protection afforded him by the chest piece turned what would have been another painful wound into something that, while still painful, was not as hindering.

Catching his breath from the heavy hit, Abe rose to his feet once more and opened fire! Twice, precise and aimed... before he just started squeezing the trigger, vulgarity hurled down range along with the lasers.
Vault Girl The fight was definitely going in the favor of those arrayed against the Brotherhood of Steel, but now the Armored Fighting Vehicle was in position and the scribes inside? They were getting ready to fire the .50 caliber mounted on the vehicle.

NOTE: If you do not defeat the Brotherhood by the end of this round, you will miss Wave 1 Loot until the end of the Battle. The Tank will be joining at the end of the round otherwise.
Dez Dez eyed the larger group behind the paladin he had squared up against, and the legionnaire they were ganging up on. He ran to Ashur's side, slashing the minigun-wielding Paladin with a sweeping strike. When he came up beside Ashur, he gave him a quick look and came in to fight at his right. "Ave. I have your back."
Ruane Roman Raune proceeds to continue to try and unlaod a few more rounds into the Paladin as he approaches, a frown touching at his lips as he holds up his gun and grunts, still unloading round after round, even as he swaps out clips.

That damn little scorpion is finally close enough now to start pinching now too.. and miss and make a fool of itself.
Vault Girl The Plasma Pistol Paladin is relentless and doesn't show any sign of giving up as he begins to back towards the Armored Fighting Vehicle while laying down plasma bolt after plasma bolt.
Vault Girl The Minigunner decides to smash at Ashur again with his Ballistic Fist, not giving two fucks about the loss of his brothers, he would AVENGE THEM!
Aidan Drake Aidan sights in on the plasma pistoleer that fired a shot at him and returns the favor sighting in on the Plasma Pistoleer and letting another round of cowboy anger fly!
Vault Girl The Knights engage Ashur and Dez injuring both of the men, if they were not so stoic they would cheer out in victory!
Manuelito Manny lines up a shot and discharges two shots in quick succession on the Anti-Material Rifle on the Paladin's using plasma pistols.
Abe     Still standing, still cursing, Abe swings his pistol around towards the only Paladin not clustered in a fight. He squeezes the trigger until the man drops. His aim swings around, these shots are more restricted but still plentiful as he pumps rounds into the armored soul with the large gun.
Ashur "Rage," demands the golden-skinned Ashur, wiping the blood from his lip. He's always in motion on his feet, circling the Brotherhood Knights and the Paladin. His flesh battered and hammered, his mouth splits in a wide, bloodied smile. "And remember."

He drops low, sprints, sliding under the Paladin's arm and then rushing upwards. With a leonine scream, the veins of his arms popping and bulging with terrible strength, the former Legionnaire bear hugs the Paladin and, for a time at least, keeps him from moving with any ease. Skin flush, Ashur digs his feet into the dirt, strains, and twists the Paladin into the face of oncoming fire.

"You died no better than your Brothers."
Vuk Vuk hasn't bothered to really take cover again, he does how ever keep just keeps hammering rounds down range into bodies, coughing up a touch of blood. As it turns out, bullets lodged in your spleen hurt.
Dez Dez ducks as incoming fire thumps into the pinned Paladin. He looked up and saw the gleaming crack in the armor, rushing in and turning his blade underhand, leaping in to bury the leaf-shaped tip into his chest, a scream of steel on steel sounding as he felt steel give... And then the familiar softness of flesh in his blade. The paladin went down and he put his foot in his chest, pulling his blade free and offering a hand to Ashur. "We're not done yet."
Sparrow Sparrow is staying out of the combat zone as best she can. Ducking and moving around, her second attempt on Vuk is done and it's nearly impossible to cotninue so Sparrow's up and moving again and this time? She's headed for Abe at full speed and seeking the cover she'll use when she's done patching him up. Quick like a bunny.
Blank Once the first wave of the battle is down, Blank quickly reloads his gun while wincing at the feeling of the plasma burns on his chest. Owwww. He peers over at the armored vehicle in the distance, then down at the 10mmm in his hand. He's....not sure he'll be able to do anything ot that. He glances at the others around. "Anybody have like....a rocket launcher? Maybe a few grenades?"
Ruane Roman Raune takes a momment after the dust clears to wince slightly, and lean back, even as he ejects a mag from his pistol as he moves to slap a few rounds into the clip before slapping it back in and grunting slightly before he glances aside and offers a small frown. "Unfortunate. Dangerous." Roman mutters then as he shakes his head and exhales softly.

His little Roboscorpion however is hard at work, going through the corpses and the dead and picking through things, the robit with only one limb picking about before pulling up what appears to be a mostly intact m60 and begins scurrying back to Roman who just watches the robot and offers a small frown, lifting his shoulders then even as the robot tries to stash it in one of the many containers hanging off its side.. resulting in the mechanical creature having what appears to be a large gun larger than it jutting off it's body.

"Would suggest a Minigun." Roman offers in response to Blank even as he lifts his gaze up then, hand reaching down to tighten at the straps of his brace.
Abe     That did it for the soldiers...

Abe managed to grab a few things from what was left of the fireteams but not much nothing that wasn't just going to pay for his meal when.. ig he made it home.

One hand clapped on the bleeding wound in his arm, he eyes the tank...

He didn't know who they were but he knew them. He knew people like them. They loved their machine, babied it, polished the sprockets at night and sang it a song to put it to sleep...

If he got lucky he'd break their hearts today and he hated it.
Ashur Ashur scowls down at the corpses of the Knights and Paladin that were right on him, seeing their weapons mangled and useless from the conflict. "Worthless," he says, hawking a glob of phlegm-filled spit down on their dead bodies. "Burn in the afterlife, Profligates."
Aidan Drake Aidan takes a deep breath as the last of the enemies falls. Quickly reloading his rifle he hefts it over his shoulder as he lets his gaze sweep over the battlefield for a moment before he calls out, "Heya! Everybody that's injured shout out medic so Sparrow knows who needs patching up and make it quick!."
Blank Blank raises his hand. "Well, I got shot in the chest with a plasma gun..."
Dez Dez grabs a plasma pistol from one of the dead soldiers, checking the charge with a thumb on the energy cell as he'd been taught. He had absolutely no idea how to use the thing besides 'Point and shoot'- But he assumed that he wouldn't get any lucky strikes on the APC with his sword, so as much firepower downrange as he could give would likely be useful. Even if it -was- only six shots. To Ashur: "Save your breath for the living, amicus. The dead are gone already."
Sammy     "... Gott mit uns..." he chants as he trucks along, finally getting into position. The limp, the weight of the gear he brought, would have stopped him in his tracks, but this time, the determination for a large amount of revenge and payback, let him push on.
    Sammy lines up a shot, whispering to the ghosts of the seven who held the rifle before him, leaning into the shot, putting pre-pressure on the bipod, flicking open the optics. Surveying the scene with a wandering eye, the devastation already wrought, the bodies, the people, he's starting to recognize their body language now. Like, he knows that one over there isn't a -real- bad Legionnaire, and the ones in white probably shouldn't be shot at for the sake of shooting Legioinnaires. But more importantly...
    Sammy listens to the gun, his breathing falling to a slow boxed measure, listening for those who went before. "... Gott mit uns as we all stand united. All together Gott mit uns."
Vault Girl The Armored Fighting Vehicle signaled the fact that it was mobile and active by sweeping across the area with a spray of .50 caliber machine gun fire. It wasn't by any means a mint condition vehicle and was reinforced with armor plating to cover deteriorated spots, the wheels themselves being perhaps the most vulnerable point.
Ruane Roman Raune just again llike always lifts his pistol up to unload a few rounds upon the the APC as it approaches, the rounds mostly dinking off the side of the hull as he gives a slight wince. "Fuck.. Very dangerous. Would suggest.. keeping distance and keeping down!"
Hanzhou Hanzhou was out exploring the wastelands and happened to hear signs of a battle not too far from where he was. He headed over there as fast as his two feet could carry him but he was too late to be involved as the last enemy combatant had fallen. The Wasteland Samurai has arrived, the Katana still sheathed on his back and the jingle jangle of his spurs marked his arrival before he even came into view. Looking on, he recognizes a few of the people involved and heads towards Sparrow to find out what is going on. "What is going on?" But before he can ask anymore questions, an armored personal vehicle comes into view and starts spraying the area with gunfire. "Watch out!" He yells and then starts running towards the AFV, while drawing his Katana in one smooth motion. Who the hell attacks a vehicle with a sword!?

Swinging away, he manages to hit the Vehicle rather easily but he was hoping to hit a more vulnerable area.
Sammy     The massive rifle is one with Sammy's hand, he slowly takes aim, deciding the APC takes topmost priority, he squeezes the trigger, at this distance, it's quite loud, kicking up a 'dirt pancake' cloud around Sammy, the armor penetrating round leaving a gash in the side of the APC.
    Someone who might have been watching, might have glanced, would have seen something truly bizzare in the dust swirls around Sammy though, maybe it's a mirage, but a ghostly form with a blindfolded face, a scale in one hand, pointing to the APC and leaning to whisper something in his ear.
    "Apex inbound." gives the slightest nod, the second shot, twelve foot bout of flame out the tip of the rifle, second shockwave for those unprepared for a .50 up close and personal... and the round goes in between the turret and main chassis, registering a massive hit with the sparks echoing out the back of the APC. There's still some left.
Aidan Drake Aidan was way too close to others and gets hit in the leg by shrapnel from the main tank blast as he tries to roll away from it. He sights in on the AFV but manages to miss probably from the bleeding leg and the rolling motion to avoid it.
Vault Girl The Armored Fighting Vehicles rolls forward hitting the gas or fusion powered engine to the max RPMs as it moves forward at an alarming speed; a far more alarming speed than most of you are used to large objects moving.

A Pre-War AFV even partially restored like this was a valuable if vulnerable prize in the post-war Wasteland and it is likely that is why it was sitting at the edge of the battlefield ready to provide support.

As it races forward it runs several people over as the machine gun spits white hot death and the main cannon slams into the ground knocking people back.

It was badly damaged though, smoke was coming from it and the armor plating that had been welded on was covered in holes.

Just a few more shots..
Sammy     The dirt pancake and shockwave from his rifle to his aid, obscures the road-dusty form of Sammy a little more, aiding credence to the adage that he might have some kind of angel watching over him. But who's watching the other people?
    "INCOMING FIRE HAS THE RIGHT OF WAY!" He screams, seeing the APC moving, he dives, to knock Sparrow out of the way of the charging APC, because seriously, Medic. Save the Medic. They put you together later, right? RIGHT? He tucks, rolls, and manages to avoid getting completely killed SOMEHOW by being run over.
    Sucking breath back in, hearing ribs bitch at him as he groans, "#184 on the list of things Specialist Jenkins is not allowed to do in the service of the NCR; 'Attempt to do something I saw in a cartoon.'"
Abe     Staring down the barrels of that .50... He was certain that was it. Even if it all came for the chest, the helmet. He slips, falls. Bullets make so much meat of his left arm. That feels like a artery bleeding his life away.

Shakey, cold. He cane barely move, standing on leaden legs... He can hear the engine, see the headlights... Maybe they'll be kind enough to take his tags.

Impact, but not with the tank. Someone plows into him, he's eating sand and the vehicle trundles by... Who?!

No time.

He can barely see, he tastes copper. He lifts his pistol and fire. He can't miss... But he just keeps pulling the trigger until the world becomes light, noise... and then nothing.
Blank That was insane. Blank felt like he'd just dived out of the way of the vehicle. He heard shorts, trying to scramble away, then there was an explosion, him diving into a small ditch and only being somewhat hurt by the shrapnel and the like. He finally peeks up out of it, looking around. "....anybody dead?" Well. Anybody on their side. Hopefully everybody is on the other.
Hanzhou Hanzhou may have learned his lesson about charging at a nuclear powered repaired Armored Fighting Vehicle with a sword, but hey it did look awfully cool even though he got run over and got his leg broken for his troubles. Grimacing, he manages to stand on one leg after he's knocked over as the massive amounts of gunfire from the other's continues to rain down on the vehicle.

Once the last few shots hits the AFV, it explodes and knocks him over once again but he's able to roll behind some cover, which saves him from taking the brunt of the explosion. "They have no honor but they die very loudly..." he manages to grunt and grimaces once more as he tries to stand up again on his non-broken leg. The pain is excruciating but he seems to have an iron will, not screaming or passing out from the pain.
Ren Ren sees abe bout to get run over by the tank pushing him out of the way before a tank tred runss over his ribs before blowing up laying there hurt badly he chokes up "medic"
Dez Dez turned, bringing his cape up as the bullets impacted the side of the APC, and the familiar roar of a melting down nuclear engine came from the APC. The explosion hit and he ducked- Not quick enough as a shard of shrapnel sliced through his forearm. He stood up after, overlooking the scene. How many of the defenders were dead? He picked his way towards the crater to find any survivors.
Vault Girl The Armored Fighting Vehicles compartment is pierced by Abe's laser and it hits the fusion reactor, while not a critical blow? Combined with the damage sustained by the vehicle it caused a massive explosion that sent debris and shrapnel everywhere as well as knocking people back from the force of the blow.

Gunfire and sounds of battle could be heard coming from New Rome, the battle still going strong!

In the skies above you hear the whine of a Vertibird as it begins to fly towards New Rome.

It's likely there to provide either Close-Air Support or drop off Elite Soldiers. No doubt, you could fire upon it and draw their ire or you could leave New Rome to their own devices and hope they could hold out.
Sparrow Sparrow is still by Abe, and then she'd got caught witht he shot. Knocked back by Sammy before she can recover Sparrow yelps and looks up, croaking out a breathless thanks.

Then she sees Abe give out and swears under her breath, half leaking her own blood over the poor Scribe she mutters quietly and jams the revival sensors into the poor man and hits the juice. No one KO'd under Sparrows watch until she herself's gone down. She knows this is about to get bad but she's more interested in keeping people alive than shooting. She'll bandage herself next chance she gets.
Abe     Pain. Every nerve alive with it. He draws breath in a ragged gasp and sits bolt upright. He screams. He would later say it was a yell but it was a scream.

His chest heaves beneath the armor and he looks around, head sweeping from left to right...


He was still here!

And if he wanted to make it out alive...!

Fishing in his kit, he retrieves a nearly spent stimpak and drives the needle hard into his thigh. The burn tells him it's working as the last of the elixer bleeds into him.
Aidan Drake Aidan lays there on the ground after getting blown up by the main gun then blown up again buy the damn AFV blowing up... He just stares at the sky for a bit before he rolls over and gets to a knee before he reloads his rifle again. "Sparrow check on the others! But when you're done I seem to be bleeding again."
Ren Ren thinking hes not been hurt enogh aims his ak at the vertibird and fires yelling "wolvereens
Ashur The tank's main cannon explodes near Ashur and sears him with heat and percussive force; he's damn near knocked off his feet, and stands upright through sheer force of will. And then the fucking thing explodes, and there's a wave of energy that makes his vision swim. The beatings from the Brotherhood have taken their toll, and his massive body sags, seems to take a knee-- but before it touches the ground he grits his teeth and clenches his bloody hands, arresting his movement and forcing himself back up. There's pure hate in his eyes as the Vertibird flies.
Dez Dez skids down a hill towards the small group, sheathing his sword. "Why were they attacking?" The ex-Legionnaire paced over to the closest person he could find, helping them to their feet if they needed it.
Ruane Roman after a few minutes will move to pull out a bottle of acholol from one of the compartments on his little robot and hold it up. "You. Legionare. Drink this. Moonshine. Has anasthetic and pain dulling properties. Probably useful."
Sparrow Sparrow wraps herself up. it's not great, but the Doc isnt worried about herself right now. She revives Abe and smiles, "Good kid. Stay with us." She smiles breifly at him before checking the ranks. Spotting Blank she frowns and stands and starts heading that direction, leaving Abe to helping himself at this point. Getting Blank out of the way is fairly important. She can only do so much but stopping bleeding is practically vital at this point. "I gotcha, Big Brother. You want my rifle?" She asks of and promises Aidan as she bounces towards the critically wounded people. Her gun remains where it is, unused so far. She doesn't expect this to be over; it's never over with the BoS until absolutely everything has exploded.
Vuk Vuk? Vuk can't really move, he had dragged him self forward to a new gun and was using a dead man to prop him self up with it..when shards of metal lance into his body. Fortunately? Vuk is fairly numb at this point..but it's the whine of a Vertibird that makes him audibly groan..and he tries to track it with that minigun. What can -possibly- go wrong again right?
Ashur "Save your poison," Ashur responds to Roman, jaw clenched tight as he seethes. The bloodrage boils off him in waves of anger so palpable they can damn near be seen, a shimmer in the air, as he stares at that vertibird. Willing it down. "My mind will be clear."
Aidan Drake Aidan glances over at the vertibird and shakes his head, "This crap is gonna be the death of me." He bandages up his leg best he can before he moves to get into position to fight some more
Blank Blank leans a little on the medic, blinking dazedly at her. He sitll had Harmless held somewhat firmly in one hand. "Nnnh? What's that?" He looks up at the incoming vertibird. "I think more people are about to try and kill us, Doc."
Ruane "Clear mind? Unlikley. Adrenline already inducing chemical reactions in the brain. Increased level of endorphins." Roman observes in response to Ashur as his left brow lifts. "Someone need booze?" Then he'll offer up to the crowd in general even as a gun inevitiably cracks through the air and the man twitches. "Or not."
Abe E    Breath shudders into Abes lunges, his eyes are wild. Someone was speaking, someone was yelling, someone was shooting. "Yeah, thanks..." Should he be thanking her? He felt for his tags. If a body woke up without their tags it meant you might be dead, hotshot. He still had his tags. Of course he did. He hurt too much to be dead.

As best he could with one good hand, he reloaded, trading the depleted batttery pack for a fresher one.
Vault Girl The Vertibird is pinged despite the range by Ren and that grabs the attention of the Brotherhood of Steel reinforcements, they were heading in your direction now and it was probably best to avoid wasting ammunition given the speed the bird was coming in.

The next part of the battle was soon to begin.

A radio broadcast from New Rome was directed at anyone with the capability out here, "Allies from El Dorado, this is New Rome. We are faring well within the city, if you can stop that Vertibird, we should be able to clear them out, or at least force them to retreat. Mars be with you."
Abe     "YOUR MOTHER!" Scribe Errant Abreham Mcdonald yelled to the voice that was coming out of the device on his arm... Luckily, pipboys were recievers and not transmitters.
Hanzhou Hanzhou sheaths his sword, since there are no enemies at the moment he can hit it with and removes the scabbard from his back, now using it as temporary crutch so he can get around a little easier on that broken leg of his. He doesn't complain and won't ask for help since there are other's who seem more injured than he is. He looks up at the sky, then listens to the broadcast coming over his pipboy. "I will stay and fight." He then reaches down and draws his seldom used revolver.
Dez Dez checked his plasma pistol. "New Rome. Sounds like home. I'll fight."
Ren Ren yells to the rest of the group "comon soldiers if we have to give these bastards our lives we give them hell before we do" he yells attempting to rally and motivate the others wounded or not
Sammy     Sammy is lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut. Well that's pretty accurate, there's incriminating tread marks across his duster, and he's gone prone again, working to bring the tip of that rifle up to track the Vertibird, because there's a lot of anger channeling into him, the air around him, the dust and debris swirl behind him once more. "Hail O' Hail O' Infantry, Queen of Battle follow me..." he chants.
Alice From the direction the group of you had arrived earlier, whatever direction El Dorado is from, you see a scary as hell looking Enclave Advanced Power Armor Trooper walking towards you along with a Sentry-Bot, a massive terrifying guy in full riot armor with a massive sword and a smaller armored woman with a gauss rifle held at the ready.

You better hope they were here to help!
Iris Lark Iris really shouldn't be here, she's still in a cast after all. That's why she tries to find a defendable position to shoot from, or tend bodies. Or both. She kneels behind cover, a frown on her face as she primes her stimpack and her rifle.
Vuk Vuk would raise a weak cheer when he seems familiar people, one of them who will possibly brain him for undoing all the work she's been trying to do to keep him from know. Dying. But he's got his back against a dead power armor trooper to stay in a seated position, using a mangled armor clad leg to keep the Minigun steady. "Hold fire until they get out, then clobber em!" he shouts out.
Dez Dez flips a switch on the side of his pistol after looking it over for a moment, the array on the barrel fizzling to life. It had been on Safety the whole time. He hefted his sword and looked out at the group approaching from behind- When the cheer went up he didn't grip his sword so tightly. The other way, well... As the Vertibird landed, he lifted the pistol and sighted downrange. "Here they come! Adversor et Admorsus!"
Vault Girl The Vertibird pilot swoops down not too far from the combat zone bringing the Vertibird down on the ground for all of a few seconds as seven Paladins in T-51 Power Armor and T-60 Power Armor disembark from the Vertibird.

All along the hull, prototype military assault robots from Pre-War begin to detach from the Vertibird and move into combat positions.

The Vertibird immediately dusts off, a man still remaining on the side-mounted minigun to provide support from above.
Vault Girl The Star Paladin takes aim with his Gauss Pistol and fires at Stockton before declaring, "You're all worse than scum. We're fighting for the same cause you are. You will wish the fallen were still here when the mutant horde sweeps over New Mexico. You will regret your actions on this day, because it was the Brotherhood alone that had the means to save you all."
Ruane Roman Raune, having slid out his PDW from his robot again, lifts his gun up to just start unloading on the man that appeared to be the most obvious threat, bullets firing in all directions even as the Brotherhood begin to walk thei way and intimidate. "Goal not victory. Make Deafeat costly." Roman will respond easily towards the Star Paladin even as he now moves to hide behind some rocks after pumping out bullet after bullet.
Vault Girl The Vertibird makes a strafing run over the battlefield with the chaingun on the nose ripping apart the ground but only hitting Roman. Likewise, the sidegunner hits nobody but is none-the-less, a clear and present danger.
Sammy     "... In flames of death's eternal reign, we ride towards the fight." The dust around Sammy swirls, some might swear to fuck there's a ghostly figure kneeling beside him, blindfolded head tilted to whisper at his ear, scales tipping one way, long delicate arm pointing down the battlefield.
    "... Apex Inbound." he squeezes the trigger, and another twelve foot bout of flame kicks the dust up in a fresh 'pancake' around him.
    Anger. Hatred. Vengance! The armor piercing round screams through the night, bisecting the head of the Paladin with the Rocket Launcher.
    This draws the ire of the Vertibird! But anyone who was watching might have watched the dust swirl around Sammy, the ghostly figure closing ... black wings of shadow, obscuring the sniper for just a moment... he has rolled to the side a little at the last second!
Achilles "I love you, stay safe." Achilles says, reaching over to give Iris' shoulder a squeeze. Pushing up he brings the flat edge of the bumper sword around to rest on his shoulder. 'This is gonna hurt.' the giant thinks to himself as he looks out over the carnage.

"The Brotherhood is weak! We don't survive in the wasteland, we thrive here! You can take your toys and go home, child." The sword is brought down to point at the Paladin in question before he charges.

The first swing goes wide, but the big man brings it around and uses the added momentum to slam the blade into the Paladin's armored frame. "You'll die here."
Vault Girl The Paladin with the minigun takes the hits against him without flinching and lets loose with his minigun on Ashur and Dez, hitting the latter with multiple bullets.
Vault Girl The Paladin with the L30 Gatling Laser takes precise aim in Achilles direction despite the close quarters combat and fires off a devasting volley at the big man!
Vault Girl The Paladin with a Gauss Rifle takes aim at Sparrow but at the last moment? The Wasteland Samurai known as HANZHOU! Pushes her out the way as the bullet passes clean through his body.
Vault Girl The Power Fist Paladin rushes forward and SMASHES his fist into Carter but his Ranger armor absorbs most of the blow!
Aidan Drake Aidan rolls around a bit more in on the ground dodging the strafing run of the vertibird and his hat gets knocked off in the process. The Deputy reaches down to pick up his hat putting it back on his head as he glares at the paladins, pulling his trusty lever action up he sights in on the paladin with the damn mini-laser-gatlin wtf are we doing here... And puts a round into his target's power armor's helmet.
Ren Ren opens fire on the minigun user heavily damadging his armor in the process "common ferals are more threatening then you guys " he taunts with no fear
Hanzhou Hanzhou lifts his shades up, narrowing his eyes at the Paladin with the minigun and hobbles towards him as fast as he can. He puts away his revolver, choosing instead to use a weapon that is better at piercing armor, his short sword Wakizashi and despite being already badly injured by getting run over by an AFV earlier as well as jumping in front of Sparrow to take Gauss rounds for the good doctor, he still manages to muster up the courage or crazy Honor if you will call it to engage a foe with a freaking minigun in close quarters combat. Stupid or heroic, only the next few seconds will be the judge.

He does manage to poke the Paladin twice, once in the head and the other time in the leg.
Abe     Too many, too god damned many. He should have ran, should have just booked it... But he can name a friend or two amongst those that are throwing their hats in. His guts steel and the Stimpak does enough to repair what he needs to not bleed out right here. Still... that arm's going to be no good for weeks!

He has to think, how can he... the Star Paladin. Engaged with Achillies.

The Scribe levels the pistol towards the man and fires, tight and mean. If he can get him down fast... Without a commander they might have a shot!
Vuk Vuk lets loose a torrent of fire at the other man with a Minigun before slowly rolling over the dead BoS soldier he had been using to..well, not fall over, dragging his minigun with him as he begins to pathetically worm crawl towards Iris. Is he worse off then he was the last time she saw him? Oh absolutely. But he's now dragging a mini gun with him.
Vault Girl The Paladin in T-51 with an M60 Machine gun opened up on Roman and Carter as he grimaced beneath his helmet at all of this useless bloodshed. Couldn't these savages see they were all on the same side?
Iris Lark Iris finds cover, she's not going to pop out to shoot until she's helped some of the people here. She gazes at the stimpak, and then without words or preamble, stabbed it into Vuk. "Sorry I'm not being gentle, but..we don't have time for gentle right now."
Dez Dez gasps as the minigun rips into him, stitching a bloody line across his shoulder. He ducked down, hand going up instinctively to the wound. His other hand came up with the pistol, squeezing off two green bolts that seared across the space between him and the man who had shot him, searing him twice in his hip and the codpiece of his armor... It didn't save him as his leg fell one way and the rest of him fell another.
Carter Griffin     How does he keep winding up in these situations. Carter doesn't even get to engage before he gets slammed in the chest by a power fist, and then raked by bullets from the machine gun. If he wasn't wearing Ranger armor he'd be pretty well screwed.

His turn now though. He pulls the revolver from the holster on his side, twirling the massive Sequoia as he draws it. He swore when he found this he'd use it to right the wrongs in the Wasteland, and fighting the Brotherhood is a damn good way to do that. He remembers how many people they lost at Helios One. He squeezes the trigger on the revolver and the weapon bucks in his hand. He's not used to that much recoil, but he gets his revolver on target for the second shot as well.
Alice Alice stepped forward in the menacing power armor she was wearing, completely unrecognizable to those who had not arrived with her. She hated shooting at people, but there was no choice, "Over900 focus fire on my target." The sound of her voice through the helmet even sounded kind of intimidating!

Taking aim alongside her Sentry-Bot, she let loose 4 gauss rifle blasts in a row even as O.V.E.R. 9000 pumped dozens of M60 rounds into the Paladin with a Laser Gatling. Then the two man firing squad ceased, the Paladin was down.

"If you need help, get behind me! I'll keep you safe." She called out to anyone in danger.
Ashur As the battle raged on, even Ashur's immense stamina has begun to flag-- there is little as exhausting as conflict, and unlike many of the ranged fighters, he is constantly dancing around, exchanging blows with whatever comes his way. But the adrenaline rush keeps him steady, as does the discipline of a lifetime with the Legion.. and, in part, rage at his trophies earlier being too damaged to salvage. When he sees another one of the power fist wielders, he sees his second chance, and hurls himself in at Carter's side, slamming his fist into the Paladin's chest.
Vault Girl The two squads of attack robots open fire with arm-mounted assault rifles, concentrating mostly on the Power Armor that has joined the battle.
Ruane Roman Raune lifts up his gun then, stray bullets still firing from his gun as round after round try and find purchase inside that cockpit.. of a giant vertibird, the real problem however is the bullet that might stray into one of the engines and bounce around. The rest are lets just say.. a bit ineffective. Roman enjoys small caliber guns! There are some downsides.

His little Scorpion friend however is soon out and about the battlefield, looking for salvage.. or danger and soon finds it in a robotic companion who he soon is taking to pinching and trying to pull wires from even as the robots hopefulyl are focusing on more serious threats.
Vault Girl The vertibird comes in for another pass, this time moving out of the area quicker than last time; likely due to the incoming fire that has been hitting it.
Aidan Drake Aidan sights in on the Star Paladin, squeezes the trigger and the rifle goes boom and then a short moment later *ping*, "Fuck."
Vault Girl The Star Paladin almost kills Achilles in a single blow and says sadly, "I never wanted this. It's the former Legion that withheld technology from us, you fought well. Flee now and you may have your life or I can grant you a warrior's death."
Abe     Abe didn't expect the star paladin to go down easy. Watching that fist sink home, he was happy the Legionair was up front... that would have ripped him in half.

Even so, he still whittles away at the Paladin, working laser bolts into him whenever he can spot some daylight between the man and Achilles.
Vault Girl The Gauss Rifle armed Paladin decides to fire two shots towards the suspected Enclave member but the second shot doesn't connect because Vuk dives in the way of the bullet!
Sammy     It's the mud, the blood and the bleeding out holes he didn't have when he got here that fogs Sammy's vision a little, the first shot, swirls the dust in a belch of fire from the rifle, and goes wide, missing the Vertibird by hard to say at this distance, but, you sometimes fire the first shot to get the windage.
    The second shot does strike home, with a *PANG* as it goes into ... something but not enough to take the Veritbird out of the picture. Once more ensconded in the cloud of dust he's nesting in, he tracks on the bird..
Carter Griffin Once again Carter opens fire, his revolver flaring to life with multiple shots, as he pulls the hammer back on each one, to be able to fire from single action. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like he's doing a lot of damage to the power armor with just his revolver. He needs to reconsider what he's doing, especially after he fires what he knows wil be the last round loaded in the weapon.
Vuk Vuk was just..expecting the Vertibird to tear his body in half, then Alice in the way and he shifts forward to bodily get between her and the gauss weapon pounding away, which does very little to not kill him. "Take out the fucking Vertibird out!" He snaps out, assuming some how, some one, has a way to do this as he ends up kneeling and unloading the Minigun back and forth across the Robot squads, leaving sparking wreckage in the whack. Uuuuraaa!
Achilles For all the talk, Achilles ends up on his knees, his helmet full of vomited blood. "What kind of warrior would I be if I just took it?" The giant growls out, not too happy with the turn of events.

Shifting one hand further up onto the bumper sword he shifts, toe digging into the ground. With a mighty twist he slams the massive sword into the paladin, before promptly falling back onto one knee. "I feel no shame, I wasn't hiding behind power armor."
Iris Lark Iris sights through her Gauss and tilts her head slightly as she fires off a round. It streaks quickly through the air and takes the paladin in the head. It falls over and anyone closer to the fight might hear the sound of whooping in the distance.
Alice Alice calls out, "Ok! Nobody get behind me, this armor doesn't work like it's supposed to and oh my god is it hard to breathe in." Removing the helmet and revealing that she is just a pretty young redhead from Vault Town and not an Enclave member she took aim at the Gauss Rifle trooper and fired directing O.V.E.R. 9000 to do the same, "Nice shot, Iris!" She calls out as the Gauss Paladin falls.
Sammy     It's the mud, the blood and the bleeding out holes he didn't have when he got here that fogs Sammy's vision a little, the first shot, swirls the dust in a belch of fire from the rifle, and goes wide, missing the Vertibird by hard to say at this distance, but, you sometimes fire the first shot to get the windage.
    The second shot does strike home, with a *PANG* as it goes into ... something but not enough to take the Veritbird out of the picture. Once more ensconded in the cloud of dust he's nesting in.
    Rage boils and it's not just the nightvision that makes Sammy's eyes glow red, the rifle tracks the retreating targets, the rifle reports 3 more times as the gun somewhat takes control over his mentality. "I've got allies in heaven. I've got comrades in hell. Say hello."
Iris Lark Iris slings her gauss over her shoulder and hobbles forward, closer to the people in the group. She walks up to Achilles and works to stop his bleeding, a slight frown on her face.
Ruane ROman Raune just shakes his head even then as he exhales softly then, lips pursing as he watches people starting to free then even as he moves to look over at his PDW for a second, the blood from a few new bullet holes pooling at his feet as the adrenline keeps Roman on his feet for the time being. "Will need to return home. Do emergency binding." Roman notes as his lips purse before he lokos up at the sounds of gunshots and people killing the fleeing brotherhood. The man just shakes his head and doesn't join in the blood-letting response, instead focusing on trying to keep standing, grunting as he does so.
Carter Griffin Well at least they seem to be in retreat. Carter's not going to shoot them in the back. They're soldiers, not raiders, even if they are from a faction the NCR doesn't always see eye to eye with. Besides...He's out of ammo.

He ejects the cylinder of his revolver and drops all five empty shells to the ground, before he reloads and spins the cylinder, then holsters the weapon.
Blank Once the last of them are dead or retreating, Blank sighs and reholsters his weapon, looking for something to sit down on and take some pressure off of his injured legs and other wounds. He closes his eyes, and quietly bleeds. Well, this fight didn't go quite as well as the last one. On the other hand, it also involved a lot more and better trained/armed/armored enemies, so the fact he made it through in mostly one piece is something. "It seems like we fight those Broterhood guys a lot."
Vuk Vuk is breathing heavily, there's so many new holes in his body, but he remains kneeling, minigun at the ready, LSW sort of over a shoulder..the strap slick with blood. Things aren't -that- bad are they? "I hope they don't send in more.." he hisses out between pouts of pain.
Aidan Drake Aidan sights in on the retreating BoS Paladins and squeezes the trigger on his trusty lever gun as he ensures along with a few others, that future attackers won't be the ones departing from this field of battle.
Achilles "Babe, you alright?" Achilles calls back towards Iris as the Paladin's head explodes. Pushing back up onto his feet he runs the nearest BoS goon through, the rusty bumper making quick work of them. As Iris approaches and the men start to retreat, the giant plops down onto his ass and tugs that helmet off, letting the blood inside spill out over the front of his armor. "He got me bad babe." He offers the little doctor a half smile, which isn't very reassuring with his teeth stained crimson.
Abe     It was done... it was done and now people were slaughtering whoeber tried to run. Weak... and tired, Abe couldn't do much else but watch. He watched, his eyes growing distant...

He works the safety of his pistol and slips it beneath his belt.

After a moment, he starts collecting holotags. Going from one body to the next and yanking them free of their necklaces. He'll have to get into the AFV too... it wasn't likely there was anything to collect but he'd have to check. He'd want someone to check for him.
Ashur With the fight coming to a close, and his exhaustion and extensive damage manifesting as the battle-rage and adrenaline fade, Ashur marshals his reserves for a final showdown. The surviving Paladins flee; given the insult and injury they've delivered him, that isn't an option. The golden-skinned giant is a whirlwind of motion, riding the last legs of endurance-- all bloody-fisted and caked in sweat and grime and that sweet sweet smell of a man in the wasteland.

Hunting down a man fleeing for his life might not be the most honorable man in the world, and leaving a pile of corpses on dark, dusty plains not the most moral, but Ashur does not care. He'll stand there at the end, breath a ragged storm, and stare at what they've wrought.
Sparrow Sparrow tries to heal Aidan but she's not doing great. She hurts and everything's running. Soe leans on the rubble nest to her and checks around. She can't do anything else for a few moments so she just relaxes.
Ren Ren opens fire on the reatreating bos members once his gun clics the ghoul runs to achilis "i need a medic over here asap we got a man down" looking over to the fallen giant "hang in there man your going to be ok "
Stockton Stockton peaks up over the cover he'd found as the Brotherhood runs. He's checking the horizon before checking his bullets. He's down several expensive rounds, but he's alive, Sparrow's alive, her brother's alive. He looks over at the calls for medic and he growls, "They're workin on it."
Sammy     Sammy moves to crouching in the little smokescreen of dust his gun kicked up, shouldering the rifle, he thumbs the eject, the heavy box magazine falls out, and with a *cha-chunk* he slams the next one in. The bolt slides forward, and he keeps the barrel up, standing, eyes glowing extra red in the twilight, the skull warpaint on his helmet, the bones on his chestplate, carry that much more meaning, the 5mm holes from the minigun bleed his own blood, and he staggers as he stands, looking to make sure everyone's getting to the healers as needed, turning once, twice, to sweep the skies for that flying fuck.
Vault Girl The Brotherhood of Steel forces that remain in the area try to retreat but they're cut down to the man by the vengeful people of New Rome and surprisingly? Quite a few of those who had come from El Dorado..

The Vertibird escapes the area and there is quite a large celebration and feast that awaits the victors for their aid.

New Rome was now open to all of you and for your actions here today, El Dorado had gained a dedicated ally among the wastelands of New Mexico in the days to come.