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Achilles It'd been some time since the scrap with those cybernetic ghouls, deathclaws, and Enclave forces, and as a result Achilles was still laid up. He was still banged up, but he'd put most of his treatments on hold to try and give Iris some time to rest, not that her other patients were as considerate. To pass the time the giant had been browsing manuals on power armor with his pip-boy, a pair of scavenged reading glasses perched atop his nose.
Iris Lark Iris thumps into the room, her leg still casted up and heavy. She spies Achilles and thumps towards the bed, wincing each time the cast hits the floor. "What are you doing?" She asks, sitting on the edge of the bed. "You look of the old teachers in the camp."
Achilles "Reading." Achilles replies, turning his bruised face towards Iris. "Think I've finally figured out how to use that damned armor. But it's so damned expensive for a pair. Should have knocked Alice out and took that set she found." Little does the giant know just how rare of a find the vault dweller's new power armor is.
Iris Lark "You wouldn't do that to Alice, would you?" Iris asks, an amused look on her face. "People are doing a lot of talking about the tax man. Vuk wants to ambush them, he mentioned having you join him. Would you do something like that?"
Achilles "Normally I wouldn't." Achilles sits up in bed a bit and takes those glasses off. "But these men are thugs. I wouldn't kill them outright though, they're criminals, but they're oficial criminals. Be something we would need to do without witnesses." The big man likes to fight, but he's not immune to reason. "Otherwise we could end up wanted."
Iris Lark "I told him that I'd talk to a few people for him. It's going to take a lot of people and a good plan to get it done." Iris says, leaning forward to prop her chin on her fist. "This cast is going to be on for a bit, so I would likely not be able to join the fight."
Achilles "We go in together on that armor, we just might stand a chance." Achilles suggests. "I'll also be watching over you in battle more. I'm sorry they broke through my defense." The man offers an apologetic smile before frowning at the cast.
Iris Lark "You promised you would take care of me." Iris says, trying not to make it sound as harsh as it may seem. "I've never been this hurt before, even with the beatings." She gazes at her lap and shrugs. "Sometimes I wonder if being rescued was the best thing, was it?"
Achilles "We've never faced anything like that before. The fact that we're alive at all is a miracle." Achilles turns and moves to sit next to Iris, wrapping his arm around her waist. "It brought us together.. so I wouldn't change it. It's too bad I'm not more.. normal. It'd make things easier on you."
Iris Lark "Easier how?" Iris looks exasperated as she shakes her head back and forth. "I just want you around, that's it. The rest can be negotiated. Do you think you're not meant to be with me?"
Achilles "If I thought that I'd of left you someplace safe." Achilles pulls Iris to him, his other arm coming around to wrap her in a hug. "Less violence. Maybe in some walled city. Kinda like how it is here, but more secure." He leans down to kiss her, "I've learned a lesson, don't worry. I'll keep you safe."
Iris Lark "Do you promise? There is a lot of Legion things happening, and I'm afraid." Iris says, her eyes on the door. "I keep waiting for one of them to come in and take me away." She sighs and leans into Achilles' hug. "I don't have any illusions, I wasn't important enough to be noticed, but it could happen."
Achilles "I don't care if it's the Legion, the Brotherhood, or the Enclave. All why stand before us fall, their weapons are not as heavy as mine." Achilles strokes Iris's back. "The day they take you is the day they've decided they wish to die."