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Ironface Jones The gardens are peaceful and quiet right now with very few people enjoying the green spaces. Amongst those few people is Ironface Jones, the big tribal taking time to take in the plants and to allow himself to relax somewhere other than the wastes or a bar. He slowly strolls amongst the flora, studying each individual plant as he comes to it, occasionally reaching out with his hand to touch something or leaning his head down to take in it's scent.
Clara Caine Sometimes a girl needs to kick back and relax. To put their feet up and just not think of things. That's what Clara is doing. The cowgirl had found a spot of grass, actual lovely grass, and has laid there, staring up at the sky. Her head rests on her golden retriever, who is laying there half asleep. Clara's hat is off, sitting beside her, hands resting on her stomach, fingers laced together. "Why do all the clouds look like food?" She states, to her half asleep dog. "Maybe because I need to eat?" Laughing a little there is a sigh. "No that one looks like a gun."
Skittles Skittles slips through the area on silent feet. Her destination appears to be an old thick oak, which she stops in front of, glancing back across the garden. She quickly clambers up her favorite tree and rests in her favorite spot, so she can people watch.
Decius Out of sheer curiosity and not due to intending to relax at all Decius has made his way into the gardens and wanders about aimlessly, taking a look at the local flora. Although even here, or perhaps especially here, he once again sticks out a lot.
Ironface Jones As his circuit of the garden takes him past Clara and her dog, Ironface gives them his attention, then looks towards the sky himself to consider the woman's words, "Bighorner. Horse. Yao Guai. Those are all food." Obviously, he wants her to know that she's correct in her estimation that the clouds resemble grub. Skittles seems to escape his notice, at least for the moment, but Decius is seen due to sticking out like a sore thumb. The big tribal gives him a polite nod by way of greeting.
Clara Caine Slowly, Clara goes to sit up, feet planting on the grass, arms resting on her knees. She'd of grabbed her had and put it on, to block out some sun, the cowboy hat sitting slightly askew. "Well darling, seems I'm not the only one who has food on the brain." He's given her ever constant charming sort of smile.

Her own blue gaze spots Decius, there is a tip of her hat in his direction, and a glance in the way of Skittles before her gaze returns to fix on Ironface. "I take it you're a big eater hm? Given your more mountain than man."
Skittles Skittles watches the main attractions in the garden for a time, but doesn't really expect much. She pulls an encyclopedia from the inside of her overalls and flips to the AEP section, and begins reading something intently, one ear still turned outward to catch the conversation.
Decius Having nothing better to do Decius respons to Jones with a nod of his own and approaches both him and Carla. Skittles is of course still not noticed by him. At all. "Well, he at least looks like he could eat half a bighorner on his own. Anyway, good day you two."
Ironface Jones "I am almost always hungry," the big tribal replies to Clara's comment about hunger. When he's called a mountain Ironface seems to puff up a little bit, involuntarily flexing his muscles beneath his armor. "I have eaten one of every animal larger than me that I have seen," Ironface replies proudly to Clara. "Except for super mutant, because they are too much like a man." Decius remark about the bighorner makes Ironface puff up even more, if that's possible, "Greetings Decius. I hope you are good."
Clara Caine There is an airy, sweet laugh from Clara. "Almost always hungry hm?" Her smile is more amused now. Hands reach for some blades of grass, before going to rest back on her knees, idly the grass is fiddled with. "So people are off the list then? Well, that's good. I'm sure their pretty bland." There is a wink, and she looks over to Decius and laughs again. "How's it going?" She asks him, smile still charming.

Looking over to Skittles from under her cowboy hat, eyes narrow in a watchful way. "Hey! What you reading over there?" The Caine calls out.
Skittles Skittles glances up from her book, baby blues unfocused. A moment later they clear and she smiles over towards Clara, who is now in her sight. "An encyclopedia. Researching energy weapons.", she calls back with a wave.
Decius "Well, I'm in one piece. Thats allready enough to say that everything is going well. Question is how long it stays that way." With that said to Clara he does look over to where Skittles is and gives a short wave. "Good day to you too and good luck with that. I know from experience that those things break my mind if I so much as think about how they work. A lot."
Ironface Jones "Yes. I need a great deal of food to stay as strong as I am," Ironface confirms for Clara. Then he nods towards her, "I do not eat the flesh of men. Tales of the Sand Lizard clan recall a dark time where many of the wastelanders grew sick from eating each other because they were bad at finding other food. My people taught them to live off of the land until they could farm again." Even though Skittles is a stranger to him, now that Ironface has noticed her and she's started talking he tells her, "I like energy weapons quite a lot. I find it to be amazing when they turn someone into ash. Even I cannot do that."
Manuelito The resident Navajo headed down the gardens quietly, moving over toward a spot to rest and enjoy the peacefulness of the garden itself. He however, did not make it very far as he heard voices within garden. Shifting slightly, he follows the voices carefully to see who else was here.
Guardian Caldwell The BoS Knight known as Caldwell quietly walks into the gardens, observing the townsfolk inside the garden before walking up to them and giving them each a nod, Lil Skittles is given a brief wave in acknowledgement and he smiles at the group, his power armored helmet on his belt. "Greetings everyone. How are you all on this fine morning?" he asks, seemingly in a good mood today!
Clara Caine Clara listens to what Ironface has to say, interested. "Huh." She states, tossing some of that grass on the ground now. "So you can farm too, hm?" She looks to Skittles and grins. "Not light reading there."

"You can never tell what the next day will bring either." She says to Decius. As Knight and Manny enter they're given a wave.
Ironface Jones "Greetings Tinman," Ironface tells Caldwell with a nod, looking over his power armor for new signs of battle. "I am well. It is pleasant here." His attention returns to Clara and he shakes his head, "I am not proficient in that skill. I am an explorer, hunter and warrior and I produce strong children."
Manuelito Smiling fondly to Clara, Manny says "Good day Clara." He looks to Caldwell and Ironface, head nodding "Tinman, Ironface. How are you two." He asks as he moves over to Clara and sits.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell smiles at Manuel and Ironface "That's good to hear Jones. And i'm fine. Thanks for asking. I've currently opened up my own chapter of the Brotherhood Of Steel right here in New Mexico. We're currently looking for recruits for our chapter. We plan on changing a lot of things I feel the Brotherhood did wrong, like we won't be stealing technology from people and we'll actually be helping out wastelanders in need. I feel like that'll put the brotherhood here in a good light." he happily exclaims, waiting to hear an opinion or better yet, some potential recruits!
Decius "Well, the next day usually brings one of two things. Boredom or trouble and neither is particularly good. At least thats how it usually goes according to my experience." With that said Decius removes the shield and spear from his back, places down on the ground and sits down where he stands, which is not too far away from the others.
Ironface Jones "I am well, Captain. You look well, too," Ironface tells Manuelito seriously after briefly inspecting the other man. When Caldwell starts talking a whole bunch Ironface stares at him intently to make sure that he absorbs what he has to say. "You wish to help people and not steal from them? I feel as though that is a worthy cause. I wish you luck with your recruits."
Manuelito Manny looks to Caldwell with a reserved look. "Perhaps, Tinman you should look at opening a new Clan. Anything brotherhood has a sour taste amongst the people. Having your own legacy may be better than following in the shadows of them; even if you plan on changing their ideology and ways."
Guardian Caldwell Knight Caldwell frowns at Ironface "I was actually hoping to get you as a potential recruit, Jones. Did you not want to join? We'd love to have someone of your expert skill and such. We could really do with someone like you." he looks over to Manuelito and shakes his head "I want to change the look of the brotherhood, we plan on helping the people of El Dorado as a sort of Para-military. We don't plan on expanding much outside of New Mexico unless of course we get big enough for it. And even then, it's not about territory, it's about helping people."
Manuelito A slow nod is given to Caldwell. He neither approves, nor disapproves, simply he says "Then I will speak with the Colonel about allying with your group. If the Militia has your backing, then the people in the wasteland near El Dorado will be more comfortable when you approach to help." A beat "As would those in El Dorado." His tone still is heavily reserved, but a small smile is on his face.
Decius Decius looks over to Caldwell and Manuelito with a scowl from where he sits. "Well, good luch if you go and wave around the Brotherhood name. I mean, the Brotherhood is very unpopular with comparisions to being high-tech raiders being quite common back in Nevada and California nowadays. Quite sure that that reputation traveled here at least somewhat as well."
Ironface Jones When told he's a potential recruit Ironface seems surprised. His head tilts slightly to the side as he seems to consider Caldwell's words, "I like to help people and I don't steal, except from my enemies. I feel as though these are good things to support. What would be required of me?" He looks over to Manny and studies him as he speaks, considering his words carefully. Then he turns back to the Knight, "Would I still be of the El Dorado tribe if I joined?" Decius' words get a curious look from him then, "I have not seen Tinman raiding or I would have taken his armor."
Skittles Skittles hums to herself as she accepts each of their responses to her research of the energy weapons. After a moment of watching, she returns to the read, until she hears the conversation between Knight and Ironface. She closes the book and clambers down from her spot in the trees, a tongue poking out the corner of her mouth as she does so. She quietly meanders over, and positions herself more towards Knight as she observes.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell smiles at Ironface "Nothing but an ability to follow orders and a want to help others." he nods to Ironface "We plan on being a Para-military force for El Dorado as I think i've said, we will be helping El Dorado while also keeping in our own interests." he look over to Skittles and waves again. "Hey Skittles." he says, smiling. He then turns back to Ironface "We can't offer much besides our support but when we do manage to get a base of operations set up you'll be welcome there as well. We plan on welcoming all walks of life into the New mexican Brotherhood Of Steel." he finally turns to Decius "And the Legion is very unpopular with their slavery and pillaging of villages. But I have yet to insult you about it, have I not?" he says, still smiling.
Manuelito A look to Decius is given as Manny says "I agree with what you are saying and still firmly believe that Tinman should build his own Clan that has no ties to the Brotherhood." He notes calmly. "Ultimately, it is the choice of him, not us. In either case, the support of the Militia will go a long way to show that his Clan is different." He says to allay the situation. There is a pause before he looks to Caldwell, a frown creasing his lips. "That is what the El Dorado Militia is for - To Protect the township and those around us as a military force."
Decius Decius isn't particularly impressed, instead simply giving a wry smirk in response. "You might have missed it, but I'm not part of the Legion anymore. At all. You see, after decades of mistreatment I kinda was fed up with them and their idea of order and civilization. Besides, I didn't insult you, just pointed out what most of civilization these days thinks when they hear Brotherhood of Steel. Do what you wish, I'm just pointing out to be carefull since that name carries a lot of baggage."
Ironface Jones "I will help you, Tinman," Ironface says after a moment of serious consideration. "If I feel that I can do more good without you or I do not like your ways then I will leave. That is fair." Then he looks at Maneulito, then to Caldwall, then back again, "Could the Steel Brothers be part of the militia, too? Since many militia people do not seem to do things for the militia all the time."
Skittles Skittles rolls her eyes and sighs, "It's not only for brothers either.", she glances over to Clara with a half smile, "Sister Skittles! That's fun.". She tugs at her BoS fatigues and smiles to herself. Turning back to Knight she adds, "I think what we're doing is great, but I hate to find out what the other chapters would do if we encountered them.".
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell frowns at Manuel "I personally think my idea is fine. I plan on supporting El Dorado fully. We will do just as well as the Militia." he says, nodding to himself. "Glad to see you aboard Ironface. I hope you will stick with us and that we will do great things with you by our side." he smiles at Ironface then looks at Skittles "If the other chapters have an issue with it i'd hope we can work things out. I'd hate to go to war with our fellow chapters. Hopefully the East Coast will at the very least send us support, maybe the Midwestern if we're lucky."
Ironface Jones "I support you, Steel Sister," Ironface tells Skittles, tapping his helmet to show he's already got himself part of a uniform. "We shall be apart from the militia but aid them in protecting El Dorado. Now I am of El Dorado tribe and Steel Brotherhood clan and that is good. It is good to belong to other people and to help them prosper."
Decius "Well, as I said good luck. Although..." Decius grin abruptly widens even more as he looks directly at Caldwell. "If you need help with something, ask me. I'm interested in how your grand plan will go. At the very least it will be interesting and interesting is always good."
Skittles Skittles bobs her head. She glances about suddenly, her cheery disposition fading. Becoming self-aware, she realizes what she's doing and immediatly seems to shrink about half a foot. Seems she isn't entirely use to conversing with groups. She gnaws on an already chapped lip and steps back a few, nervously, before becoming self-aware of that, and stops herself with a exasperated sigh of frustration with herself.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell continues smiling. "Glad to hear it Jones! We will give you our full support in your endeavors and hope you give us your full suport in ours." he looks over at Decius and laughs heartily. "You're welcome to join too if you so wish, as I said all are welcome. Though I fear joining isn't what you intend to do, now is it?"
Manuelito Standing up, he tips his hat to Clara before looking to the others. "Good luck Tinman." He replies calmly before shifting his way and walks back to the exit. A quick peek to Clara is given before he steps on out.
Ironface Jones "I will support the clan to the fullest. For now I need nothing because I am like a wealthy man in that I have a gun and a horse," Ironface tells Caldwell with a nod before reaching down to his belt to pat the pistol jammed through it. The one that he has no idea of how to use.
Decius The former legionnaire simply shrugs and keeps grinning. "I do want to point out that I'm more or less a walking techbane due to the Legion. That alone speaks against me allready. I'll tell you the following as a compromise though. Once I know if I will actually stay in the region permanently I will think it over again. Until then, well... I'm interested in helping with anything interesting."
Guardian Caldwell "I'm glad we have your support Ironface, it's good to have you as an ally." Caldwell says before turning to Decius "Glad to hear it big fella. We look forward to hearing a decision from you soon." he then turns his gaze over to Clara "What about you Miss Clara? Are you interested in joining this little group of ours?" he asks, still smiling
Skittles Skittles recomposes herself and looks over to Clara witha wide grin, "It's really just the start, best to get in now before we start having to fend off people because we're full.". She covers her mouth as she giggles.
Clara Caine "I'll consider it." She stands, and does a low whistle with two fingers, her golden retrevier standing. "We'll catch you all around, I got horses to tend to." They are given a charming smile, with a wave and then Clara is gone.
Ironface Jones "It is good to be allied with you, Tinman. Your ability to get shot many times without dying is useful and appreciated," Ironface tells Caldwell with a nod as he digs the butt of his spear into the ground and leans on it a little. He looks over at Skittles, then to Clara. "Be well, Clara Caine."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell slowly stretches himself and nods "With that settled I am off. I am still looking for potential recruits so if you see anyone whos interested feel free to tell them about our group. All are welcome so long as they are willing to help each other and the wastelanders as well as being able to follow orders. That's really all I ask for now." he pat pats Skittles on the shoulder and smiles. "I will see you soon, Sister Skittles." and with that he walks off.
Decius "I'll be going as well. Take care." With that said Decius gets up, straps the shield and spear back over his back and quickly leaves the gardens.
Skittles Skittles scratches her head as the two of them are left here. "Soooo, huh Oh right. I've a book to read.", shelooks over to Ironface and asks, "Did you need any assistance with anything? Any gear repaired?", she pauses for a response.
Ironface Jones After giving nods to the two departing men, Ironface then turns his attention towards Skittles, "I have nothing that needs mending at this time, new sister. I make you a similar offer, do you need anything? Or anything hunted?" He's quite gracious with his offer and seems dead serious. "I do not know of yao guai in this area, but perhaps you need gecko hides?"
Skittles Skittles ponders for a few moments, and shakes her head finally. "No, but I could use a couple of holsters for my lasers. That leather shop's got some high prices, at least after spending so much.". She shrugs a shoulder though.
Ironface Jones "I shall attempt to find some for you," Ironface tells the young lady, pressing his lips together tightly. "Next time I kill bandits or raiders I will see if their holsters are appropriate for your weapons." Then he looks up at the sky, squinting into the sun for a second before his attention returns to Skittles, "I must be leaving now. My horse will need tending to soon. His name is First Horse Jones and he is an excellent beast."
Skittles Skittles giggles at the name and says, "That's a very fine name. My parents actually can help tend to your horse, they're just outside of town, though they might be out now. They usually like to go out and scavenge this time of year.". She waves to him as she too makes to head out.
Ironface Jones "I shall have to make their acquaintance, then," Ironface says, a smile actually appearing when he hears the idea. Skittles' wave is returned with one of his own as Ironface heads out of the garden to take care of his mount.