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Sparrow Sparrow hadn't bothered celebrating with the Legion; she'd been there to keep the people she dares to look out for alive and kicking. And she wasn't in the mood for feasting with a chest wound and several very injured persons. Making sure someone was taking care of the folks who needed it Sparrow finally gets Bluebelle to the sight, loads up the cripple folks and slogs back off to the clinic. Loot and all. During the trip, she tosses Stockton her Raider Pip Boy and takes her new one, wipes the blood away and puts it on. Leaving them.. well. here. Iris or Kumo will check Sparrow in the morning but right now she's worried about the rest of the crew enough to ignore her wounds and check who's the worst off.

Likely the clinic is about to be as busy as it was the last few days with the BoS and Cyber-Deathclaw attacks.

She's careful to get everyone filed in. Taking her stimpak and sticking it in her leg to keep her going so she can get to the worst people
Aidan Drake Aidan makes his way over to the clinic after the fight. After the blood bath he figures it's time to get home and this leg looked at because thanks freaking HURT. And they hurt again when they blow up go figure. Spotting his sister he offers a wave before he plops down in the waiting area of the clinic, he's hurt but walking wounded not crushed up and spit out hurt.
Alice Two armored figures stepped into the medical center, luckily at least one of them lived there, "So you will want to adjust your HUD, you can do that through your armor interface. HUD stands for Heads-Up-Display, you may want to adjust it, because mine had EVERYONE labelled as a foe in that battle, it was super confusing."

Removing the helmet because she was too ashamed to admit she hadn't cracked the programming on her own and it was showing EVERYONE as hostile to her, "You can also interface it directly with your Pip-Boy. I really like having it, plus if you gotta go to the bathroom, it recycles it for you and turns it into clean water you can drink!"
Stockton Stockton goes where the Doc goes, making sure she stays safe so the rest of the town can continue to function. He's not looking great, but he's standing still. There's a groan as he pulls the helmet off of his head and swaps it out for his Stetson. There's a handrolled cigarillo clutched between his teeth and he's fiddling with his pistols, making sure everything is loaded and undamaged in the firefight. That chest armor is looking worse for wear these days. Plasma to the chest'll do that.
Achilles "Makes sense." The second armored figure says, leading Iris through to the back room before coming back out and removing his helmet. Turns out even Achilles learned how to use a suit, apparently even an old dog can learn new tricks with a Pip-Boy. But it also becomes quickly apparent that he's had the shit beaten out of him, as his mouth is covered in blood. "Almost feel dirty using this. But I suppose I'll have to get on even footing with the enemy to prove my point."
Ashur Catching a ride with one of the caravans that headed back to El Dorado, when Ashur eventually stumbles into the clinic it is with a great and bloodsoaked fatigue. He is in desperate need of a shower, a visit with Kumo, and maybe a trip with Dawn to Vault Town-- he had heard in passing there was an amazing doctor there.

But for now, the mountainous man is simply walking along, admiring the prize he traded for on the way back to the settlement: a massive power fist, the hydraulic piston firm above the back of his wrist, fingers clenching and unclenching to stretch the leather of the glove portion and grow accustomed to it.

"Kumo!" He bellows as he storms in, looking around with a toss of his braids. "Come."

He waits. She is so not here.
Sparrow Sparrow breathes only slightly easier after the Stimpak. Sparrow gets Aidan in first, he tries to sit and she ushers him over to one of the medical cots right away. Right now the Drake's cannot afford to be wandering around like a headless chicken. Sparrow is careful about getting people set up in the Clinic. She lets Stockton get the larger man settled in and starts to work immediately on making sure that Aidan's wounds are tended. Deputy first, the fact he's her brother also works in his favor. Despite not being well when it comes to things that matter like this Sparrow's hands are steady; steady to aim and steady to operate. Despite her laughable returns on the battlefield when she's concetrating this hard? She makes miracles happen. "Stock.." She calls from working on Aidan. "I need you to try and eye the wounds and get folks most injured into a bed. Including Ashur. Even if Kumo's not here. I'll do him next after I'm finished with Aidan."

Sparrow's age has doubled, pain and the stress of battle causing her premature weather-aged face to show more lines than usual. Her golden curls are mussed and tangled up an barely contained by her helmet which she hasn't even bothered to remove.
Alice "Don't feel bad about it Achilles, the guy wanted to kill you. I used to feel bad about shooting people but then I realized they're not really people if you didn't know their name. Like, maybe his name was Joe and now you're wearing Joe's Armor which is kind of icky, but his name could have been craig" She drifted off not even knowing what the topic was anymore.

Alice figured Kumo might be Ashur's dog so she whistled loudly before yelling out, "HERE COME! COME KUMO! GOOD GIRL!" Frowning a little she looked over at Ashur and said matter of factly, "I think your Dog is gone, but cool power fist." She held her arm up and said to Ashur, "You want to Power Fist Bump? It's like, this thing they used to do in the old days called a Fist Bump but we'll activate out power fists when we do it. Let's try." She reached her hand back ready to punch when Ashur was ready!
Achilles "The people who work in this clinic are not dogs. Don't speak to them like they are." Achilles tacks on, his gaze turning to Ashur as he storms in. "And watch how you treat my doors. I didn't spend time putting this place up for you to tear it down." The giant looks down at the gathering crowd and shakes his head, "I think I'll sleep it off, until things calm down."

Alice does get a slight nod, "I don't feel bad that it had an owner before me. Just that I'm having to use it. Also, I don't think you should try that, sounds like a good way to break your wrist."
Ashur "I do not think she'd appreciate the term dog," Ashur responds dryly to Alice, golden eyes drifting toward the door to her office. "But as she has not stormed out to talk my ear off about my apparent suicidal impulses, she must not be here."

Then Achilles looks over to him, and the former Legionnaire meets the taller man's eyes with a quiet severity. "Be silent, Dissolute. I will call my woman as I please." He glances toward Alice after that, looking over her hand. "That is unwise. I would hurt you."
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head as Sparrow gets ready to treat him first but just doesn't have the energy to really fight for her to treat the others first so he sits there and takes it like a man. Who's used to being bossed around by his siblings it seems.
Stockton Stockton is chewing on his smoldeirng smoke, the hat having been tucked down to keep those feral eyes from flashing wildly at the armored pair and their banter. The snapping and snarling between the two men that actually make him look dainty make the big gunslinger bark. "Both of yahs put yer proverbial dicks away'n let the ladies heal yah if they're gonna. Jesus, we got enough to fuckin' worry about. Now do you need an exam and stitches and shit? Find a table, Sparrow'll be with yah shortly."
Achilles "That's fair." Achilles says with a slow nod, before jerking a thumb towards the door. "But, you won't be doing it here. This is /my/ home, and I have no problem throwing you out." His metal clad arms fold over his chest and the progress he was making towards the back room has stopped. "That's also the last insult you get, harlot's brood. Next time I break you." For his part the man seems serious, his nose curling slightly in distaste.

When Stockton goes off to, his gives the man a look. "No dick measuring here. I'll be damned if I let him talk to me any kind of way in the clinic I built."
Sparrow Aidan does have some strong siblings. "I'll drop the rifle off at home for you." She tells him, "Got Jess a Medkit. Youa rifle. Gonna work on gettin's oemthing for Celeste and Nikki too. We need to talk, Aidan. Like a long one because.. I need the family to distance itself from me." She tells him since he's clamming up so that she can clean him, iodine him, sew him up and smother Aidan in bactine. Checking for cracked ribs, bones and concussions as she does the very thorough treatment. "I'll be out soon as I'm done with the Deputy. Please, try not to kill eachother my Medkit isn't repowered yet." She calls louder so the rest of the clinic can hear her.
Alice "Well, look at the time." Alice said like something was up, "It's time for everyone to cool off! Or me to go, since this is Achille's house basically and he built it and I am totally not getting in the middle of crap. I do suggest you both listen to tall dark and handsome though, he has a good point." Looking around she decided it was time to head out and called out, probably much to the annoyance of many patience, "See you all later!"
Ashur "Pity the cross I make bear the weight of your armor," Ashur responds, staring at Achilles with a growing, seething inclination to violence. "I will slaughter you, degenerate, when next I find you beyond this town's limits. They have been fair to me so far, and I'll not break their laws." He pivots on a heel and walks toward the doorway out.
Stockton Stockton just shrugs rather than continue to argue or fuss. Everyone's going full nuclear and he just shallows back some while one hand drifts behind his hip to let fingers brush his own comfort. Puff puff, if only the nuclear fallout hadn't destroyed like, every weed crop. Sigh.;
Achilles "You won't have to look far. I'll see you once I've healed, nothing more more legion trash to crush under my bootheel." Achilles brings his right hand up and clenches the hand into a fist, showing off hiw own power-fist. "Though I doubt you're worthy of being cut down by me." He sticks the helmet back on top of his head and turns to walk away as well. "Longos imitaris."
Sparrow Sparrow sighs from the room where she's working on Aidan. "Well, so much for that." She tuts softly to her brother and shakes her head. She listens to the front and people leaving, lips thinning out. The chest wound gives her a little trouble but she's quick enough with her salvaged medkit and good old fashioned horse sense to get not only the bullet out but the wound bound and treated. "Promise me that after you get home, you'll stay there for a day or two?" She says finally.
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head a bit, "I don't know if that's the best idea right now sis. I think that we need to get the ranch running and profitable and really lay our claim to it strong. Don't need somebody coming in and snatchin it out from under us." And poke plop and wiped down leg gets him smelling like a hospital. He's hearing the arguing but since there's no blows being swung inside the city limits the deputy lets 'em vent.
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head, "Well this was kinda my plan the whole time. Bunker down, get in touch with some raiders, see if I can't seperate myself from the family name. He's gonna do everything in his power to keep folks from gaining any leverage. He already kilt all the powerful folk, including Ma and Pa. Sherriff Wayne. If I can get his attention, get it and -keep- it.. And if it looks like we're at odds he can keep his aim on me and the folks who come to help me. it'll help you and other folks work under the radar to find out what the hell is goin' on with Vault 30 and stabalize this town before the Hoarde comes up from the South and Solomon feeds us to them to keep them off his back." She finishes cleaning up Aidan and washes her hands before moving back sicne the other folks who might've needed her help left. "He's steppin' up his time line, it's the only reason he'd put people in to debt with his ridiclous tactics. He's gettin' close. Doesn't need to be careful anymore. we can't wait for proof orwe'll be waiting for death."
Stockton Stockton angles his head towards the door while Sparrow starts talking about Solomon again. Glancing into the operation room where the siblings sit he chuffs at the woman, "It's fulla old tech and wizardry. That's what. Probably some piece of ancient bullshittery that Solomon thinks'll help him in his power schemes. Simple as that, we don't get him get it. Til then though, we're dodgin the tax man and keepin us and ours safe," the Wasteland Doctor's Bodyguard gives a firm nod and looks back at Alice a moment before shrugging, "What you got to say, Vaultie?" if anything.
Aidan Drake Aidan shrugs a bit, "I agree we need to find Vault 30 I think. But careful talkin bout evadin taxes... Just let me think you all paid 'em then I can honestly say what I don't know."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "It's the GECK. And he can. He can use it to make the hub of El Dorado a lure, and scalp caps off people. Witht he people he's been bringing in and laying low the people's champions no one will stand against him." She tells Stockton. "It's all a fucking ploy and he's doing it on our backs and our caps. Stealin the Caine's map of the vault shoulda been the last straw for the Caines but.." She shakes her head and looks back to Aidan. "I'm tryin to evade them, but I want his attention on me. Stockton's got my back and I've got some folks willin to join up with me but .. I wont if it'll just make it ahrder for you. Just me and Stockton then.. We can make a formidable enough distraction I hope." She reminds Aidan. "So you and Jessie can get the farm runnin with less guff from him. I want ya, if you can, to talk to Jude and Swagger Caine..uhm..Joe sorry." She smiles a bit. "Maybe get Jackie and those folks to help you some. You and Jess need to survive to keep the family name honorable. For the people.""
Stockton Stockton grunts, "I aint' evadin' shit then," he grins broadly at the Deputy before listening to Sparrow, ther'es a grim look on his face, one of determination to see something through, "We'll figure this shit out one way er another."
Aidan Drake Aidan smirks and nods, "Good good. And yeah it's likely the Geck." Yup he knows what that is he's heard about those pesky lizards before... "But hasn't it already been used it's why we've got farmland."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Sure, but not all of it. There's lots of it left, Aidan. Tons in fact, part of the reason Jude wants to go there. Think it's why he's gettin' in with the Militia. If Jude trusts Swagger, then good on him and we'll trust Joe Caine too, I'm leery fo the Caines though. They had every chance to make their power felt and they didn't. Weren't many of them that're doin anything for these people. Not like us." She smiles at her big brother and looks to Stockton. "If you need to stick about for your Ma, I just want you to agree to help Aidan and Jess out.""
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head, "Separating ourselves isn't going to work that well anymore. You go and do something that causes me to have to chase after you then it'll be look at them Drakes they're all a bunch of misfits and degenerates and don't deserve a spot here in town anymore. I don't think it'll be possible to create distance for it."
Stockton Stockton shakes his head, "Ma's got a shotgun an' Bessy now, with enough caps to keep the goons off her property. She's set until we're done," he tells Sparrow before looking at Aidan and nodding, "Shit. Hate agreein' with yer brother, but he's not wrong."
Sparrow Sparrow folds her arms, "You really think that or you don't think you could convince them you're really meanin' it when you come after me?" She sighs and frowns a bit, "I can't let this stuff stand, though, Big Brother. I fed a family today with lunch I bought from the diner cause Solomon literally took everything and then said until theiy're settled? They're in debt. I .." Her brows knit. "Help me think of another ay then Aidan because people are hurting."
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head, "I need to put some feelers out but the Caines aren't bad. Remember I work for lil Miss Clara right now she's the interim sheriff. And even if I shot you as you fled the town we'd still be lumped together as Drakes. Just like you've lumped the Caines together."
Stockton Stockton puffs on his cigar and watches the family closely. He listens mostly, letting the words roll over him and he cocks a brow skyward, "Clara's interim sheriff? She know about Solomon? She know to look into him deeper'n the surface? She know that could get her killed like the last one?" He snorts, "I questioned Wil E's man before they all died. Said it was all parta the plan to run the sheriff out so Solomon can go unchallenged."
Sparrow Sparrow huffs but accepts it looking away. Her lips press thin and then she peers at Aidan. "Then help me figure it out. We can't leave people like this and we also can't afford to give things awy to everyone. I'm tryin' to arm all my friends best I can but I can't just sit on this and let folks suffer, Aidan. They're good people. Took care of me when I was lost before Aunt Martha and Uncle grant took me in." She sits heavily and looks towards Stockton and the Deupty before rubbing her face. "Maybe at least open up a soup kitchen for the folks put into debt by that motherfuckers greedy grab. He's gotta die.. Big Brother. I don't care who does it, frankly I think we all oughta do it. The Waynes, the Drakes and the Caines. He'll rig the stupid election just like he did the last one.. And how could Clara not know. I told kitty the other day and didn't seem to big her, Joe seems pretty itnerested in takin' the Militia. Faith willin' that he's doin' it to help stop Solomon from whateer this bullshit is but.. I seen to much of the Caine's not doin'a ntyhing to lump them like I do their Grandpappy."
Sparrow Sparrow settles in to keep an eye on her brother and sticks with Stockton. She doesn't feel comfortable leaving anyone alone right now and her brother has her thinking. But she will step out to have a smoke with Stockton and let Aidan rest til it's time to take him home.