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Owner Pose
Nathan Nathan is parked on his wagon with his goods layed out for all to see as they pass through the Lone Star Caravan store area. If folks show any sort of interest he waves 'em over and throws a pitch for the goods being viewed.
Tina Tina approaches the wagon, wrapped in a bulky brown hooded cloak. But as she draws closer, it becomes clear that it is the young nun beneath the cloak, which is worn to hide her habit. And possibly a backpack of some kind, since the bulk of the cloak is too massive for the petite nun. "Good morning, Trader. Peace and Blessings to you," she says politely, smiling faintly from beneath her hood.
Nathan Nathan smiles and offers a nod of greetings, "Good morning sister. Peace and Blessings to you as well. What brings you here and why the hooded cloak over the habit? Can't hide much more of yourself than you already have?"
Tina Tina bows her head for a moment, pouting faintly. "Can you keep a secret?" she asks softly, looking up at him with worried, wide eyes.
Nathan Nathan grins and shrugs, "I don't see why not? I keep most of my trade sources a secret so that I don't get undercut."
Tina "That is probably wise, when the competition is sometimes literally cut-throat," Tina replies softly, keeping her voice low. She takes a step closer, then whisper, "I am trying to avoid these Tax Men that have everyone so worried. I just don't have the caps to pay the inflated tax, and I am afraid of what they might do when they find out I cannot pay..."
Nathan Nathan hmms and nods as he looks at her and shakes his head, "You'll need a better disguise than that then. The cloak hides you but your habit pokes out like sore thumb. You need to wear some regular clothes if you don't want them to recognize you. But you hear Miss Kitty's radio broadcast bout payin the tax and not fighting it right? You could maybe borrow some caps to cover what you needed?"
Tina Tina sighs, pouting. "It does, doesn't it... and it's so pretty, too," she replies dejectedly. "I /like/ my habit... I don't like to hide like this."

She bows her head again, for longer this time. "I did hear it. But I cannot borrow caps that I may not be able to repay... that would be putting my burden on a friend. And seventy-five caps is an awful lot of money to burden someone with..." she adds, covering her face with her hands.
Nathan Nathan reaches down to pat the seat next to him on the wagon, "Come on and sit a spell, already paid my taxes so they're not likely to be by here again anytime soon and you can relax a bit. And don't pout, as cute as it looks on you it doesn't suit you. And it is a pretty habit but it's just something else that hides you. Or defines you depending on how you look at it."
Tina Tina climbs up awkwardly, careful of her habit and the hem of the cloak. Once she is seated, she draws the bulky garment around her again as best she can. "I don't own many other clothes," she confesses. "Only an old vault suit and some leather armor, and this cloak. This habit is so much a part of who I am that I have never looked for such things... only extra habits, against need for replacement. It is a sobering thought that I might need to wear something else after so long, and all because of what is surely an extortion racket."

She takes a deep breath, then continues. "The Tax Men have been described to me, and they do not look or act like civil servants. They are more like thugs or criminals than anything else. People I know have told me that they paid the tax because they were afraid of these five men at their door. I would be afraid of them, too."
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "I paid because rocking the boat tends to cause more issues for myself and my business than the few caps spent in the 'taxes'." He looks her over and shakes his head, "Don't think I've got anything that'd actually fit you or I'd let you borrow some clothes. Although perhaps we could find you something better suited to hiding from taxmen than a bright blue vault suit or a bright red habit... Or a dark brown cloak as the weather gets warmer. But you'll need to find something to better hide yourself than what you've got on or you'll need to head outta town for a while. And if you do that I recommend you still find something a little less attention drawing than a nun's habit in the wastelands."
Tina "I cannot disagree with your advice. But if I left town, where would I go? I am not a skilled fighter or survivalist, someone able to walk the wasteland for days or weeks," Tina replies worriedly. "Still, I would welcome your help in finding clothes to hide me, and I would repay you somehow for it. I do have a few things I could trade."
Nathan Nathan nods a bit as he pulls up some old suitcases, "Take a look and see if you find anything that fits or suits your fancy. And perhaps you could join the caravan when it rolls out next if you need to skip town. Can you cook? They always need a good cook to go along. Or a doc."
Tina "Yes! And then I could /work/ to repay you... such a good idea!" Tina replies, perking up. "I can bind wounds and tend most injuries. I don't think I would have to work for long to be a doctor, either."
Nathan Nathan chuckles and nods, "See you've got skills that can be useful. And you're still young plenty of time to learn new skills."
Tina "I'm not really a cook, though... but I would be glad to learn. It would be one more thing I could do unto others," Tina adds, nodding emphatically. "This is a /good plan/. The church would approve of it. And I could earn the caps to pay the tax on the road, perhaps."