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Tina It's early in the day for the Gold Digger, just before eleven, and the place is all but a ghost town. The only customer, easily outnumbered by the staff, is a hooded feminine figure in tan, seated at a back table in a corner, occasionally sipping from a tankard before her. From time to time she looks at the barkeep, who pays her little mind.
Rose      Another figure in the Golddigger is soon to arrive, but it isn't via the front door. Our from the staircases above Rose emerges, once more in her armor and duster after her time recovering from her injuries. She needed to see the medic again, and soon, but for now the woman was content as she checked her gunbelt with those thigh holsters to take her time. A new rifle rested slung over her back, the well-maintained but very old-fashioned pre-war assault rifle and its strap offering a fixing point for the blonde ranger to secure her helmet to as she moves towards the bar, eyebrows raised at the cloaked figure.
Nathan Nathan makes his way down from the stairs as well having a room up in the saloon makes it easy to get home after a good night... day of drinking. He makes his way to the bar and gets himself a Nuka-Cola for today's pick me up drink nothing like a good cold bottle of radiation in the morning. He glances over at the cloaked figure but doesn't recognize her for now but he does recognize Rose from selling her that spiffy Arbiter sniper rifle and offers her a nod
Tina The tan-clad figure watches Rose descend the stairs, a bar of sunlight through one of the windows partly lighting wide gray eyes beneath the deep hood. Those eyes move to watch Nathan as he descends. As he takes his seat at the bar, she rises and approaches the bar, tankard in hand.

"Hello again, Ranger, Trader," she says warmly. In spite of the drab clothing, the voice can only be Sister Tina.
Rose      A pause, a blink, Rose tilts her head at Tina's approach. She recognized the woman, but her attire can certainly be taken as 'different'. "Got yourself a new uniform?" she comments softly to the woman before her gaze flashes to Nathan, to whom she offers a polite nod of greeting. "Nathan, still out making your caps and dealing in firepower?" she questions lightly with a warm smile. "Come across anything interesting?" A shrug of her shoulders and Rose chews her bottom lip. Thoughts perhaps of getting herself a drink, although most likely of the cola variety.
Nathan Nathan nods a bit, "Course I am. And I've gotten a few interesting things. Like shotguns? Have a jackhammer blasts the crap outta folks pretty nicely and there's the XL assault rifle it's a beast of a rifle." He looks over at Tina and hrms, "Nice look for you Miss Tina, now to get you some whiskey in that glass and nobody'd believe you're a nun."
Tina "I would, if I had any money to spare. I've been drinking filtered water and nothing but," Tina replies sadly. A glare from the tapper causes her expression to turn even sadder. "I'd rather be wearing my habit, but the tax collectors would surely recognize me in /that/. And I do not have enough caps for the doubled taxes. Maybe with this outfit I can pass unnoticed until the next caravan sets out, and I can earn the caps away from the city."
Rose      "Church gets taxed too huh?" Rose comments. She'd heard of the increased taxes being enforced, but so far none had come to claim such a toll from her and hers. It was only a matter of time, certainly. But for now it had not come to pass. "Seems the Mayor isn't making himself a lot of friends, to suddenly be ramping up what he takes from the people with such strong-arm tactics? Reeks of desperation or greed greater than I'd have thought." A gesture from her hand, Rose signals for two of her usual. She's not -that- thirsty, but the least the Ranger can do is give the dejected nun a soda. "Heard anything about anyone else avoiding paying?'
Nathan Nathan hmmms and shakes his head, "Nope haven't heard anything about others avoiding paying but I'm sure there are. And if you want a whiskey I'll gladly pay to see you drink some. Otherwise the soda would likely be better than just water in a saloon." He grins and shrugs a bit, "I dunno if it's desperation or if he's at his final phases of his plans or just plain greedy."
Tina "I do not think it is desperation... someone I know told me that there were five men who came to her door to collect the tax. Men who didn't look, dress, or talk like civil servants, or even deputies or militia, but thugs or gangsters, if such a word has any meaning anymore. She paid them just to get those scary men to leave. If anyone else besides the crazy man lying wounded at the clinic is avoiding paying, I have not heard of it," Tina adds glumly. "They do not sound like the sort of people to come from in town, or even in the shantytown."

She smiles almost too gratefully at Rose as the cola is ordered for her. "Thank you very much, Ranger. I believe it is greed, at best. Mayor Solomon is at best not a popular man, and seems to have only gotten worse since the sheriff's death. I wonder if the sheriff was the barrier that held him back, in light of this." She lifts a hand to Nathan. "Thank you for your kind offer, but I must pass. I need my wits un-addled by drink."
Rose      "A sip can be enough to steady one's hand, but more then that can render you clumsy." The blonde ranger nods as she sips her drink lightly. Six armed men dressed like gangsters shaking people down? That was enough to make Rose pause. She was capable of taking on six at once, but that was when she wasn't wounded, and likely better if she wasn't alone. If such a group came knocking, it was going to be interesting. "You seem worried sister. Are you expecting these men to come looking for you specifically?"
Nathan Nathan grins and nods, "I wouldn't expect ya to sister. And like the ranger said you expecting trouble specifically? I know we'd talked about it before and I think they've got a roster and will hound everybody to try and shake down as much money as they can without pulling too much to the point where the whole town snaps at them."
Tina "Five men, but that is quite enough against one taxpayer. And perhaps they are. I suspect they are going door to door. They knew my friend's name and came right to her residence. It suggests that they are well-informed about who lives where, and likely who owns what businesses. A church is not hard to find, especially if it is right in the middle of town.," Tina replies nervously. "And I do not have the two hundred caps to pay them to go away... only a bit more than half that. The taxes have always been high, but this... it is extortion at best, or even robbery. I do not like to think of what these wicked men might do if I cannot pay them, and I wonder if they have not done too much already."
Rose      "Perhaps you've come to the right place then sister," Rose chuckles softly, nodding her head. "I know churches are ment to be a sancturary, but sometimes it's better to stand with people who have guns." A wink to the sister, she folds her hands with a look towards Nathan. "If they're hitting citizens, won't be long before they hassle you harder than everyone else?" The Ranger frowns with a thought and a nod. There were others she should check on, others she should talk to. Shaking down citizens was one thing, shaking down the NCR? That was a whole different political firestorm waiting to happen. And Rose wasn't the biggest fan of people playing 'tyrant' over innocents.
Nathan Nathan shrugs, "I'm a citizen. And I run a business so they've already double downed on me. 200 for being a resident and 300 for running a business. It was just swell."
Tina Tina bows her head. "Please, Lord, do not let me say the horrid words that spawn upon my angry, childish tongue..." she whispers, at Nathan's words, eyes squeezed shut tight. "Let me be as the placid sea, wherever it is, calm and cool. Even if the sea does sometimes get stormy and violent... you know what I mean, Lord..."

She finally raises her head, her gray eyes like thunderclouds. "This cannot last. These wicked men and their evil boss will bleed El Dorado white if this continues. It will break, somewhere, somehow. Even I can feel it..."
Rose      "You don't need some divine sight or voice to tell you that people are going to get mad when they are threatened out of their earnings. But I'm not a local, not truely, not yet. If the Mayor has decided this tax extends to the NCR, travellers and ambassadors? Then this will be an interesting couple of weeks. If violence becomes the norm? Well. I have no intention of drawing on anyone in the city, but I still intend to defend myself and others if I need to."
Tina "I am not sure where this will stop. I am not a fighter and have little in skill or weaponry to lend to defense. But what I have is yours, if you will have me," Tina adds softly. "Since I believe this will get worse before it gets better, and I do not think the church would want me to turn away from people in need. And with such a tax as this, there will be many more in need."

She takes up her Nuka-Cola, glancing toward the door at a sudden sound from outside. "Thank you again, Ranger. I think I should fade into the background for now, just in case trouble is coming. Take care. You too, Trader." With that, she returns to the table she had vacated earlier, which remains vacant. It really is early for tavern business, after all.