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Iris Lark Iris thumps around the clinic, after last night things were a bit crazy with injured people laid up in almost every room. Iris should be laid up as well, but who has time for that when things need to get done. She thumps into her office to get something to drink and to take a brief rest in the chair. She puts her casted leg up on a stool, wincing a little as she gets comfortable.
Vuk Vuk is pretty sure any attempts for him to sneak out now, will get him strapped to the bed, given how his sneaking out to fight the Brotherhood..well. "Hey Doc." he drawls out from where they shoved him, at least no one came in with news of a battle, or a big find to make him try and limp out. "How's Achilles?" He asks, casually, nevermind he's trying to deflect beatings.
Iris Lark "Wounded, just like you." Iris says from her seat, a frown on her face. "What in the world were you thinking, jumping in front of Alice like that!?" She moves to get to her feet, probably to start yelling, but a grimace and a groan keeps her in her seat. For now.
Vuk Vuk isn't sure of that one him self, no doubt. "Eh..pretty girls need protecting? Not sure, got the fucking bots though. I've probably been worse off, now I can't claim I miss those organs, I think the paladins took care of them." He jokes and winces him self. "Sides, maybe if I prove I'm worth while, she won't think I'm a filthy wastelander with out value."
Iris Lark "I think you have a better chance of getting Achilles in a dress." Iris mumbles, finally getting to her feet with a sigh. She slowly starts to gather her tools, thumping around the office with the weird walk that her cast has made her develop. She stops for a moment, listening before she starts to work again. "I hope Bacon is letting Achilles sleep."
Vuk Vuk cocks his head, thinking about this when she mentions the piglet. "Well when I start stomping about in power armor, she can't call me some sort of uneducated tribal, right? Sides..if Achilles ends up as shot up as me, he'll be out for so long we'll try to put a dress on him, and then I'll move to another fucking city."
Iris Lark Iris leans in, an amused look on her face as she reaches out to poke Vuk on the nose. "Why in the world would Achilles take a shot at you?" She asks, shaking her head slowly. "Are you going to do something that you're going to regret later?" She considers the comment on Alice for a moment or two and then responds. "I think Alice will do what she wants, when she wants. It's her way...if you hadn't noticed."
Vuk Vuk closes one eye when his nose is poked. "Probably. I already regret being brave instead of waiting for ya'all to kill each other and finishing off the wounded and looting em..sides..I bet Achilles is going to be upset I have fancy things and I'm some scruffy wastelander, yes?" He hasn't quite realized he's part of the team persay. He just assumes every one intends to kill em for his wealth now!
Iris Lark "Achilles doesn't work that way." Iris says, shrugging a shoulder as she begins to treat some of Vuk's wounds. "He is grateful for what he has, and works hard to get whatever else he might want." She chuckles softly. "Besides, there is a large metal monstrosity standing ni the back room that says that he's okay with what he's got right now."
Vuk Vuk cocks his head again when she mentions that. "So what..your entire team, ya'all gonna start wearing power armor? Shouldn't some one maybe repaint Alice's suit so she doesn't look like the Enclave? Maybe some nice hot pink and glitter?"
Iris Lark "I'm not going to wear power armor, heaven knows I can barely walk in leather armor." Iris says, snickering at the thought of making armor bright pink. "I think they're mostly wearing all that metal stuff to protect me. I'm pretty good at seeking cover though."
Vuk Vuk is quiet for a few moments when she mentions it being..heavy. "It's actually uh..not all that heavy. I mean, it's if the reactor or fuel cell failed? You'd be like...fucked yah. Thats why you make sure it works properly so you don't end up a turtle."
Iris Lark "I prefer to be on my own two feet, in charge of my own destiny." Iris says, a wry grin on her face. "For a long time I had to do what I was told, when I was told to do it. I want to go where I want to go, and not depend on anything. Even armor." She pats Vuk gently on the uninjured shoulder and continues to work. "You've spent your whole life free, haven't you?"
Vuk Vuk is still wondering if he's suffered spinal injuries, shouldn't even that have hurt? "I've been free long enough to know I won't follow some one else's rules unless I can question them and have my say on them. I've seen cities with running water, and I've lived with tribals. I think I'm old, and all. I bet you even put it on the officially recommend they put me down for pasture and use my body as fertilizer!" he jokes with Iris.
Iris Lark "No, I'll fix all of this if you stay still long enough to let me." Iris replies, rolling her eyes as she smirks. "You've seen a lot, and I guess you realize how precious freedom is. Not everyone does that, most people think that living here in El Dorado is like a prison..but that is just because they've not seen a real prison yet."
Vuk Vuk shakes his head a bit at Iris' words. "The problem is alot of people want to see freedom..but..well. They also don't have the true ability to survive with out law and order. True Freedom isn't always safe, some times, you crave some law, some order. When Chaos threatens to consume you with out pause.." he says and grins a bit. "How long do I gotta stay still?"
Iris Lark "Until I say so." Iris responds primly, her hands finding the wound on Vuk's arm and squeezing at it. "If you sneak off and get hurt again before myself and other Healers can finish putting you back together - you're not going to like my reaction." She releases the wound and gathers some catgut and a needle. "Now hold still."
Vuk Vuk winces noticably when she pinches the wound! "What happened to Doctors are kind and gentle!?" he protests..but he isn't going any where, mostly because he's more worried if she decides to get him back to the clinic forcibly, it'll involve Achilles carrying him here under protest.
Iris Lark "I am kind and gentle." Iris says, letting out a soft laugh as she starts to stitch Vuk up. "I'm also aware that you're the type of guy who won't listen unless I'm firm and a bit evil." She pauses and an eyebrow quirks up as she studies Vuk. "Am I wrong?"
Vuk Vuk grunts in response to the question. "I just like getting new things..I mean how often do you -acquire- power armor right? I haven't seen a situation like that in a while. Not often to see that much power brought out..shame the tank blew up." He murmurs.
Iris Lark "I that you avoided the question, which means I'm right." Iris looks smug as she makes small stitches on some of his wounds. "You can wait until you heal before you go test out all your cool new things. All right?" She quirks both brows and adds. "If you go out and undo my hard work, again, I will hire someone to sit on your chest until I say you can get up."
Vuk Vuk scowls when she mentions some one sitting on him. "They better be cute, and not a super mutant. I don't think I have enough intact bones to actually handle people sitting on me.." He murmurs and looks around as she works. "I still wonder if at this point, I need cybernetic grafting. That's a reason to never leave my new power armor suit, yes?"
Iris Lark Iris pauses in her stitches and squints at Vuk. "You will be fine without cybernetic grafting. I don't want to turn you into a cyborg unless it's a last resort." She leans in and cuts the line on the needle with her teeth. "You're staying put until I say otherwise, aren't you?" She starts to stitch another wound, her slender hands moving slow and methodically.
Vuk Vuk has a feeling -arguing- with the lady holdin a needle is bad. "Yes Iris, I won't go and take off, unless the clinic is on fire, or the world is ending. I'll stay here and glower at the ceiling for weeks." he assures her with a playful wink.
Iris Lark "Good, I do enjoy your company. Even if sometimes I would like to clock you on a temple." Iris murmurs, finishing up on her second round of stitching. "You rest for a bit and I'm going to go make lunch. I'll bring you something in a while."