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Owner Pose
Derk Another day, another dollar and as the sun is rising high in the sky, Derk is currently outside the shack, cleaning his guns and tools of the trade. A look across the lake catches sight of an approaching figure and after recognition he gives her a wave, though will wait till she is close enough before calling out to her.
B No, it's not just his imagination. The familiar figure walks with a slight limp, hands tucked into the pockets of her apron. She seems to be favouring her left leg. Catching sight of the wave, she turns to head in that direction. Shee, too, waits to be in earshot before calling out her greeting.
Derk Seeing her favouring her leg, Derk rises and starts to walk towards her to quicken the pace by which they can shout at each other, or talk loudly, perhaps Vangelis plays in the background somewhere. "B! What did you do?" he asks quickly as he catches up with her and begins to examine her state of being.
B B lifts the hem of her skirts, showing a gash down the side of her leg. "Slipped. Clumsy me .. I'd say my center of gravity is off, but I think it's the same place is always is. Just .. slipped. Wet rocks. Was looking for clay." She smiles sheepishly.
Derk Derk nods, "Well you have to be more careful," he tells her, though from the look of the gash he gives her a squinty eyed sort of admonishment. Still he wastes no time cleaning and patching up her leg before letting her go off on another whirlwind adventure.
B B doesn't have whirlwind adventures. She has accidental ones. Never does she actually seek out the trouble that seems to befall her. Like that vertibird the other day. Totally not her fault. "Aye, aye, doctor," she says, watching him wrap her leg. "Though .. no promises."