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Owner Pose
Ruane Roman Raune is out and about in his store, a barley functional Mr. Handy model sitting on the counter of the room, an m60 next to it, and a small robotic scorpion scurrying about bringing tools and parts to a man who seems face first into the circuitry of the robot sitting there. "Spanner." Roman will call out then as he grunts under his breath. "Bring a screwdriver as well. Phillips? Flathead? Both?" Roman calls out before he shakes his head.

A large help-wanted sign sits on the outside of Chips n Bits, offering big paychecks for big guns.
Marcus Marcus makes his way into the Chips'n'Bits shop his hands tucked into his pockets and a service rifle slung over his shoulder as he looks around the shop, "'Scuse me heard you were looking for some guns?" The young man looks around the shop a bit more, "Whatcha needin us for?"
Lucette     A second arrival is none-other than the dark-haired Luce. She's quiet, recasing the storefront, settling herself just off to the side of the door and listening intently to determine what was going on and if it had to do with the sign outside.
Ruane "Look Intimidating. possibly shoot people." Roman responds easily enough even as he continues his work on the robot, not even bothering to look up at Marcus and Lucette. "Will likley get into trouble. Wanted with Mayor. Pay made to match risk." He'll note even as he shifts his gaze to look up at Marcus's words. "If interested, remain, if not.." A beat then. "Circuitry seems corroded. Find a replacement." He'll note before moving to scribble something down on a dingy notebook next to him
Marcus Marcus nods a bit, "Eh the bastard charged me 200 caps taxes and I just arrived into town. I'm not worried about being wanted by that piece of trash long as the pay's good." He looks down at himself and shrugs a bit, "I guess I could loom in the background pretty well."
Lucette     Hearing about trouble with the mayor and potential risk, Luce sighs. "Not too interested in making political enemies right now. Unless this job clears your name or bails you from that trouble, I should probably leave before I know too much." she responds in a disenchanted monotone.
Ruane "Indeed? Two hundred? Amusing. As it stands. Job will be to patrol street. Drive away taxmen via intimidation. Kill if neccessary to reinforce point. Also assist in assembling coalition of merchants. Hire more men. Oust Mayor Solomon if need be. Undermine authority." Roman observes as he lifts his chin then to stare curiously at Marcus for a second.

"Easy enough. Hazard pay as neccessary. Fifty caps minimium."
Marcus Marcus nods a bit, "Fair enough. So I loom outside in the street and keep the tax thugs away. We'll need more than just myself for that and I'm new to town so I don't know who else is around that's a good hired gun."
Lucette     Luce's disenchantment lingers. "Sounds like a noble task, but not one I'm suited for. If I hear someone wants to help in ousting your mayor, I'll hint that you're hiring for some work." she remarks, "If I get some spare caps I'll stop by and buy something. This job didn't pay as well as I'd like."
Ruane "Simple Calcuation. Cheaper to hire four or five mercenaries then pay increased tax rate. Ammunition and guns allows a position for possible renegotation. Will be persuading other merchants to join in. Furthermore, those joining can protest individual taxes. Make some of their own money back. Effective." Roman observes even in response to Lucette, his eyes shifting to look up at her. "Pay is excellent. Lack perspective. Understandable however, few weeks in the city will make things clear." Roman offers then before lifting his shoulders. "And after you pay your taxes for residing here at double price."
Ruane As Temporary set: ROman Raune is currently at his counter in his shop, piles of junk all around, his little scorpion assisting in part and scrap retrevial as the man works on a Mr. Handy on the counter, replacing and stripping parts.
Jude Jude had heard that there might be some caps to be made, so has made it into one of his favorite shops. He's a tech head and the busted up robot, the utility belt, and other bit and bobs make his face light up. It might not be Vault City, but it's where the toys are and today, where the caps are.

He slips the goggles off his eyes. He blinks a few times, letting his eyes adjust. He smiles and waves at the proprietor then. He sees they're otherwise engaged, so he decides to browse and listen a moment before he shoots his mouth off.
Abe     Would it be a bell or a chime? Who knows?! Roman.

Scribe Abreham follows not long after Jude despite the bounty offered by his trip to New Rome, the resulting medical bill will eat well into it... He could use another job and it might not wait. So he came... an d after some mild browsing, he navigated the maze towards the front of the shop. A battered, shabby figure, one heavily bandaged arm in a sling.
Ruane Roman Raune just snorts slightly as he looks down at his work then, even as he steps aside and moves to wipe some oil from his hands on a dirty rag which he tosses to the side and moves to kneel down and fiddle with some things on the ground before pulling out a small bit of scrap and piling itu p to the side as he mutters under his breath. "Cutting fluid uncommon. Will need to consider substitutes. Perhaps Butane? Chemical composition inconsistent for a steady flame perhaps? Will need to-" He'll cut himself short then before continuing, "Either way. A lack of interest is acceptable. The door is in the same place as before. Laws of Physics prevent movement. Will need to find clients."
Jude Jude cuts his gaze from Roman to Lucette and then to Marcus. He chews his lower lip a moment, the snippet of the conversation not horribly promising. He glances over at Abe, offering a small smile. He then upnods over at Roman and asks, "Whatcha lookin' to have some folk do for ya, sir? Might be I could be a huckleberry." He straightens the armor covering his bright blue vault suit as he speaks. He flicks his gaze to Roman, gaze curious.
Lucette     Luce eyes Roman for a long moment. "Primary job is delivering information and packages. If you want me to give any messages to anyone local, I can assist more readily that way." she pauses. "While we're talking business- and don't assume I won't be stopping by here later, you have things I need for sale- are there any vendors in this city that sell non-ballistic firearms? Looking for a couple for a project."
Abe     Eye contact! Abe meets the eue of Jude with his own sight-pits. There is The Nod. That customary nod of greeting and non aggression, just a dip of his chin before he goes about his business. Handily enough, Jude asked the very question he desired.
Ruane "There are people about." Roman observes in response to Luce then before lifting his shoulders and glancing to Jude and Abe then as if finally noticing them. As a final aside to Luce for the time being he'll offer simply, "Energy weapons? Plasma? Uncommon. Would consider militia. Possibly check trading post." Beyond that though then he'll offer to Jude and Abe. "Job pays fifty caps. Taxes have increased to point that shop is no longer profitiable. Cheaper to hire guns to protect store. From both Bandits, also Tax Collectors. Stand around, look intimidating. IF individuals attempt to collect taxes? Scare away. If persist. Shoot them. Also provide similiar protection for other stores that join in arrangement. Pay is fifty caps upon first service render. Hazard pay bonuses." Roman offers then before lifting his shoulders. "Easy work. less dangerous than brotherhood."
Abe     Abe butts in on the issue between Roman and Lucette. "If you're looking for a laser pistol-" one of which hangs from his belt, secure there by a bit of rope. "Up north a ways," he thumbs ith his right arm before he looks down at the limb in the sling. Something clicks and buzzes. He adjusts, the thumb drifting around in a more northly fashion, "There's a town called Acme with a scientist. I think I saw a old Watts he was willing to part with last time I was there. Follow the highway off to the west of town. Safest way there."
Jude Jude listens to Roman, nodding in contemplation. His attention is snagged by Abe, the Vaultie listening intently as Acme is discussed. All these new places. Maybe he should scavenge less... or come out of the vault more... or something.

He flicks his attention back to Roman and blushes, eyes flicking to the floor. Jude sort of looks at himself and sighs. "I'm about as scary as a bobblehead." He pauses and shrugs after a moment. "If'n you get you a couple folk, I'm handy with a laser pistol. This ain't something I'd do much good on solo, though."
Ruane Roman Raune just resumes his work on the robot as usual, hands dipping into the innards as he metal and clinking sounds sound out as he looks inside of the robot and offers aloud, clearly distracted. "Hiring a team. Not one individual." Roman offers simply. "Multiple people."
Marcus Marcus nods a bit, "Yeah a team would work best solo would just get overwhelmed. Gotta remember this gent has a ton of resources now and likely has the Sheriff's department and the Militia in his back pocket. At least the big parts of it."
Ruane Roman Ruane says, "Unlikley. Hired out of towners. Means Militia unlikley supporting him. Furthermore, they too pay increased taxes. Rumors of Embezzling. Would doubt Mayor Solomon has that much pull."
Lucette     Luce offers a nod in reply to Abe's suggestion. "I'll head out that way then." eyes flicking back to Roman, "And after I've seen if I can get anything useful out there, expect me back to join this team in an official capacity. Caps are caps and I need to make up for a loss of my collection fund somehow." and then a glance to Marcus, "Most people's loyalty are where the caps are. If they're losing caps in supporting someone, often they'll turn a blind eye if someone wants to cause trouble with the promise of changing a dry spell." she remarks with a pivot towards the door. If there's no requests for her to stay, she'll go on to make her way out.
Jude Jude mutters, "Probably that there ten percent that's been missin' from the cap mine too." He offers a smile to Marcus, raising a hand to the band of his goggles as if tipping a hat. "Howdy. Don't think I've seen ya 'round. I'm Jude."

He nods then at what Roman has to say. "I'm bettin' New Vegas is where he's recruitin' from. I hear tell they have them some crime families and whatnot. I'm joinin' the militia directly. I haven't heard of any particular loyalty to the Mayor. I have heard though that Solomon is tryin' to muster the resources to get into Vault 30. He wants the GECK from what I've been told."
Marcus Marcus shrugs a bit, "I'm not sure I'd put my money on that sir. I don't think the entirety of the militia and the Sheriff's department just key players that'll be able to sway some of the others enough that it'd be a problem." He looks over at Jude and nods, "I'm Marcus a pleasure."
Ruane "His interests irrelevant to my immediate desires. Many wish to return to the vault. Access to rare technology. WOuld be unusual to meet someone not looking for it." Roman offers rather dryly then before glancing back to Marcus. "Regardless. Goal is simple. Return to normal tax rates. Hold the Mayor accountable for unusual actions. Not looking to revolt. Cause problems. Just protect investments and business. Quite simple." He'll offer then dryly enough before looking to Lucette again. "Yes. Will be here." He'll note then dryly.
Abe     The nod is returned, "Good deal, safe trip." he bade her Now his attention swung around towards Roman in full. "It's not bad idea... I might be able to look imposing enough to fool a out of towner for a while. Won't hurt to stick it to the bastards that stuck it to me, either." Roman was right, it should be better than facing off against the Brotherhood, time and numbers would tell.

"That aside..." he adds a moment later, "Could I get one of those belts off you?" he wonders aloud, a finger pointing whichever way the utility belts rest.
Jude Jude listens and gives a little smirk. "He has the only known map though." He nods in agreement with the rest. He checks his arrangement of armor and weapon, before he pulls his goggles down to protect from the New Mexico sun until he can get back underground. "Well, I'll stop on by when stuff starts to pull together." He moseys towards the door and lets himself out.
Marcus Marcus nods, "I'm still good for the job just wanted to voice my concern about the militia and local law. I could use the work gotta earn a name for myself here."
Tina There is a light knock on the door, followed by Tina poking her head in. "Oh... I'm sorry. I had not known you were so busy. Shall I come back another time?" she asks.
Ruane "Did you see the help wanted sign?" ROman inquires in response to Tina as she steps inside as he pokes his head out from the robot's chasis that he is working on then before shaking his head in response. "Not too busy if you are looking for work. Purchases on the other hand? Eh." Roman sighs then even as he steps out from behind the counter and moves to a pile of scrap leather peices and other bits even as he starts pulling out utility belts and throwing them onto the counter behind him. Flopping everywhere. Some H&H, others Robco, others more generic or cobbled together. "Take your pick."

"Three hundred caps." He'll mutter out then before glancing to the three people in his store. "Will be seeking out other merchants to join. But put the time in, get paid. Simple."
Abe     He's a bother and he's paying for it, his lips twitch slightly at one corner as he looks out across the offered selection. "Threes a good price..." he utters beneath his breath. Eventually, Abe hefts up a robco belt. He's a sucker for a brand. "Bit steep right now though. Got a bid in on a horse. 250 and we consider it my first month of wages?"
Tina Tina shakes her head, stepping inside and closing the door behind her. "I did see it. I do not own a big gun, so I doubt I can be of help in that regard. What do you need done?"
Ruane "On the condition you actaully do work? Yes. Otherwise I will come to collect the remaining fifty." Roman observes with a visible frown in rsponse to Abe's words as he glances the man over then before lifting up his shoulders. "Beyond that. take one." A beat then as he llistens to Tina and sighs.

"Increased Tax Rate. Seeking out people to band together. Prevent taxmen from stealing from citizens. More specifically me. Pay is fifty caps. Other merchants might join in. Create a decent sized group."
Marcus Marcus is just going to start looming now because he's good at it. Stand tall stand strong Taxation is Theft!
Abe     "Deal." a job and a stake of his reputation all in one go, truly a red letter day in the McDonald household... Which was currently a windowless room in the brothel.
Tina "I can get behind this cause. Because of these taxes, I am in debt by 74 caps. I had expected much worse," Tina replies after a moment, and a curious look at the looming Marcus. "Promises have been made on the radio that this will be sorted out if no one resists and everyone pays, but I do not think it can be done without help, or by cooperation with these wicked men. My only qualification as a fighter is owning a weapon, but I do want to help."
Ruane "Pay is as standard. Fifty Caps for every person who puts in a good amount of work." Roman responds easily enough as he moves to cross his arms then, shoulders lifting. "I am certain you can manage. Can also pay in bullets or other goods. Tis all I can manage however." He'll mutter under his breath
Marcus Marcus nods as he listens to the others chatting as he looks at the different things in the shop, "Got some interestin stuff in here boss, ever get any swords or stuff like that?"
Abe     Clk, clk, clk, clk, clk.

Abreham places on cap after another on the counter, making little stacks and setting them aside... Commerce is difficult when the only currency comes in a single bit that represents a single bit.

"So, we camp out on your front porch?" Abe inquires. Out doors is not his favorite place but his word is his word... He'll at least hang on to that. "And any porch of any merchant that signs on?"
Ruane "Thats right. More or less." Roman responds as he crosses his arms then in response to Abe as he moves to return to the counter and resume working on the robots that sit before him, grumbling as he does so. "Might as well anyway. Easiest way to earn your keep and paycheck." A beat then.

"I sell technology. Not swords. Want a pipboy? Yes. Energy weapon? Maybe. Power armor? Yes."
Tina "It sounds like a difficult job. But I will do what I can. I need the money," Tina says at last. "And perhaps it will become clear whether we can get our money back from these thugs, and where our crooked mayor found such wicked men to do his dirty work."
Abe     Abe continued counting, stacks of ten grouped up in fives. "I've got a spare crowbar back at Miss Kitty's if you need something. Not a sword..." he paused, looking up to watch Roman as he worked for a moment more. "But if you use a sword to try and pry open a weapons locker, you get a broken sword. Use a prybar and you might get the meaty goodness inside. Kinda like a mirelurk."

His attention shifts to Tina, lips working into a thin line, "Maybe... I doubt he's got it sitting in a vault somewhere though."