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Iris Lark *Thump* *Thump* *Thump* Iris said she would rest, and she really meant to , but a lot of people are hurt and injured and she's got work to do. Her cast makes a thumping noise every time she takes a step and she goes from one room to another to tend to patients. When she steps back into her private space, she sees the man that was brought in injured is lying on the examination table. She thumps closer to see if he's awake so she can treat him.
Blank Blank is awake, staring up at the ceiling. The worst part is definetly his leg. But his chest doesn't look very good either. The averagely built scavver is laying there somewhat limply. "You know. I'm not really sure how I made it back to El Dorado. I think I might have blanked out a bit. He glances at Iris as she comes over to him. "How are you?"
Iris Lark "I'm alive. I'm also in a cast so..don't mind the noise." Iris says with a twitch of her lips, the smile looking somewhat ragged around the edges. "You look a mess, hopefully you don't mind if I tend you." She starts to gather her equipment as she speaks, thumping around the small office, a smile on her face.
Blank Blank closes his eyes. "Don't mind at all. Though I should tell you, I'm somewhat short on funds at the moment. Getting that suit of armor transported back sort of broke me. And I haven't managed to find a buyer for it yet." Sigh. "So I hope you take credit or something like that."
Iris Lark "Today is your lucky day." Iris says as she gathers her tools. "I don't turn people away and if you can't afford my work then it comes at no cost. I'm here to help people, not make a profit." She gazes at Blank when she speaks, offering a slight shrug of her shoulder. "People pay when they can, and sometimes more than they should, so for're covered." She tilts her head slightly at the mention of armor. "You're selling armor? What kind and for how much?"
Blank Blank opens one eye, turning his head towards Iris. "Power Armor. It's the lowest grade kind, but I'm hoping to make a profit off of it. Apparently they sell for about twenty-five hundred caps over at the Lone Star Trader. So I'm askig for fifteen hundred." His lips curl up. "Of course, not many people know how to use that stuff. So it's going to be tricky finding a buyer."
Iris Lark "I might be interested." Iris replies, threading a needle with catgut. She sets the needle aside and pulls down some salve from a shelf, thumping as she moves around. "Going to tend to this burn and then work on your leg."
Blank Blank nods his head. "Okay... we can talk later when I'm in less pain." His eye closes again and he shifts on the table. "Thanks, Doc. Sorry I keep showing up in bad shape like this. Maybe next time I'll have a sprained ankle or something." Instead of a leg that's more holes than actual leg at this point.
Iris Lark Iris places a gentle hand on Blank's shoulder before she sets up an IV to help him deal with the pain. She quietly begins to work on the burn on his chest, cleaning and debrideing the wound. Once she's satisfied that enough dead tissue has been cleaned off his chest she gently uses her fingers to place some aloe salve on it before wrapping it up.
Blank Blank winces a bit at the feeling of her working on him, but the IV eventually settles him down and has him mumbling quietly to himself as he rests. He doesn't rry to stop her even before then of course. His chest probably looks pretty bad. Though it could definetly be worse. He'll just have to hope there's no permanent damge done to him.....thuogh he has doubts about that in regards to his leg.
Iris Lark Iris moves to examine Blank's leg, a slight frown on her face. "I can probably salvage this leg, but's broken and going to need to be set. Then it's going to be pretty painful for a bit." She folds her arms over her chest. "How do you feel? Is the pain a bit less edgy for you?"
Blank Blank stirs on the table, opening his eyes and peering drowsily at Iris. "Hmmm? Yeah. It's much better. And I'd be hapy if you can save it, yeah. I wouldn't like having to hop everywhere. It would probably get really tiring." He's laying on the examination table, his chest smeared in salve for his plasma burns.
Iris Lark Iris pokes her head out of the door and yells for Achilles. While she waits she sets up the items she'll need for the casting and splints. She pushes her hair behind her ears and hums to herself as she works.
Achilles About this time, the door opens and a large figure limps in, wheezing slightly. He's not in his riot armor now, so all the various bruises he recieved from the mini-gun fire are exposed. "Hey." the giant greets, one hand raising as he stoops to kiss Iris on her cheeck before moving out of the way. "You called?"
Blank Blank has gone back under from the IV, mumbling quietly to himself and shifting a little now and then on the bed. He wasn't actually wearing armor yesterday. Which was probably a bad idea on his part. So was waiting this long to get treated.
Iris Lark Iris steps aside and pulls Achilles with her. "I need you help me set his leg." She says quietly, glancing between the man and the very large men. "I"m going to brace on his" She pulls Achilles with her and points to Blank's thight, and then she smiles up at Achilles. "You're going to pull from his ankle until I tell you to stop, start slow though so I can figure out when the bone shifts. Okay?"
Achilles Achilles winces a touch, but that's probably just his broken ribs. "Sure thing babe." He takes ahold of Blank's ankle and shakes his head slightly, "If you're still awake down there, this'll hurt." And just like that he starts pulling, though slow like he was asked.
Blank Blank groans and arches a little when Achilles starts pulling at his leg, his hands gripping the edges of the table at the feeling, even unconscious and drugged. He keeps that up until it's done, and slumps.
Iris Lark "Okay, hold." Iris says, as she moves to quickly tie the splint into place. She nods, satisfied as her fingers poke and probe at his leg. "I think this bone will set all right, now I just need to stitch up all these holes." She smiles over at Achilles and gestures for him to take a seat and relax. "Did you sleep okay? I didn't hear you come to bed last night."
Achilles "That damned former legionaire Ashur came in, called for Kurokumo like she was a dog. Took offense when I told him he wouldn't do that here and threatened to crucify me. So.." Achilles shrugs slightly and limps over to ease into his chair. "Once I've healed from this, I'll be handling him."
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Achilles for a few moments, and finally she sighs. "I am not terribly sure that it is a good reason for a fight. What did Kurokumo say about all of this?" She doesn't look happy for a moment and she walks over to Achilles. "He threatened to crucify you?"
Achilles "She wasn't here." Achilles rests his hand in the palm of one of his massive hands. "I've killed more than a few Legionaires. So when scum threatens to crucify me I take it seriously." The man does have a history killing just about everyone. The NCR is the only group he hasn't claimed to scuffle with.

"It won't be much of a fight. I'll be taking my new power armor for a spin, assuming I can figure it out better."
Iris Lark Iris gives Achilles a nod and pulls some covers over Blank's form. "We should let him rest." She says quietly, turning towards the door, she thumps along, going slower than before, her shoulders slumped a bit.