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Sparrow Sparrow and Lucky are in the clinic. This is where they'd ended up, likely because Sparrow's still looking like she hasn't slept and is still wrapped from jawline to hips from the gauss rifle wound. But she's here and? She's working, helping to relieve some of Iris' workload as best she can while the real Doctor is busy and nursing wounds her own self.

Lucky has been conscripted.. again. She's putting him to work holding bandages, fetching fresh water or new bottles of Iodine as she does her best to patch up those who don't need Iris or Kumo's attention.

She's just finishes up and is tossing a bloodied apron into a bin and pulling on a new one stepping into the waiting room to see who's next. "All right, I've got room. Who was next?"
Ruane Roman Raune is the sort to limp his way in.. and make sure that he is always aabout and ready to get treated at a momments notice that he sees something wrong with himself. A number of new bullet holes and an older bullet that hasn't exacly wiggled its way out being one of the more pressing issues at the momment.

Stepping into the Clinic then he'll offer a lift of his hand and grunt aloud. "Next? Here. Did quick patchwork.. need to have bullets removed however." He'll grumble even as he limps further inside.
Stockton Stockton is here, because where else would he be? His boots are cleaner than they were and all the wounds have fresh dressing. That plasma burn is now hidden under fresh clothes and a chestplate, but he still moves a little slower for it. Having posted up at the wall beside Sparrow's chosen room, he plants shoulders, ass and a boot heel against the wall while he chews on a smoldering cigarillo in one corner of his mouth. He's toying with his boot knife right now, because merc habits die hard. Roman steps up and he gives the man a toothy grin and a nod. "'Ere," there's a bit of leather that comes out of his pocket that he rolls into a suitable chew-stick. "If'n yah want it."
Lucky Good ol' Lucky, the conscripted nurse by Sparrow, assists quietly with a smile on his face. He takes soiled rags, dirtied water to be clean all the while he resupplies the missing items. Taking a moment, he pauses to wipe a brow and glances to the waiting area.

Oh, and he's wearing a classic ninteen-forties nurses white uniform dress complete with a hat.
Sammy     "When the battle stopped and the smoke cleared..." hums Sammy, obscuring the door as he steps in, then to the right and surveys the scene a bit, his hand coming up under his chin, catching tghe release fro his helmet and easing it off. Long walks in the desert? That's totally Sammy. "... there was thunder from the Throne... and those seven Spanish Angels... "
    His body language says that the adrenaline is losing to the blood loss. "... took another angel home." he dings the bell at the little receptionist desk, and takes a number. Wasn't he already in here this week? Why, just Yesterday it seems. Sammy throws the rifle over his shoulder, helmet at his elbow, looking around at faces he recognizes. "Good everybody made it back." he leans back against a wall and slumps, sliding to the floor.
Sparrow Sparrow nods. "All right." She gestures to a small curtained off area. There have been an exceptionally large number of people in the clinic lately and so some 'temporary rooms' have had to be made. Sparrow moves over to help Roman hobble along, "Let's have a look at you. You know you really should have the first rounds of bullets removed before you go looking to get some new ones. Lucky can you help me with the gauze." She glances towards Stockton and nods at him before looking to the others, including Sammy, "I'll be with you to help as soon as I can, Sammy. Nice to see ya made it home in one piece." She glances at Stockton and smiles a bit wanly at Roman. "More than I can say for some folks." She closes the curtain but it's not exactly a wall. Sounds will carry even if sights won't.
Lucky Nodding, Lucky moves on over to Roman and Sparrow with fresh gauze, iodine, pins and scissors. "Here you go." He says cheerily with a gentle smile to her, handing the equipment to her.
Stockton Stockton nods at Sammy, "Good to see you still kickin," then the cowboy blinks and shrugs, "Funny how that's sometimes the best we can hope fer, huh?" he asks in that dark humor laced tone. Pulling the cigar he gives Sparrow that toothsome smile and a wink before going back to doing what he does. Watching over the Doc...and her little nurse too apparently. He gives Lucky a few side-eyed looks before going back to smoking and not giving a shit.
Ruane Roman just shakes his head in response to Sparrow's words as his lips purses for a second. "Just deal with it yes? Not efficent.. but these wounds hurt more." Roman observes even as he gives a little grunt as he feels fingers and hands nearby, or really.. he is afraid of what they will do poking in all his new holes.

A beat then before he looks at Lucky and then back at Sparrow. "You keep odd company."
Sparrow Sparrow nods to Lucky with a twitch of a smile in thanks. But now it's Roman's turn to suffer behind the curtain. Chems are expensive and with Taxes, everyone's hurting. So Sparrow gets Roman settled, makes sure he has a strip of lether whether it was Stocktons offering or not and says, "Yeah? You think so. Tell me about it? Why do you think my company is odd?" Something for Roman to focus on perhaps because Sparrow is a Combat Doc. This means things are going to have a certain brutal efficiency about them..

Bullets will be removed and the Medkit will help. But unless Roman's unable to feel pain it's going to tingle.. Just a smidge. So she attempts to keep him focused on, rather than the pain, the oddness of her 'Nurse' and Stockton's imposing presence.

She has to trust Stockton to do the greetings and prioritzing of wounded.

Stockton's also got instructions to give Sammy and Hanzhou something from Sparrow when he sees them.
Ruane Roman just shakes his head again. "Odd sort of dress. Difficult to keep white clean. Or scrubs." Roman observes with a small frown touching at his lips a s his arms cross over his chest and offers a deep exhalation then. "Just.. let us get this over with quickly. Got a line yes? Don't want to... Will scream as much as needed.:
Sammy     Sammy fishes his red headband from hi helmet, and finds in a pocket a comb made from something black, probably not originally a comb, but it's been whittled into a very servicable one, and drops that in his helmet in his lap, unbuckling the arm armor, and popping the catches on the sides of his armor, he wriggles, peeling it off and holding the chestplate up. "I have too many holes in me. But I made it back. I've got to find that exhaust manifold." he murmurs, and jabs a finger through one of the holes in his chestplate, wiggling it. Dirt and dried blood on the gloved fingertip.
    "... so I can make it back faster, I suppose." he chuckles, and nods to Stockton. "Given the last time I danced with the Brotherhood, everyone making it back is a long long way from what it was." he glances at the engraving along the rifle thats' resting beside him. He starts humming again, setting the armor down, "... Misery loves Company, we could start a Company, we could build a factory, and make misery..."
Lucky Spinning ever so slightly, the hem raising outward as he does so. Lucky beams brightly, saying "Sparrow said this was a common thing for nurses to wear." He shrugs, glancing down to the nurse uniform dress "True though, I suppose blood would soil and stain it."
Hanzhou Hanzhou limps into Medical clinic using a makeshift wooden crutch that he's either found or made. The Wasteland Samurai hasn't been seen since the battle at New Rome after he got run over by an Armored Fighting Vehicle and was engaged in one on one combat with a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin. He's dressed as he usually is, in that odd mix of western cowboy and asian sword wielding warrior. The cowoby hat is tipped as he hobbles in, his sunglasses still covering his eyes and that Katana strapped to his back.

He looks rather...well not so good, since his leg is in a makeshift splint, pretty much two pieces of wood tied together to keep his leg immobolized and he's wincing with each movement. He glances around and waits his turn in the line up, since it seems rather busy in here.
Sparrow Sparrow smirks at Lucky with a shake of her head. "Naw, resistant you know." She explains as she, herself, is about to start getting nice and stained up. Iodine and blood mostly. She works on getting the bullets out of Roman's leg with careful repcision behind the curtain. It's not loud but poor Roman, he asks and Sparrow gives. The doctor's blond head bent over the bullet wounds as she starts to carefully cut and tweeze them out. The Clinic is at capacity and the Doctors are swamped, there is a line. There've been a lot of attacks and a lot of battles lately, on top of the usual folks who are in to the Clinic. There even packing people in exam rooms they've had to make curtained off areas which is where Sparrow is working on Roman now. "All right but remember to bite the leather if you need it. Lucky, I'm going to need a bit more water all right?"
Ruane Roman just gives another slight grunt even as Sparrow moves to approach with tweasers, a slight shift of his position then as he moves to take a seat and tries not to look too scared, but his eyes are as big as saucers by this point as he watches the woman approach. "Right. Biting tongue likley death sentence. Makes sense." He'll observe even as he looks over towards the leather in question then as he reachs out to take it and hold it in his hands.

"Sooner started.. sooner this is over." To Lucky then he'll add, "Really? Good to take advance from doctor.. still.. seems.. unnusual."
Stockton Stockton looks up to see Hanz and he gives the man a chin up greeting. The cigar in his mouth switches corners so that he can speak, "Doc's busy as shit, take a seat, git to yah when she's done pullin' bullets, fixin a leg and all manner a shit." Nodding at Sammy, "Yer next," he confirms before glancing back at the curtained room, waiting for the grunts of Roman under Sparrow's forceps. They all put on a brave face.
Lucky Lucky grins at Roman as he steps back and waits for the good doctor begin her work on Roman. For now, nothing else is said.
Alice Alice steps on into the clinic with her trusty pal Vaultmeat the oversized mutant Puppy who rushes forward to jump at Hanzhou on his hindlegs, the pup barking excitedly to see his friend.

"Hey Hanzhou, everyone else." Alice said as she stepped in and tossed her Katana which was being used as a walking stick on the ground before sitting down and starting to fiddle with her pip-boy.
Hanzhou "Greetings, Stockton and thank you for the heads up about the wait times." Hanzhou replies to the man in a soft voice and hobbles over to a seat, then lowers himself very carefully into it and tries to keep his busted splinted leg from banging into anything but then Vaultmeat is at his side, jumping at him excitedly. Smiling Hanzhou, gives the puppy a good headrubbing and looks over towards Alice. "Hai Alice..." But his sentence is cut short and he winces as he see's her throwing the katana down that was being used like walking stick. It was almost like a physical blow to his soul to see such a finely made precious blade being treated so. "Alice...please be more careful with your Katana." He sighs.
Sammy     Satisfied that his armor is indeed, not going anywhere, Sammy shrugs further out of his duster, and undoes his load bearing vest, his Medkit and helmet resting in his lap, he sits back, blood caked fatigues showing the strain of the battle.
    Remember Kids: When you play chicken, the one with more lugnuts wins.
    He doffs his gloves, and checks is hands over, before uncorking a half-full bottle of moonshine, and liberally sprinkling it over his hands, degreasing guns, destroying brain cells, and ... sterilization. Good old Firewater.
    He looks up at Lucky and Roman, "I think the doc's assistants were called Candy-stripers if they were guys. Nurses if they weren't." he has done lots of interesting reading, when you walk from place to place. He lifts the comb and bandanna, and starts to carefully, gingerly brush out his hair, feeling for spots he forgot about, or blood, mud, or who knows what, before tying his hair back with that red bandanna.
Sparrow Sparrow works, carefully, making sure not to leave any shrapnel behind. That's the part of the process that really stinks. Making sure all the nasty bits are out so there's no infection, cleansing the wounds, cauterizing some and stitching up others - which only means more holes to contend with. It's not pleasant and unless one is drugged out of their gourd, it hurts like a..

Sparrow concentrates and uses Lucky like a gofer, sorry Lucky, but Sparrows in full Doc mode. Steady Gunslingers hands make efficiently quick work of it though. "Now." She drawls trying to keep Roman distracted, "Don't go running off right away. You've gotta give it time to heal and not tear out the stitches and the repairin' yer muscles are doin'. So take it easy for a few days, all right, I'm not sayin' lay around feelin' sorry for yourself but nothing exciting. No running, jumping off cliffs, pursuing Raiders and if you're gonna get laid, just be a dead fish. Nothing to pop a stitch." This all said with a serious no-nonsense tone, no expression but concentration on her age-weathered face. "Lucky can you get me the salve from the other room?" Yup, Sorry Lucky, have to walk through the clinic to get that Salve.
Ruane Roman just shakes his head before he bites down hard on the leather I ttakes four seconds for him to make that decision as he leans back for a second, trying to support his weight with his hands more than try and situp straight even as he grunts and whines and groans then as he shakes his head. All sorts of mummbling and grunting escaping his mouth.. muffled by the leather.

Thank god Right?
Stockton Stockton gives Alice a little two fingered salute when she wanders in. "You need the Doc today, Alice? May be a lil bit of a wait," he says while nodding to the other two injured gentlemen in front of her. The clatter of the sword and the presence of the pup just earn an amused smirk and he gives Hanz a nod. Sammy's history lesson earns a cockeyed look and a feral tilt of Stock's head. "I - well. It could be worse," he supposes out loud. With Roman taken care of he peeks in as Sparrow calls for salve. "You want I should git Sammy ready? You got Hanz an' maybe Alice after," he warns Dr. Sparrow, Medicine Woman.
Lucky Lucky gives a small nod as he turns and heads out to the clinic itself, heading over to the cabinets to grab the salve solution. Glancing to Sammy as he talks about the difference between a male and female nurse, a small smirk crosses his face before he walks back over to Sparrows and Roman's location.

"Hmm, do you think I look like a candy-stripper?" Lucky asks of Sparrow, handing the salve solution to her.
Alice "Oh no, Stockton. I just go to Vault Town Medical Center, it's got an auto-doc and doctors who took the G.O.A.T. and stuff. It's really awesome and they can pretty much do anything and if you live in Vault Town it's really cheap because we have medical insurance!" Alice explained to Stockton even though she wasn't asked before eying Hanzhou's scabbard, "Well, maybe I'd be more careful if I had a scabbard, like, the one you have. Hint Hint."
Sparrow Dr. Sparrow Medicine woman is not a Mary Sue nor is she polylingual and her love for 'all people' is pretty debatable. But she's here and she's working on getting Roman all sewn up so the Doctor thing is right on cue. "Slimjim, you can get me the ointment when you're dressed like a proper nurse. But if Hanz and Sammy are here give them those caps huh? I'll do'm all if Iris or Kumo aren't able to." She calls before looking back to Roman with a smile. "Almost done. Some salve and I'll have Lucky wrap you up and you're good as gold. Not as bad as it looked just in a really sensitive spot.

"Sure, Lucky, ya look sweet. But you don't have any stripes I'm aware of."

She takes the salve from Lucky and pats his hand lightly before turning to work on slathering Roman up. "Lucky can you get the bandages on his legs while I clean up and prep for the next person?"
Ruane "Thanks Doctor." Roman responds rather dryly then before he casts a glance over towards Lucky then. "Move quickly. Faster I'm out, sooner Sparrow can deal with other patients. Fast. Efficently."
Stockton Stockton blinks slowly and laughs at Sparrow, "Yer adorable, I'm just 'ere to make sure yer scrawny ass gits back to the farm," and he looks back to the room, "And that everyone knows where they are in line," he grins a bit. Sucking on the last of his cigar he stubs it out into the heel of his gloved hand and tucks the butt away. Fiddling resumes with his knife and he looks at Sammy, "Yer up."
Lucky "Oh, I suppose I could add some stripes if you wish, Sparrow." Lucky replies with a wink, handing the salve solution over to her. Nodding, he takes the gauze and begins applying it to Roman's legs. "Almost done." He says kindly, finishing up the wrap and pins it. "There, all done!"
Hanzhou Hanzhou sits there quietly, petting Vaultmeat and waits his turn to be seen by one of the doctors. His right leg is in a makeshift splint, with pretty much two wooden sticks tied together to keep his leg immobolized and there is also a makeshift wooden crutch beside him as well. He is also staring idly at a finely crafted Katana that got tossed aside to the ground that Alice usually carries as a walking stick. "How are you doing, Alice?" He asks the Vaulter and looks towards Sammy when Stockton calls his name.
Alice "I'm greeeat!" Alice replied to Hanzhou, "I spoke to the Overseer and he told me if we manage to clear out the old tunnels we can use them but we also have to help with keeping Vault Town safe. We should do go start doing it, can you hurry up with your leg?"
Ruane Roman will just shakes his head in response to Lucky then as he offers a small frown then. "Thank you.. Lucky was it? Nurse Lucky?" Roman offers then as he moves to push up then from his spot as he teests his leg brace again before shaking his head and stepping out of the patient room and making his way through the hosptial, no moving fast but trying to get his way to the doorway and out
Sammy     Sammy's folded his gloves and armbands and the fetishes into his helmet, and started to unbutton his fatigues. No use in wasting anyone's time or resources when his hands still work. He focuses on his 'box breathing' to slow himself down a little, someone could set their watch by his careful rhythm of a 5 second count, breathe in for 5 seconds, hold it for 5, out for 5, repeat. Some might even recognize it as it's derivatives, in tantric, yogic, meditation, and martial arts. He has the shurt unbuttoned, admiring how much the fatigues have acted like a bandaid, nicely sticking to him.
    Lucky gets a nod from Sammy, "Stripe, with one P... You paint the red stripe on the candycanes." he smirks and thinks back, "Barbers used to be surgeons, the red and white pole comes from where they'd hang bandages to dry in the sun." Maybe he's a little sun baked, or been nibbling on Healin Powder on his walk back...
Saeko      Into the clinic another steps, her figure mostly shrouded by the cloak worn about her shoulders. The hood was down, leaving the asian woman's face visible to others as she stepped into the clinic. Strangest of all to those whom knew the woman (and her completel lack of ability with firearms) there was a new rifle slung over her back, perhaps a prize from the road she'd yet to sell or maybe she'd needed something a little heavier than her bow.

Spotting the rather large crowd built up in the clinc, Saeko actually pauses a moment and looks rather supprised, if not a little unnerved, quietly clearing her throat. "This is where one can seek treatment for injury?"
Stockton Stockton laughs and shakes his head at Sammy while beckoning him along, already pulling out another cigarillo so he can light it with a match and puff away. "Hanz is up next, then you can git seen, Miss Ninja," he tells Saeko with a toothsome smile, "Alice apparently has access to fancy healthcare er somethin," he notes with a smirk and a friendly wink for the Vaultie. Giving Sammy a muttered snicker around, "Shoulda let 'im be a stripper," he chuckles a bit and reaches behind his back to pull one of his pistols, pressing the slide to double check ammunition and readiness.
Sparrow Clinic prices are on the walls; First Aids are 15 caps, and Treatments are 50 (Confirmed with Iris.)

Sparrow shucks her dirty apron and gloves for another. Cleaning up between patients and moving over to the next curtained area. "Sammy, can you wait. I need to get Hanzhou if he hasn't been looked at. I saw what he took during the battle." She smiles at Sammy as she comes around tying on her new apron securely. Glancing over the NCR soldier then looking to Hanzhou and Alice with a nod of her head. "Hey, Hanzhou and Alice this is Lucky, my nurse for tonight. He's bein' quite helpful." She glances to Vaultmeat and a genuine smile touches her features. Animal lover.

The clinic is packed, people still reocvering from Cyber Deathclaws, the New Legion Fight, the Gauntlet. Folks are packed in and Sparrow, still running around in her bandages up to her neck and down to her hips, is bouncing through the Clinic attempting to get peoplt he treatment they need.

"Stock, if you want Lucky to be a stripper you need to discuss that with him. Probably in a better atmosphere like a Diner or Saloon." She teases /both/ Lucky and Stock as she moves back and gestures for the Noddle Saumrai to take a spot on the cot.
Hanzhou "Oh, hai Doctor and I uh can come back another time if you are too busy." Hanzhou bows his head towards Sparrow, not realizing she was on shift today and knows that she is most likely injured herself from the battle. He looks towards Lucky, giving the man a slight nod as well. "Greetings and well met, Lucky." He offers the man a small polite smile and then glances towards the door, hearing a familiar voice and spots Saeko. "Hi Saeko." He then glances around the room, seeing that it is getting even busier by the second.
Saeko      All of those injuries in front of her? Saeko frowns and steps back a little, crossing her arms over her chest. There were lots of injuries, lots of people to talk to and lots of people that needed tending. Her wound? It was merely a scratch by comparison. "I was not aware such a fight had happened," the asian woman speaks, nodding to the familier faces. With the exception of Lucky, she'd seen everyone in the clinic somewhere before, although not in such a state. "I will get myself checked out another time, or by the farm healer. The others need you more than I."
Lucky Twiddling fingers in a wave to Alice Hanzhou, Lucky beams a warm smile to her. "hello Alice and Hanzhou, pleasure to meet you." Looking back to Sparrow, then to look Stockton. "Err.. I'd only do that for certain people." He notes, glancing back to Sparrow with a grin. "And your welcome Sparrow."
Iris Lark Bacon the pig trots out from the back room a toy in his little mouth. Strangely enough the toy looks like Vaultmeat. Iris follows shortly after, thumping along with a rather large cast on her leg. Her lips are pressed in a thin line and she doesn't look very happy.
Stockton Stockton just busts out laughing harder at it all. Shaking his head some he glances up when Iris shows up with her sour face. Blinking slowly, he suddenly hides that cigarillo and looks at the other doc with as innocent a look as he can muster, "Sup, Iris? How're you?"
Alice Vaultmeat rushes over to Bacon and rolls over on his back so Bacon can tickle his stomach and barks excitedly at Iris.

Alice glares laser beams at Hanzhou, "Wow, you huge frigging jerk. Go ahead and ignore me." Walking over to Iris she gives the other girl a hug and says annoyedly, "Hanzhou is ignoring me."
Achilles Following out behind Iris is Achilles, along with a massive grey wasteland monster, better known as Terrance the mutant hound. He's mostly harmless. "Glad to see I wasn't the only one roughed up the other night." The giant decides, looking around at how packed the clinic is.
Sammy     Sammy's sitting where he is, and being very careful about starting to undo his shirt, to make sure the holes that had stopped leaking, stay stopped, he's using rifle patches as temporaryu bandages, they're cheap, they're packed clean and dry, and they stick fairly well, allowing him to undo the shirt a little more. The cracked ribs of where the armor crushed against him when the APC hit him, have started to bruise up nicely.
    Even with all this, he's still moving, wobbling a bit, but hey, he's still goin. Okay maybe he's bot the bite onthat stopper for his firewater bottle bit down fairly hard. He takes a swig of it. Looking down, rel,ieved it simply doesn't drain out of him, like in that cartoon he was watching on a Holotape. He hisses at the burning down his t hroat with a sigh, "I'll just be here when you've got the serious problems tended to." He took some ibuprophen and walked it off.
Iris Lark "Tired, sore..fine." Iris responds, her eyes lingering on Stockton for a few moments before she moves to assist Sparrow. "So, what needs done?" She asks, giving the other woman a wan smile. Bacon jumps in circles like a pig possessed, he's so happy to see his friend Vaultmeat. When Alice heads over, Iris enfolds her into a hug and responds quietly. "Maybe he's thinking really big samurai things, like..noodles and geisha..or snack cakes." She pulls out a basket of snack cakes and hefts them before setting them on a table. "Courtesy of the Mayor, I checked..they're not poisoned." She says wryly before turning her attention back to Sparrow.
Sparrow "Naw, C'mon Noddle man, let's get you squared away and back into the business of savin' folks. C'mon, least I can do." She reaches over to pull the curtain and calls to Lucky, "Can you check on the folks in the exam rooms, Nurse Strikes? See if any of them need anything?" She's been thankful to have Lucky help while she's injured and Iris and Kumo are swamped. Sparrow looks drained but peppy, including the mussed blonde curls. She seems to have no issue treating anyone while the clinic's packed. She lets Stockton tell the stories to Seako so she can focus on getting Hanzhou looked at.

There's a Deputy in one of the beds, a few others who have been taking on the many and varied troubles of the wastes. Though the clinic is staffed well with Doctors and caretakers there's been a lot of the old ultraviolence lately. "Well, I'm getting some of these bullets out of Hanzhou. Sammy's been waiting, Alice is here for Moral support and I think Me and Stockton need to see you. When you get a moment of course, not together." She touches her chest and then eyes the snack cakes and looks back to Iris. "Well wasn't that nice of'm." She chuckles to herself.
Alice "Why are you wearing a dress?" Alice asked Lucky as he spoke to her before nodding to Sparrow, "Actually, I'm here to drag people off to do stuff but they're too busy getting heals, it's very inconvenient. IRIS! Heal people faster so we can do stuff, please?"
Hanzhou "I am sorry, Alice. I didn't mean to offend you...of course I will assist you with clearing out the tunnels and my leg, will hopefully heal soon." Hanzhou says apologetically to his friend, whom he ignored without meaning to do so. His mind is elsewhere it seems, he's not one to complain about pain or discomfort but his leg looks pretty messed up and the splint he's made won't last much longer by the looks of it. He sighs when Alice walks off to give Iris a hug and watches as Vaultmeat rushes off to greet Bacon. He closes his eyes for a moment and leans his head back, massaging his temples briefly and then adjusts his cowboy hat, as well as his sunglasses before looking over towards Sparrow when she addresses him.

He grabs his makeshift crutch, slowly getting to his one good foot and hobbles towards the doctor. "Oh, thank you and I will try not to be too much of a bother."
Lucky "Alright Sparrow." nurse Strikes says kindly, turning a bit and heads out to do rounds. He whistles a slightly tune as he checks in on each person quietly.
Iris Lark Iris hunches her shoulders and mutters as she moves towards Sammy. "Working on it Alice, unfortuantely I'm one woman with two hands and..oh right." As she quietly tries to ascertain Sammy's injuries, she gazes around the slightly crowded Clinic. "I do got something to say while we've a crowd, you all can feel free to pass this along if it needs to be." She takes a breath and continues. "There will be no violence in here. No fighting. Verbal or otherwise. If I keep catching wind of trouble, I'll be a horrible healer and shoot someone with my M72." She seems satisfied for the moment and smiles down at Sammy. "You don't mind if I treat you, right?"
Achilles "Oh, is it?" Achilles asks Alice, arching a brow. The large man starts unbuttoning his shirt, it's shaky and clearly hurts, but the berserker pushes through. "If I could stay out adventuring, I would. But I bruise and break too." The shirt gets pulled open to reveal the absolute mess his chest is, he clearly has a few broken ribs, and almost all of his front is bruised. Around his arms and back are smaller bruises caused by those minigun rounds slamming into his riot armor.

"As soon as I'm better I'll go out." He falls silent as Iris speaks, listening to her as always. That's something he doesn't comment on, because he may be guilty of it.
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head, "Not a bother, Hanzhou, I'm happy to help you. You and Sammy both saved by hide last night and I'd be awful ungrateful. You'll probably need one of the leather strips though. This aint gonna be pleasent." She glances towards Iris', "Course not, Doc, I tend to take my problems outside the city if at all possible."

She's careful as she works with the Samurai, head bent over steady hands as she works with forcepts and needle, thread and bactine to make sure that hanzhou's wounds are all treated up. Making sure all scrapnel is clear and clean, cautarizing anything that looks like it'll need it and stitching away with her Medkit in hand. She'll be at this for a while, the careful decisive strokes and cleaning. Even without her Nurse she'll manage, she does call, "Alice would you mind comin' over and helpin me for a minute. I gotta set Hanzhou's leg." And it's probably not going to be a fun thing... Alice will ebt here both for moral support and to stop any fight or flight responses from poor Hanz.
Saeko Saeko herself had seemed to be forgotten in the chaos of all the injuries...but then sneaking around unnoticed was kinda her thing, perhaps she couldn't turn that off! Stepping forwards at the sight of Achilles wounds she tilts her head to the side before looking between all the injured folks once more. "What exactly is it that happened to you all?" the comparatively unharmed Kunoichi questions, attention shifting at the talk of resetting a leg. Well...that won't be fun.
Sammy     Sammy finishes unbuttoning his shirt down to his waist, it's that painfully slow about peeling theblood and dirtstained fatigues off, even with the extra ventillation, looking up at Iris, she gets a bird-like tilt of his head and a questioning "Now, I'd rather think I like the sound of a peaceful recovery, as long as you don't try treating me with an M-72 I'll take all the assistance I can get in getting back to it." he looks out the door, "but ... maybe I'm gonna stay around town till it doesn't hurt when Lilly pokes me as a reminder that I said I wasn't gonna get shot up again."
    He pushes himself up, a little 'nest' of the armor, his rifle used to attain vertical with a wobbling blood loss and adrenaline shock induced shudder, "Where do you want me," he lets his eyes focus on her a little, about to call her just 'Doc' but no, "... it's Doc Iris?" he asks curiously. "An I'll help you hold Sparrow down so she can get treated when you need." he smiles bemusedly.
Iris Lark "I'm not going to shoot anyone unless it gets violent in my clinic. This is a place of rest and peace." Iris assures Sammy, giving him her best 'I'm harmless' smile. She points to an empty examination table and shrugs. "I've got muscle for all of that, but if you want to help you're more than welcome to." She moves to get some tools and salve and a few other things as she gets ready to work.
Stockton Stockton is still posted up outside the room that Sparrow's using, his feral eyes dancing wildly between people. The mentions of violence make him holster that gun back into the specialized holster at the small of his back. The cigarillo comes back out and he takes a slow puff, "Ain't gettin' violent, just 'ere tah hold folk down and hand out the leather bits fer bitin on." he's got another rolled up piece of leather for Hanz that gets tossed at the man with a backwards motion. "Think everyone's been gettin' injured," he says to Achilles. The last bit from Sammy gets a quirk of his brow and he snorts, "She's liable ta lay yer ass out, boyo, but if I ain't gotta do it this time, by all means."
Alice Alice sighed as if it was a huge deal, "Sure, I'll help you out Sparrow." From the sigh she now had a huge grin on her face as she walked over to give Sparrow a hand, setting the hand with the power fist down on Hanzhou, "Don't move Hanzhou!"

Completly ignoring Hanzhou and Sparrow now even if her hand was on Hanzhous chest she replied to Saeko, "Well, most of these people decided it would be awesome if they picked a fight with the Brotherhood of Steel who was attacking these weird people in a place called New Rome which none of us had ever heard of before. Some people got shot, some punched, some stabbed, some run over and there was tanks and vertibirds and crazy stuff going on but Iris and I had Gauss Rifles we found when we fought the Enclave and we were like, pew pew and everyone else was like dakka-dakka-dakka and some people were like RAWR ARGH SMASH and then we beat them and some people decided to be dicks and they shot the people retreating and then most of us were like ok thanks bye and we headed back to El Dorado and lots of them were wounded cause they're not good at avoiding being hit like me."
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Stockton and the corner of her lip quirks as she fights a smile. "I'm not saying you're violent, or could be. I'm just saying. No violence here, you can help enforce that or you can ignore it if it happens. Just don't be the one doing it." That done she uses her slender fingers to probe along Sammy's torso, trying to see which ribs are cracked. She eyes the bullet wounds with a look akin to one that a mother might give to a child who got into finger paints, and wiped all along her clean walls. She sighs softly and continues to work, getting a cloth to clean the bullet wounds once they're free of their makeshift bandages. Bacon trots up to Iris, his front hooves scraping at the cast on her foot, so she doesn't immediately realize that the piglet wants picked up. "Any bullets in these wounds?" She asks Sammy quietly, her brow furrowed.
Hanzhou Hanzhou was doing pretty well with the pain as Sparrow worked on him, treating the gauss rifle wounds first that penetrated his chest armor and ripped into his torso. He even refused to bite down on any leather while he was being treated, but then when she gets to the leg that is a different story. He decides to be brave, not wanting it but then when Alice walks over, putting that power fist on his chest he grimaces, then gasps for air but he can't really breathe. He struggles at first, flailing his arms a little and then his face starts turning a shade of purple. He feels himself falling into sweet blissful unconsciousness as a heavy weight is on his chest, compressing his lungs. Hope the Noodle Shop will find another chef who can make Ramen noodles like his family used to do...
Achilles "Well, you were in power armor you got off one of those Enclave bastards." Achilles reminds Alice, shaking his head slightly at her version of the story. "We showed up near the end. Wasn't much of a fight left. I mean, they almost killed me, but all that's important is that we won." He buttons his shirt back up then tugs out a pair of reading glasses. Setting the frames on his nose he turns his gaze to his pip-boy, reading something.
Sammy     Sammy moves to the table, and lies down on it, but his rifle, it' not so much slides off his shoudler as the strap is curled around his arm, and then under his leg, the rifle lying down beside him, as he stretches out just a little, , grabbing his headband and rolling it into a bit to bite down on, "I need to get a heacount of how many we have here too, I got somethin up my sleeve for all your staff when I get mobile again." he chuckles a little , the one arm carefully holding the rifle, the magazine in his -other- hand without even a ntoice, disappeard into one of those baggy cargo pockets.
    As Alice rambles on, "There's a time and place for everyone being a valid target. If you enter the battlefield, and you shoot at a Medic, you forefit all your respect and nobody gives a pile of brahmin-shit about whether you're buzzard-chow or not. If they wanted to surrender, they could have dropped on their knees. But I've seen them fall back and then snipe from a distance at those who were recovering wounded. They could have signalled the Vertibird to stop shooting at the Medics, and used it for retreat. But they chose poorly."
    At Iris's question, before he puts the red cloth roll between his teeth and bites down, "I couldn't feel any more bullets." and it's two left, three right, about where the chestplate hinges that got crunched worst.
Alice Alice lets go of Hanzhou and walks over to Sammy, staring the NCR Ranger down (She doesn't even realize Hanzhou is unconscious!), "Listen up, MISTER. Listen up, careful, ok?"

Alice raised her chin and got very serious, "I didn't see anyone wearing white with a red cross, that is the universally accepted form of a medic." She began tapping at her Pip-Boy and held it up to Sammy, "So, they had no way of knowing. Also, you guys? Attacked THEM. Then YOU, took part in shooting people in the back. You're a coward, you don't deserve to call yourself a Ranger. The other rangers I met? They help people, they care about the lives of others. You? You're a thug in a uniform. Prove me wrong, I dare you, but I don't think you can do that as long as you keep trying to justify MURDER to yourself."
Saeko      Saeko is quick enough to fall silent and listen to Alice's colourful explination. Her eyes are a little wide for a moment before the asian nods her head. "It sounds...eventful." she comments aloud before glancing over at Sammy as he speaks up, nodding her head. "Sounds like the tactics of cowards or murderers, to use the wounded as bait for the sole purpose of killing more. If they died for this? It was their payment that they were due."

Alice's sudden outburst makes her blink a little and stand back, tilting her head to the side. She'd assumed the pair were friends or at least teammates...didn't seem like it now.
Iris Lark "Calm it down Alice." Iris says quietly, giving her a quick glance as she works on Sammy. "We don't nened to agree, and we're all welcome to our opinions." She notices Saeko for the first time and gives her a curious look for a moment or two before she starts to dig around in Sammy's bullet wounds, making sure that nothing was left behind. She works slowly and methodically, and tiny rivulets of blood start to run down his chest. She stops occasionally to clean the wounds she's probing and when each one is declared clean, they are salved and bandaged.
Stockton Stockton crooks that lopsided grin at Iris as he makes her almost smile. That's the big guy's talent, getting you to grin when you didn't wanna. A genial nod is given to the Doc and he agrees, "I can help keep the peace," he already has invested interest in keeping the clinic up and whole. The flailing Hanz likely finds himself free of the power fist via Sparrow, who doesn't stand for her patients being killed while she works on 'em. Stock will help if he needs to. Then Alice is storming off over to Sammy while Iris is working on him and he chuffs, "Hey now. You weren't there at the outset. New Rome didn't ask to be attacked by the high'n mighty Brotherhood. That said, yer help was appreciated, but there's no reason to get in his face about shit when he's gettin' stitched up. You got beef, take it up with 'im outside, yeah?" Grumblemumblerazzafrazza around his cigarillo.
Sammy     At least Alice didn't actually start spitting on Sammy yet. He's already biting down on the cloth, so can't really say anything with his mouth. His right hand, the one not cradling the rifle, does clench whenever Iris tears open a new hole, but as the cleaning happens relaxes, just enough to grip into another fist when the next one is made.
    He's heard it before. People protest there's soldiers. People protest from the safety of their peace. People spit on the uniform, the flag, the armor. People descrate the graves. People who sleep better at night because he's out ther e doing his job, because they have homes to go to and beds to sleep in.
    The Legion? Didn't really offer much by way of compensation for occuping your homeland.
    He's a Sniper. By definition, he's a brutally ruthless murderer. It's what he does. And he does his job very very well... just ask the guy who dropped the rocket launcher.
Alice "Right." Alice replied with a roll of her eyes, "Come on Vaultmeat, let's go. Cya all later." Waving to Iris and Achilles and the possibly still unconscious Hanzhou and then Stockton she walked to the door of the clinic and left.
Achilles "See you Alice." Achilles calls out, offering a wave. He doesn't weigh in on the issue, there have been plenty of times he refused to let an enemy retreat. It's a cold world.
Iris Lark Iris finishes patching up Sammy and she gives him a pat on the arm. "There you are, make sure you rest and please...for the love of all the Wasteland, do not stress those ribs or those cracks will become breaks and then I'll have to cut into you." She moves to wash her hands, a frown on her face.
Stockton Stockton watches Iris get all frowny, and he follows Alice as she leaves. A wry face is made as the rest of the folks start slipping out or passing out. Those treated settling in for a few hours in a cot. The former merc pulls on his cigar and exhales slowly towards the window. "Busy damn night," he mutters to Iris and Achilles, more to the former than the latter.
Sammy Sammy sits up a bit, and takes his bandanna from his mouth, flexing his jaw and rubbing his temples, where the muscles were tired from the clenching, He looks a lot better, cleaned up with fresh bandages, he ties the shirt around his waist, and asks of Iris, "I'm certain you know how it is, no rest for the weary, no mercy for the damned." he rolls his neck a little to one side then the other as he stands, a wad of bills, those half-effective NCR dollars, is thumbed through, and he leaves it in the tip bucket by the reception counter.
    "Civilians don't, hopefully won't ever understand the need for sheepdogs. They need us when the wolves come prowling, but are fundamentally uneasy at us being around up close and personal." he draws a breath in, feels his chest, better, not spilling any bubbles. Because a sucking chest wound is Nature's Way of Saying Slow Down (tm)
    "Kids like her, they get hand-me-downs from people dead and gone, and think they're invincible. I'm sure we'd love to see what the Brotherhood would do if they rolled through town, gutting the vault. They'd take away her armor, scrap her pet robot, or possibly even reprogram it and turn it on the other technology using vault dwellers. And most certainly spare no time in dispatching her puppy, because it's a muted breed." he steps back over to his armor where it's piled and begins suiting back up carefully.
Achilles "How about you watch your mouth?" Achilles suggests, looking up over his reading glasses at Sammy. "I've stood my ground against a death claw with her. You? I don't know you from Adam." Since getting that Pip-Boy, the giant's speaking skills have clearly improved. "If the brotherhood rolled through, we'd kill them. With or without the republic's help."
Iris Lark Iris opens her mouth to respond, but Achilles speaks before she can. Since she agrees with most of what he's said, she doesn't feel the need to add to it. She gestures at Stockton and she jerks a thumb towards an exam bed. "You're up, so ..find a bed and tell me what happened to you." A beat. "Is this another leg wound?" She asks, a slight grin on her face.
Stockton Stockton blinks slowly at Sammy's spiel and his mouth opens but shuts right back up. His pop was NCR once upon a time, there were some memories. "We really wouldn't love to see what would happen if the Brotherhood brought one of them fuckin' flyin' fortresses," he counters with a thin lipped look that has his cigar shifting to the other side so he can chew down on it harder. "There's people that ain't power armor wearin', gauss rifle wieldin' baddasses in this town too," talk ill about Ma' Volkner, it's the quickest way to see the feral man riled up. "She might be naive, and got more'n a few screws loose, but she'd defend this town just as soon as you would," he tells Sammy before giving a nod, "Have a good night, Ranger," and then he's getting thumbed towards a room. "I took a plasma blast to the chest," he explains, that smirk growing sharp and toothy when she mentions the leg wound. "That's doin much better, thank you."
Sammy     A rolling of his shoulders as Sammy buckles his armor back together, and slings his duster back on, he simply looks at Achilles, "And you remember when Paladin Grant's team opened fire on the Lone Star Caravan we were working to protect? How they shot up retreating wounded and civilians? I know you from that fight, and from your actions last night. Beyond that, I don't know you from Steve."
    He clicks the helmet into place and his body languge changeshis breathing comes back to a slow, metered pace, the red of his eyes as the night vision decides what to do about being indoors. The hand-retouched warpaint of the rictus skull over the black helmet, the white bones of ribs on his chestplate, now streaked with his own dried blood for extra texture and realism.
    There's no trace whatsoever of emotion in his voice as he turns his head to answer Stockton before Stockton heads off, "The grazing herd is getting restless." and with ghostly silence he steps out of the clinic.
Achilles "That's why I didn't say anything about shooting them in the back. If I hadn't almost died, I'd of cut every last one of them down." Achilles says, more for himself than Sammy as the other man is leaving. "The brotherhood is as bad as the legion. Wipe them both out if I could."
Sparrow Sparrow comes out of her medical meditative trance she's been in working on getting Hanzhou's leg set, and put into a cast. She finishes setting everything up and leans back. Checking the Noodle man for consciousness and pressing her hand to his forehead. She finally looks after Alice and then to Sammy, "Hey. Thank you. For everything, I know I wasn't wearing red and white but .. Frankly I'd rather not be a target for Raiders." She laiughs a bit but looks exsausted. She blinks otherwise, she must've missed anything that wasn't close to her and she takes a breath and winces. "You and Haz helped me keep my shit together."
Iris Lark Iris takes a breath and after a few moments she just shakes her head and walks over towards Stockton. "Alright, lets see this laser burn, so I can get to my bed before the dawn peeks out again." She runs a hand through her hair and turns her head slightly until her neck cracks. "Do you need anything for the pain?"
Stockton Stockton grunts and finally starts shucking coat, and then armor. Finally his shirt is peeled up and off to reveal the plasma burns that crawl over his chest in a spider web pattern as it had broken through the cracks in his chestplate. With Sparrow back he watches her a minute before looking back at Iris, "Yeah that wouldn't hurt," he says to the Doc. "Then give her a once over fer me, she refuses tah be fuckin' seen until he fixes everyone else first."
Hanzhou Hanzhou is unconscious but stable after Sparrow sets his leg and he's just resting comfortably now.
Sparrow Sparrow says, "So? I don't plan on running out into the Wastes again to scavange caps for the Mayor, Slimjim. They do. Figure I can wait." She tucks Hanzhou in and closes the area he's in though leaving a bit of an opening so she can spy on him in his hospital bed. Cue creepy music. She looks towards Iris and shakes her head, "He's the heavy. Heal him. If I need it I'll get it. Thank you though, Stockton. I can take care of my self.""
Iris Lark Iris offers a nod and briefly considers her usual first choice in painkillers but doesn't want to disturb Achilles from his reading. Instead she lifts onto her tip toes and pulls down a vial of something that she injects around the area that she'll be working on. "Gonna scrape away the bad stuff and try to get the new stuff to grow." She glances for a moment between Sparrow and Stockton before she finally says. "I'll take a look at both of you." She eyes Sparrow's leg and quirks both brows. "You don't want that to heal wrong, do you? You'll be limping for the rest of your days."
Sparrow Sparrow chuckles an pats her chest, "Only my hearts a hurtin' Doc. Sammy and Hanzhou pushed me out of the way the other times. It's why I wasn't chargin' 'em. " She shakes her head checking ehr medkit and blinkg at the note. She reads it and tucks the note in her pocket. "Sorry about Lucky, he is.. enthusiastic to say the least. I was really only joking about the nurses uniform." She laughs a bit and winces before moving to find a chair to sink into finally now that most of the patients are tended and asleep or resting. The bandages on Sparrow can be seen peeking out of the high yellow collar of her vault suit and the tigh button of her white linen shirt. the way she's moving, they appear to go to at least her hips. The shoot ad taken her center mass.
Stockton Stockton snorts, "You fuckin' listen to the Doc, Birdy. You took a hit clear as day the first volley, just cuz you had rescuers the rest of the time." Course there's a quirked brow at the note she finds in that curious sorta way. Iris talked about scraping and he's already putting one of those rolled leather bits in his own mouth. He knows this isn't going to be fun. Next step is the belt comes off and he slides it under his thighs before wrapping both hands to either side. His muscles are already twittering and flexing in anticipation for the fun. He'd ask something else, say something else, but Iris is about to pull plasma burned flesh off of him.
Iris Lark Iris raises a wicked looking thing that can't really be called a knife or a scalpel. Climbing up on a stool she leans in, and carefully begins to cut away at the worst of the burned tissue. She already has banadages in a mixture of aloe and a few other herbs to wrap the wound in once the worst of the dead skin is gone. She doesn't speak, nor pay much attention to her surroundings as she works. She simply works, trying at the very least to reduce the amount of scar tissue that will be here when she's finished.
Sparrow Sparrow wrinkles her nose at Stockton. "Besides that looks downright unpleasent. And Lucky says he likes the scar." She leans back, "But I'll listen to Iris cause she's Iris, not cause you say so. I got a big brother, remember? I don't need another one. You're my employee." She stresses that EE pretty hard. Still she's seated near Stockton and giving him moral support in her own special way. She watches what Iris does curiously, like a student might.
Stockton Stockton doesn't have a mind to say much when Iris gets to work. All he can do is grit down onto the leather and growl and snarl. Muscles bulge and flex hard as he fights the urges to start swinging. This is why he's gripping that belt, holding himself down with a white knuckle grip. Even through the pain killers he's feeling it. Plasma's a bitch. Sparrow's there though, it's enough of a calming force that the former merc sits through the process of pulling away dead, burnt skin.
Iris Lark Iris trusts that she's not going to get clocked by her patients, mostly because of the wall of muscle seated near the door, also because she trusts the people she treats. Once she has the dead skin removed, she starts to pull goopy strips of linen from a bowl and after giving Stockton's wound a long look she starts to place the strips on the burn. She's humming now, softly and to herself as she works and once the burn is covered she begins to wrap it with linen bandages. "The salve strips need to stay on the wound until the skin gets soft." She glances at Sparrow when she speaks, because she knows that she's going to be the one checking and rebandaging. "I'm going to send some salve with you, and you soak the strips in the salve and do what I just did." She steps off of the stool and thumps to wash off her hands. "Once the skin is soft enough and looks pink and healthy, it can get some air. Just keep an eye out for infection."
Sparrow Sparrow listens intently to Iris and nods. Looking over the wraps and the ointment, "All right, Doc. You got it. I'll be here probably anyway so I'll let you know if anything goes off color. Otherwise I think I got it." The blonde Cowgirl looks up at Stockton and pats his brawny shoulder. "Hopefully yer as well behaved when I change them as ya are now. Don't expect I wouldn't pop you in the eye for your troubles." She teases her childhood friend with a smirk.
Stockton Stockton settles when the tool goes away and the salve gets applied. Those bandages too. Breathing a little roughly, but easing into calm as the last of the doc's ministrations goes on. "Thank yeh," he says to Iris with a grimaced and forced smile. He's relaxing back against the bed again and panting a little. "Need whiskey, 'n a smoke," he grunts softly before looking up at Sparrow at the shoulder pat, "Depends on if yer as nice as she is," he counters finally as he goes to stand with a grunt. Seeking out his shirt and armor again.
Iris Lark Iris turns to gaze at Sparrow, wordlessly gesturing to the exam bed. "You're up. Have a seat and tell me about what happened to you." She says leaning against her tool table. She eyes Stockton for a moment and points at a side cupboard. "There are some spirits in there."
Sparrow Sparrow sighs a bit and looks around and nods but insists on doing it in private. Stockton's presence won't bother her, these two have known eachother two long for awkward. But the rest of the folks and those who come and go? No sir. Once they're settled she strips off the apron, jacket, vest, shirt, undershirt layers of bandages that aren't for medical use, but to shave moments off her draw, and then the medical bandages underneath where the Bullets, several, had only -just- missed a lung. She'd dug most of the bullets out herself but there's only so much one can do when treating oneself. "Hit a couple times, Guass Rifle and Machine gun. No matter what Alice says, those men had targeting capabilities." She lifts the Pip Boy on her wrist, "And they knew I didnt have a gun. What happened to me is I was tryin to keep the folks ya'll've worked so hard on from wandering off into combat on crutches. Nearly lost the Scribe, I don't know what's goin on there. Why was they shootin' at him. Had a couple other Brotherhood folk, some left some stayed. It was madness. Think everyone was a fool for bein' there ta begin with. Just happens I'm fond of some of them fools."
Iris Lark "I don't doubt they had targeting capabilities, but as for the rest, I wasn't there." Iris starts to gather her tools and shakes her head slowly. "In the end of any day, there a lot of fights. You can avoid them, go in full force or walk away once battle is joined. Everyone has a reason, or claims to, for everything they do." She pauses and takes a breath. "I'm just here when it's said or done, offering whatever I can to help." She starts by checking to see if any of the bullets remain in Sparrow's body, using the age old method of digging in each wound to be sure it's clean. She's as quick as she can be, but it's a process and fresh blood does start to flow.
Stockton Stockton leaves a few extra caps on the counter and moves out of the way so that Sparrow can take his place. Another grit of teeth and he stuffs the leather into Sparrow's mouth this time. Iris is quick and efficient, but that doesn't prevent digging around in one's body from hurtin like fuck. It's his turn to put a hand on the cowgirl's shoulder as she goes through her turn. "Wasteland just keeps churnin' out more hate and misunderstandin's. S'good there're people like you, Iris." He gives the Doc a fond smile before looking back at Sparrow with those dark, wild eyes.
Sparrow Sparrow doesn't give Stockton the dignity of responding to his attempt at wisdom. Stubborn and still young despite her weathered appearance she bites down on the leather and grits her teeth. She grunts and growls and whines and makes threatening noises at Stockton when he comes too close. She's just a big a baby when faced with the forcepts and scalple though. Blood doesn't bother her but pain is just no fun. And given how busy she's been most of the day her body gives out on her pretty quick and she passes out into ablissful sleep.
Iris Lark Iris keeps working quietly and soon she's spreading salve on the wounds and bandaging them. She gives Stockton a look but stays quiet until she's finished. "I doubt she'll want to wake up here, so as long as you're careful you can take her to her own bed." She exhales softly and wipes at her forehead, leaving a smudge of blood behind.
Stockton Stockton sighs as he watches his childhood friend drop limp from exhaustion. She's young still, learning her limits isn't a thing impetuous youngfolk do. Giving over caps for Sparrow's treatment as well, the cowboy just nods, "Thanks, Doc. Yer still a miracle," he rumbles at the bloodied and also injured woman. "Git off yer feet afore Achilles has reason tah worry, yeah?" he tells the doctor to treat herself in essence, before simply gathering up Sparrow's things, slinging her backpack over his shoulder, he hefts the tiny blonde into his arms and carries her out of the clinic.