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Alice Alice is presently sitting outside of the clinic patting Vaultmeat and looking very annoyed, "You're a good boy, Vaultmeat." Alice said to the dog for no reason, "You always listen, except when you ran away, that was kind of a jerk move, you know?"
Abe     "Sir, I absolutely assure you that, although I do lack medical programming, I am entirely capable of tending to your wounds as any so called 'Doctor' of this bedeviled age." came the prattle of a grey, metal orb. Limbs and eyes sprouted from it, a jet of flame held it aloft as it followed aftyer a rather ragged looking man, his arm done up in a sling, the other heavily bandaged here and there. He held the reins of a horse, guiding it through the streets of shanty town. On the horses back was a large. tarp-wrapped bundle, lashed to the saddle with bits of rope.

"Why, under my first owner, I dare say I watched endless hours of medical dramas... and they made it all seem quite easy. Surely you'll-"

The machine began once more, only to fall quiet when the man leading the horse came to a stop, his shoulders drooping as he sighed.

"Sir Kit, buddy... this might not be the ggood old days but a good Doctor is a good Doctor. This place fixed me up before, they'll manage again."

Flustered, the automaton's eyes wiggled, one panning about, optic wide, the other considering his master heavily.

"I am quite sure Sir but this place... I mean, look at it! Let us just retire to the... 'Inn' once more and allow a few of the..." Sir Kit was a machine that prized his tact. He would not call them whores. He couldn't even name them as Ladies of the Evening... Those gals work all hours. So he struggled, a cooling fan humming to life to try and cool a stressed circuit board.

"Buddy, listen... this is more than they can handle... and I ain't got the caps. As for you..." Scribe Abreham looked over his compatriot, his smile taking on a crooked, rueful quality.

"It's said the man with only a hammer will soon see all of his problems as nails and buddy, all you've got are pincers and a circular saw."
Alice Alice looks up at the sight of Abe and his robot, regarding him with a bit of a puzzled look before exclaiming, "I love your robot, he's really cool. I wish my robot could talk." She sighed and stood up before offering a hand to Abe, "I'm Alice, I saw you in that big fight, aren't you supposed to be one of those Brotherhood guys to? Or are you part of a different faction of them like Knight Caldwell?"

Vaultmeat ran over to Mr. Kit and began to bark loudly his tail wagging excitedly as he greeted his robotic friend the only way he could! Licks!!!
Abe     Abreham's use of a age-old idiom seemd to take a bit of wind out of Sir Kit's sails. The eyes drooped, regarding the street and Abe's boots, respectively. He was about to admit defeat when a voice called out from the side of the road. Abe shifted his attention and Sir Kit whirled to rest the full bore of his eyestalks upon Alice. It's never clear if folks in this town are actual Vaulties oir just inclined to wear the suit. They do look comfy, Abe must admit.

After the moment's study, a smile brightens the face of The Scribe, his eyes narrowing pleasantly behind those heavy rims, "That right? Thanks." he replied, shifting his weight from one foot to the other before he regarded Sir Kit. "First time I take you out since the bot-napping and you've got a fan, Buddy."

"Well, um, yes, yes of course!" Sir Kit flusters but recovers, buoying slightly higher in the air. "Thank you very much, Young Lady. I owe all that I am to the partnership between Robco Industries and General Atomics International. Mister Handy! The perfect Automaton Companion for any life. You Can Purchase Your Very Own Mister Handy Anywhere That Robco or General Atomics Goods Are Sold!" subroutines kick in, a script is uttered. before Sir Kit feigns clearing his throat, "Or you would had the world not come to a sudden, nuclear halt." he corrected himself.

Abereham snorts his mirth at his companions expense, nodding his answer, "Yeah, something like that. A little complicated but I'm kind of a free agent... if that makes any sense." he claimed.

Finding himself newly assaulted, Sir Kit flusters, arms reeling in towards the main body protectively, "Oh, ah, yes. It's you... Large Doggy. Yes Yes, very good, it is nice to... see you too, there there." he utters, offering a pat of his pincers atop the large mutt's head in way of greeting.
Sammy     From the Clinic steps Sammy, the NVGs die a little in the morning twilight, he's cradling his rifle on his shoulder, and spies Abe and his robot, conversing with Alice. He steps down and into the street, and without another word, walks to the West. Preternaturally silent, despite his full kit, and the billowing of his duster with the brisk pace of his march.
Alice Alice watches Sammy walk by and shrugs a little before patting Vaultmeat on the head, the dog not seeming to notice as he stares at Mr. Kit with wide-eyed admiration; like Kit was some kind of floating dog who could talk!

"I could use a Mister. Handy but I don't think they're just sold anywhere anymore, well that creepy Roman guy had one for sale but, ugh, I don't trust him. He would probably install spy cameras in it or something" Alice began to ramble a little but caught herself as she looked over Abe once more.

"Being a free agent is ok, I've got a bunch of friends though and we have our own group. I even made a radio broadcast and the Overseer said if we clear out the lower vault for him that we can even have part of it to ourselves. I think he's hoping we get lost or something or worse honestly." Alice explained even though Abe had not asked her.
Abe     It felt like Abe had just opened up a fire hydrant, were Alice a gale, she would overtake him. Even Abe's horse shied back, nickering quietly as it took up some of the slack of it's reins. Noticing the tug, Abe looked bac and firmed his grip, "Easy Boss." he uttered back to the horse. The tone seemed enough.

Abe smiled and nodded as she went on. He offered a idle, "Yeah?" when she spoke of his current employer, his lips quirking in a crooked smile. He had to agree that Roman was a odd cat.

She pressed on, showing him a slight passage of her lifes story, a note of exposition, "Heard a little about that here and there, about the vault being closed off in some parts. "Is that right? Got yourself a crew of folks to sweep it clear?" he wondered aloud.
Alice "There's a few of us who work together who plan to go in there, I've got a keycard and everything to get in. We've got power armor and stuff now so I think we'll be fine, can't be anything too bad right beneath the city, right?" Alice didn't seem at all concerned before asking, "Are you looking for a Doctor? Don't tell the 'doctors' in the Clinic I said this, but Vault Town has an actual autodoc and stuff and they work quite a bit faster."
Abe     With a long, low whistle, Abreham seems impressed, "Sounds like you folks are just about loaded for bear." he mused. "But... I hear horror stories about Overrun Vaults sometimes, the things that are in the depths of them. You could always use a bit more..."

She continues on, he fades, listens, bobbing his head. She either guessed right or overheard. Smugness rolls off of Sir Kit like radiation, bathing Abe in the dry heat of it. He almost shrinks away, peering over to catch... For eyes that could iris open or closed, how did he manage a 'I told you so' look? "Easy, Buddy." he cajouled before turning his attention back to Alice.

"I don't doubt that at all but I'm a bit of a out of towner and low on caps. Figured I'd barter my way back to well-being up here." he explains, hooking a thumb over his shoulder towards the parcel strapped to the saddle.
Alice Alice nodded at Abe and reached into her Vault-Suit bringing out one of the stimpaks unique to this region, a far more potent device than the regular old stimpaks, "Well, if you want, I'd be happy to have you along. Vault Team Six could always use more people to if you don't want to be a free agent or whatever."

"Hold still." She didn't seem to care that Abe was on a horse and said, "I'll help you, the stimpak is full of useful healing chemicals and medicines that will regenerate your injuries fast and make you feel better real quick. My friend Iris can give you real medical care after if you want, I'll tell her you're my friend and you need free heals, kay?"

She kept talking and talking and then JAM! The Stimpak was jabbed into Abe unless he resisted!
Abe     Standing, Abe was simply leading the horse. He smiled, "That right?" he mused. She was just a kid, right? 18 maybe? The name of the team sounded good though, leave it to a kid. Sure, he could follow after her, pop a few mole rats or roaches. Maybe a queen would pop out and give them a little scare. "Hey, sure, sign me up!" he agreed. The Brotherhood had partnered with outsiders before, they could do it again.

It's then that he spots what's in her hand, "Eh?" he grunts, watching her reel it back, "Wait, hol-" she overwhelms him with a rush of words. He knew what a stimpak was, why is she-?!

She comes in, plunges it into his shoulder. The sting of pain and then the burn of the medicine as it hijacks his cells and hyper-accelerates the repair process. It burns and he sucks air into his lungs. He hated needles. Hadn't gotten the chance to look away this time. He's left, sweating, blanched, doubled over with his hands braced on his knee... but the pain seeps away as flesh knits. "T'thanks..." he stammers, a sincere word. "That... that helped out a lot!"
Alice Alice put the emptied stimpak away so she could get it refilled later before smiling, "You're already looking better and I'd be glad for your help, maybe if you do good enough you can join Vault Team Six, but uh, we're pretty elite so not just anyone can join." Alice said before whistling to Vaultmeat and motioning inside the Clinic, "Let's go see Iris. She'll take care of you with some doctorish stuff."
Abe     That crooked smile hitched further. His heart slowed and even the injection sight healed over to little more than a small, pink welt in his flesh. He tested his left arm... and found it less stubborn but still in need of some tlc... or whatever would pass for it.

He straightend and drew a steadying breath, "Right, right, best of the best. I getchya." he uttered, sweeping a hand over his close-cropped hair. He followed after her, another nod of thanks before he hesitated, "Ah, he Buddy. Hang out here and watch the Boss, alright?" "Of course, Sir."