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Guardian Caldwell It's a rather quiet evening in the town of El Dorado, people are going about their usual business and moving around the town, preparing for bed or to go to work. One figure stands out in particular however. A man dressed in T-45D power armor calling out about 'recruitment' for a Splinter Chapter of the Brotherhood Of Steel; and that any questions should be directed to him as well as the potential of joining.
Bane      Bane pauses in passing as he hears the speech, a little curious given the rather reclusive nature of most BOS chapters. His hands raises and rubs through the wirey copper of his stubble as he approaches a couple of steps. The BOS may not be for him with its various rules and regulations, as well as their usual rather strict control of their members. But if this is some kind of massive recruitment drive, well he may need some knowledge about what is happening to survive in future.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose was just making her way back into the town proper after being out poking about the outskirts. But it's pretty hard to miss Caldwell, not many folks around here are packing power armor these days, so she shifts her direction to wander his way instead of back towards the machine shop. "You're out and about late this evening."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell smiles at Bane from underneath his power armor helmet and waves "Hello Bane! Here to ask questions or potentially join the New Mexican Brotherhood Of Steel?" he turns to Dusty and nods "Gotta be, trying to recruit as many folks as I can to help out the wastes. Did you have any questions or perhaps wish to join Miss Rose?" he asks curiously.
Bane      Bane pauses for a moment as he is adressed directly, can't really he helped he does afterall know the giant in power armour personally. "More of a passing curiousity at the moment." He reaches up and tilts his hat a little. "So what is your goal here? I have travelled rather far and wide, and I have never seen the brotherhood accepting recruits with open arms. In fact in all my years of crossing the wastes i have only heard of outsiders making it in a handfull of times." He looks at the knight from under the brim of his hat "So why here? And why now?"
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose folds up the piece of leather in her hands and tucks it into one of the pouchs of her toolbelt. "Join the what now?", she replies as she tugs her goggles up to rest on top of her head instead. "Ain't heard much 'bout this Brotherhood other than when we were pokin' at that downed aircraft the other night."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Bane "Perfectly acceptable, friend. I'll tell you about us." he takes a deep breath before speaking, placing his hands to his side as he begins to speak about his newfound chapter "The New Mexican Brotherhood Of Steel is my personal vision of what the Brotherhood could and should be like. We accept everyone with open arms if they truely wish to help make the wastes a better place, we plan on offering shelter to our brothers and sisters as well as people to rely on when they need it most. While we are currently underequipped and underfunded we wish to expand ourselves and make a name for ourselves by helping the citizens of El Dorado while also keep technology safe, while not as overzealously and as raider-esque as our previous brothers and sisters. If we find technology we keep it, but we won't be stealing it from others." he looks over towards Dusty "The Brotherhood is a collection of people dedicated to recovering and preserving technology, they aren't well liked in other areas but we plan to change that with the New Mexican chapter. We would love to have you Miss Rose!"
Bane      Bane nods his head a couple of times. "That is certainly a different approach to what I have seen in the past. Most Brotherhood i have ran into were after technology at almost any cost, woe be on any of them that stood in their way. Their doors constantly closed to outsiders, now willing to share their bounty or use their strength for the good of others." He tilts his head back slightly and looks over the knight again "If it is how you say that it is, then I will wish you luck with your endeavour." He shakes his head slightly with a small smirk "You need someone that doesn't clank when they walk, you know where I am staying. Just make sure you have some caps. Can't work for free."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose oohs at first at the explainations, and then laughs a bit. "I do a lot of that already 'round here." Pats her toolbelt with one hand. "Spend lotta time fixing things for folks and help keep this town's mechanical guts running... not always a lot to do 'round the mechanic shop since there's not much vehicles in this parts these days, anyways." She pauses a moment, then taps her fingertips together in trying to control an eager figit. "Not that I wouldn't mind getting my paws on some new things to poke around on."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell looks over to Bane "Well we take merc jobs from time to time in order to keep our income afloat, so long as it benefits El Dorado or the community. We'd love to have you Bane. Won't you join us?" he asks him, curious to see if he'll join. He looks over to Dusty. "Well once we recover technology it'll be the job of our scribes to get a use out of it. If you join, that'd be what you would be. A scribe. Somebody who deals with technology, hows that sound?"
Bane      "Sorry, not really my thing." He does not sound sorry, in the slightest. "I am all for making the wasteland a better place, and for killin' those that need killin'. But I do things my own way. Besides, most likely I won't be staying in this town long enough to make it worth your time." He looks over the knight again before his eyes drift across to Dusty "Besides I am not the type to want to make the ground shake when I walk. I prefer not to announce myself so much." He tilts his head towards Dusty "I'm sure you'll find plenty of others around. Kids that still dream of glory, or those that just want to get their hands on the toys."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose holds up a hand and opens her mouth as if she's about to object to that 'get their hands on the toys' remark. But then doesn't, because she can't really deny that it's a bit true. So instead her response is a more demure, "Some of us want the 'toys' so we can learn how to remake things that would be useful but ain't easy to come by no more. Lotta forgotten tech out there that'd make life easier for folks." Then adjusts the straps of her overalls a bit. "Scribe makes it all fancy soundin', but that would be right up my alley."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Bane "Sorry to hear that, Bane. I look forward to seeing if you change your mind." he gives a thumbs up to Dusty and declares "Excellent! We'll get you situated right away, we need all the manpower we can get at the moment." he offers Dusty a handshake to seal the deal
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose grabs the armored hand in one of her own gloved ones and gives it a firm shake. "It'll be a pleasure doin' good with ya. And not be big jerks 'bout it like the other.. ah.. chapters? Sects?" Dismissively waves it off with the other hand. "Whatever ya wanna call 'em."
Alice Alice is walking down the street with O.V.E.R. 9000 with some scuff marks and dirt on her Vaultsuit. She seems to be in a rather sullen mood compared to her cheerful self, "We're never going to find Vaultmeat." She sighed loudly and O.V.E.R. 9000 responded with a, "*BZT*"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell is busy shaking Dusty's hand and looks over at Alice "Alice! You're just in time for the recruitment drive! The New Mexican Brotherhood Of Steel is looking for members and we could use a good scribe like you!" he says, smiling underneath his power armored helmet.
Alice "Sorry, I'm not a boy. Like, oh my god, are you blind William?" Alice replied with just enough snark as she narrowed her eyes at the power armored man, "I know you lost your Brothers, but this is not a normal stage of grief."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose blinks a couple of times... then lets out a laugh as she gets it. "Oh, Brotherhood is just a fancy name for a group, it's not guys only." Pause. "Well at least this one isn't. Or he wouldn't been asking me."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell frowns at Alice "You uhh...realize it isn't restricted to boys, Alice? We have two women in the faction already. Both being scribes but if you wanted to be a knight you very well could be. Though I think with your interest in technology you'd make a great scribe." he smiles at Alice again "I may have lost my brothers but i'm rebuilding a new brotherhood like a phoenix reborn from the ashes."
Alice Alice didn't seem to be sold at all on this, in fact it looked like she was ready to strangle someone. Putting on a picture perfect Vault Girl smile for Caldwell she asked, "Can I be the leader?"
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose has to resist the urge to facepalm when Alice asks that. Because she can't tell if she's serious or not
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell frowns underneath his helmet "No..? But you can be a scribe. That's about the best deal you're gonna get, sorry Alice. If you're going to make fun of me then it's fine, you could've just said no."
Alice "Uhhhhhh, I'm not making fun of you. YOU are making fun of me. Why would I want to be some stupid scribe anyways? Ugh. You're infuriating, you know that." Alice sighed and began to walk away.

O.V.E.R. 9000 rolled towards Knight Caldwell and leaned down so his glowing red eyepiece could stare at the Knight before the robot motioned an arm towards Caldwell's Laser Pistol, "*BZT*"

Alice paused in her step, "O.V.E.R. 9000 says he'll join if you give me your Laser Pistol." Alice declared with a smirk, translating for her robotic friend.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell frowns at Alice "I'm not making fun of you..but alright." he looks over at OVER 9000 and shakes his head. "I'm not giving you my pistol, and with that I think that concludes my recruitment for now. If you change your mind feel free to come talk to me. We'd love to have you." and with that he walks off
Alice O.V.E.R. 9000 bonks Knight Caldwell in the knee-cap of his power armor hard before rolling away with a satisfied, "*BZT*" Alice covers her face and snorts in laughter before high-fiving the deathbot and walking off into the sunset.