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Iris Lark Iris is a bit blooded, looks tired, but she's not one to rest when work needs to be done. She thumps through the clinic, her cast making a very amusing sound as she moves. She has a promise to keep, and to do that she ushers a few people into exam room two, where she is currently washing the smudge of blood off her face with some towels.
Abe     There is a term of mad houses being ran by patients. Abe, a sucker for idioms, carefully ignores this one as he follows the beleagured Dr. Lark into the exa room. He's got his legs in working order after all... His arms were a different story.

"Arn't you just running yourself ragged, Iris." he tries to offer a bit of dry humor and sympathy as he joins her, taking a spot on the table and working the sling from his shoulder.

The left sleeve is gone from his fatigues. There wasn't much left after machine gunfire tore through it.
Alice "Iris, this is my friend Abe, I promised you would help with his treatment and stuff for free cause he's poor and all that but he's going to help us clear out the lower part of Vault Town, so he's cool." Alice explained before lying down on the exam table and closing her eyes to go to sleep. Vaultmeat also looked sleepy and trotted over beside Iris, licking her hand and curling up.
Iris Lark Iris nods to Alice and a smile brightens her face a bit. "I'll take care of it, and him." She says, gathering her tools to work. She watches Alice get comfortable and stifles a giggle before she moves closer to Abe. "So it looks like you took some fire to your arm, did all the bullets pass through, do you know?" She asks, reaching on a shelf for salve and bandages.
Abe     "Those weren't the kind of bullets that just stop after going through one body." He didn't know this for sure but he had a general idea. He could rattle off some small litany of calibur and such but sufficed to say, "Fairly... but the bones." Not something a stimpak could do in a hurry. He worked the latch on his pip-boy and pulled it gingerly away.
Iris Lark "We'll set the arm, stitch it up and see how it looks after a day or two." Iris says, her slender fingers probing at the wounds. "You don't have any allergies do you?" She asks, as she pulls a clay container closer and opens it, leaning in to sniff the contents.
Abe     It's a relief just to hear it, his shoulders droop and he stoops forward., "Thanks, Doc'." he utters. She prods him with a question and his head lifts, lips pert with though before shaking his head in answer, "Not that I know of. Not to anything I've run into so far."
Iris Lark "Good." Iris murmurs, as she frowns slightly. She points toward the door and smiles at Abe. "Look that way for me please?" She asks before she injects a painkiller at the site of the break and other wounds. She gathers wood for the splint. "I can't cast this right away, it'll slow the healing of the surface wounds if I do."
Abe     "Huh?" She played him well, attention shifting to the door, about expecting a chart or something to read. The the sting. It firmed his jaw as his tongue clucked off the back of his teeth. Even so he was thankful, holding his gaze, studying the doorknob.

"Understood." he uttered, "Whatever you need to to, Doc'."
Iris Lark Iris nods briefly and she braces herself and begins to pull and move the arm to set the bone. It's a process of moving, checking and moving again, each pull and turn taking strength and calm. Who can say how much time has passed since she started, but after she's finished and splited the limb, she begins to sew it, humming softly as she works.
Abe     In the here and now, he could unknowingly lie and say tyhe cure was worse than the affliction. Each tug and pull sending a thunderclap of pain racing up his nerves. He grits his teeth and tries to remain steady. Catching his breath in long hissing draws between each and every pull and twist that sets a bone to right. With Alice sleeping nearby... and her youth considered, the profanity is kept in check. Curses are half-said, pushing against the cage of his teeth that keep all of the really fun words from getting out.
Iris Lark "There now there.." Iris murmurs softly, a hand on Abe's shoulder. "The worst of it is over. You take a few bracing breaths and shift to get comfortable and we'll sew up the worst of the holes and then we can both rest, yes?" She takes a slightly unsteady breath. Setting bones is her least favorite activity next to childbirth.
Abe     He breaths, he breaths like he just ran a race. Not like he won one but like he ran one never the less. His features crack into a haggered smile and he can't help but let some mirth slip into his voice as, "Right, busy few days for everybody..." he muses. Bless what's left, that wasn't too fun.

His attention finds here after his wits settle, "Last patient for the day, Doc?"
Iris Lark "You're my last patient, yes. Then I'm going to go sleep until I can't sleep anymore." Iris begins to stitch and the little sutures are tiny and neat, like the person who made them. She leans in as she works, and she looks almost serene. "This is actually the only part of my work that I enjoy. I can't sew clothes, don't have the time, but if I did..the stitches would be perfect."
Abe     The pinch and pull of needle and thread arn't as troubling. Watching the process would be worse but he's got his eyes locked on that little doorknob pretty hard, "You and me both." he uttered, his features cracking into a half-smile, "Imagine yours is a bit more deserved, but still." he prattled for a minute, shoulders going slack for a moment. "That right?" he wondered, peering at the vague shape that was her presence in the corner of his eye. "Folks eever leave you alone enough to start, let me know... Going to be more bullet holes than threads in this thing before too long." and he was a looong way from a supply officer.
Iris Lark "There are times when it is as quiet here as a graveyard. Then there is this." Iris jerks her chin towards the outer clinic where several voices can be heard. She leans in to cut the catgut with her teeth before she moves to stitch up another open wound. "If we're being honest, this is a large improvement to the conditions I used to work in and I do like my work, even if it can be a bit exhausting at times." She offers Abe a smile and nods twice. "If I get some time, I'll let you know and mend your things."
Abe     A work load like this would have taxed the capabilities of a Brotherhood medical team. To have it absorbed by what Abe would call a ramshackle scavver hut (in his less kind moments) is impressive. She leans in and he chances a glance... Scissors, those tiny ones. Next time he was poking around in some front desk, he'd look for her a pair. She might not need them, might already have them but he was making a mental note. It would be physical soon if he could keep it in mind. "I could see that." he mused, turning his attention to the door, through it, eyes becoming unfocused. "Thanks, Doc'." he returns before adding a question, "This is rude... but what kind of joint were you in before here?" the thought was astounding. "I'd jump to the idea of a hole in the ground... but even those turn out to be pretty swanky around here."
Alice "It's hard to take a nap with you both talking so much..." Alice groaned before sitting up and peering at Iris, "I bet she used to work in a top secret medical facility run by the Enclave but then she escaped."
Iris Lark "I .." Iris hesitates for a few moments and her hand stills as she thinks of a nice way to divert the question away. Alice offers her an out, she could just agree with the girl but she decides to go the vague route. "I worked in a large encampment, they were very strict on how things were done. That's all." She resumes her stitching and adds. "This place is mine, Achilles helped bring it into being. Now nobody can tell me who I have to heal first or threaten me if I do it wrong." She shrugs a shoulder and keeps her eyes on her work. "I love El Dorado, and I never figured a place like this was out there." She glances briefly at Alice and mouths "Sorry."
Abe     With a grunt, Abe turned his attention to Alice, his features working into a crook., "Sorry. Just some of that old time commiseration." Still, Iris hesitated. She didn't show him the whole picture but what he saw from the edges she skirted around, she didn't have to. He'd mentally pat himself on the back but when the brick of Achilles weighed in, well, the story just unrolled right there.

His jaw tightend, his lips thinned... his next breath escaped through his nose as something caused a weight to work into his expression. "You've..." She's likely heard all of the sympathetic comments she needs for a life time. "got a real nice place here, Doc. You know it already, I imagine but still. You do good work. Thank you. I imagine you've got enough handy folk at your beckon call but if you need another, let me know. If not, I'll help out another way when the caps come around to where I can start stacking them again."
Iris Lark "Thank you." Iris says, offering Abe another smile before she finishes stitching his arm. "People say this place is dirty and has rats because it is in Shantytown and ask why I didn't build inside the city." She quirks both eyebrows and a smirk makes her look impish. "I like Shantytown, it's pretty uncomplicated and also..I didn't know if we were going to settle here this made sense." She starts to salve and bandage the wounds, moving carefully not to upset the splint. "I never dreamed we would expand or anything."
Alice Alice nodded and shrugged her shoulders, "Nothing to be sorry about!" Getting down on her hands and knees she began to play with Vaultmeat before offering to Abe, "She'll take any help she can get, plus you have to help us all clearing out Lower Vault Town."
Abe     "I've seen worse. I've seen a lot worse." maybe he has, likely he has. He looses another breath, chest swelling against the armor plate. "Not going to lie, it's starting to grow on me. No armed guards keeping him out of some damned garden for one.

He's patient, almost like a doll, letting her lift, prod and smear as she pleases, paying vague attention while his mind wanders, brought back to the fore and the now by Alice's reminder.

"Very true... Whatever ghoulies or bug bears you have down there, I'll help you kick them out when you get ready to."
Iris Lark "I'm glad you're going to help us." Iris says, and she takes a thumping step back to look at her work from afar. "I trust Alice, it will be an adventure and we're likely to get a bit banged up." She looks amused for a moment before she adds. "She'll probably try to keep you around permanently, I hope you're ready. She is a firecracker." She points to Alice before she turns to start to clean up.
Abe     His head bobs, a acknowledgment and agreement. It was a little exciting. How long ago had that section been overrun? Vaults were always a sight to behold... wonderful or terrible.

She steps back to give him a looking over, he gives it a test, working with the mobility he has... Not bad but maybe he should stick to town for a few days. This was fine, town was safe, he could still get some work done even if his butt was meant to polish a chair outside of Roman's. "So I'm noticing." he remarks as to the matter of fire crackers. Small, short fused, but with a nice, little pop! Get enough of them together and you have a show.

He stands up, plucking his pip boy from beside him... Be a few days for that too. It did keep some of the swelling down though. Good old Robco.

"Thank you again, Doc."
Alice "I think it will be robots down there." Alice stated matter of factly, "That's how I found Over9000, I was wandering in the lower levels in the maintenance tunnels where nobody goes because, well, I work in maintenance and I found him running into a wall in a sealed off area going 'kill all humans', that's why he doesn't talk anymore."
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Alice and then glances at Abe. "Oh dear.." She says quietly, moving to take a seat on a stool. "I think once we all recover a bit we will be able to take on the challenge, yeah?" She folds her hands in her lap and looks thoughtful. "I need to find a healer to work on me a bit. This leg can use more care and I've still got a few more injuries to deal with."
Abe     Robots? Abe tries to hide his interest but his features brighten by at least two lumens. He could manage robots. Just needed to get close... But getting close could be difficult against things with buzzsaws for hands.

He agreed with Iris, his head bobbing in quiet solidarity. He eyes her cast, lips thinning once more. "If there's any place to find one, I'll be damned if you ain't in it."

"'Course, one of Miss Kitty's girls might work too. I know a few names if you like."
Iris Lark "I think Achilles would not be too thrilled with that." Iris says, turning away so her blush can't be seen. "I'll just try to catch Kurokumo, but she's not here very often. Maybe I'll leave a message on her office door."
Abe     Abe held up a hand, just one, he was working on getting that sling back in place, "Not my place to judge at all." He was Brotherhood, there were plenty of folks that their Elders wished they would find a 'Nice Man or Woman' to settle down with that never quite managed... Things happen in bunks. His head bobbed his understanding, "Think I worked with her... It's harder to put faces to names than names to faces at this point."
Alice Alice noted Abe's interest and asked Iris, "Why didn't Sparrow help you out? Didn't you treat her wounds? Seems kinda dumb none of the other doctors have time for you." Sighing she said, "Why don't we just go to Vault Town? You can borrow my Vault Suit and say you live there, they'll probably believe you."
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Alice and she fidgets for a second or two. "You'll get in trouble though, if they find us out, right?" She sighs and after a moment she adds. "I think everyone was a bit busy last night, and ..other than this leg wound, I don't seem all that injured. I guess." She glances at Abe and then back to Alice and then shifts in her seat. "I am curious to see Vault Town though." She says in a small voice.
Abe     Abe looks from one woman to another and I promise, I swear by every last scruple that this man still holds dear, he is not ogling you. That flick of his eyes, down and up, is almost mathmatical in it's scrutiny. Academic!

Of course, he will say nothing. His jaw firms and his expression becomes very, very fixed.

"Well, you already have the doo-dad." he points at with a gesture to Iris' arm.

"Walk the walk, talk the talk and what are they going to do? Ask you to leave? You can buy those get-ups from a lot of stores in town."
Alice "Up to you." Alice replied before considering a nap somewhere.. anywhere, "Just let me know what you decide to do."
Iris Lark Iris folds her arms over her chest as she catches Abe gazing at her and she suddenl remembers. "Oh, are you hungry?" She gestures to the outer part of the clinic. "I have lunch cooking, we could eat while we decide if we should go to Vault Town." She swings her legs back and forth on the stool. The cast bumping noisily into the wood of the stool.
Abe     The thought of a meal is not unwelcome. But a glance on the disarmed Pip-Boy proves to be his undoing. "Might have to spring for some street food instead." he nores, tucking the device into his sling as he worked to his feet, "Need to look scary on Roman's porch." he claimed, a hand lifting up to shift the bill of his field cap upwards. "You enjoy though, and good luck with sneaking one past the Vault crew."