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Guardian Caldwell It was a quiet night out on the town. Citizens were hurrying about trying to get their taxes in or being hounded by the so called "Tax Men" Caldwell had already paid his taxes so he'd be fine. He was currently recruiting for the New Mexican BOS with posters and fliers and speeches. Currently he was preaching about the protectors of El Dorados wastes. The New Mexican Brotherhood Of Steel. For one reason or another some citizens gathered around the area and were listening to the speech. Knight Caldwell was a staple of the community at this point, so people just liked to hear what he had to say from day to day.
Milton Milton is new. Not to the town, no, some few faces know him from his younger years. But he has only recently come in with some of the Caravans coming inf rom California and through vegas way down to El Dorado. Out in his 'Frontiering' clothes, surprisingly for the well groomed man the clothing seems seasoned, there's even mends from various gunshots and knife work. His beard, hair and jaunty hat say otherwise though. The man pauses to check his pocket watch before looking up towards the crowd gathering to listen to the Knight talk.
Guardian Caldwell The Knight continues to speak about the New Mexican Brotherhood Of Steel, facing the crowd in a set of fully functioning power armor. "We offer shelter, food, drink, a warm bed to sleep in. All we ask is that you help us keep El Dorado safe from bandits, mutants, and so on. Keep El Dorado a free place! We are nothing like the old Brotherhood, those ways are long past us. Yet, there is a greater threat on the horizon. There are enemies at our door and we wish to combat them! Join me, brothers and sisters, we will survive, we will thrive. For Steel!" he gives the crowd a brief salute and waits to hear about any interest in the joining of his chapter.
Milton Milton looks t the crowd as they murmur and talk to eachother though he pushes his glasses farther up onto his nose and waits as well. When no one he speaks up and says, "Well, not everyone is equipped for such laborous conditions. Battle is a fine art and certainly left to those with the fortitude for it. I find here in El Dorado most folk are of a humble noble breed and want merely to get on with their daily operations, survive and make a good living and not bother with a bunch of nonsense that's only to get them shot. Certainly there are other ways of protecting El Dorado?"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell looks down to Milton and smiles underneath his power armored helmet. He nods to the man "Of course, battle is not the only thing required to win wars. Tactics, repairs, maitenence. All of this is needed to keep the cogs functioning to keep El Dorado safe from those that would seek it's destruction. We offer those that wish to join under this belief the title of "Scribe" in this position, you will only be in combat if you wish to be. You will be our repairmen, our technicians, so on. We will supply you the same benefits as every other member!"
Milton Milton's accent is a little off. There's hints of something of a light Boston Brahmin as if a parent or Custodian had it when teaching Milton to speak. Blithely Milton smiles back at the Power Armored Knight. No, Milton may be pretty but the man is no charmer. He pushes up his hand me down glasses again and looks about himself at the crowd then back to Caldwell. He grooms his fingers over his beard, "You don't say. Technicians? Mechanics and the like? I'm afraid I know nothing of such complex affairs. I'm afraid I've a brain for numbers and problem solving. Don't really know much about tech, beyond how to pulla trigger and fix a wagon wheel of course."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell frowns lightly at Milton's perdicament. He taps his power armor helmeted chin lightly "We could do with someone to manage finances. Tacticians are needed as well. Along with the prospect of other problems that may arise would need solving. You are welcomed for your skills if you so desire, my friend. The Brotherhood would love to have you in their ranks."
Stockton Stockton's been there, watching the crowd gather and the big man speak. He's got a cigarillo in his teeth, clutched there while he smokes it. His combat helmet traded for a Stetson for the time being. The Merc turned Cowboy watches as the mousey man gets practically drafted. Approaching slowly he clears his throat to get the other big man's attentions. "Just finished puttin' several of yer Brothers in the dirt fer stirrin' shit with New with them?"
Milton Milton ducks his head as he strokes his beard for a moment more and then drops his finger to tap his pocket watch. "You know I could surely help with such a thing.." Well right up until the big fella walks out of the blue. And talks about putting BOS Knights in the dirst. Milton is lily white, a soft little flower with luck and a brain and that's about it. Stockton is terrifying and the city boy moves out of his way much like the other folk.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell offers a shake of his head to Stockton "You may be thinking of the Western Brotherhood. Our enemies in the matter. They are no true brotherhood, only a group of disgusting bandits and raiders. We seek to decimate them as much as you do, friend. We are allied with El Dorado and anyone else who wishes to live a peaceful life. I am however, grateful for you as you put it 'putting them in the dirt'. We currently are only focused on recruiting and gaining support and supplies."
Stockton Stockton gives Milton a look and a toothsome smile, the feral man isn't one for smoothing over social situations. Much like his gruff attitude, he's rather blunt and to the point. "And what about corrupt governments, you give a shit about puttin an end to that too? Tyrant Solomon and his gangs of raiders and bandits goin' round the country side lootin' the good folk. If there was a revolution, would you stand in my way?"
Milton Milton reaches up and ajusts his kerchief which he's wearing like an ascot slightly, He shifts out of the way and looks between the two large men with wide eyed interest. Like the other Townfolk, sometimes you get our enertainment where you can. But be ready to run and duck at a moment's notice. That's about where Milton is; between fascinated and fleeing. He leans a bit foreward on the balls of his feet though about the corrupt government thing looking somewhat baffled.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell takes a moment to think before speaking "We do not support Mayor Soloman and his actions, no. Would we like to see his reign of terror end? Yes. We can offer what little support we can in a revolution but it wouldn't be much seeing as how we are but a small splinter chapter of a splinter chapter. I am currently in the process of recruiting as many folks as I can to help aid the people. If there were in fact a revolution I would not only not stand in your way, I would more than likely stand side by side with you as we toppled this evil regime."
Stockton Stockton reaches a hand up to scratch at his cheek some, listening to the Knight for a long moment. "Thing is, I ain't convinced the Law can be trusted, or the Militia. So maybe yer my hope of findin' like minds and an outlet fer my .. endeavors. Tell you what. I'm a talk it over with my kin, see what they think, come back to you with a decision." He reaches into his coat and pulls out a Raider Pip-Boy, flicking it on he points to what map around El Dorado he has uncovered, "Jus' put a marker where I can find you, yeah?"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Stockton, crossing his arms and looking like a thug lyfe gangsta, yo. "We will do what we can to help you. We hope to see you on our side, friend." he raises out a hand and proceeds to mark a spot he may or may not have uncovered. A large mechanics shop outside of El Dorado near the highway. "You can find me at our outpost. If that's too much I usually roam town at times. Feel free to speak to one of my comrades as well, they will relay the information to me."
Milton Milton looks betwen the big man with his disreputable Pip Boy and the big knight's reply. He scratches his cheek and nods, "Well heck, if yer for the people of El Dorado and not for looting and pillaging the underprivlaged and underarmed, I think I could certainly give this scribe thing a try. Tell me, will I be writing much?" Poor Milton with his still unpleasently bandaged wound on his cheek and his beaten and bloodied frontier wear.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell looks over to Milton and nods to him "We'd love to have you friend, not much writing unless you want to keep records of things. We could do with a tactician or something of the like though. Maybe keep a log of things you've done so I can go over it. We are very relaxed in our structure, we only ask you give us aid when it is required. Other than that you are free to do as you please."
Stockton Stockton shakes his head some, and smirks, "You're the recruiter, of course yer gonna say you got my back. I'll think about it. I can tell ya now though, if yer bullshittin' me with this and I do join up? Lyin' to me'll be yer undoing," it's a promise in the vein that Ma Volkner would give. There's a twitch to his lips and he tips his Stetson some. "I can ride out, Brandywine'll love gettin' the leg stretch in," he glances at Milton and smirks some, "You lookin' worse for wear, ain't you learned not to go alone in the Wastes yet?"
Milton Milton says, "Why, I never go far Sir. Only so far as these old legs carry me. I run into trouble but more or less than any other good redblooded Eldoradan." He sniffs and puffs up his rather thin chest and places a hand upon it. "And I've survived everything. Even a good curse, and the ladies can't resist a Curse." He asides to Caldwell. Then turns his attention back to Stockton. "Besides you looks like you've seen better days yourself, my good fellow."

Back to Caldwell, "Oh? You would love to read my journal? Well splendid. Let me send for it at once."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods to Stockton "I'm also the leader of this chapter, what I say is law in this group. And when I say we'll back you. We may not do it with manpower, but we will do it with supplies, and manpower if we can spare it. We are not a big group, but we will spare what we can." to Milton he replies "I would love to read your journal back at base once you join us. Do I have your support, my friend?" he asks of Milhouse
Stockton Stockton snorts, "More than less," he comments to the mousey man and resists the urge to tussle his hair. That overwhelming urge to big brother the little guy. It is strong. A nod comes, "S'what happens when you take a plasma blast to the chest and walk away," he comments without bluster or brag. At the Knight's mention that he is the leader, the former merc turns a sharp brow on the Caldwell. "I wanna stand shoulder to shoulder a time er two before I commit my trigger finger to yer cause, Knight. But you got my attention more'n anyone else."
Milton Milton adjusts his fancy had. "Wonderful, yes of course. Every little bit to help the city, right? You wouldn't happen to have anyone headed that way soon I could travel with. I hear the wasteland is rough these days. I'd hate to get lost." 'Lost', pretty much Milton's usual, short for 'stumbling into trouble.' At the mention of wound though Milton goes just a little more pale, somhow, taking him from lily to transluscent. Poor doughy city boy. "I'll go send for my journals at once." he turns to do just that with a jaunt in his step as he greets people along the way.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell is smiling once more under his helmet "That can be done, friend. Just alert me of a time or place you require me and I will be there weapons ready." he looks over towards Milhouse "I'll be heading there once this recruitment session is over. Take your things and prepare, the journey will take a bit but we will get you a bunk and some food and drink in your system." and with that he walks off towards the gates.