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Iris Lark Iris is no longer in a cast, but her leg is wrapped up and she is still walking gingerly. She has nudged at Achilles to come into the office so she could treat his wounds, some of them pretty bad. "So how are you feeling today?" She asks, her voice quiet as she gathers her tools to work. "Feeling okay?"
Achilles "I'm alright, nothing I can't bear." Achilles says, settling down so Iris can work. "I think I'll be staying away from the piston end of a power fist when I'm not wearing that power armor." The fact that he's walking at all is a miracle though. "Feeling any better now that you aren't wearing that cast?"
Iris Lark "A little bit, I had to have my leg cut into, I wasn't terribly thrilled about that." Iris responds, setting down a tray full of different instruments. "Hopefully now I can get you up and around. I've neglected you a bit, and I'm sorry for that. Next time, tell me to tend to you first." She leans in and presses her lips to Achilles' temple.
Achilles "It's fine, I was putting it off so you'd be able to rest a bit. Didn't factor in all the other hurt people." Achilles turns and kisses Iris on the lips. "I don't think I have any bullets in me this time, but I'm not sure."
Iris Lark "I'll check." Iris says, taking a seat on a stool and pulling some things into her aproned lap. "So Alice wants me and you to help her clear out some robots and the like from a closed off section of the Vault. Would you be up for that?" She moves to check the worst of his wounds, her hands careful and steady. "I think she wants to make it a base of sorts."
Achilles "As soon as I can fight without coughing up blood." Achilles agrees with a nod. "Wanting to try out that armor anyway." He shifts slightly so Iris can see the worst of it. "Pretty sure he cracked most of my ribs. Would have killed me if I wasn't in that heavy armor."
Iris Lark "Well I'm glad you were in that armor, remember our promises." Iris says, her lips pressed together a bit. "This is going to hurt a little, take a deep breath for me, and hold it." She probes at where his rbs are cracked and finds one broken. This makes her frown more.
Achilles "Always." Achilles grits his teeth as Iris starts to prod around. He definitely should have been treated sooner, a lesser person would be dead already.
Iris Lark Iris works in silence for a while, wrapping up his ribs and tending to his other cuts, bruises and abrasions. She has a fairly serene look on her face as she works, happy to be able to help, especially when it comes to helping Achilles. She finally takes a breath and a break and looks up at him. "I've noticed you reading that pip-boy a lot, what have you been learing?"
Achilles "Mainly about the power armor, wanted to find out how to destroy it to begin with. But I figured I'd give in and learn how to use it, especially after that ass whooping we took and gave the Enclave." Achilles explains, taking the moment to catch his breath himself. The treatment didn't feel the best in the world, but at least it wasn't as bad as getting the wounds in the first place.
Iris Lark "I see." Iris says, nodding slowly to Achilles. "You've been different since you've got the pip boy. Not in a bad way, mind, but different nonetheless." She moves to wrap his torso with a pressure bandage to keep the bones from shifting. "You're gonna have to take it easy for a day or two." She primes her stimpak, and without preamble injects him in the leg.
Achilles "I'll try, but you know I like it rough." Achilles teases, pulling Iris in for a kiss after she injects him. "You're a life saver Iris. I'm sure I'd be dead if it wasn't for you."
Iris Lark "The same goes, you know what you took me from." Iris responds quietly, stowing the stimpak away. "Does it feel better?" She asks, tilting her head slightly as she regards Achilles. "I mean, the pressure bandage." She says, trying for a slight grin.
Achilles "It does." Achilles scoots off the bed and twists slightly, "Yeah, a lot better." He walks over and kisses Iris again, giving her a squeeze. "In a few days we'll be able to get the team together and skin that legionaire."
Iris Lark "Is that what I'm healing you for?" Iris says, her face looking severe. "So we can partake in meaningless violence?" She folds her arms over her chest and takes a breath, her eyes on her feet. "I heard what happened, from Alice. We both agree that it was all unnecessary, but you at least had some of the right of it." She rests a hand on Achilles arm and frowns. "No more violence."
Achilles "I gave my word, if I take it back now he'll hold it over my head until I beat him in town. I'd rather not get arrested for it." Achilles lifts his shoulders in a shrug, clearly confident as ever he could take the man. "I can't let people walk into my home, insult me, then threaten my life. Would you rather them find me crucified in the wastes?"
Iris Lark "I want you to be safe, damn it. I want you to be alive here and safe." Iris shakes her head and waves it off. "You'll do what you want anyway. I can't stop you, so why am I wasting my breath and my time?" She slaps the last of the bandages on Achilles' body. "Do what you want."
Achilles "You're right." Achilles sighs quietly, letting Iris finish up her work. "I'll have to take what you want into consideration more." Once she's done he leans down to hug her if she'll let him, "I love you, so I'll stop picking fights. We get into enough trouble helping with Alice."
Iris Lark "No, you don't have to take what I want into consideration "more". Iris says, a scowl on her face. "But you should take it into consideration at some point." She shakes her head slowly and points off in the distance. "So he insulted you, threatened you, let him make the first move. Make it legal."
Achilles "I have, plenty of times. I've injuried my pride by walking away from fights so I came home to you more than once." Achilles reaches up to scratch at his beard. "It was even the brotherhood once. In the end they were killed, but they'd probably have taken me down first."
Iris Lark "Now I feel guilty, like I'm holding you back. I always feel like you're getting hurt because of me, or doing something you don't want because of me." Iris says, running a hand through her hair. "I need a bit, you should go find ALice and make sure she's all right."
Achilles "Don't feel bad." Achilles reaches out to rest a hand on Iris' shoulder. "At the end of the day what I want more than anything is to come home to you. Everything else is meaningless." He leans down to kiss the top of her head and turns for the exit. "I'll check on her, but I'm coming back soon."
Iris Lark "I need some space, come back soon, but give me the space." Iris says, moving towards the back room. "I'm going to read a bit and get ready for sleep." She rubs both hands over her eyes, before she steps away, the limp from her left leg very pronounced.