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Lilu The sun was high in the sky, baking those below it, but it would sometimes filter out, hiding behind puffs of off gray clouds. A few workers tend to the fields, one in particular has a wild mane of auburn hair, some pulled back into a ball like tail, as other, more defiant curls tendrils down and around her sweat covered face and throat. Taking a moment, the dark-skinned healer stands, brushing an arm across her brow and peering out at the space around her.
Stockton Stockton's gotten seen, at least the rudementory glance at things. Which means he's riding out to Lilu's farm. Brandywine, the rather large mare that carries him seems to mozy and amble on their way, straying this way and that to snuffle or nibble at something. When he finally reaches the rank, he dismounts and adjust shis Stetson over his eyes. Spotting the dark skinned beauty, he waves one big mitt her her, "Hey there," he calls out.
Ashur A sight unseen in El Dorado descends upon the farm: a titan of metal, white-painted and outlined in gold, the repurposed husk of Brotherhood power armor given a new and resplendent purpose. The servos have been stripped out, the electronic elements stripped to leave a purity of steel: immense shoulderplates, articulated joints, high plated boots with a rounded, pointed tip-- and wrapped around its waist is a red pteruges, a decorative feathered skirt whose frilled strips hang toward the knees. The helmet has had a spike worked into the top, upon which is a crest of red feathers in a spreading, half-moon shape.

Next to the behemoth, whose every step quakes the earth, is a pretty Asian woman.

"This is the farm," the metal man rumbles, voice echoing through the helmet, artificially deepened further. "I needed to return this."

In his hand is clutched an old metal cane.
Lilu Lilu blinks, hearing a voice fall her way. A glance here and there, those lavender eyes settle on its owner. Instantly, her expression flattens, eyes widen, briefly, and a rush of pink stains across her cheeks. "H-hey..." She answers in a murmur before clearing her throat, and raising her voice. "'ey. How y'doin'?" She questions kindly enough, setting some tools aside and striding his way, pulling off her gloves and stuffing them into the pockets of her ratty jeans. "Don' see y' 'round dese parts. Y'doin' ok?" Worry, evident, she takes the man in from head to toe then back again. Soon enough comes the gleaming figure and the younger woman. "Who...Ashur? Dat you?"
Stockton Stockton rolls one broad shoulder and flinches when he does, trying to stretch out the skin some and finding it brittle rather than pliable. "I come 'round these parts plenty, s'how I found yah," he counters with a toothsome smile that borders on kindly for the wild haired healer. "Need bit of yer help. Took plasma to the chest fightin' off the Brotherhood. Was hopin' yah still saw it in yer heart to patch me up," he grins some and gives Brandy a fond pat on her big head as she nickers at Lilu. The boisterous loud behind them has both former merc and his mare spinning on Ashure in fight stance. But then he's learned what the big dude looks like and how he walks. "Figured you'd be in New Rome livin the non-degenerate life by now."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Walking alongside the White Knight, Kurkumo looks nothing like an enamored fangirl. "You better not be weakening your leg so soon with your new armor." She mutters, clucking and shaking her head as they walk along the growing fields along the way. Shaking her head, her hand shields her eyes as they come across the others and the horse. Apparently, someone else knows who he is... Not like anyone could miss him.
Ashur Handing the cane over to Kumo, the power armored Ashur lifts his hands-- the right one encased in a mechanical glove, darker than the rest of his armor, with a hydraulic piston-powered ram. Anyone familiar with the technology can recognize a power fist. He loosens the helm and pulls his head free, releasing the tight coil of his braided hair that was otherwise forced beneath the plates down his back.

Yep, it's Ashur. There are a couple people his size around, but who else pals around with the lovely Kurokumo?

"Ave," he greets, and extends a hand to Kumo, palm up, for the cane again. The helmet tucked under the crook of an arm, he nods to Stockton, walking closer to the pair. "I have business to attend in El Dorado before I move-- such as this. I am no thief; thank you for letting me borrow it."

He holds the cane out to Lilu.
Lilu Lilu notices that twitch on the man's gruff face. Nodding, she moves to exit the small line of fencing that covers up her block of the green sprouting earth. "'course. All y'gotta do 's ask, Stockt'n. Com'on ova here. Have a sit down." She offers, ushering him toward a small supply shack with a seat out front. Giving the mare a thump on her shoulder, she clicks her tongue its way and heads toward the shack, setting out a barrel of water for the mount. "Dere y'go, girl. Drink up." She coos adoringly to the beast. Still red-faced, probably from the sun, she looks Ashur's way and reclaims the cane. "T'anks. Did y'stay off y'foot like I tol' y'?" The woman questions, resting the cane down and digging for some medical supplies and a bottle of alcohol from her side bag. She nods a greeting to Kumo, not having really met the girl before. "'ey, m'Lilu." Then, back to Stockton. "Where y'hurtin'? Show me."
Stockton Stockton chuckles a bit as Ahsur greets, giving his companion a polite nod as well before focus wanes back to the booming armored man. "Movin' den. Who else'm I gonna give a hard time fer chargin' in all willy nilly?" he teases with a fond smile for the ex-Legionairre - hey you fight mutant bears and Brotherhood together, you bond some. The cooing girl has Brandwine's attention rather quickly and the mare nickers before nudging her blunt face against Lilu's shoulder in thanks, she goes to the barrel and happily drinks up in slow laps. "Well," he starts out before shrugging off his coat. Then unbuckling obviously repaired armor. Then comes the shirt and he sets those over the fence line. He's got soaked bandages over the wound, a spider-web shaped plasma blast that crawled through the armor and left him burned and aching. "About there," he gestures at his whole chest area.
Kurokumo Mibojin      "Nice to meet you, Lilu." Kurokumo watches the exchange, always being the odd one out in new places. She notices that the other gentleman was called 'Stockt'n', and gives then a nervous smile as the woman peers curiously around. "Tried to keep him off his foot." Kurokumo mutters, -not- pouting at her own failed attempts. Nope. Ashur's companion spots the soiled bandages, her own expression becoming tense as she winces.
Ashur "I avoided stressing it until it felt strong enough to bear me with speed," Ashur rumbles in response, glancing down his gold-and-white frame to look at the metal plates over his knee. There's no limp when he walks now. "And then I put it through its paces. You did well; the militia is blessed by your service." There's a certain politeness to the man now, a softening of the rough edges-- it might be a subtle thing to most, but to him, falling in with New Rome has been immensely comforting in an abstract psychological sense. It is close enough to home to soothe, and divorced enough to lack the poisonous memory of Caesar.

They even have an arena! Ah, bloodsport-- that's how you know it's Legion.

"Ave, Stockton. I'm glad to see you well." The man's joking comments earn him a-- well, what the hell do you know, the former Legionnaire can smile. "Calculated, my friend. There are foes too dangerous if left unoccupied; the Paladin with the minigun would have mowed us down if not confronted."

He shifts, the armor creaking; it's too big, too heavy, to be silent. A red Legion cape-- the one he's always had-- flows behind it. "Kurokumo, this is Lilu. A shepherd of the earth-- she tends the land and its people with pride. Judging by her blush, I assume Stockton is the man who 'makes her mind go stupid.'"
Lilu "Y'did good, Miss Kurokumo. Don' take 't pers'nal. Don' t'ink he likes listenin' to most 'nybody." She muses, offering the girl a kind wink. As Stockton readies himself, and strips, she eyes the wounds carefully, her face twisting up a bit at the sight of his bandages. "T'ink I need t'teach ev'rybody 'round here 'bout keepin' demselves clean." She mutteres, possibly curing in Creole under her breath. Washing her hands with alcohol, she pats them dry and begins to remove Stockton's coverings, dropping them to the ground before coming back in with clean fabric, cleaning the area tenderly. It's then that Ashur speaks, causing the healer to freeze in place. Her eyes roll up, like violet sand dollars, gawking at the White Knight. Now, looking like a sun-kiss beet, she clears her throat and keeps to her work, not saying a word. Pulling a small glass bottle from the bag, she scoops out some odd looking paste, gently brushing it over the burn to sooth it outright and cool the man's flesh.
Stockton Stockton was doin a damn fine job of ignoring the blushes to the best of his ability, letting Lilu keep that dignity in confidence. At Kumo's introduction he chuffs, "Sorry, Ma'd hit me fer fergetting my manners, Stockton," he greets the small Asian woman. The old bandages come off just fine, taking some blood and crusted skin leakage that happens with intense burns. The wall of muscle actually flinches just a little bit at the first gentle touch of the healer. At the freeze, he ends up going wide-eyed as well, if only for just a moment. A big hand lifts to scratch at the back of his head as he suddenly darts his gaze away to not make eye contact with the Creole, mostly glaring daggers at the Roman. "Yer.." he stops "I.." he stops, then his lips grow thin and he chuffs softly before glancing back at Lilu, "He's a filthy heathen, don't mind him, sugar."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo looks as she's starting to relax, her lips quirking into a smile as Lilu expresses her sympathies. Until Ashur opens his mouth. Her eyes go wide and mouth goes slack as Ashur lays out his observations for everyone to hear. He's as delicate as a doctor wielding a sledgehammer to fix a knee. Her hand covers her her face, her own cheeks pinkening as the other slaps ineffectually against his plated arm. "You don't -say- that in public..." Who knows what else he would say to everyone about -her- when she's not around?
Ashur Ashur stares, unblinking, at the three other people involved in the conversation. He stares at them like he can't quite believe what he's seeing-- there's a pursing of lips that gradually part and curl, eyes squinting, head tilting.

"My apologies," he deadpans in disbelief, a toss of his braids as his great head turns from side to side. "This queer modesty you all have at times catches me off guard. I have watched others fuck since my first time in a camp. There is nothing involved you haven't already seen as healers and killers."
Alexianus In the distance, visible through the dust of the New Mexico countryside, approaches a cloaked man. As he makes his approach to the farm, the details of his figure are evident, including his legion cloak, his spear, and his armour. His cloak is of a faded red and overall he is caked in dust and dirt, he appears more rough for wear, and his steps appear heavy; his weary, wary approach is accentuated by a glint on his helmet, and as he approaches the farm, his posture straightens up and energy flows into his stride. The man assumes a look of some determination and hails those at the farm!
Lilu Keeping her silence, the wild-haired 'mother nature' just works in silence. A bit more paste, she turns, cleaning off her hands anew and moving away, ducking into the shack and returning with some fresh fabric. Gently pressing on Stockton's back, she moves him how she needs to, wrapping him securely and covering up the burned area completely. "Keep 't clean." She murmurs, not making much of a reaction at his words about Ashur, or his debauched ways. "'n use dis f'de burnin'." She swallows, handing him the now capped bottle she used just moments prior. Standing, she shuffles back toward the farm close by, digging for her gloves, tugging them out with a bit of nervous frustration. The glimmer of more armor catches her attention, causing the woman to tense and watche the newcomer as they move closer. "Stockt'n...dey's 'notha shirt in dat shack. Should fit y'. Leave de otha n'I'll wash it up, n'return it to y'." She promises, even as her gaze never leaves the man heading their way, her hand up, offering the man a silent hello.
Alexianus Nodding his head and lowering his arm, the new, mysterious man closes in on the farm, confidently striding towards those assembled; he wipes a hand through his hair, pulling it back and offers a smile. "Greetings, wastelanders," He offers, his voice booming, "I appear to have found yet another civilization at last; pray tell, what is this settlement before me?"
Kurokumo Mibojin      Rolling her eyes at the honest explanation from Ashur, Kurokumo turns her face away as the conversation hits a little too close to home. She notices Lilu tense, her dark eyes following the other woman's line of sight until she spots the bright flash of red in the distance. There's an instinctual response, the 5'10" woman stepping aside until she's using Ashur's bulk to hide from the intruder.
Stockton Stockton glances at Ashur, "Some folk prefer to keep the fuckin' behind closed doors, and don' make a habit of pointin' out what everyone else ain't sayin'," he just glares at the Roman again before shaking his head. The gentle touches, pushing him where she needs him, Lilu finds Stockton rather complacent and pliable as she performs her healing tasks. When it's done and he's wrapped up, he gives it a testing shift only to regret it. "Right, clean, got it." He's pushing himself up to standing again, that custom holster at the small of his back, keeping his guns at easy reach. The stare of the Creole has him looking off in the distance. A glance to Ashur, "You invited more of yer friends?" He asks before sort of stepping between Lilu and Alex, "Greetings yerself," he drawls, "Yer at the outskirts of El Dorado," his eyes squint a little, getting a bead in the hot sun in case he needs it. "You got a name, and a reason yer wearin' Legion colors when Ceasar's dead?" 'course that says nothing of the armored ex-Legionairre beside him, but Ashur's been here, this guys' new. The shirt is ignored for now as he cautiously reaches behind him to make sure Lilu is still close. He might not know what to do when she's blushing at him, but he's not about to see her come to harm.
Ren Ren Ren shambles up to stockton "glad to see your still in one peice after the battle soldier" he says patting him on his back his other hand up against his chest were he took the hit for abe most likly breaking a few ribs
Ashur At times, the sheer, relentless cultural alienation Ashur feels slips beneath his skin like meat hooks--it tugs and makes a painful irritating itch that demands he claws the flesh away in great bloody handfuls.

He does not. The armor is too thick.

"I have never met these men before," he rumbles, though he recognizes the kinship with ease. An arm slides out and the hand curls around the swell of Kumo's hip as she slides behind him for protection. "The armies of Caesar were vast. We didn't all know one another."
Lilu Lilu doesn't answer, Stockton did a well enough job of that. Glancing up the man's back, she steps behind him a bit more, but reaches a few fingers up, pressing them to his shoulder blade to let him know where she was. However, when Ren walks closer and touches the towering figure that is her human shield, her eyes flutter with blinks of disbelief. "'ey," she voices, finally, side stepping to look at Ren more carefully. "Y'doin' ok? M'a healer, if y'need one." She offers, that hint of wounds on Ren's part not going unnoticed.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Exhaling a controlled breath, Kurokumo's bare hand slides and gives a slight squeeze to Ashur's gauntletted one. There are so many people around now, the confusion palpable as Lilu feels just as skittish as she. Luckily, Ashur is an adequate meat shield, and Alexianus seems friendly enough for the time being. Her eyes dart to Ren's wounds, before watching the introductions in anticipation.
Alexianus Alexianus peers at the growing group, bringing a hand up to his chin. His stance is almost purposefully non-threatening, and after waiting a moment he nods; "I am, was, and likely would otherwise remain, a powerful servant of Caesar," he states, his voice marginally less boomy, "I have been wandering since his tragic demise, and my travels have brought me forth." Noting the various wounds of the party around him, he says, "I see there are many wounds about here, what engagements have happened here?"
Stockton Stockton twists around with a curled upper lip and a bit of a snarl as Ren pats his bared shoulder, the feral man actually pops his teeth at the ghoul, "I'm doin' fine, thanks tah the healers in this town." He looks over at Ashur and throws him a good natured sneer-smirk. "You sure?" he's gotta tease one last time. Lilu does her part though, she stays close and gives him contact to know where she is. It's easy to just sort of move his bulk between her and the rest. Bright browns focus sharply on Alex again and he nods, "Ceasar's dead, abandon the loyalty. If you wanna join yer fellow Legion, this feller," he thumbs at Ashur, "knows where New Rome is. So far, they're peaceful, help keep it that way. As fer who and what? Depends, ranges from Ghouls to Raiders to Brotherhood. El Dorado is the center of shit storm. 'n if that ain't enough, the Horde is migratin' this way. Yer welcome to shuck yer boots and start turnin' them muscles to the defense of the good people 'ere, or join yer fellows in New Rome. Either way, you keep it peaceful like, and we won't have problems."
Ren Ren looks over to the doc taking a step back with fear in his eyes "n-no thats ok im fine really "he winces slightly after taking a breath in after saying that "im sorry i do need medical but i fear youll disect me for being a ghoul " he says before looking down ashamed
Ashur A niggling sensation ghosts at the back of Ashur's skull. The crowd has grown, the one he came to briefly speak to is occupied, the loan has been returned, and there is a rot-faced ghoul prancing around like its people. And Alexianus' comments on Caesar..

"New Rome is west," he spits through clenched teeth, and pivots on a heel. "We celebrate the death of Caesar, false son of Mars. You are welcome to come."

The feather-crested white helmet under his arm lifts, secures itself upon his head, and the man grasps Kurokumo by the wrist. "Vale," he declares, and Rome's newest white knight stalks off.
Lilu Lilu glances up toward Stockton as he speaks. That curl of lip, growl sounding, her cheeks heat brazenly. Blinking, she settles her attentions on Ashur, offering a hand up to both him, and his companion. "Y'all take care. C'm'on back if y'need 'nyt'ing." She offers out before her attentions return to Ren. One brow quirkly, she cants her head, causing the strap of her hat to fall over, along with a bundle of curls from her tied back hair. "Why?" She questions. "Why'd 'nyone do dat? I ain' gonna, but y'pick if y'wanna be treated 'r not. I ain' forcin' dat on y', neitha."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Now normally, Kurokumo would love nothing more than to pull against the hand leading her in such a possessive manner. The instinct is curiously dulled, however, another rearing it's head as she realizes that Ashur is actually leading her -away- from danger this time around. She waves at Lilu, and Stockton, the others as well as she tries to keep up with the brute's long legs.
Alexianus Alexianus nods at the swiftly retreating pair, then states to those remaining, "To tell you the absolute truth, only a fool denies the legacy of Caesar, only a savage follows the ways of Lanius' pack and only a coward confines themselves to a city such as New Rome" he furrows his brow, "the security that the legion has brought is powerful, and the vision is not yet dead." He turns to Stockton and Ren, "You lot do not strike me as any of these, however, and this city seems powerful enough to house for now."
Stockton Stockton listens to Ren and Lilu and he grumbles a bit, "Cuz some people're fucked up an' don' remember that Ghouls're just fuckin' people. It's the mutants you gotta worry about. Feral Ghouls sure." he shrugs a bit and shakes his head, "She ain't gonna dissect you, I trust 'er wit my life. If you trust me at yer back, then extend the courtesy," he tells Ren. Attention diverts back to Ashur and Kumo leaving, they get a tip of his Stetson before his intense gaze levels on Alex again. "Fair 'nuff, that's yer position. Just understand El Dorado was 'ere b'fore Ceasar, it'll be 'ere after everyone's fergot 'bout 'im. Now. You need food? Water? Lilu can check you up. I don't gotta growl and warn ya offa doin' dumb shit, right?"
Lilu Lilu blinks once more, looking at Stockton, now so much with a fluster, but genuine surprise. Her expression softens now, her hand resting on his arm tenderly. "T'anks." She murmurs kindly to his compliment before looking to Ren and motioning for him to walk with her toward the garden shack. "Sit dere." She explains, pointing to a small chair outside of the building. "N'you, de Sold'r. Don' be spoutin' dat stuff 'round Ashur. If y'need s'mt'ing, lemme know, otha den dat, jus' keep de peace." She stresses, casting Stockton another glance, and then back toward his mare at her water barrel. "Stockt'n, stick 'round?"
Alexianus Alexianus nods to Stockton, Ren, and Lilu in turn, motioning to himself and flourishing his cloak. "Your hospitality is most appreciated citizen, inform me of any battles you require me to partake in." he mentions, before addressing Ren, "I will surely have use of you and your skills in the future, perhaps to bring security back to the wastes." He nods once more, turns to Lilu, then states, "I could use some of your skills medicus, as my road has been a difficult one."
Stockton Stockton is back in guarding the doctor mode. He makes a mean face and finally puts on that clean shirt, the gunslinger lets the thing flutter around his waist, undoing and then recinching his gun belt. Seeing as everyone's playing nice and peaceful, he figures he'll be fine. But always best to keep things in check. Brandwine is ducking her head into the water and blowing bubbles currently because she's a goofy horse. And never takes anything seriously. A smirk comes and he nods to Lilu, "I'll stick 'round, Lilu," the why is uncertain, perhaps a lot of reasons. But he sticks close, offers a hand when she needs it. "You'll get the call if there's a fight comin'."
Lilu Lilu waits for the Ghoul to seat himself, another brush of alcohol across her hands, she takes a knee and presses at the 'undead's wounds. The proding is gentle enough, but if he was in pain, it'd certainly tingle a bit. "Bit 'f brusin'. Don' t'ink s'broken, dough. S'good. Jus' go easy on y'self." She advises, starting to wrap up the Ghoul's torso snuggly to give him a bit of extra support. Another wash, she motions for Alex to sit down next. The sounds the horse is making, however, causes the woman to giggle melodically. "Silly t'ing." Casting a glance Stockton's way, she allows those violet eyes to linger for a moment more, perhaps now a bit more in charge of the blood that rushes to her cheeks. Finally, when Alex seats himself, she gives him the once over, checking a few places before nodding. "T'ink y'doin' ok. Jus' get s'm wat'r n'food in y'soon, ok? N'rest up."
Alexianus Alexianus brushes himself off, taking off after the wildly disappearing ghoul down the road
Stockton Stockton watches as Lilu treats the other two fellows, that hawk like eye on them and her while she works. If she needs an extra set of hands he's there to help. Otherwise staying quiet as he finds a cigarillo in his clothing and lights it with a match. Waiting. There's a few sounds from the combat helmet on Brandywine and he blinks and squints, "That might be trouble," he notes before moving over to the helm to check into the radio signal. Nodding he moves back to the doctor. It's awkward, he isn't sure what to do, because there's what he wants to do and what he should do and something somewhere in the middle. So he ends up just standing there, staring at her.