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Sammy     Sammy steps out onto the railing and then slinks down the stairs, quiet as you please, and steps down the stairs, padding down to see who's up and about and maybe write up another listing or two. He wonders if that trader is gonna stop by for a drink offhandedly, he's rather subdued, his helmet's off, armor has metal spots back-filled roughly where he got ventilated, he hasn't reapplied the paint over it yet.
Rose Rose herself was left...waiting. It was probably to teach her a lesson too. Lilu had told her she'd needed rest, and the Ranger had gone right out and fought some of the most heavily armed raiders she'd ever seen. There had been quite a lot of satisfaction as she cut the power-armored man down, but the healer was less than impressed and so now the injured 'Desert Rose' had mostly been hanging around at the Saloon licking her wounds. At least she's back to wearing her armor again as she comes down from the stairs above, but her helmet is missing and her long blonde hair hangs well past her shoulders without its tie. Spotting the fellow ranger, she raises a hand in greeting.
Sammy Sammy finds himself to a table, and sits down, pulling a chair out, as he walks by, to gesture to Rose to have a seat and join him, leaning back and putting his leg up on aonther chair. He sits back and looks at the bar, shakes his head a bit, and pulls a PipBoy 2000 from one of his fatigue pockets, laying it on his lap, and starting to tappita-tap-tap up more paperwork. "To us and those like us." he mimes raising a glass, "Damn few there be."
    He doesn't like how his raised leg is resting, and winces as he adjusts it a little. "Mmn. Yeah. You look like you got chewed up about as much as I did."
Rose      "Turns out, if you hit power armor in the right spot? It explodes. Got out of the way of most of the shrapnel, but not all of it. Then had to trade gunfire with a bandit I swear was my evilier, sluttier doppleganger." A shake of Rose's head and she raises her own bottle of cola in return to the toast. "And this crazy crazy town." A shift of her weight and she groans. Her ribs weren't broken, but with bruising that bad? It was hard to really tell the difference.
Sammy     Sammy unslings the M-82 and sets it on the table, pulling the magazine and checking the barrel, before field stripping it in a rather fluid set of movements. He's got a rather tricky looking field service kit laid out from another pocket, under the big gun, and is scrutininzing bits for carbon. "I keep trying for the head, because it seems the most effective target on those widebodies." he muses, "I need to find the sweet spot on Vertibirds." he grumbles, and touches on the 5 spots of freshly filled armor holes across his chest. "... if those bastards keep bringing them out." he grumbles, "Also, I really wanna see if we can work with the locals outside New Rome, and wheel that Armored Personell Carrier back here.... The Brotherhood had it up and running enough to run me down."
Rose      The weapon itself is watched with interest. She had carried one of her own, but now? It was melted slag lost to the desert after a particularly nasty encounter in the Mojave. "There's a power core in the back," she comments idly while the weapon is inspected, absently reaching to hand him the appropriate brush for cleaning while they speak. "Looks like it's sensitive if you hit it just right." Talk of the veritbird makes her chuckle and nod, shrugging her shoulders. "It's a shame every one I've seen is totalled. My father flew one of the few ones the NCR had into hotzones. He taught me what he could, makes me wonder if I'd be able to fly one for real. I was barely over 10 the one time I got to sit in the cockpit, and that was just pre-flight checks."

A personel carrier? That makes her tilt her head to the side. She'd yet to see that.
Sammy     "The Vertibird this time, dropped off a cadre of Paladins, and some bot-swarms. The APC looks like it had a compliment of troops as well. I got a couple good hits on it. I could see one found it's way through the armor somewhere tender." he muses as he pats the top of the scope, "... I'm not unconvinced this gun is haunted." he breaks down the heavy bolt carrier, and pulls a small bottle of clear oil from the kit, applies it sparingly, and reassembles the big carrier. "Maybe I should check the expiration date on my healing powders." he chuckles. "But seriously." he points ot hte engraving on the dust cover, "That's the guy I buried ... those are the people he lost on his way into the west side of Roswell, more than a year ago."
Rose "It's good that you carry his weapon," Rose nods, leaning back in her seat as Sammy continues his cleaning before she runs a hand down over the curved grip of one of her revolvers. "Some things have no place laying forever in a grave when there's still work to be done." She doesn't talk more about the fallen themself, it simply cuts a little too close to home with some memories. Instead she just reaches for her soda, keeping her movements slow so as not to agrivate her wounds.
Lilu Lilu slips in, rubbing at her cheeks in some desperate attempt to get the flush off of them. Her skin was speckled with dirt, and a sheen of sweat from the sun, and her day in the field. Reaching up, she brushes back her hat, allowing its cord to catch on her throat. Her wild hair is back in a tie, creating more of a poof than a proper tail. As if it were her sixth sense, the woman pauses before reaching the counter and turns to face Rose directly. She sniffs and glares, strider closer to the ranger, her hands now resting on her shapely hips. "What'd y'do now?" She mutters, her violet eyes looking to Sammy, at least giving him a smile before looking back to the blonde woman, her expression clearly disappoving in a maternal manner.
Sammy     "I swear they each handed me one of the pieces..." he murmurs, looking into the ejector pin coupling and using a small pick to check for any loose play, before starting to slide it all back together with a liquid fluidity, a pile of parts becomes a gun again, and is then slung over his shoulder, with the bulk of the weight being carried by the chair he's resting on, he starts packing up the cleaning kit. "'cause he didn't have this on him when I located him and ID'd him..." he murmurs, but seeing Lilu come in, and adress Rose so directly.
    "... probably the same thing that soldiers always do... try and save people and try to not get killed and somehow succeed, if only by the luck of the cards." he sits up a bit, and un-rests his still bandaged leg from the chair he had it propped up on. He's in about as bad a shape as Rose, though he's hiding it fairly well. Well, at least he's not leaking anymore. Give it a day and it'll be stitch-itchin under armor hell.
Rose      "I...exploded power armor on myself." Rose looks up, spotting the rather angry healer with a sheepish smile as she raises her hands. "Wasn't my Power Armor...and I didn't -mean- to do it." Important distinctions those. It's almost comical that Rose might almost look on the back foot, the skilled gunslinger pleading her case to the farmer. Sammy's words aren't exactly wrong, earning a little sidelong glance with a little nod from the woman and a look of amusement. "But that was a week ago, and I haven't been shot, or bit, or otherwise maimed since."
Lilu Lilu sighs, sucking at the back of her teeth, giving a soft 'tsk' noise before dragging up a chair of her own. "Don' move y'foot. Rest y'leg." She offers Sammy, her voice softer, kinder now. "I ain' pickin' on y'f'doin' y'jobs," she then explains, starting to look Rose over with a more careful eye. "I jus' wish y'all'd list'n t'y' heal'rs if dey tell y't' take it easy now n'den. Ain' helpin' n'body if y'dead." She warns, setting her bag down beside her chair as she scoots it forward. "C'm'on den, show me."
Rose      "I -had- planned on it," Rose comments lightly, laughing a little. "But a kid came in here, begging for help for these two girls and bleeding, then a water caravan got hit..." she trails off with a gesture of her gloved hand and a little chuckle before shaking her head. "Some things don't always go quite to plan Lilu, but don't think I'm not really grateful for all the help you've given by stitching folks back together."
Sammy     "I just have a case of adult onset tank bumper." he draws a line across his chest, "A little bit of Vertibird rash." he points the bulletholes one at a time across his armor, freshly patched but not painted...
    And he looks down at his leg, and adjusts the chair and props it back up, "And some ghoul decided to try eating my boot while I was still wearing it." he gives a shrug, and finishes cleaning the table of rifle cleaning goodies and tucks them away into his pocket before pulling out his Pip-boy 2000 and laying it flat, "I don't like light duty, I like being in the field, but enh, I get to be the desk jockey for a while till everything sets."
Lilu "I know dat. 'bout t'ing's happenin'." She explains, giving them both a look that's hard to place. Shrugging, she scoots forward a bit more. "Well, lemme see what I c'n do f'y'both." A slash of alcohol across her hands later, and she setting to work on whatever she can for rose. Pressing, feeling around, she takes mental notes before digging out whatever she may need from her magic medical bag. "Keep on talkin'. Didn' mean t'int'rupt y'none."
Sammy     Sammy nods, and he considers, "The Vertibird got away this time, but I got a good solid hit somewhere on it, I saw the sparks." he grumbles, "But I'm taking flack from some civilians about the choice to sweep and clear." he grumbles more to Rose. "I just didn't want to see that cocksplat with the minigun turn around and fire on -us- as we recovered the wounded. I watched that Paladin Grant bastard's team open up on the Lone Star caravan kid as they were evacuating." he shakes his head, "This time they took time to engage non-combatant medics like Sparrow, over active threats." he knife-hand gestures to the wall of text in the Pip-Boy 2000. He bites his lip a little and looks over to Lilu, "... and this is why I really don't like letting medical personell get anywhere _near_ the front lines in any engagement."
Rose      "Would be worthwhile to try and bring one of those things down without wrecking it. Imagine the supplies and aid we could run to people across the desert in no time if we could get one up and running..." she trails off as he talks over the firing on medics. "Some of those brotherhood types? They care more for their salvage than the lives it costs to claim it..." A shake of her head, she lets Lilu go about her work, already doing far more for the Ranger then she'd managed for herself all week in a few moments.
Lilu "Ain' arguin' dere. But, s'm 'f dem like being in de field, too. I c'n' fight, so I know m'just 'notha body t'look afta. Y'com'on back, n'I'll patch y'up." She offers, glancing Sammy's way. "Who givin' y'slack f'helpin' people? Dat's jus', well...s'stupid s'what it is." She grumbles, finishing up with the female ranger and giving her shoulder a soft pat to let her know she was done. Standing, she moves her chair, and bag, settling besides Sammy. "Y'need me t'look at 'nyt'ing?"
Sammy     "I know it," he grumbles, "... and you wonder what the hell they'd have in New Rome, that would make the Brotherhood try laying siege to it. And -where- is this Brotherhood branch based out of? They mouthed off about something coming from Mexico." he checks his notes more, and figures he'd better get his armor off again if someone's gonna offer to change his bandages.
    He looks to Lilu, and smirks, "Who gave me flack for it? ... A vault brat, couldn't have been 18, has a mutant dog, liberated Enclave armor, and a Sentrybot." he sets the armor down on the back of the chair and pulls out of his duster, setting things so they stack just-so, a precarious balance really. "I got some fresh bandages here." he takes the kit from the small of his back and sets it on the table in front of him. "But someone with steadier hands is probably a good idea when changing 'em."
Rose      "Alice?" Rose questions, after all that description is a little easy to identify with. "I wouldn't put too much stock in that one. Girl is a few rounds short of a magazine, and the first time I met her? She let her robot friend go wild and massacre an entire tavern of people when we were just trying to bring in two horse thieves. Laughed it off as the thing being 'sensitive', but it just opened off after I'd already talked them into surrender."

Plus, there was that ordeal with the Aliens, but the blonde wasn't so happy to go sharing that table for fear of being thought insane.
Lilu "Ah...yeah. Don'...yeah." Lilu mutters, giving her head a shake and sending a few stray curls swaying. Another wash, she takes the offered bandages and gets to work on Sammy's wounds, careful to pause and clean anything that's needed. "Y'doin' a good job wit dem. Jus' keep'm clean, like y'been doin'." She advises kindly enough, not taking too long with the minor patch work. "How's y'leg?" She asks, secondly, noticing that he was resting it on a chair prior. "S'mbody like dat, dough? Tryin' t'tell y'which killin's wrong n'goin' mad at n't'ing? Fuck'm."
Sammy     "You wonder if her parents read Carrol when naming her." he smirks ruefully. "But it's pretty interesting to see how fast people try defending her accusations. Oooh, so I'm a 'Murderer' now. Well, did you not notice the job definition of 'Sniper' is not shaking hands and kissing babies. It's 'Long Distance Service Provider'"
    He is a trooper, through and through. when the bandages come off, he barely flinches and he buttons back up his fatigues except for the top button, and leaves them out of his waist, smoothing them over and almost obscuring the gunbelt. To Lilu, "Nah, my Drill Sgt. told me to 'Never Stick It In The Crazy.' and I think he lived long enough to have some firsthand experience..."
Rose      "She's got her hands on a whole secret stash of guns, gear and things she happened to pick up in the field," Rose says with a shrug. "But having all the weapons in the world doesn't make you a soldier. I wouldn't choose to have her or that '9000' thing watching my back." Lilu's words earn a smile from the gunslinger, but Sammy's responce earns a roll of her eyes and a light punch in the arm. "Don't think she ment literally there 'Mr. 'Sword of God'."
Lilu "I didn'." Lilu confirms, still waiting to hear about the man's leg if she was going to tend to it. Resting back in her own seat, she balls up the used bandages, putting them away for some form of proper disposal. "I meant, don' give a'damn 'bout dem, or what dey sayin'." She clarifies, once more, just in case.
Sammy     "Sarge's advice has gotten me out of more situations than I care to recount." he rubs his arm at the jab, "... but mostly his awful sense of humor and how he'd make me do things the right way even if the easy wasy was faster." he gives a bit of a breath, feeling how the fresh bandages are holding, and turns this way and that. "I do hope though, that she never has to actually become a soldier. Because that'd mean something has pushed through this town to the point war makes it down into Vault Town." he gestures broadly, "And that means it'd probably stop here, and that's where I keep my stuff!" mock outrage.
Sparrow Sparrow steps into the saloon, stepping in she glances around and turns to take her stride towards a place to seat herself. Her expression is grim but at least she looks well rested and is moving much better than the last few days. She upnods to folks as she passes along waving down one of the serv-bots for a beer before she drops into a chair and takes off her helmet and drags a hand through her fluffy blonde head.
Rose      A shake of Rose's head, she raises her drink to her lips and then lets out a sigh. Truely, Lilu had the magical, medical touch. "Lilu," Rose says lightly. "There were a few farms up beyond town. Hit by raiders and drove off the farm folk, but there could be some crops up there worth your time. I'd be more then willin' to walk you up there and see what we can find. Bout time I start repaying you properly."
Lilu "T'anks, 'd like dat." She agrees with a smile, moving to stand away from Sammy now and set her seat back where she originally got it from. Looking Sparrow's way, she offers the new blonde a wave as well, noticing her movements, her brow quirking slightly. "Y'doin' ok, miss? I c'n have a look see if y'like?" The Creole offers kindly.
Sammy     "I'm startin to grow some carrots, and maybe some maize is next up on the patio balcony. I want horse treats for Sprocket." he muses and tilts his head to give Sparrow a welcoming wave as she wanders in. "You look like you got rested. They finally find a gap in the waves at the Clinic and let you out for fresh air?"
    It's a really nifty thing, as long as he can drag, crawl, or otherwise find himself back to town, the town seems to find people who can wrap him back up and get him movin again.
Sparrow Sparrow holds up a hand, "No. I'm good, Doc Iris got me, stilla little stiff around the edges but give me a few days and I'll be limber as ever." She assures the concerned Creole. "But thank ou kindly for askin'." She drawls in her local accent and rolls a shoulder out as she settles in and takes her beer. She's fairly clean, not having recently been on the road long so she's sans her usual four or so layers of dust. "Iris made Stockton take me home after she pulled the bullets outta me."
Rose      "There's a difference between survival craft," Rose comments lazily as she sits up properly now that her wounds are tended, and instead moves to close her eyes. She was more comfortable now then she'd been in about a week after all. "Survival craft, and all that proper farming thing." A pause again, she raises a hand to the greeting of Sparrow with a little chuckle and a nod. "Think of it this way Sparrow, getting shot will help you have sympathy for others who catch a round you have to care for."
Lilu Lilu nods, giving a soft shrug before going back to cleaning up all her used supplies. Sparrow's comment, or perhaps a name spoken during it, causes the woman's face to heat slightly, and a smile curl at her full lips. Clearing her throat, she resets her hat and stands, resting the strap of her side bag on across her chest. "M'get goin' back t'de base. Y'all need 'nyt'ing, jus' ask, 'lright? Take care y'self." She offers once more, buying a couple of bottles of alcohol before exiting the bar proper.
Sammy     "Survival craft, is finding what's livable to survive on. These are horse treats. I couldn't hope to grow enough on that balcony to feed myself, let alone 1600 pounds of hilariously gassy transport." he muses, "Good luck with the ranching." he waves as Lilu exits then glances back to Sparrow, "It comes down to it, really in the end you're always thinking 'Who rescues the rescuers.'"
    He points between himself and Rose, and then gestures back to Sparrow, "And who makes sure the healers get themselves healed up." he smirks, "Either way I'm glad you didn't end up more hurt than you could've been." he lets a sigh fade out.
Sparrow Sparrow chuckles, "Most of the time I'm gettin shot tryin' to keep thm from gettin' kilt but yeah, it's nice to have a little reminder once and a while." She tips up her beer. "I could help you get some things started. Best with Mutfruit and Tatos really but I can grow just about anything. Better with the farm than I am fixin' people up. As for ho rescues me, Seems to me that was you and Hanz." She takes a tightly rolled cigarillo from her pocket and pops it in her teeth to light it. "Oh yeah? Well me too. Gettin' run over looked about as fun as I imagined it was in the heartbeat before you pushed me out the way.
Sparrow Sparrow chuckles, "Most of the time I'm gettin shot tryin' to keep thm from gettin' kilt but yeah, it's nice to have a little reminder once and a while." She tips up her beer. "I could help you get some things started. Best with Mutfruit and Tatos really but I can grow just about anything. Better with the farm than I am fixin' people up. As for ho rescues me, Seems to me that was you and Hanz." She takes a tightly rolled cigarillo from her pocket and pops it in her teeth to light it. "Oh yeah? Well me too. Gettin' run over looked about as fun as I imagined it was in the heartbeat before you pushed me out the way."
Sammy     He nods and looks back, sits up a bit and smiles, breathes in, stretches, rolls his shoulders a little and sits backthe right leg resting on the chair there, he muses aloud, "He looked like he needed to lie down a lot more." he mused, recalling the Ninja in the Clinic, he frowns a bit, "I don't get it though. Every brotherhood fucknozzle out there, has got to have a Pip Boy or a targeting computer, they could see who had guns out, who didn't." he squints, "... and oh, hey, they shoot the medics anyway? Nope. Rules of engagement no longer apply."
Rose      Rose finally pushes to her feet, offering Sammy a pat on the shoulder and smile to Sparrow. Maybe she's just not a fan of smoking, but she's headed for the stairs back to her room. "Going to take the 'docs' advice and get a little shuteye. Look after yourself Sammy, Sparrow, the both of you." A tilt of her head and the blonde turns to ascend the steps, reaching back to finally begin the duty of securing all her hair that still hangs past her shoulders.
Sammy     "Have a good night Rose. I find if I set an alarm, I sleep better, if something wakes nd it's not the alarm, not a danger, I know, the tickin little clock is still ok." he grins, sheepishly, and starts to sort out the contents of his pockets while absentmindely typing in more things on the Pip-Boy
Sparrow Sparrow nods to Sammy. "I kept my guns out of my hands the whole time, was there under protest. But I couldn't let the folks who were going to face the Brotherhood on crutches go alone." She nods to Sammy and lifts a shoulder, "Well I don't even know what's goin' on with that. Abe, the guy I brought back? Kid's a Scribe for the Brotherhood. I don't ven know who's callin themselves Knights anymore. Seems like everyone." She turns her gaze to Rose. "You take care too, Rose. We're stillin workin on plans, I'll keep ya updated about if we're going to head into Vault 30 any time soon." She glances towards Sammy and tips up her beer. "That work for you pretty well?"
Sammy     "I had to re-arrange pockets to make it all fit in my kit without rattling." he has tricks up his sleeves, almost literally. The pip-boy in the duster, the belt for the revolver at the hip, coincidentally made everything all line up in a timely manner. "...but hey, desk duty while I heal not so bad." he pulls the chair he was resting his leg on out, and gestures to Sparrow to join him at the table.
Sparrow Sparrow stands up and moves over, plucking the bottle of beer up between her fingers as she strides over and drops across from Sammy and grins, chewing on the end of her cigar for a moment. "Desk duty does have it's perks. Myself don't get a lot of ays where desk Duty is an option. So about that note you left, an IOU, for what. You know you're the one that saved my life, right?"
Sammy Sammy grins lopsidedly, and squares his knees up to face Sparrow, scooting his chair a little closer, he fishes in his pockets, and starts unloading things, carefully, at the bottom of his left cargo pocket he retrieves something black and almost egg shaped, if a little squished-looking, and from his right duster pocket he pulls a cleanish looking handkerchief. He pulls the remnant of his glass of water over to the edge of the table and powers off the pipboy, "A favor for a favor, You've patched me up and kept workin though you needed it as much if not more than the rest of us. And keepin medics alive is a soldier's duty. So think nothin of it. But I watched you work yourself to the bare metal the last day gettin everybody healed up. So I'm gonna teach you a little trick. Lemme see your boots."
Stockton Stockton shoulders his way into the Saloon only kind of limping today. Seems the more he gets healed, the more he gets hurt. Today it was Feral Ghouls that got him rather than the Legion which he managed without a scratch. Grumbling around his cigar, he's got his Stetson on instead of his helmet which means Brandywine is probably right outside. Stopping to get a beer from Mr. Handy, he spies a familiar blonde and a Ranger fellow he knows well. INviting himself to their table, the big man drops down in a chair out of the way but there, "Evenin. Sammy, more Legion runnin' around in the hills, fair warnin'. Sparrow? Could use yer help when yer not relaxin'." Yanno, as Sammy talks about the healer refusing to sit down when there's healing needed.
Sparrow Sparrow is settled back against the chair, sipping her beer and watching Sammy empty out his pockets with bright blue eyed curiosity. She tosses back another bit of her drink and looks to the door as heavy bootfalls mark someone's entrance. She looks towards Stockton giving him a once over before nodding then grinning a bit at Sammy making all her premature wrinkles appear in spades. "Oh yeah? Well I thought that was my job. Heal folk who take the bullets for the good folk of El Dorado. She shifts and pulls her bespurred boots off and wiggles her poor feet. She doesn't wear socks, no, she wers bandages, at the heels, arch of her foot and a bit around the balls. To give support and keep the leather of her boots from rubbing when she rides. "How bad are ya, Stock? Or do I need to head back into the Clinic?"
Sammy     Sammy raises an eyebrow at Stockton's statement, and looks to the Pipboy2000 sitting next to him on the table, a poke and a prod, and a re-creation of the map he's been drawing is brought up, "We'll need to figure out where they're coming from, kinda like burning down an anthill with dynamite... You gotta make sure you get all of 'em." he looks to Sparrow, and her boots, and then takes a small phial with a blue liquid in it, and upends it into the water, the aromatic revealing itself to be lavender oil, as he puts the rag into the glass of water to let it soak up.
    He reaches down and with the deftness of someone who's used to for example, grabbing a horse's foot and bringing it up quickly so they don't get kicked, got Sparrow's ankle by one hand, and peeling off the bandages of her foot with the other, before attacking the foot with the washcloth aiming for anything s'embling dirt and grime first, but then slowing down to carefully work between toes with the rag, the bandages are let fall to the floor. They'll become autoclave bait later no doubt.
Stockton Stockton is alright and whole for the most part, he's bleeding in a few new places where he done got bit and clawed by irradiated bastards. A nod though, "That is yer job, but we're still allowed to be grateful when yah patch us up," he sides with Sammy rather quickly. The sudden snatch of Sparrow's foot has the former Merc snatching his hand cannon out of its holster and it makes a brief appearance before he sheepishly coughs and goes to put it back. Clearly Sammy isn't meaning any harm, but the big guy's touchy about folk makin' sudden moves around Sparrow. "They came from the west this time, same direction as New Rome, but they weren't New Rome either. Crucified a family out in the hills, I took 'em down, need to go back with a shovel in the mornin." He looks at Sparrow, "Ya mind a detour in tomorrow's rounds?" he asks his "boss".
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head and mutters, "MY vote's on Vault thirty is in Rosewell, and tha's where you're gonna find the queen of that there anthill. But it's a guess as are most things these days." She lifts a shoulder. "And then there's aquairing the explosives." She watches as Sammy upends the liquid into the water. She eyes the water curiously without a hint as to what's going on. She's lived a hard life; luxuries for her are bandages for her feet and a medkit.

When Sammy grabs her foot however the weathered young cowgirl falls in her seat, she wasn't expecting it, sliding a ways before staring at Sammy with wide eyes. At first she's wary, then confused, then when it dawns on her he's washing her feet she blushes a bit and sinks down in her seat some. But she doesn't ask him to stop, sparrow would have lovely feet if she hadn't been a child growing up in a desert with little to no care for the nails, cuts, glass, broken toes, arches and otherwise of someone who works with animals and in the fields. Well used feet are what Sparrow has.

She glances at Stockton and waves her old friend down and tries very hard not to look like she's enjoying herself. "Yeah sure, rounds, whatever we need ta do. You should check on Ashur too while we're out that way. No doubt they're sniffin' around new Rome."
Sammy     He's used to the quick and the dead, Sammy is, and he usually relies a lot on a well timed grin to get him out of many situations. With one hand h holds Sparrow's washed foot, letting tghe cltoh hang on the edge of the table a moment. He picks up the black thing. It's squishy, and he squeezes it just--so , turns out it's a wad of cloth. Black cloth. Black fine cloth. With a s queeze he turns the roll inside out, and a flick of the wrist it unravels into a thin pair of socks.
    Okay so they're not matched, one's dark brown, one's black, but they have a sheen to them. He bunches up the one, and resting Sparrow's heel on his knee, he applies the sock, sliding it up, it doesn't go up much past her ankle.and he smooths it all out. "These are under-socks, they go under your other ...." he looks down at the bandages... "yeah. The trick is, after your first twelve miles of marching, you take ten minutes, drink half a canteen of water, change your socks and use a little water and your old socks to wash your feet then put on new socks and soldier on." he lets her foot go, and gestures, for the other oen, holding his hand for it.
    He looks over to Stockton, "You ever hear of Poseidon? An old pre-war company, kinda like Robco and Rocketdyne. Legend ... and now evidence points that they had somethin to the South that is worth investigating... That's where the Steel Raiderhood fuckwombles are bellayching about being pushed out of."
Stockton Stockton tilts his head at Sparrow and squints, "Y'think there's a damn vault hiding underneath Roswell? Would explain the profusion of strangeness and Feral Ghouls maybe. There's more to be explored and scavenged outta there before we go in with guns blazing to clear the underside out. Maybe we'll find a vault door?" he offers with a smirk. Knowing full well she'd just be there to be the medic. The wary confusion she has for Sammy's little stunt is shared, but seeing as the feller ain't causing her to wail in any meaninful fashion, the man settles down again. Letting it happen.

Her blissful state of not paying attention just gets him to shake his head at the woman before she's being socked. Better than getting de-socked he supposes, having seen it. A little shudder hits him and he grunts in acknowledgement of the soldier's words, "S'what we did trackin' when a bounty went astray," he confirms.

"Poseidon rings a bell. Brotherhood twatwaffles're steppin' up their game and the remnants of Ceasar's dogs're still sniffin' around for blood and pussy." He sneers a little at that, "Speakin' of which, there's a fuckin' nother one runnin' around. Alex-somethin-somethin don' make me remember that shit. He ain't as friendly or flexible as Ashur." Which is saying very little.
Sparrow Sparrow's legs are nearly entirely muscle, she'd look good in nice pants or heels if ever; but that's not the rangey little cowgirls way. So the little luxuries people are willing to spoil her with she'll accept even if she's half slunk down with hooded eyes and trying not to get too many persons attentions. But the socks make her perk and she blinks. "Socks?" She asks in surprise. Then he looks at the bandages and back towards the Ranger with a twitch of a smile. "Socks aren't a common thing among regular folk. Too expensive. Easier to use the cloth for somethin' else. Let alone under socks which, I .. thanks." It's really heartfelt. No one's given her socks before except maybe her parents before they passed. When he mentions Posiden she looks towards Stock and nods at him. They've heard of it it seems.

"There are a few, Decius, also runnin' around. Haven't met Alex-something-done."
Sammy     The left foot held, the right foot now gathered, washed, be-socked, he grins, and looks at the boots, "I think you could probably use a bit more oil in your boots too, keep the leather more supple." he sticks his out, roll it, not a squeak, "But yeah, it's not so much the finding socks, it's keeping the good ones in rotation. These are too small for me to wear, so I held onto 'em. Wash 'em, darn 'em, and don't let someone filch 'em off your clothesline." he muses, "If we can get trade going back up to some of the parts of the Mojave, I know they can spin bighorner wool into thread pretty tightly knit." he looks at the little map, "And there's weavers still know the old ways of making sheer fabric." he gives the sign-off on Sparrow's feet being be-socked and grins, "The trick is getting things lined up so people can like I have said before and will say again, leve boring little lives."
Stockton Stockton snorts a bit at the position the cowgirl finds herself in. "Decius, Ashur, Achilles, an' now this feller. Speakin' of Ashur. He done moved out to New Rome as of this evenin'. Said he had a few more things to wrap up in El Dorado and then he was goin to set up shop. I'm assumin' that means he's draggin' Kumo, Celeste and th' other one," he can't keep track of the ex-Legionairre's harem. Instead he just waves in a gesture of 'yanno, the other one'. There's a grin for Sammy and he nods, "Ma' knows a few darners left, her kin used tah knit underthings fer folk. Though they may be in California still," he shrugs and takes a long drink off his beer. "Gettin' everyone comfy is difficult. D'ya know the Vaulties got some shit called health insurance? Git fixed up without havin' to drop trou fer a hooker, er beg a medic?"
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Well it's Oil for the gun and saddle or Oil for the boots. So gun it is, more important for keepin ghouls and Raiders off my people. When I get more caps and we're not being taxed into oblivion, I might buy me some oils." She flexes her toes and sighs, "I mean I mighta picked a quieter place to do this so I could just pass out, thank you again the gesture is very sweet and A very interesting memory." Her boots are rough, ancient, but they're as carefully tened and mended as they can be given her lifestyle. "Yeah good luck getting things imported without a massive tax on anything. Sounds like it'd be amazing but we'd pay for it through the nose." She holds her fet up, wiggles her toes in the fabric and then leans back, though she does bend to snag her bandages up and drop them in her boots for when she decides to put them on.

She nods at Stockton, "Probably." She agrees, "But they're goin' willingly so more power to'm." She shakes her head, though it doesn't seem to be about Ashur."
Sammy     Sammy raises an eyebrow at the moving out of town, "I see." he does, actually, notice that Ashur's got quite the harem to follow him around, but then again, sometimes that's what a guy needs. "As long as they keep him patched up, and he keeps being a decent person, I'll continue to not shoot at him on the battlefield. Though it was very useful to have him available for the incidents that spwirl around this area." with two new expansions his thoguhts on resources getting spread thin is only redoubled by the scarcity of such 'luxury' items as ... the socks required to keep you from walking your goddamned feet off? Yeah. It's the little things that annoy him here and there. On the other hand he's been making and using geko grease on his boots since before he drifted in, so yay improvisation. "Enh, we'll see what the post has. I always order replacements, I swear half my alottment check is ammo, food, and practically expendable cwear items like clothes. I'm up to three sets of fatigues now. So I can have one to sit and sew up the holes, one I'm wearin, and one washed and dryin."
Stockton Stockton just nods at Sammy's comment about he harem and chuffs as he finishes off his beer. A little flinch here and there. He's alrady got a shopping list of things to gather, it may take a while already. "Maybe HQ's hopin yer recruitin' and expandin?" he asks like he isn't still trying to figure out what the Ranger is doing there.