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Vault Girl There were rumors that some of Lanius' men were camping out in New Mexico still even after the defeat of the Legion Encampment to the North, near Utah and the group of you had come out here to investigate those rumors.

Your first sign of trouble had been a burnt farmhouse with the family crucified outside; the blood still fresh.

Not faraway behind a copse of deformed irradiated trees you could hear laughter; as fortune would have it, you had found the Legionnaires and they had no clue of your presence.
Ren Ren ren is seething with anger at this looking twords the laughter "im going to fucking kill those monsters" he growls before cocking his rifle looking over to alex "what say you you going to help"
Alexianus Alexianus rubs his chin, in contemplation. "This is clearly the work of Lanius' men, they are truly inefficient and sadistic- sure."
Vuk Vuk was nominally healthy enough to sneak out of the clinic when Iris wasn't watching him like a Hawk, so when rumors of fortune to be made roll around, you can be damn sure he's involved. Lugging around his Minigun he appropriated from some vile Brotherhood of Steel monsters, and his hold out pistol shoved in a pocket.
Stockton Stockton stalks up to the first of the crucified and growls sharply before going to the task of using his combat knife to cut them down, prying out nails if he has to. "Don' no one deserve ta be left like tha' alive 'er dead," he doesn't give two flying fucks if anyone helps him. The big former merc can handle the task of cutting down bodies on his own. He'll either catch up or they'll wait.
Saeko      Saeko wasn't a lawman (or woman), she was a professional killer from a family of the same. But she'd been taught the difference between killing and murder, between battle and slaughter for the sake of slaughter. She'd stuck to the 'right' side of those lines for most of her life, but these men? They clearly didn't hold the same regard. Crucifiction was...well, Saeko didn't approve.

The asian woman, cloaked in her usual equipment and with her blade sheathed, crept through the shadows like a ghost, her bow resting in her left hand while she peered out over the the legionaires. Others had come, clearly in their anger intending to wreck vengence. Saeko? The 'Kunoichi' had a face of pure calm while she strode past the others with little more than a nod, intending to disappear and sneak closer.
Decius "Of course they are. I mean, we are talking about Lanius's men. They are in quite a league of their own, so I hope nobody minds helping me crucify them for a change later." Decius happens to have heard about the fact that some Legionnaires require to be put down permanently, which is of course something he was sure to join. That said, he first is going to help Stockton remove the crucidied corpses since the Legionnaires are unlikely to just disappear.
Stockton Stockton gives Decius a nod of appreciation. He doesn't go so far as to make a grave, but he'll put the bodies on the ground in a line, whatever scraps of linen around to cover them up. "We'll come back, bury'em proper. Fer now, we got some rabid dogs tah put down." The big guy goes to his horse and collects his helmet, putting it on and leaving his stetson with the horse. Brandywine will stay here, away from the fighting.
Alexianus Alexianus Alexianus nods in agreement, moving over to aid Stockton as well, cutting bindings and pulling out nails as he may. "These men are mere dogs, a corruption of a vision, they deserve no better than the chaos they wreak." He billows his cloak out and frees his spear as he works, keeping on edge and looking about constantly.
Ren Ren walks over and starts digging graves for the family whilst singing swing low sweet chariot softly so the legionares dont here him "rest easy no one can hurt you any more"
Vault Girl "Dogs? To put down, by Mars, I think I'm looking at the dogs." A large Legionnaire said as he stepped out from behind the irradiated trees with a half dozen men and began approaching the group who had made no efforts of stealth as a whole. To Decius he said, "It is a good day to die Traitor, I have a cross freshly planted with your name upon it. Shit, that is your name."
Vuk Vuk just grins when some one mentions dying and kneels down, the minigun beginning to spool up. "Lets dance!" He shouts, clearly, he intends to just rip things apart with that massive gun.
Alexianus Alexianus Snarls at the newly arrived Legionaries, uttering, "Prepare to die, scum; you corrupt the very vision that brought us together!"
Saeko      Saeko? She says nothing. The others were a distraction, so loud in action and word. Perhaps she'd find herself a few moments of remaining an unseen sword while she unsheathes her weapon, cloaked figure moving without a sound towards the Legionaires. She'd have to hope her attempts at stealth hadn't been ruined by the presence of the others...or she'd have to just suck it up and be ready for a fight!
Vault Girl One Legionnaire charges Stockton and misses the man while the leader charges Decius but unfortunately for him, also misses a connecting blow. The soldier with the shotgun steps forward and fires, hitting Decius in the HEAD! Luckily Decius has a helmet!
Vault Girl The Riflemen takes aim at Decius and FIRES! Yet Decius as usual is on some kind of acid or something and just takes no damage as the fatal hit is little more than a scratch against Pretty Soldier Legionnaire Decius.
Vault Girl The Shotgun Prime takes aim at Saeko and fires off a shot at the woman catching her right in the torso!
Stockton Stockton was just about to finish saying some final peace to the family when he heard the sounds of Legionairres. A growl sounds at the insult and he is on his feet just in time to avoid a charging Roman. With practiced ease he reaches behind him to the holster and spins around to crack off two shots from his revolver. Keeping that motion going in the practice of gun-kata, he's pulling the Desert Eagle in almost the same breath, letting it bark off twice. The twin rounds smashing into the sword wielder, "Don' bring swords to a gunfight, idjit!" He is already moving again, making sure to not get stuck by something else.
Vault Girl The man with the spear charges Decius but unfortunately he seems to miss his attack entirely as Decius steps aside like a matador. Toro! Toro!
Alexianus Alexianus charges the other spear-legion, his own spear in his right hand. With surprising speed he delivers two thrusts, glancing the first off of the legion's breastplate and the second gashing him across the abdomen
Vuk Vuk opens up with the minigun; casings go flying out as he tears into his target with a grin. "Fuck Caesar with a bent Super Mutant's Dick!" He barks out over the torrent of automatic weapon fire, quickly turning the man he was firing into..well, some thing? Probably about how Vuk was after he tried to stand up to the Enclave! Karma babay!
Decius "I think I'll put you on a cross instead. I mean, so far you haven't been doing a particularly good job at killing me." Bragging is allways amusing when you can get away with, especially if its followed by a few swings with a particularly destructive Super Sledge that was previously taken from the cold, dead hands of Decanus. Now its just a matter of not having to regret the bragging anytime soon since he MIGHT not be able to repeat his flawless defense again.
Ren Ren opening fire with his rifle he sends a hail of bullets tearing the shotgun legoinare to pieces
Vault Girl The Elite Legionnaire strikes Decius deep with the Chinese Officer's Sword he is wielding and retorts, "You won't be so smug when you're on a cross, you little bitch."
Vault Girl The spearmen Alexianus is fighting stabs him right in the chest but it doesn't really do much due to Alex's sword!
Vuk Vuk was about to track the minigun over to the man with a shotgun, but the Minigun begins to click as it refuses to rotate and he begins cursing at it, moving to begin fetching out a piece of brass. "Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!" he can be heard shouting.
Saeko      Saeko was a blur with her blade, she was skilled and she was practiced...she was also outnumbered and indeed seemed to have brought a blade to a gunfight. The shotgun blast had hit the thickest of her armor, but the Kunoichi's gear wasn't exactly armor plated. Only her helmet was really solid enough to deflect buckshot fully. It hurt, but not enough to stop her as she lashed out, trying to wound and strike down the axeman who'd managed to avoid her first strike at the last minute.

The man however, seems light on his feet, avoiding her two-handed sweep and the follow kick with ease.
Vault Girl The axeman likewise fails to score any hits on Saeko as they engage in a deadly dance, "Perhaps I'll take you back to my tent before I nail you to a cross degenerate."
Decius Its a good thing that Decius has ensured that he owns particularly good armor as the new sword related wounds could've ended up being far more debiliating than they are now. As it stands he is simply bleeding a lot and trying his best to ignore the pain while being as smug as ever. "You won't be so smug yourself when I break your ribs and leave you to be dried by the hot winds of the wasteland!" A man, a word, a sledge meeting a Legionnaires ribcage and the Elite goes down like the scum he is although Decius holds back enough that is likely still alive enough to be put on a cross somewhere.
Ren Ren pops in a fresh clip before a hail of bullets erupt from his gun shredding the head of the other shotgun user
Alexianus Alexianus furiously stabs at the opposing spearman, the two locked in heated combat, each and every one of his thrusts jamming uselessly against the breastplate of the opposing legionary; to any onlookers, this is perhaps the most powerful display of legion ineptitude they have ever seen
Vault Girl The Axeman hits Saeko with a pair of light attacks in the torso, bruising her boobs in the process apparently.
Vault Girl The Spear Fighter taunts Alexianus, "Is that the best you got traitor? I bet you sucked someones cock for that helmet. How did it taste?"
Saeko      The legionaire's taunts don't hurt Saeko, not nearly as much as those damn axe blows to her chest armor do anyway. Hissing a little, the 'Ninja' surges forwards, slicing her blade over the man's torso and then flashing it upwards in a swift twist of her wrist. It might not be the most brutal of hits, but damn if it didn't make Saeko feel a little better."
Alexianus Alexianus lashes out, infuriated by the comments of the legionary; with lightning speed he sends a single blow straight for the gut of the spearman, piercing straight through him. "You would know what cock tastes like, Lanius' dog" He whispers into his ear before pulling his spear free with a flourish of his cloak
Vuk Vuk has finally cleared that Minigun's motor unit by the time the Legion members drop..he almost seems upset, he hasn't -shot- any one beyond one man. "Damn...well. Guess that armor ain't worth trying to fit on." he comments..Vuk -really- does want to acquire different armor as it know. Since he took a minigun burst a few days back and his armor was less then useful.
Stockton Stockton watches for a long moment to make sure that there aren't more. A second wave or anything. The foul comments were ignored and the gunslinger quietly holsters his guns after reloading them both. Turning back to the task of figuring out proper graves for the family he leaves the Romans to do what they're going to do to their fellow Romans.
Saeko Saeko is bruised, bloodied and slightly shotgunned, but the woman is still standing as she exhales and steps over the fallen axeman, lifting her sword and then piercing it down into the back of the man's neck. He was probably dead, but now she was certain. There was nothing on that calm face to suggest anger, but...well sometimes one must read between the lines. "Are the rest of you okay?" she finally speaks, at least proving she isn't mute as she wipes her sword off on her victim's clothing and then sheathes the blade.
Decius With the last Legionnaire dead and one unconcious Decius casually starts to drag the one in question towards the freshly emptied crosses to put him on there. "According to various local laws, common decency and common sense I judge to be executed. Although to tolerate your personal beliefs I will instead crucify you and hope you wake up before you expire. Now lets all just imagine me saying something elaborate in latin and... Yada, yada. Someone mind helping me?" After all, he is a man of his word. He said he would crucify him, so he IS going to do that now.
Alexianus Alexianus nods to Decius, and begins preparing the various wooden stakes for crucixus
Ren Ren wals around checking if everyone is ok after the fight seeing that saeko is hurt the worst he offers "ma'am do you need help to the clinic" as he waits for a andwer he looks over to alex "good job over there freind"
Alexianus Alexianus nods in return, stating "Likewise." He wipes the blood free of his spear on the cloaks of one of the fallen legion, and begins gathering up the bodies and finishes freeing the farmers' bodies from their crucifixes. Upon completion, he addresses the others remaining, "Excellent fighting, it is not every day you find men as capable as yourselves." Turning to Decius, he adds, "Though I expect as much from others, these men are a stain on the force that we once were. Lanius is going to drive the legion into the dust."
Vuk Vuk will look at at Saeko..she is worried about others. "We should get any one injured to Iris' clinic. It is a safe place..and she'll likely lecture all of us and threaten to have some one sit on you if you try to leave until she is sure you'll be alright." First hand experience!
Saeko "I can walk," Saeko answers, nodding her head before raising a hand. "I will make it...but thank you all for your assistance. That did...not go nearly as smoothly as I had hoped. Without aid I would likely be dead or worse." Frowning, she bends down to pick up the sword of the fallen 'Prime', giving its light length a few experimental slashes and a light twirling motion of her entire body before coming into a swing. Clearly satisfied with the weapon, she grips it with the blade down and turns to face towards El Dorado. "Best to start walking, it is a long path back to the city."
Stockton Stockton gives a shrill whistle and Brandywine trots out from the bushes. Giving Saeko a look he mutters, "Can yah ride?" The rest are given a nod, another fight down. Another moment to enjoy living still. He's got a cigarillo and he's pulling his helmet off, swapping it out for the Stetson on the mare's saddle. Striking a match, he puffs on his cigar and chews on it in the corner of his mouth. "Brandy'll get yah there faster, I can catch up."
Alexianus Alexianus nods to Stockton, Ren and Vuk, fires off a salute then walks off towards the city. "I will wish to talk with you later" he mentions to Decius on his way out, marching with confident strides. He gives his spear a twirl before reconcealing it, growing more and more distant until he is no longer clearly in view
Saeko Saeko waves her hand at Stockton's offer, but there is a smile to her lips. "I appreciate it, but I can walk softer and go unnoticed on my journey back without the sound of hooves. I will see you back at the town soon enough." With that, she starts to walk, noding at the others. Alexianus's comment about capable men and seeming to not have noticed her presence at all? Well, that's the Legion for you. She merely shakes her head before fading into the desert.
Stockton Stockton just shakes his head and mounts up in that case, riding off in the darkness without another care.
Decius With the Legionnaire properly crucified, although a good bit less messily than some of the worst members of the Legion would do, Decius begins the long walk back to town.