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Lilu There were a few places someone could visit for their troubles in the town of El Dorado. There was the Saloon, where Kitty's girls would give you a nice look over and a side of sloppy...stitches. There was Shantytown, where a small gathering of medics gathered under one roof, and then there was the Militia HQ, who's on duty medic was a dark skinned woman with wild hair and an odd accent. The two prior would cost a few caps, depending on what treatments they provided. Here? She dealt in trade.

Sitting in her bay, she drums lightly against her desk, her lavender eyes focusing downward on a book before her. She pauses now and then, re-reading a line or two before carefully turning the page. Her hair is up and back, as best as it can be, forming a puff-ball of a tail. Her attire was simple; Militia leathers of a softer fabric, with patches of white and a red cross on her arm. The space around her is more so silent and calm, but now and then, the voices of soldiers training echo across the makeshift base.
Milton Milton is a wanderer, making his way through the wastes. Milton had come by the Militia Headquaters by way of one of the Lonestar caravans, hopping off the front seat and tipping his hat to the driver who nods in return. And off Milton gos towards the clinic with an old bandage on his cheek and a slightly pale complexion. But otherwise Milton's mooney eyes take in the clinic as he steps inside. Up to the corners, the roof, the walls as he whistles to himself guilessly.

"Well yes, this'll do quite nicely." He opines to himself in a hint of a muted Boston Brahmin, learned second hand from a teacher perhaps. "Wonderful, Excuse me Miss. I do hate to be a bother but the Doctor wouldn't happen to be in..?"
Lilu Lilu looks up from her book, hearing that whistle bounce against the rather blank walls of the room. She at least smile at the compliment, even if it was less than homey. She was new, after all. Closing her book, she stands from her chair, towering at 5'11", her expression soft, kind, welcoming. "Y'ain' a botha." She assures him, her own accent rooted much, much further south. "M'de heala here. C'm'on n'have a sit down." She offers, ushering for him to have a seat on one of the basic bunks. "'sides de face, y'wan' tell me what happened?" She questions, rolling up her sleaves and dipping her hands in water, before washing them with a somewhat powerful smelling alcohol. "M'Lilu, by de way."
Milton Milton looks up, "My goodness, Madame, you cut an impressive image." He takes off his hat and tips his dapper head. "What unique diction, tell me, Madame, where do you hail from." He offers a pale hand, "I am Milton Theodore Knox and it is a pleasure to meet you." He says as he blithely strolls towards the bunk and seats himself on it, spindly limbs drawing together and resting his bowler on his knees.

"Well, I am afraid Madame.." He leans in with a boyish smile and a somewhat sheepish expression, "I attract adventure. My first night in El Dorado I encountered a very odd child. He was hungry and thirsty so I fed and watered the poor lad, and offered him use of my facilities such as they were at the time being on the road. But the Urchin was not satisfied he told me I was cursed and that his God was going to have my soul. A Mad things rantings I'm afraid. Though I admit it set my imagination aflame for I have had some nightmares since. I've had this burning nasty cut since. I have also run into Raiders, Ghouls, the NCR Patrol saved me from a group of Bandits who had been tailing me since I'd left Acme. Oh, and there were the Raiders just the other day. I have a few wounds, Madame, and the lovely company at the Gold Digger have given me such succor but nothing to be done for this cheek of mine. I was pondering if you would be so kind. Could you ensure it does not damage...."
    "My face? First Impressions are so important.."
Lilu Lilu blinks at first, canting her head to the side before offering a chuckle. To his hand, she offers out her own, her touch gentle, but there's a tell-tale roughness about them. She's a worker, and probably something labor intensive. "Nice t'meet y', Mista Knox." After he's seated, she returns to her basin and bottle, giving her hands yet another wash before heading over, sitting on a stool before him, her bag of tricks along for the ride.

"Hmm? Oh, daddy n'mama said we came fr'm way down south a'ways. Creole, I t'ink dey called it. Me? M'fr'm 'round. Don' 'memba much, dough, t'be honest." She shrugs, reaching up to feel at his pale face, checking to see if there was any hint of fever, or clamy texture. "Sounds like y'right in de t'ick of it, Mista Knox. Glad y'got people lookin' out f'ya. Don' t'ink dat'd be part of de curse. Mo' like a blessin' dat y'steal breathin'." She parts her lips, hoping he would mime her, and should he, a flat, clean depressor settles on his tongue to keep it down and out of the way. A look at his eyes, she nods to herself and reaches up to remove the bandage on his face, being careful not to pull too much at his skin there, or around it.
Milton Milton is a milk fed boy, despite his roots. He's really quite soft for a man in the Wasteland but somehow he seems decidedly chipper about just about everything. "Indeed, thank you, Doctor." He keeps his hands lose on his knees, one lightly holding the brim of his hat. He lifts a hand up to remove the wire-rimmed spectacles from his face so that Lilu can better access his cheek.

"Creole you say, fascinating, simply fascinating. I do love the lingual arts, there's something about your nicely rounded diphthongs."

"Oh, a lovely sentiment Madame and I agree. There's far too much in this world to appreciate to just lay back and let superstition take me." He opens his mouth, straight whiter than the norm teeth, healthy enough if a tiny touch feverish. "Ahhhh." He adds helpfully once the depressor is on his tongue. He also appears to be nearsighted without his glasses.

The bandages are old and already peeling, some parts adhere strongly to the skin and he winces away with a little hiss of breath and a wobble of his mustache for effect. The wound was likely poisoned lightly and a little infected but it's been well tended. it just definitely needs a Doctors touch.
Lilu Lilu frowns gently, though his words cause her to offer a soft smile now and then. At least she's listening. Another press of her palm to his brow and cheek, the woman leans forward and smells of the wound, giving a gentle 'tsk' before she stands and moves to an open faced cabinet with a few bottles lined up on different shelves. Looking at one, and the another, she returns to the bedside and gives herself another splash of alcohol. Soaking a rag with the same stuff, she places it gently on his cheek, giving a firm enough rub to clean away any tape residue and dried gunk. "M'gonna have t'drain dis a lil. Get de gunk out, den clean it proper n'patch y'back up. Don' t'ink it need stitches, dough, so y'won' get a scar." She smiles, at least promising to save that face of his.

Pulling out a sharp blade, she coats it in the same disinfectant and glances his way for a moment. "Hol' still now. Won' take long." And indeed, it didn't. A gentle press, a hole made, she cups fabric under the wound before pressing down from its more sollen half. Forcing out any solid infection, she ceases when only blood and oil remain. Back to the alcohol and fresh fabric, she cleans the area and then brushes over a vibrant green salve. "Dat'd numb it. Help wit de bacteria, too." She explains, giving her fingers a new wash before setting up a fresh dressing for him. "Y'keep dat clean, Mista Knox, or y'might lose more den jus' y'looks."
Milton Lifts his brows at the frown but asks nothing of it simply following the Doctor's expression and words with almost naive attention. He watches her go to the cabinet with open curiosity but verbalizes nothing. The hand on his cheek makes him wince though his bottom lip wobbles a little. "I say, Madame, would you mind if I just gave you a few extra caps fo a little numbing. I hear that they can do wonders with antisceptic these.." And then she's touching it and he wails. It's a very warbly sound and he practically recoils in horror.

"I.. must protest. You see.." He blubbers a little. Milton is not a strong man. He's a banker. Eventually, it goes into shock and he just ends up trembling and snuffling like a kicked puppy whilst Lilu works her magic. The alcohol gets a hiss and a heave of his chest but after a second he exhales, "Your bedside manner is a dream, Madame. This Militia is surely lucky to have you. Clean. Understood, Doctor, understood."
Lilu "Don' eva be 'fraid 'f stuff like dis. S'gotta happen s'mtimes. Y'get de good ones, dey make it quick 's possible. Lil pain now s'betta den dead lat'r." She offers to Milton, the covering done, and the bottle of numbing anticeptic set in his palm. "I ain' chargin' y'f'dat." She explains, pointing to his face. "Or dat. M'gonna give y's'm herbs f'de fever. S'small, should break easy, jus' make sure y'restin' n'gettin' food n'wat'r in y'." She advises, sitting back slightly. "Go on n'show me de otha wounds y'got." She motions, not moving to undress him herself.
Milton Milton heaves a few more big breaths. "Oh, mot certainly Madame. Your advice is heard and heeded, I assure you." Milton lifts his hat and tips it to her taking the antiseptic. "Not chargin' me, well Madame that seems a little unusual and I must insist on you receiving recompense for all you've one for me. I just wouldn't feel quite right." His hat had gone on his head so that he could set the jacket aside. He strokes his beard and mustaches to ensure their placement before unbuttoning his shirt. "Thankfully most of it's in the chest. My legs keep movin', I really must consider seeking out some different clothing. I had thought for certain this outfit," A nice if battered, torn and often patched and resewn Frontier Clothes. "Would blend right in. "You needn't worry about my nourishment Doctor, I take quite good care of myself. Can't work properly without taking care of the old vessel now can I?"
Lilu "I help 'cause it's needed. Don' turn people 'way. Ain' right." She explains, looking at the other marks he might have on his body to show her. These get a soft press of her fingers around their edges, said fingers clean before going near him. She waits to see how they feel, how sensative he is to the sensations. After the once over, and she's satisfied, she cleans those wounds and covers them up as well. The worst was over.

"Don' work 'n money, dough, I like trade." She explains, taking away all the used fabric from his cleaning and tossing it into a bin to be disposed of properly at a later time. To the basin again, she cleans up and pads her hands dry, turning to face Milton once more. "Y'get s'm extra first aid m'terials, dey be nice. Or, if y'find s'm t'ings f'de farm, tools, seeds n' such, I 'ccept dat, too." She smiles gently, setting her towel aside and resting her arms under her chest in a casual crossing. "Dat okay wit y'?"
Milton Milton is bruised, scratched bitten and battered and the presses into hurts make the thin man wheeze a little and recoil. Nothing infected or bad like the wound on his cheek but certainly something. The man has had a very unfourtunate string of luck lately and he is extrmely lucky to have survived.

"Trade. Oh, well, Miss I'm afraid I have nothing to trade but caps. I'm a banker you see. I don't tend to get a whole lovely array of oddities from across the land." He takes his glasses off to compulsivly clean them. Then slips his shirt back on again. "While I would normally love to invest the coin of the realm I am finding myself embaressingly indigent."
Lilu "Den y'don' owe me n't'ing." She explains simply enough. "I ain' takin' y'money. Dere's otha places 'round here good f'dat, but I ain' one 'f m'." Giving a few paces, she finds her seat at her desk and pulls it free, readying herself to return to it, and her book of choice. "Y'c'm by den t'ings? Jus' 'memba me, hmm? Dat's all I ask. People ask y'bout a heala? Y'send'm my way, ok?" She smiles, keeping a natural warmth about her that's almost maternal. "Y'heal up fine, Mista Knox. Jus' 'memba t'keep dem spots clean."