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Tina Midmorning has come to El Dorado, and a partly cloudy sky carries cooler temperatures and a hope of rain. The front room of the saloon is darker than usual and all but vacant with the early hour. The breakfast quarter-crowd has largely come and gone, and lunch is still all of two hours away as Tina walks in, looking more familiar in her crimson habit and white tabard. She offers a smile to the barkeep, who only gives her a scowling nod. She merely nods, as the man seems to do nothing but scowl, no matter his mood, and walks over to the bar.
Rose      Rose was doing better, something that certainly came from the medical attention she'd recieved earlier from Lilu and the smaller patchups from others. Dressed in her Ranger gear once more, her weapons are worn openly and her new rifle rests openly on her back as she makes her way comfortably over towards the counter, spotting the familier sight of the properly dressed sister. "Things turn for the better there Sister with the money Kitty gave you?"
Tina Tina looks up as Rose approaches, smiling warmly at the Ranger. "Peace and blessings come to you, Ranger," she says, bowing from the shoulders. "And yes, though not from Miss Kitty's donation to the church... though I am no less grateful for her generosity. One of the Tax Men refunded the money I had paid yesterday morning, and even went so far as to thank me for my services to the church, and by extension the city. It was... out of sorts with what I had expected, I confess. I was very surprised, and even more grateful."
Rose      "No kidding," Rose comments with a blink and a shrug. "Gotta confess, they behaved different to the ways I expected when I heard about them. Suppose I should have known better then to think things will be normal in this town." A little chuckle, she lets her hand lazily come to rest on the curved grip of her revolver. "I was glad for it though, I didn't really wish to start a gunfight with people working for the mayor in the middle of the city, but all the stories made it seem more likely than not."
Tina "I am still not sure they are as benevolent as they purport to be, but I am no less grateful for their understanding. So I will pay this tax, when I have the necessary caps and no longer need to borrow them from the church," Tina replies softly. "It seems only right."

She gives Rose a long look from head to toes, nodding to herself. "Hm. Are you feeling better, Ranger? You do look better," she asks warmly.
Rose      "I learned my lesson and the farm healer, Lilu, she patched me up. For the best since I was on Death's door before that." A chuckle, Rose turns lightly on the spot before smoothly drawing both her guns, giving them a neat twirl in a simple motion and then holstering them with that same grace and speed. "I'm feeling better. Good to know it shows!"
Tina "Praise to you, oh Lord! Our Ranger sister is well and whole again!" Tina cries joyfully, then covers her lower face with both hands, giggling. "Forgive me if I sound silly, but I can't help being so happy you are well!" A pause. "You /are/ well again, aren't you? No more bandages and salves and dressings, I mean?" she asks, her head tilting to her left as she asks the question.
Rose "Better than I have been certainly," Rose chuckles at the praising of the Nun before shaking her head and reaching out a hand to pat the Sister's shoulder. "Still, good to know someone is out there prayin' for me. I'm not dead yet after all."
Tina "Oh, certainly! But there is much difference between being not dead and being /alive/," Tina replies, blushing at the pat to her shoulder. "You were the former, and now you definitely seem to be the latter. And I am very happy for you." Impulsively she hugs the taller woman.
Rose The blonde Ranger gives a little laugh and doesn't seem overly offended or unnerved by the sudden hugging from the nun, lightly patting her on the back as she returns the chaste embrace. "Interesting way of looking at it, but I can't say you're wrong. I'll probably get myself banged up soon enough, but for now? I'll survive."
Tina "I hope not, though common sense says to me that my hope is in vain. Yours is a dangerous job," Tina murmurs, hugging Rose slightly tighter, without releasing her. "But I still hate to see you hurt... that is, I hate to see /anyone/ hurt." She blushes a little at the apparent slip.