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Lucette     It's been a long couple of days, really. Running around and doing work is always long in the end. As promised, Luce had returned to El Dorado after a trip northwards and has decided to slink her way into the saloon for a lengthier gander at the place. Lots of people seemed to be going in and out so it was worth a looksee in detail to see what it was all about.
    She hasn't gone to take a seat in, no, her entrance has her standing just aside the swinging doorway to appraise all the seats in place and case the joint.
Stockton There are the regulars, the girls and boys of the manor, customers and lookers alike. Most of them are giving Stockton a wide enough berth that he is the island in the stream of movement. A Mr. Handy floats over to replace his empty beer and take his caps. The combat mask on the table beside him with the Legion marks scratched out, and the dark plastic T-visor marks him as dangerous. The collection of guns in front of him marks him as open for business. He waves off another farmer offering him Taters for a pistol and chews on his cigar some, "Serious offers only."
Lucette     Someone seems to be showing off hardware and taking offers. And that's where Luce's attention goes. Travelling long distance alone means going light, but now that she's made her big trip, she's going to get more funds coming before she gets out again. And kitting up seems like a good to-do. She wanders her way over to the table that Stockton's seated at across from him and pulls out a chair to sit.
    She doesn't say anything at first, glancing over the pieces on the table, then the helmet catches her eye. "That helmet yours, or are you the new owner?" she asks with a casual gesture towards the Legion piece.
Stockton Stockton looks up at the newcomer and smiles, it's toothy and a bit feral, but it's genial. Glancing towards the helmet he reaches out to pat it fondly. "Mine now," he says before chinning towards the combat helmet on the table as well, "That one's up fer grabs." He chews on his cigarillo and puffs once or twice before switching to his fresh beer. "You look new, er else I ain't seen yah around yet. Name's Stockton," he greets and sticks one meaty mitt out towards her all proper like.
Lucette     Luce nods, "Honestly, with my experience of those types, I couldn't stand to keep anything I had after leaving'm." she remarks, eyes on the other helmet. "A more tasteful offer." the wandering gaze to the hand offered, and back up to its owner's eyes. She reaches out and accepts the shake firmly. "Lucette. Courier, got into town about last week. Did some work, back as promised." she explains in brief. "Looks like you have an authentic com- chinese rifle here, huh. How much for that and the not-your helmet?" she inquires.
Stockton Stockton almost sneers at the girl as she mentions leaving the stuff behind. "When you've seen as many craniums pop cuz they didn't have a helmet? Yah take the best you can find out 'ere," the man drawls in a gravelled bass. The firm handshake is taken, and given back from the calloused fingers and palm of a gunslinger. His eyes are dark, brown and more than a hint wild. The halfbreed offers a crooked smile, "Lucette, pleasure." A small guffaw leaves him and he nods, "Fucker still fires though. An' if yer gonna be hangin' 'round 'ere, yer gonna need a gun and a helmet. Don' matter if yer peaceful, the wastes ain't. Raiders, Eastern Brotherhood, Legion, hell, there's been talk of aliens." Chewing on his cigarillo, he looks at the stuff and then the girl again. "Two Fifty fer 'em both. Two hundred if yah agree to a favor in the future."
Lucette     Luce smirks. "When you need to drop all and haul halfway across the damn wastes, being weighed down costs you ground." she comments idly in return. "I'm not hauling long distance now, cashing in to stock up is my goal." she brings her hand back down to her side. "Guns I have, helmet is a necessity I agree. Rifle is a personal interest." she takes in a slow breath. "I might agree to a favour, but it depends on what range of things you might call on for."
Stockton Stockton nods, "Been there, lived the merc life fer five years, travel light, bunker heavy." It was a mantra of sorts for the traveling bounty hunter. But now he's home again and home needs his guns more than he needs caps. "You settlin' in? What for? Feller, family er feude?" he asks curiously as he nudges the helmet and double checks that the Type93 is still loaded with ammunition before he hands it over as well. "My favors range from help me shoot in that general direction, er since yer a Courier, usin yer fleet feet fer a message. One or th' other probably."
Katherine Caine Katherine is out at the bar having been dealing with people who are trying to sell off excess items for caps and taking them off their hands. She seems to have mostly collected ammo at this point, much of it that she had absolutely no use for.

Stepping up to where most of the people are chatting she pours some drinks for everyone and asks, "How is everyone doing today?"
Lucette     Luce nods. "Staying local, tired from spending months doing relay jobs on the road. Heard some information a few family friends are near this area too, tryin' to see if that's true." she answers Stockton. "If it is true, I can get better armed and prepared. If it's not, still need to restock."
    A nod and a pocketful of weight to unload is handed off to Kitty, eyes to the drink for a moment. "Can't complain. Maybe need to find some leather to fix the soles on my boots." is her reply to how she's doing. More importantly her gaze resettles on Stockton, "That's a generous enough offer for fifty caps off. I'll take it."
Stockton Stockton perks a brow up when Kitty comes in, flashing the woman a tootsome smile, he thankfully takes her refill. At the sight of her passing out ammo he questions, "What kinda calibers you got layin' around, beautiful?" the charmer. He turns his attention back to Luce and nods, "What're the names of yer family friends? If I've heard of 'em I can point you in the right direction." That is offered without compensation desired or asked for. "Hm, I got some wasteland leather, s'in Brandywine's saddlebag, but if yah need new boots, Beau's the one to talk to at the clothing shop. Er the Leather Outfitters has a pair of fancy shoes." He shrugs and passes off the rifle and the helmet to the courier with a smile, "Hope they keep yah safe."
Marcus Marcus makes his way into the saloon his hands stuffed into his pockets as he heads for the bar looking over at the others that have gathered here before speaking up, "So I was told there's a Miss Kitty that buys old ummm adult material here?"
Katherine Caine Katherine returns the smile to Stockton before looking to Marcus, "Sure, let's see what you've hun." She drank her own shot of whiskey before sliding one over to Marcus, "Give you a hundred caps for it, unless it's too badly used."
Lucette     Luce slides the caps onto the table and takes up the helmet, quick to settle it on her noggin and check the straps, adjust the fit enough to get it comfortable. "Good fit." she murmurs, leaning back in her seat to tug the rifle up and frees the magazine to bet set into her duster, manually releasing the chambered round and adding it with its friends in the magazine before giving it an idle look-over. "Good condition for a piece like this. Couldn't make something this well together if I tried." idle luxuriating over her new purchases before the unloaded rifle is set onto her lap. "I'll go check out the outfitters after I leave." she'd been holding on giving her inquiry. "You said the brotherhood and legion are issues out here? Have you also run into problems from the enclave? Heard they're settled in near here somewhere and I wanted to investigate rumours about that." she asks in quiet to reply Stockton's generous offer. "Heard some family friends were in their custody."
Stockton Stockton blinks when Marcus comes in and knows damn well Kitty'll be all over that porno. He just snickers, "Lemme know what extra ammo you got, when yer done, Kitty." His attention turns back to the newcomer and he watches her with those hawk-like eyes. The wild halfbreed rarely misses a thing and for good reason. A brow perks some and he shakes his head, "Thought you said you were here to visit family friends. Who are they anyways?" the gruff gunslinger folds his arms over his chest a bit expectantly while chewing on his cigar.
Marcus Marcus takes the shot of whiskey and tips it back before fishing out a pre-war porno, "Dunno how used it is but hasn't been by me." He slides the porno over to her, "Want it?"
Katherine Caine "Sure." Katherine said before sliding over some pre-counted caps from under the bar, "Not sure I've got anything you would want Stockton, it's mostly just Point Three Five Seven and Point Four Four. Figure it'll help someone out, someday and it puts caps in peoples hands today, so they don't feel so bad about the tax."
Lucette     Luce gives an exhale to Stockton. "Came down here to turn in a package to the sheriff's office. Pa told me there might be an enclave cluster somewhere nearby, told me that a friend'a his was somewhat involved with them and that it'd do me good to investigate and send word that way if I was cooling my heels here." she explains in greater length. "Figured if family said there's some benefit for me to gain investigating it, might as well do just that."
Stockton "Well, if yer lookin' fer Sherrif Wayne, he's dead. If yer lookin' fer interim Sheriff, I think that's Miss Caine," Stockton says while switching the cigar to the other side of his mouth. The explanation doesn't make him any less wary of the woman. "If there's an Enclave encampment near by, I ain't run into 'em yet. Figure if I had, they'da just as soon shot me, 'n then I'd have an Enclave helmet to sell you," it's not that the gunslinger is cocky, it's just that he's still breathing. "Got 'nuff problems with Brotherhood thinkin' they're the Wasteland's parents, the Legion thinkin' they're the Wasteland's police, so why not add the the elitist pricks to the mix?" he reaches over to pull the cloth under the guns, covering the rest up for now.
Lucette     Luce shrugs. "All I know is I dropped the package off at the office, got paid what I was supposed to, and started exploring. The rest isn't my issue." she comments about entry work. "And a nice helmet it'd be, I wager. Anyway, you seem knowledgable and suitably kitted, what's yer line of work around here? Pardon if I missed you saying it earlier." she inquires, shoring up some calm and bringing her drink up to take a quiet sip of.
Katherine Caine Katherine kept her opinion on the Enclave to herself, "Let me know if either of you need anything, I've got some other customers to tend to."
Stockton Stockton hat tips to Kitty, "Sure thing," and then his attention refocuses on the curious outsider. A shrug comes and goes, "I didn't say, cuz I'm unemployed." There's an amused smirk there though, "Was a Merc when I came home, now I'm jus' tryin' to make sure Ma's taken care of and that this city don' go to hell in a handbasket. Between the Mayor's bullshit, the Wasteland's bullshit, and the rumors of a Horde comin' up from the south? I keep myself busy." The cigar is dun so he tamps it out in the ashtray and finishes off his beer. "If yer stickin' around, you'll hear about plenty of it soon 'nuff. Jack's Town's a new settlement we helped clear out. We're workin' on gettin' Roswell back to liveable. New Rome just settled in out west. Just some places to keep in mind if yer out int he Wastes and need a quicker place to get water than here."
Lucette     Luce peeks to Kitty, "You seem like the knowing type." she remarks to Kitty, "Know any livestock owners nearby? Have something they might be interested in." she inquires with a warm smile, then attention shifts to Stockton. "Heard a lot about the mayor being unpleasant, on my first day here even." she states, "I was hesitant to care about political standing, but it seems a more widespread distaste than I thought. And I'll keep those names in mind."
Katherine Caine "Lots of people like that around." Katherine replied to Luce as she began to walk away, "May want to look for that Kurokumo girl or Celeste Drake who breeds horses."
Stockton Stockton smirks and nods, "He is rather unpleasant," he comments. "Livestock? The Drake's fer horses and brahmin, Kumo possibly, erm..." he scratches his head and shrugs, "Not many breeders about really." His attention snapping back with a grin, "You stay 'ere long enough and the politics'll effect you." Working on another beer, the gunslinger do-gooder belches a bit and shrugs some. "Don' think there's many couriers about, you thinkin about settin' up a post 'ere? Could be good caps in doin' the legwork fer folk."
Lucette     Luce listens, and hears... a name that resonates redness, enough to give a small twinge to her left eye. Other than the facial tick, she seems fine. "I'll look into those people, then." her ear wiggles a bit. "Maybe I will set up a parcel post. Every town should have some neutral ground in it. Need to consider setting shop in city limits, or outside to avoid dealing with the ever-mentioned taxes." she considers. Then attention shifts to Kitty, "What sort of food do you serve here? I imagine bein' matron you can whip up something mean." she offers in a call to ms Kitty.
Stockton Kitty ducks off to take care of other business, leaving Stockton and Luce sitting there. A Mr. Handy will float over and offer the menu of home cooked delights for Lucette to peruse. Stockton is debating another cigar while he drinks the last of his beer. "The taxes are bullshit, but yer safer buildin' in the city walls at least." He gives her a moment of consideration before humming some, "So where yah come from, what've yah done? Tell me somethin about yerself fer when the nosey fucks in this town ask me what yer like."
Lucette     Luce glances at the menu and gives a nod. "Pa was a courier. Grew up at his side, never knew ma'. Travelled coast to coast with him, even if I don't remember much of the far west." she reminisces. "Remember at one point we got seperated in the Legion's land because he needed to make a quick stop that was a little difficult to bring me on a few years ago, wound up as one of their playthings until I took some Legionnaire's rank by teaching him a lesson in the fight pit. Spent a few months like that before 'pa came back around and found me an' we took off." she retells. "S'why I asked about yer helmet there."
Stockton Stockton gives a good listen to the story, it's good to know if nothing else. "Legion's ideas about womenfolk git Ma's blood boilin', so the idea got passed along to me," he shrugs and does indeed find another cigarillo to pull to his lips and light with a match. "Ain't got any love fer Legion or Brotherhood, even if Caldwell's makin' a pass to get me to join 'im. His splinter sounds less bullshitty than the other septs of Brotherhood I run into."
Lucette     Luce nods, "There's a couple of sore legionnaires that occasionally pop up to try and 'reclaim' me or somesuch. I don't think they're legitimate anymore, and the damn fools fuck up every which way that presents itself." she murrs. "When I went up to Acme on the trip that I'm just back from, four'a them tried to jump me with shoddy guns. Backfired, disassembled on'm when they tried to fend off a wandering radscorpion. Dropped their rounds too, decided to fetch it all up to turn in on Acme. S'where most of the caps I used today." she winks, "Came from."
Stockton Stockton chuckles a bit at the tale and nods, "Fair warnin' there's a few Legionairres wanderin' around here. Decius, Achilles, Ashur, Alexianus. Ashur's headed over to New Rome at this point, Decius and Achilles you ain't got nothin to worry about. Alexianus is new an' I don' know whether to trust 'im er not. Either way, just do what the El Dorado ladies do and kick 'im in the twig'n berries." He smirks and nods, "Well, if yer lookin for more caps, you can probably earn some runnin' around fer folk. Gettin' a lay of the land and such."
Lucette     Luce shrugs, "C'n always tell'm I'm a courier and to back off. Or insist that I'm a member of the legion and working deep under for Caesar." she responds with an idle wave of her hand. "Probably the best way to get militarized types off ya, tell'm yer running intel for'm and to back off in my line of work. As for caps, had planned on that already. Heard that the 'bits owner is also looking for hands, dunno if the positions are all filled though. Might be worth checking in on." she advises to Stockton in reply
Stockton Stockton is sittin in front of a table full of guns that he's clearly not going to be using. A few have already been taken off his hands. He's puffing away on a new cigarillo as he gives Luce an even look. "Ceasar's name's only gonna get you so far now that he's dead. S'why New Rome is a thing, but there's still some of the dogs of war running around what never got the memo, or jus' plain don't care." He shrugs and switches sides with his cigar, "I ain't technically savvy, I know my way around a gun an' that's 'bout it."
Lucette     Luce shrugs, "Don't matter, if the excuse works, it works. Maybe gives you some ammo or some spoils the beasts don't or can't use." she remarks. "Can't say I'm as familiar with guns as I am with things like laser and plasma. Speaking of, if ya source any plasma weapons, my interest is there." she notes with an affirming gesture.
Sammy     There's stealthy, there's Sammy, and then, there's Sammy tryin to be his normal stealthy self while carrying two sniper rifles over each shoulder, with a stiff leg, coming down 200 year old wood stairs. That is to say, he clears the landing, and carefully walks down with a hand on the rail and a hand brushing hte wall lightly, He got some rest, so is looking a little bit less tired than he was before, but the squeak-squeaka-squeak of the steps makes it comedically silly.
    On spying Stockton with a table full of goodies, "I know good guns, inside, out, and most importantly, down range." he murmurs, and considers. "How goeth the trading?" he asks of Stockton, and gives Lucette a nod of aknowledgement, she's a not on his radar as far as associates goes yet.
Stockton Stockton nods, "I know a few folk that got the laser shit down. Can send 'em yer way I s'pose," he intones before glancing up to see Sammy. There's an odd look for the man somewhere in between cordial and fuck off. "Tryin' to sell off the guns cheap, there's enough new folk wanderin into town it's helpful and profitable." Seeing as he pried all of them from the dead hands of others. He gives Sam a hat tip and shifts to kick out a chair for him. "Have a seat, just gettin' tah know our latest wanderer. Lucette, this is Sammy, he's a Ranger, but he's good people."
Lucette     Luce's left ear perks, and her head turns some to eye the newcomer. Two snipers? Starting to sound like some commie propaganda flick.. She's got an unloaded chinese rifle infront of her, rack locked back, probably one of those lucky purchases. "Good to know your guns inside and out. Otherwise you run into them falling apart on ya." she nods to Sammy as introduction is made. "NCR?" she asks about the title, "Done a package delivery for those types before. Too much bureaucracy, not good enough network for how far they branch out." she mentions offhandedly.
Marcus Marcus looks up from where he'd been drinking whiskey and stuff and over towards Stockton, "Hey bud whatcha got for sale? I could use a good pistol and somethin for up close."
Sammy     A boot catches the chair just-so, and Sammy manages toi pour himself down, three rifles in his arms, laid on the table, "I'm trying to find homes for these orphans." he lays the .308 down carefully, "Meet wally Winchester. I cleared a little of that drift I was seeing at 700-1000m."
    "This is Little Sally Widowmaker. She's been fed a bit of 5.56 in her time, but she prefers her .223 Remington." and the third, a Colt Marksman rifle, "...aaaand her brother Kevin. Who's pretty good out to about 800, but prefers to do work in the hundred to three hundred meter range."
    His balance restored he parks himself on the chair, "I like that I am startin to get a name for working on being one of the best 'Long Distance Service Providers' around here." he beams to Luce. Sitting back to look at the table full of guns.
Stockton Stockton takes a glance at Sammy's gatherings and nods, "You know I like my pistols. I found that Brotherhood Assault Carbine and it's taken care of me when I need to go long range." A glance up at Marcus and he gestures to the collection. "Fer pistols I got the Calico which is a pistol sized SMG, or there's the Colt 6520 10millimeter pistol. Either are reliable, and yers fer 200 caps."
Marcus Marcus hmms as he looks the Cole 6520 over and then glances over at Sammy's toys, "Nice. I've got my service rifle but nothing for that kinda distance. I do like that 6520 200 caps for it?"
Lucette     Luce leans a little in her seat,having a second sip from her drink while looking at all the pieces on display. Her attention is called off when someone comes in and calls her name from the side and sets a nice little clinking pouch infront of her. One that she slides over and opens up, "Einstein sends his regard." she murmurs idly to the man what gives one more 'thanks' before turning to run off back outside.
    Luce sighs and closes the pouch again and sets it into her duster's inner pocket. "Business is okay out here, I suppose."
Sammy     "Einstein? Isn't that the ... " he looks down at his leg, the one that's still tenerized a bit more than it should, "Roswell guy with the sparky gunshop? Plasmas and Lasers and all that?" he asks curiously. "He was lookin for some people to chase down the Motorheads... I wanted to have a chat with him about that." he looks to Stockton "I know I want to let the .308 go for 650, but have no real market ... sense for the .223 and the marksman rifle." he considers, and watches the transaction with amusement.
Stockton Stockton gives Marcus the nod and pushes the Colt towards him with a smile, "Had my eye on that one m'self until I stumbled across m'handcannon." Not that the Desert Eagle is entirely visible as it's holstered at the small of his back in a rather customized leather sheath. "Einstein...yeah, I think I heard that name afore," a shrug comes and goes and he nods to the shorthaired girl, "Business is what yah make of it out 'ere. I've 'ad steady caps since showin' up. Just gotta be pro-active."
Marcus Marcus smiles and nods as he takes the pistol and counts out the caps, "I appreciate it. Now to find a melee weapon wouldn't mind a good sword."
Lucette     Luce brings an eye to Marcus, "Guns should be fine enough, or your hands until you bridge the gap." she mentions, "If you can't work around your own body and improvise at times, relying on something close range won't do ya any good if it breaks or your target gets -out- of range."
Lucette     Luce adds in, "Yeah, Einstein runs the lab at Acme right now. Kid had me run that way and deliver a parcel. S'where I got my wattz at. I don't have a posse to try and bother chasing any gangs down." she notes to Marcus and Stockton. "Don't plan to not be proactive, gotta take what you can, or you miss chances for caps or favours."
Sammy     Sammy considers, and nods, "There's some synergy to it all. We're mining the desert, sometimes we strike it big. Sometimes not so much. Sometimes it pushes us, but I think, we're for the most part, starting to push back on the desert." he flexes his leg a little bit, poking at it a little, to scratch through a bandage for a moment of relief.
    "So you know him then, you could maybe introduce me. My thought was to talk to him, ask questions, and then round up a good Kill Team to go after the Motorheads... I want to know more about the mission target, as it were." he slips his helmet off his elbow and rests it on the table, tugging off his gloves and tossing them in it.
Stockton "Well, if'n yer up to travellin', New Rome's of a mind to carry melee weaponry like that," Stockton tells Marcus before nodding after Luce, "When all else fails, pistolwhip 'em or punch 'em." A chuckle and he gives Lucette a thorough looking over, it's somewhere between feral and rude. "Well there're a few posses already formed, yah got Vault Team 6 now as well. But they're loaded to the gills and takin' on whatever comes." Glancing at Sammy he chuckles, "Always figurin' out the next mark, lemme know if you get a good plan to attack."
Marcus Marcus nods a bit, "I'll keep that in mind prolly work as a caravan guard for the trip or something."
Lucette     Luce slowly pushes her seat out to stand and picks up her new rifle, slipping the magazine from her duster to slide it home and racks the slide. It's tucked away into her backpack and she sighs. "Should head out and see about those ranchers before I lose all the day daylight." she remarks. "Will be back afterwards if I don't get distracted with yet more work." she nods her head to Stockton, "Was a pleasure, Stockton." before she about-faces and starts off to exit.