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Bane      It didn't take much to get a crew together to go and scout out Roswell, a city that promises riches to those that are brave enough to endure the radiation and attacks from feral ghouls. or maybe what scared most of the locals away were the rumours of lights in the sky and little green/grey men, either way it hardly matters. Bane needs caps, and he knows that others need caps, or maybe they just have a need to explore and to know what is in the heart of Roswell. Once again it really doesn't matter. It wasn't too hard to rope Rose into something like this, they had met in the wastes before usually when they were on 'assignments' that most others would have turned down. As for Miss Kitty? Well she was sitting in the bar while they were discussing the job, and for some reason was stupid enough to tag along.

     And so there they are now, the questionable heroes and their mighty steeds. Well except for Rose. She has to make do with what she could hire from the stables. Bane looks over the outskirts of Roswell, scattered buildings leading up to the rather large looking city in the distance. Already he can see a few roving ghouls making their way slowly between buildings. He idly reaches down into one of his saddlebags, his hand returning with some brahmin jerky which he slowly chews on before speaking. "Alright, so we are just here to have a look around, try and find a good approach into the city for a full scavenging party. If we can we might try and clear a path, get rid of whatever is in the way so the party doesn't have to announce themselves at a later date before they even reach the city."
Rose      If she didn't manage to get ahold of a horse, Rose would ride on the back of anothers. Her pride wouldn't nearly hurt as much as her feet if she decided to go without after all. Fortunately, the woman hadn't gone completely without when it came to the collection of gear post the interesting encounter that had been the return of the horses and the collection of the bounty on the thieves. New fresh ammo in her weapons and the loaders to put them there quicker, the blonde Ranger nods her head while digging out her helmet, sliding the armor in place and letting the augmented reality of the optics flicker to life. "Look around, shoot the things that try to kill us, scavenge anything obvious and try and make it a little safer for the group coming in? Sounds fair enough to me."

     The ranger spares a sidelong glance up at 'Ms. Kitty'. She'd heard the rumor of how her brother and her had taken over the bar, but the woman was the only one she hadn't seen in a fight. Rose was curious, if nothing else.
Katherine Caine Katherine had gone along on the little expedition because someone had to keep an eye on the out of towners. The flirtatious manner in which she composed herself at the Gold Digger Saloon was a performance, like so much in life.

Riding alongside the others on Apocalypse, a massive black stallion who was quite temperamental. Adjusting the brim of her cowboy hat, her duster trailing along the back of the horse as she reigned Apocalypse in to a stop.

Reaching for a rifle tied to the saddlebags she said, "You're both new around here, so I'll give a piece of solid advice. Don't discount the rumors of strange lights and other stuff that they say happens in Roswell, there's a reason people avoid it, not just the feral ghouls."
Bane      Bane shakes his head as he places the rest of his jerky back in his saddlebag retrieving his canteen in the same movement and takes a few small sips of purified water. Clipping it back to the leather of his saddlebags he looks over towards Miss Kitty. "I'll tell you what. If we run into any weird glowing lights in the sky or things we really have to be worried about. We will return to town and see about getting ourselves a rocket launcher and a .50cal." He smirks slightly as he continues his observations for a moment.

     Slowly he dismounts, his duster moving smoothly with him. He starts to move off from their observation point leading his horse with the reins. "I think we go on foot from here. We will need to be careful, we don't want to have a cities worth of feral ghouls to collapse on us. Just try and keep the objective in mind. That being said, I wouldn't mind looking through a couple of these outlying houses."
Rose      Drawing her revolver, Rose rolls the cyclinder, the weapon inspected one round at a time before its holstered again. Kitty's duster and gear? There's a raise of an eyebrow, but Rose is the last person to judge someone who'd decided to get 'lost' out on the path. It'd crossed her mind more times than she'd comfortably admit.

     "Seen a lot of crazy crap out in the Wasteland, the Mojave has its fair share. But I'll keep it in mind," now it's the Service Rifle slung over her back that gets inspected, checked for wear or faults before she leaves it positioned over her front, ready to be lifted with her gloved hand still on the grip. "We'll see what we can see, and try to shoot fast and straight if it comes to harm us....and run if it's more than we can handle."
Katherine Caine "Whatever you say Bane." Katherine replied to the comment about a rocket launcher before pursing her lips and dismounting from Apocalypse who stammered his hooves impatiently, "Stay here boy, you know the drill." She patted the horse affectionately before shouldering the rifle and moving up to take formation with Bane as if she had done this kind of thing a thousand times before.

"So how long you been a Ranger, Rose?" Katherine asked without much enthusiasm and a low voice, trying to get a handle on the other woman and why she might be as far away as New Mexico.
Bane      Bane walks a few steps away before he secures his horses reins and leads the others in. His service rifle is held securely, his hands move over it with practised ease and chambers a round. He moves carefully now, while he can't be called stealthy he is certainly cautious. He looks out the corner of his eye at the others "We will leapfrog between the houses and clear them. Then we will mark them with a red X showing they are clear. When we come back we can use them as staging areas as need be. Or fallback strongholds."

     Finally he comes to rest around the wall of one of the scattered building leading up to the city proper. He holds up a hand to halt the others before he carefully peeks around the corner. He holds up his hand with all the fingers extended before he flexes the fingers twice. Ten hostiles. Judging by what you saw on the way in. Probably ghouls.
Rose      "About six years," Rose answers, but behind her visor her eyes are sharp and seeking signs of threats. Nodding her head at Bane's words she then glances back towards Kitty. "And you? How long you be running private?" No judgement is carried in her voice, even if she had some to hold now wasn't the time for it. Besides, Kitty's gear sort of gave that sliver of her past away...unless she was merely a looter.

     A pause at the handsignal, she goes silent with another nod and brings her rifle to her shoulder, ready to engage.
Katherine Caine "Roger that." Katherine replied as she moved forward keeping her eyes and ears open for any danger. Rose's question doesn't cause her to flinch, "Never ran for anyone but myself Ranger, sorry to disappoint."

Taking position behind a broken down fence on the outskirts of the engagement zone she took a knee and trained the carbine on the ferals, "Whenever you give the word."
Bane      Bane steps out from the corner of the building. Against feral ghouls cover is only so much use. He raises his weapon to his shoulder as he rolls off the corner, his finger squeezes the trigger twice. His first round nearly claims an emaciated arm as it tears through the flesh directly below the ghouls shoulder. The next is a clean headshot as the ghoul turns to charge, a clean entry hole punching through the ghouls forehead. The exit wound is much, much messier. He curses as he takes a step back as they prepare to charge, his rifle already swivelling.
Rose      Rose too emerges from the shadows she'd seemingly vanished into, firing a pair of shots into the critter she'd been aiming for. Not nearly as neat as she'd like, the first round into the torso of the ghoul barely seems to slow it down as it moves in that crazed, pain-immune way. Her next bullet hitting the thing's leg however has physics on its side as the irradiated 'zombie' goes tumbling to the ground.
Bane      The Ghouls turn almost as one as the can rattles out from behind the building, the sounds followed quickly by the sounds of gunfire from two distinct weapons. And then they charge. Two of them seperate from the pack quickly sprinting ahead frightfully fast, both of them descending on Bane as he stands the furthest out of the group. Their rotted irradiated brains causing them to fall on the closest target.
Bane      Bane curses as four sets of arms reach out for him, but this is not the first time he has had to deal with feral ghouls. They leap at him all teeth and snarling fury. He ducks under the first ghouls arms, rapidly firing a couple of shots from his rifle. The first takes the one flying past him under the chin, near ripping the head from its shoulders. The next latches on to him it's teeth sinking through the tear in his duster and embedding in his flesh. He growls loudly as he pushes the ghoul back with another pull of his trigger, seperating the ghouls arm from its body at the elbow.
Rose      Maybe her sights are off, or maybe Rose just believes they're easier to deal with when they come crawling at you rather than sprinting. Either way Rose's next bullets tears through the legs of the Ghouls coming at them, sending another ghoul tumbling to the ground as she curses a little. She has enough faith that Bane can keep himself alive, she has to make sure they don't get overwhelmed.
Katherine Caine The sound of the chainlink fence rattling draws the attention of the ghouls before the group is ready as Katherine's chest brushes up against it. Who would have thought that cleavage could cause a problem in a combat scenario?

Untangling the metal poking her blouse, Katherine re-sighted her carbine and took aim, emptying a full magazine at the oncoming horde of ghouls. It would have looked impressive except for the fact that pretty much every ghoul has the prowess of Neo in bullet-time evasion..

...Except the final one. A real lecherous looking ghoul who takes a few bullets to the chest but keeps on coming, "For fuck sakes, are you kidding me." Katherine calls out before leaping aside to avoid a pair of slavering ghouls who are trying to bite her.
Bane      The ghoul doesn't stop as it continues trying to tear into Bane, even it is is not missing an arm. Its teeth nash close to his face nearly taking a chunk of his nose with it. He growls low in his throat as he fights against the more than human strong creature. He brings his rifle up close to his body his arm at an odd angle as he presses the barrel into the chest of the ghoul and squeezes the trigger twice, Chunks of viscera fly through the air as the ghoul continues to tear at the large man in the duster. The three wounded ghouls drawing closer and closer to the struggle.
Rose      Those ghouls were getting awfully close and there's only so many bullets to go around. As the rotting threats surge one manages to leap for her, sinking tooth and claw into her leg. It didn't break through her leather pants, but fucking hell did it hurt. Swearing behind her mask the woman twists, pushing he knee down to pin the Ghoul in place as she brings her rifle down on her attacker with a snarl and squeezes the trigger twice, leaving the torso of the creater a bloody mess and the damn thing laying still.
Bane      Bane scrambles back as the wounded ghouls descend on him. His feet moving rapidly to dodge the teeth coming for his ankles. He manages it. But it takes his attention away from the others for just a moment. A set of teeth tear into his left arm, not breaking through his armour, but he can feel the flesh below bruising and feel his bones creaking. The other drives it teeth deeper into the wound of his shoulder tearing through the duster and bandage beneath.
Katherine Caine Katherine let the carbine fall to her side and spit on the ground in a very un-ladylike manner, "Well, at least I know it works properly." She had only paid a hundred caps for it, it was worth way more than that and she was sure someone out there wanted a fancy pre-war assault carbine.

It was time for her to fallback on the guns that had gotten her through almost two decades in the wastelands of America. The pair of revolvers were drawn from the holsters at her hips in a crossways fashion and she unloaded a pair of bullets into the two ghouls wanting to make a meal out of her, "You both doing ok?"
Bane      Bane is a big and grizzled old bastard. The kind that doesn't die easy. The kind that doesn't like to show pain. He takes a step back his rifle firing into the small sea of ghouls ahead of him. The one that has been giving him so much trouble finally drops, a bullet tearing through his leg at the knee. The one twith a ripped open chest courtesy of Miss Kitty is next, his chest exploding as another bullet tears through his ribcage. He falls taking the rifle with him. But it does not slow Bane down. His revolver is in his hand before the rifle hits the ground. A bullet smalling through one of the ghouls with a missing leg ending the poor creatures life. Now there is one left, crawling slowly at Bane.
Rose      The firefight at this point? It was getting closer and easier then they'd like, but the Ghouls were dead, dying or wounded at this point and they were still breathing, so that's good enough for Rose. "Dandy!" she calls back with a grunt to Kat as she surges out, jamming the barrel of her gun against the chest of the ghoul before she puts a round in its upper thigh and then another through its heart, leaving the creature to sink dead to its knees and flop backwards. "But if this is just the first round? We're going to need to bring more guns when we bring the others out."
Katherine Caine "Medicine's never been my strong suit." Katherine said to neither in particular as she noticed the minor injuries. The remaining ghoul was dispatched with a quick shot to the head before she holstered both of her revolvers and kicked the corpse of the nearest feral, "What a waste. To think, they survived all that shit just to lose their minds. Ever wonder if they still think? Even a little."
Rose      Rose takes a knee, partly for her aching leg and partly because these feral ghouls could very well have been soldiers of the base before the bombs fell so long ago. Looting from the dead was just another reality of the wasteland that even an NCR ranger like the Desert Rose understood and accepted. "If they do it just makes putin' them down more of a piece of mercy," she says as she checks the rotted corpses. Thank heavens for me mask filters. "Can't think of anything worse than knowing you were like that and being able to do nothing about it."
Bane      Bane grunts as he takes a step foward his foot hooking under his rifle and flinging it up into the air as he hand holding his revolver lowers to blow the last ghouls brains out all of the wall of the nearby building. He reaches out his other hand and catches his rifle as it comes down, his pistol holstered at the same moment. "I'll be fine." He reaches into one of the small pockets of his duster and returns with a cleaning looking bit of cloth he presses into the bleeding wound on his shoulder. Not enough to do anything, but enough that blood doesn't get everywhere. He shakes his head in response to Miss Kitty, his voice alightly pained but still deep and gravelly "I am pretty sure all they can think about it hunger. Look at how they attacked us. Nothing more than beasts at this point." He shakes his head as he reaches up with his unwounded arm to adjust his hat. "Well we still have a job to do. These buildings still need to be cleared and marked, and we need to scout any hidden dangers on the approach to the city proper."
Katherine Caine Katherine nodded to Rose before turning her attention back to Bane, "We splitting up or sticking together? Your call, but we can cover a lot more ground on our own." She would let Bane decide though, for now she took a sip from the canteen she had in her duster and looked towards Roswell wondering what secrets it might have waiting to be discovered.
Bane      Bane is bleeding, but he can manage. He is definitly still able to function as he is dragging all of the ghoul bodies with little effort into a pile. There look to be ten or more of the bastards. They were suprisingly tough. For burning? To get them out of the way? Who knows. Nothing has come barrelling out of the houses at them yet, and the only sound is that of the wind and the distant sounds of ghouls wandering or in Roswell Proper.

     He looks around for a moment taking his hat off and wiping at his sweaty brow. The rough bandage he placed over his shoulder is red with blood, he will definitly need that looked at. Ah well the girls in the Saloon have not steered him wrong so far. He looks over towards the houses with a grimace. Those are next. But they have all earnt a breather after that, after all there is still some way to go yet. The he hears the shuffle of dirt from around the corner of one off the buildings, his rifle comes up to his shoulder in an instant trained on the direction of the sound. Could be other people crazy enough to be scouting/scavenging out here. Or it could be more Ghouls drawn in by his blood.
Rose      There'd been plenty of shooting only moments go, not least of all the fire from Ms Kitty. Now? There was a little more in the way of quiet at least for a few moments. Having cleaned off the arm-guards she'd found about her size, the young woman in the duster was busy clipping them in place when that same sound has her revolver suddenly in her hand, pointed in the same direction as Bane's rifle. "Looks like the break is over."
Katherine Caine Bane's present condition is noted with some concern by Katherine as she glances at the man through the corner of her eyes, "No need to play hero if you're injured, the scent of your blood is just going to keep drawing them to us." Whatever minor equipment she had scavenged is put in a safe spot to recover later, not risking carrying it with her in case this got ugly.
Bane      A snake slithers out from behind the corner of the building, sweeping a small piece of metal through the sand before it falls away from the slithering body. Bane breathes out slowly, his weapon lowering as he looks over to Rose and Miss Kitty with a smirk and a bark of laughter. "Guess I am just a little jumpy after all that. The damn ghouls can be pretty damn quiet, maybe it is because of how much of them have wasted away."

     He looks over to Miss Kitty and adjusts his duster, partially covering up the open wound of his shoulder. "Don't worry about me. We don't have too far to go. Just clear the houses and scout out a path in. Make sure there are no nasty suprises." He looks over the cluster of three buildings. "Guess we better get too it. The faster this is done the faster I can get looked at in town."
Rose      "Agreed," Rose nods her covered features and adjusts her own coat before ejecting the magazine of her Service Rifle, checking the rifle's remaining rounds and then reloading the weapon. It gets slung over her shoulder proper as she once more draws the revolver from her hip and then reaches to the small of her back for another, slightly smaller handgun. "After everything else, it'd be a waste for you to get eaten on the way in Old Man." A grin behind that face-obscuring helmet and then she looks on to Miss Kitty, tilting her head. "Good to keep moving?" Assuming an affirmative, the Ranger falls into step and begins her path towards the buildings.
Katherine Caine "I'll try to get a better vantage point, gotta be a way up on some of the roofs." Katherine said with a frown as she fell in with the group and began looking for something to climb on, whether debris or even an old dumpster so she could make her way up on one of the near-by buildings. Noticing the faint camaraderie between the pair she asked, "Pair of you worked together before?"
Bane      "Always." Bane smirks at Rose. As he moves towards the towards the first of the three buildings. Before he heads in he looks towards Miss Kitty as she moves around looking for a way up. "Yeah we ran into each other a time or two around the wastes. Generally when we were bboth looking for the same bastard. NCR has bbeen a good source of caps to me over the years." The door is locked. But the door is old and weathered. The lock stands no chance as a couple of 5.56 rounds sever the connection to the doorframe. His boot takes care of the rest. He moves in to the living room. It is empty. The house is dead quiet. He breathes deeply and slings his rifle, his hand drawing his cowbboy revolver smoothly. "Alright."
Rose      Rose doesn't answer as Bane attends to Kitty's question, instead she nods and moves in behind the large man with pistols drawn and akimbo, trusting that their third party member will be overwatching outside. Her eyes flick over the doorways, entry and exits to the rooms before she moves forwards. The door-breaking didn't stir anything, but Ghouls could be sneaky bastards. "Check behind some of the larger furniture," she says quietly. "Been suprised by that before."
Katherine Caine "NCR does have plenty of money. That's a fact." Katherine replied without even a smile, "Still, New Mexico is pretty far south. You've both travelled a good deal I'd guess."

Splitting off from the pair, because it was always how bad things started in a horror movie; Katherine began ascending the wreckage behind the house with a careful step and an eye to her surroundings.
Bane      The lounge is clear. The hallway is clear. The Kitchen and bathroom are clear. The bedroom is where the magic happens. Two ghouls. In better shape then the ones outside lurch at Bane as soon as the door is booted open. Their hands reach for him. Now all that matters is what is faster. Their grasping hands and nashing teeth or the revolvers in the hands of the Ranger and the bounty hunter.

     Outside things all go to hell at the same time. Out of the rolling hills and torn countryside of Roswell rise the ghouls. Six of them. Their bodies thin and twisted, all of them turning and running in the direction of the buildings. It is unclear what exactly set them off, but they are coming.
Bane      Bane curses as he stumbles back his arms suddenly full of a suprisingly heavy and strong ghoul. His teeth slam closed on Banes wrist as he gets his non-gunhand up in front of the nashing teeth. This creature may be strong. But Bane is a beast. He swivels his body giving Rose a clean shot at the second. The ghoul is slammed against one of the wooden walls, panels cracking under the force. The pistol comes up, the first round of .44 tears through the corded muscle of the ghouls chest. Then the barrel comes to rest under the chin of the ghoul. The trigger is pulled. What little remains of the ghouls brain splattering over the ceiling. Bane is the beast of the wasteland. Not these creatures.
Rose      Well, here they come! Rose's guns comes up, both blasting away at the creature and hitting it heavily on the right side, one in the arm and one in the leg, the best she can manage in such cramped quarters with the large figure of Bane between her and the target. She clenches her teeth and tries to move for a clearer shot without blocking Bane's own ability to attack. These Ferals seemed to be nastier than the rest!
Katherine Caine Katherine stops as she's climbing up the tangled wreckage at the snarling sounds of the feral ghouls that are rushing the area like a pack, "Shit." She muttered under her breath before calling out, "We got more company!" Whether or not the pair could hear her, she figured she was on her own for now and both of her revolvers are drawn and fired off at the approaching ghouls. One of the ghouls takes a hit directly to the groin that seems to cause the hapless creature to explode while two more bullets catch two others in the torsos, "Well, one down. Wish Archie was here for a counter-ambush." Of all the times she wanted her brother around he was not.
Bane      Bane staggers back from the ghoul he had forced most of the way through the wall, breathing heavily with fatigue from his wounds and the sudden action. He swings around as the ghoul charges Rose. His gun coming up quickly. His first shot is rushed, skimming across the ghouls chest. The next slams into the ferals leg, tearing out a huge chunk of flesh. But the creature is beyond feeling it as it continues to charge at Rose.
Rose      A pair of gunshots ring out again and chunks of Ghoul spray out on the walls while it goes flying back with two large holes in it. She'd heard Kitty, even over all the shooting they'd been doing, so the blood-splattered Ranger takes a deep filtered breath and turns, pistols raised. "C'mon big guy, we're not getting any drinks tonight if the Saloon owner gets eaten. Lets go!" She moves out, emerging from the house intending to fire at the Ghouls rushing Kitty.
Katherine Caine Another quartet of gunshots ran up as Katherine kept her back to the wall, two of the rushing ghouls flew backwards as the large caliber rounds hit them in the skull. Another two bullets impacted with another pair of ghouls but it wasn't enough to stop them, "Fuck. Two bullets left, two ghouls. Let's see how lady luck feels."
Rose      Rose isn't Lady Luck, but she is a lady with two guns and more bullets! Still moving forwards she fires on the wounded Ghouls as Bane drops the other, her own target's head exploding as the large calibre bullet slams into its body. Lowering the larger revolver, she's left with the .357 in her hand. Yep, she needs to reload and soon!
Bane      Bane comes barreling out of the door, his service rifle jumping to his hands as his pistol is smoothly holestered. Blood is flowing freely from his wrist and shoulder, but he puts that aside for now. His breathing steadies for just a moment before he fires at the sprinting ghoul his rounds punching through with almost no resistance. It slides to a stop a few inches from his boots. Too close.

     Bane is breathing heavily as he moves off to sit against the wall as the last ghoul goes sprawling in the dust, blood is flowing freely from two of his wounds the temporary dressing he had on his shoulder completely soaked through. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes as he calls up to Miss Kitty, his voice is clearly strained he sounds exhausted "Well I have been just about everywhere. As for Rose, well I don't really know. But I have seen her get around a bit. More so than most kids her age." He chuckles as he slowly reloads his revolver. "You guys mind clearing those other houses. I am going to sit down for a spell."
Katherine Caine A nod of acknowledgement was given to Rose as she takes out one of the remaining Ghouls and Katherine unloads her last two rounds into the unharmed ghoul, looking positively exhausted if unharmed. Looking towards Bane with noted concern this time, "I'm pretty much out of bullets and you don't look like you can handle much more punishment. I think we should start heading back to the horses before we're running back." She adjusted the brim of her cowboy hat and winked as she holstered both revolvers, "I don't think I can kill those ghouls with stunning good looks and charm anyways."
Rose      Rose herself lowers her guns, holstering one while she starts reloading the other, moving towards the ghouls to kick them over with her boot and check for anything of value. "If anyone could manage it," Rose comments back at Katherine, one might even swear she could be seen winking through the mask before she chuckles. "Bane, stubborn as you are I think I'm with Miss Kitty on this one. We need more ammo and probably more guns. This is a dent, we can make a bit of a bigger push later when you're not about to bring everything that can smell blood for miles down on us. You're too heavy to drag out of here." It's all said in good humor, but there's a grim chill in the back of her mind. She didn't want to add anyone to the list of comrades lost any time soon, including her old friend.
Bane      Bane looks at the other two houses, with weary eyes. Well if they weren't drawn out by all this fighting and the smell of all this meat and blood. They probably aren't in their anyway. He hauls himself to his feet with a grunt of effort and waves at the others in a dismissive gesture. "Fine, Fine. We can head back. This gave us more than enough intel to plan an expedition out here anyway." He shakes his head as he lowers his hat over his eyes. "We are going to need a lot of guns, a lot of ammo and probably a medic." He shakes his head with a grunt. I am going to look through this house before we head back. With this much 'security' around I don't think anyone else has pawed through it yet."